Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Festive Tips

Before putting up the Christmas decorations I love to give the house a thorough clean (it is the same big clean as Spring Cleaning) there is no way I can put a single deccie up until I have done this. I clear any old stuff out of the freezer, fridge and kitchen cupboards to make space for the tasty seasonal delights I will be making/serving. I like to welcome the Spirit of Christmas into our house (front and back). Welcome the Season of Light into your home and invite the magic of the Season to fill every room, nook and cranny with Christmas magic and blessings.

FENG SHUI for Christmas Deccies

Water and the Career Gua – Snowflakes, Glass Ornaments.
Wood and the Family Gua – Christmas Tree, Hanukkah Bush, Inherited decorations, Holly.
Fire and the Fame and Reputation Gua – Reindeer, Candles, Stars, Lights, Menorah, Holly, Poinsettias.
(How easy it is to add fire element this time of year…by simply placing one poinsettia in a sleepy or lifeless room you can invigorate it for the holidays…and when the holidays are over, try to find a “year-around equivalent” to hold the fiery chi up all year long!).
Earth and the Health area – A Fresh Centerpiece with Real Soil, Poinsettias, Fresh Bowl of Fruit or Fruit Basket.
Metal and the Creativity and Children gua – Snowmen, Tinsel, Ornaments, Games, Dreidel, Instruments, Train Set, Bowls of Round Ornaments, Dolls, Carolers, Sleds.
The Prosperity Gua – Gifts (especially the ones you receive), Christmas Tree.
The Helpful People Gua – Santa, Angels, Gifts (especially the ones you are giving).
The Skills and Knowledge/Wisdom Gua – Wise Men of the Nativity Set, Religious Figures.
The Relationship Gua – Chocolates and Other Sweets! Pair of Candles.
(Author unknown)

And I just loved this! –
Would have asked for directions,
Arrived on time,
Helped deliver the baby,
Cleaned the stable,
Made a casserole,
Brought PRACTICAL gifts
….And there would be peace on earth!

(Author Unknown)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Physically, some have been experiencing painful joints and muscles, as if a form of arthritis appeared overnight causing great discomfort in your body, particularly necks, backs, shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles. You were transmuting the energies on behalf of others as well as yourself. These aches are a part of the physical adjustments that occur occasionally during the Ascension Process (thankfully this phase doesn’t last too long and your body soon goes back to normal functioning).

The intense energies have continued as we head towards the Winter Solstice. For me, this is the most powerful quarter festival of the year and it is always as intense as hell leading up to it. Some are experiencing losses and disappointments (which is hard just before Christmas) and others are going through very tough times. As the Winter Solstice pulls us into some really deep cleansing and clearing out, we may experience stuffy noses and sinus symptoms, headaches and aches in our necks and shoulders and a strong urge to sleep with feelings of exhaustion all the time. We are being pulled into hibernation mode so that we can go deep into the darkness and quiet. Such is the role of the Winter Solstice, we have to go into the darkness (represented physically by the shorter hours of daylight and metaphysically by our descent into our own inner depths) before we can get back to the light. Recently it has felt as if the Universe/Spirit is really trying to get our attention now and this time it’s not wrapped up in pretty fluffy spiritual paper instead it is smacked around our heads to get our attention! This has come as a bit of a shock to some. The Winter Solstice offers us a great opportunity to clear what is no longer needed before we start anew; it is an opportunity to rebirth ourselves. On the Winter Solstice give thanks for all that you have come through this year, honour it and offer it up to the Creator, then open your arms and welcome back the Sun (this sends a signal to the Universe that you are opening yourself to receive the Light and all good things). Joyfully watch as the days slowly lengthen leading us once more towards the Spring.

Many of you may have felt a bit lost and rudderless still, this is all part of your clearing process and it is important to allow yourself to go through this phase, even if you feel like you are drifting without purpose, as it will lead you to clarity about what steps to take next. Some felt they were still being held back, and they still are, this is because you are not ready yet for that next step, you are almost there and may be released at any moment so do ensure you keep up your preparations, be organised and ready for it and be excited and welcoming. Others felt that they were in a void during this time, and for some this was quite depressing, again it is all part of your process, if you allow yourself to go through the feelings without resistance this phase will pass all the more quickly and you will have more understanding about it.

Again it’s all part of the Ascension Process, this amazing ongoing evolutionary journey that we are all undertaking, but the wonderful thing is how quickly we are making progress! However bleak things may seem at times, do remember that this is all part of the process, and so keep on keeping on as best you can. Do your best in 3-D land whatever is going on with you on the other levels, you chose to be here and you still have to function in 3-D land even though your energies are vibrating at a much higher rate. It won’t be long before you will be in a place that totally supports your new energies and you will attract like minded high vibrational people who are aware of what is going on. In the meantime, be patient with yourself and others, everyone is going through this, it’s just that not everyone is doing it at the same time or same level and some don’t want to do it at all. Your main focus should be on yourself, so don’t worry what anyone else may or may not be doing – what do you want to do? Find out and do it – no excuses, just get on with it. When the going gets tough, get out your Ascension Tips book and use the techniques in it to help raise your vibration and help you through these phases. Remember you are not alone.

Perhaps it was because it was my birthday month, but after 11:11 I felt my energy was being renewed, I had more clarity about what my short and medium goals are and how to achieve them, I have a new deeper more loving respect for myself which has enabled me to feel more powerful than I have done for a long time. I once more feel excited about the future and know with certainty, confidence and gratitude the role that I have to play in it. I have fully accepted who I am now and I am excited about manifesting her into the world over the coming months. I hope the 11:11 gateway has helped you too, as I am so excited for you. Day to day life is just so exciting, unexpected, informative, and covers just about everything in the emotional spectrum. Make the most of what you’ve got today, right now; make the most of it and you will have a day that is more fun and less stressed.

Watch out for new opportunities that will start happening for you, mostly right under your nose, don’t waste a second in accepting them and going for it. (Yes, check in with your gut reaction and intuition first but please don’t start analysing it to death because it will walk right on by and you will miss it). One thing I have learned over the past few months is to stop pushing for things to happen, because the reverse happens, it pushes what you most want away. This doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for it all to land in your lap, you have to take some kind of action for the Universe to organise the synchronicities to help your opportunities take place. What I mean is that if it ain’t happening, forget about it and get on with something else, stop worrying about it and occupy your mind with some other task or enjoy taking some time out to catch up with reading or doing those little jobs you never seem to finish and other pottering around types of activities. Be gentle and relaxed, do what feels right for you to do and do it.

A note to any procrastinators out there: no, that doesn’t mean avoiding what needs to be done! Any longstanding or deeply entrenched excuse and distraction mechanisms have been taken away, so you may be feeling a bit scared and exposed. You are exposed because you can no longer hide behind these mechanisms which have been like old friends to you. This is the era of truth and responsibility, and to live it means having to get out there and get on with it. You are being given the opportunity to stop sabotaging your life, these habits are being totally exposed now, you can no longer get away with them, so let go!

Whenever I go off and do something else, or give myself permission to have a short break to chill out and read a magazine, I find that I am enjoying the present moment in a relaxed way. Without realising it I have put myself back in the flow and a few hours later (or the next day) what I have been wanting/trying to manifest starts to come to me. You have be relaxed enough to receive it, yet primed and organised enough to take action when it arrives.

BTW – Look forward to December 12th as the energies will be wonderful that day, 12-12-2007 = 15 = 6 = Love vibration day!

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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(Permission required to copy this article)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Last Moon of Autumn

How I love the Autumn Season.

Autumn Woman has done a fine job once again, the colours of her season lay all around us with leaves of many colours creating a carpet of colour on the ground. There is a gentle sigh in the garden as the trees, plants and flowers start to prepare for hibernation. Jack Frost gives us a teaser of what is to come during the White Crone of Winter's cycle, by decorating the fallen leaves with frosting and brushing the top of the grass with his icy paintbrush and breathing out his icy cold breath. Grandfather Sun shines bright in a clear blue sky, painting everything in Autumn gold and making us appreciate every day that he chooses to do this during these Autumn months. (Some days when we can't see his face it sure looks dark and grey around here!). It gives me such peace to just stand and look at the Autumn beauty all around me.

And then I turn around and once more get sucked into the pushing energy of what needs to be done as we hurtle towards the Festive holidays. Delays with suppliers has meant a delay for me in getting out my Christmas Gifts brochure and this has been stressful as it has eaten into the planning time for our own Christmas. Will I get it all done in time? When the hamster wheel of 3-D materialistic life starts to press too much, I simply stand up and stare out of my office window at our little garden that brings me so much pleasure. A little Robin has taken up residence in our front garden and yesterday chastised me for not putting out any bird food - I should have done it yesterday as I hadn't realised we would have such a hard frost this morning. They always know. The mild Autumn had lulled me into thinking they were still able to harvest from the shrubs and trees.

Bright blessings to you all on this gorgeous Autumn morning, make the most of November, the last moon of Autumn.

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Joy starts to pervade our lives more and more and yes whilst there may be times of darkness and depression we now understand that it is all part of our journey and we know these darker phases won’t last long. Focusing on joy is the way ahead, even on the down days try and find something that will make you smile and make you appreciative of what you have.

Internally, the recent shifts have helped us to become a lot more clear about things. It has been like Soul retrieval; suddenly parts of the Self that have been missing for a long time have come back. You feel more like you again, the vague wilderness stuff has come to an end and you are now back. You feel more like yourself that you have done for some time. This has brought new energy, a renewed sense of purpose and vigour and the urge to really get on with your life now.

Some have still been feeling it a bit regarding losses and who and what we are letting go of at the moment. You may feel you are being tugged back at times as some of the people around you do not want you to move on. They are so very afraid of being left behind but do not yet have the courage to take the steps that you have taken. Gently reassure them that all will be well for them but this is something you have to do with or without them. Inside you may feel at times slightly teary and yearn to go back to the comfortable familiarity of the old you, but that you no longer exists, you have been transformed into who you now are. Accept it, love it, enjoy it and the wonderful new supportive energies that accompany it.

On the physical level there have been bouts of illness again such as colds, flu, stomach bugs and people generally feeling run down. Once again the Lightworkers have been feeling exhausted as they have been doing a great deal of work in their dreamtime and those who are shamanic have been transmuting so much on behalf of the masses. If you feel that your energy and immune is low, take immune supporting herbs and essences to keep yourselves well. Continue to eat healthily, the Autumn provides us with so many wonderful nourishing root vegetables to make warming, nutritious soups and stews. Feed yourselves well – on every level.

I had a new experience on the physical a week ago, it was a strange feeling, it was as if the new me had physically stepped into the current me. I can only compare it to when you do trance mediumship and the Spirit steps into your physical form. If is as if your future self enters your current self and merges with you. I happened to be standing in front of the bathroom mirror about to wash my teeth at the time and actually saw it happening, it was an extremely weird feeling and very disconcerting until I realised what was going on. Well, this is what we have been working towards, we have been working on becoming our new selves for ages now and now it is here. There is still an adjustment process and it can feel very strange rather like a slipping to the right or left of your body. It happens in a split second and stops as quickly as it starts. [Please Note: This is not a “walk-in”, this particular process has a feeling of familiarity to it, and you know the energy because it is yours]. Many of you will also start to experience this as your new reality starts to merge with your current reality.

You may also have been feeling a bit spacey from time to time and even dizzy, this occurs when you are linking into the higher vibrations of the new world, you momentarily get ’lost in space’. This feeling is also a part of the ongoing internal assimilation and reorganisation that you are going through.

You may have experienced stress and frustrations from time to time when things don’t seem to be going the way you want them to. Be patient with yourself (and any others involved), when the time is right things will become more clear and start to fall into place for you. In the meantime start getting yourself organised. If your goal is to change jobs; write down on your New Moon Wish List what your ideal job is and start pre-paving it (visualise yourself there happy, looking wonderful, surrounded by supportive people who appreciate your skills and see your pay packet bringing a huge smile to your face). Or if you want to move home; clear the clutter, get these little jobs finished [Editor taking note of this one!!] Tidy the house and garden and on your New Moon Wish List write down the details of your dream home. We have been given the Autumn/Winter moons to plan, prepare and ready ourselves for the birthing of our Wish Lists in the renewed energy of the Spring. Those of you in the Southern hemisphere can work with the budding Spring energies to help you bring focus and commitment to the manifestation of your wish lists; this is your time to launch your new projects and ideas out into the world.

For some people there was inexplicable deep sadness and grief which sent you plummeting to the depths, yet you couldn’t really put your finger on why you were feeling like that. For me this happened again last weekend, I wasn’t really that aware of it until my husband kept saying “sweetie, you look so sad, what’s the matter?” I couldn’t tell him because I didn’t know, it wasn’t the sort of feeling I get when I am having a premonition about an upcoming event this was completely different to that. I was just feeling so sad. It started on the Saturday, was much worse on Sunday and had lifted by Monday. I allowed myself to feel the feeling so that it could lead me to understanding it. I was told “this was the old you falling away, and because you do not yet feel like the new you, there is a short period of time when you feel a bit lost and terribly sad”. This process also brought up lots of fear and old patterns for many of us especially to do with the particular ‘issue’ that you have been working so hard on all these years (and thought you had mastered). It was quite a wobble but thankfully didn’t last too long. (If you followed the techniques for Ascension Depression in the ‘Ascension Tips’ book you will have sailed through this phase within 48 hours maximum).

It is part of our rebirthing; the sadness is to do with leaving the old and familiar as we are being birthed. We are like butterflies starting to emerge from their cocoons, feeling fragile, wings still damp not yet able to find the sun to warm ourselves. We are nearly there yet it all feels a bit strange and unfamiliar.

It is the heart that leads the way now; compassion and love are the only guides we need for they bring us all the wisdom and advice we require. Working with our new ‘Planetary Heart’ essence will support your heart on this evolutionary journey.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I just love celebrating Hallowe'en/Samhain (it must be the Irish witch in me!) I love to decorate the house with the spooky bits and pieces I have collected over the years. My favourite witch swings from her broomstick in the centre of our living room window over the pumpkin.

Tonight I must get a bag of mini-treats for the kids that come trick or treating (last year no-one knocked on the door and I was very disappointed!) I have so many yummy recipes to choose from to make Harvest/spooky treats for me and my lovely husband.

Whatever you are doing, I hope that you have fun and find time to celebrate the time of the year when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. What better time to communicate with our friends in the other realms, to honour our loved ones who are now on the other side and to celebrate with the loved ones around us? (Being Irish I don't need much of an excuse to celebrate anything!).

Below is a little poem I wrote a few years ago inspired by Rowan, one of my favourite trees:-

Samhain / Hallowe’en

Rowan berries burning bright.
Witches fires in the night.
Long black fingers weaving spells.
Cauldrons full of spicy smells.

Magic potions, sacred brews.
Healing secrets just for you.
Hubbling, bubbling, frothy lot.
Chanting spells into the pot.

Skirts and shawls twirl and dance.
Owl casts a knowing glance.
Sisters in black gather around.
Black cat utters welcome sounds.

The alchemy is at last complete.
Still now, happy dancing feet.
Sharing cups of Sacred Brew
Cheers! Happy Samhain to you!

COPYRIGHT Elly Yule 2001

(Permission required to copy or forward this).

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Lightworkers and Sensitives found the build up to the Autumn Equinox quite hard going and many manifested illness on the physical level. Also many have been experiencing lower back ache. Some have had diarrhoea-like symptoms which only last a day and then are gone, all part of the great clearing out and all related to the Base and Sacral chakras. Sit quietly and attune to these chakras and ask them what is this all about? You will find that you will be letting go of old stuff, stuff from the past that needs to be cleared out now. As usual, the Ascension chakra clearing leaves your chakras feeling wonderfully clean and energised afterwards and you feel more clear about what you wish to manifest now and in the future in those areas of your life.

The urge to clear clutter has come in quite strongly with the Autumn moons and the pressure from the Equinox to re-evaluate (as well as Mercury retrograde giving us the space and time to do just that). I have found that the change in my vibrational frequency has enabled me to long for a more clutter free Zen way of living. A way that is easy to maintain and enjoy. As you move away from 3-D vibrations and live more in the higher vibration, you no longer have the need for materialism and you lose the urge or need to keep buying ‘stuff’. You will find that you suddenly have the urge to get rid of at least half of your possessions, to lighten your load, to travel lightly on this new road you find yourself upon. Although it can be emotional at times clearing clutter (you are letting go of the past, people and memories from the past, as well as your past identity that is associated with those objects/belongings) it is worth it. The trap is to think there is something wrong with this and allow yourself to be seduced by materialism again as deep down it helps you to feel connected to the old and familiar giving feelings of safeness (which of course is just one big ol’ illusion). Trust the urge to clear clutter, trust the urge to want to live a more Zen, clean and clear way of life. That is the only way you can live when you live in the higher vibrations.

Physically people have been experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms again (although this could also be due to the change in Seasons), some have been experiencing dizziness and nausea without knowing why, headaches have been frequent and quite painful for some, and many have been experiencing aching bones and muscles. All are Ascension Symptoms as we try and adjust to the new dimension we are almost living and Being in. We are not quite there yet, the instability of 3-D land still has the ability to knock us off centre and drag us down. We need to keep linking into the higher vibrations as often as possible (as well as using essences and other vibrational tools to assist in keeping our vibrations high so that we remain open to receiving higher guidance). When you feel a bit off centre or down, just stop, take a breath in the heart centre and then go up to your crown chakra and pull in the divine white light of the higher vibrations. This will only take a minute and will instantly link you into the higher dimensions, in turn this will calm you down and help re-centre you. (Please note this is not a deep meditation-type exercise, it is a split-second reconnection that you do in the middle of a task or working day as often as you need to). If you are properly grounded and in your body doing this exercise will not cause you any problems (such as feeling light headed or ‘out of it’). It is essential that you remain grounded at all times at the moment and fully in your body, otherwise you are of no use to beast nor man! J

I have to say that meditation/quiet time is the best Ascension tip I know, particularly at the moment. It will help you to cope and stay calm even when there is complete chaos all around you. Eat properly so that you stay grounded (y’all know how I feel about the importance of grounding!) especially during these current times. Drink water to keep flushing out any stress hormones and to keep you calm and balanced. Don’t get sucked into issues that don’t concern you, don’t waste your energy, don’t get distracted by trivia or other people’s stuff. Remember to maintain your protection on a daily basis, there is too much stuff flying around in 3-D land and on the astral at the moment, and you certainly don’t want to absorb any of that.

Many people for some time now have been feeling a bit lost, as if they are a ship without a rudder and sail, drifting but not sure where. Others have lost their spark, they are finding it hard to put any effort into anything especially work. This is all part of the Ascension Process. Because you are operating on the higher vibrational level now and are attuned to the new frequencies, it becomes harder to operate in the denser 3-D vibrations. This is a temporary phase as you will receive direction and guidance about what to do and where to go next. The important thing is to allow yourselves to remain open to Spirit whilst you are in drift mode until you receive clarity about what is next. When you are in this phase you need to be gentle with yourself, control your mind (which will be conjuring up all sorts of nonsense because it cannot work out what is going on and keeps trying to fabricate reasons, all of which could distract you from the real task in hand), eat well, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water to keep your emotions stable and flush out any toxins that may be building up through anxiety and/or stress.

Others have had moments of creative and energetic brilliance, which they have put to good use. Self confidence is on the increase as you embody who you now are and you feel so connected that you are lit up from within with love and brimming with confidence and purpose. The downside to this is the reactions of those still operating on a 3-D level. They had you in a box with a label on it, now suddenly you have come out of the box and are vibrant, radiant and confident. This makes them feel threatened and so they may try and attack you (on different levels) by lashing out or trying to undermine your confidence. Don’t let them pop your balloon or drag you down to their level. Your instinct may be to hide your light and climb back into your box – don’t you dare do that! You have worked so hard and cleared so much to be where you are today, you just get out there and let the world know who you are and shine, shine, shine!

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Permission required to copy or forward this article.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Autumn Woman POEM


It is Autumn
and all around me
things start to decompose.

I ask Autumn
to accept the parts of me
that need to decompose,
that need to be broken down.

Parts from my year
that I no longer need.
Parts I now need
to let go of.

Thoughtforms, judgements,
belief systems, neuroses.
These things no longer fit.
Time to disintegrate their grip.

And Autumn, ever gentle
sweetly takes them from me.
Pulling them into the
Earth Mother’s breast.

As simply and gently
as that.
No struggle or strain
to release.

Now in gentle decaying
slumber they melt.
Transforming likes leaves
into nutritious gifts.

©E.Yule 2001

(Permission required to copy or forward)

Monday, 17 September 2007

AUTUMN - the new term begins

September is here and for some there is a sadness that Summer is over (particularly for those of us in the UK who didn't have much of a Summer this year!). For me, September brings excited anticipation although I am never sure of what exactly.

September brings the new school year and for many of us grown-ups that brings the opportunity to start something new that we can work away at over the coming Winter moons. It could be a new project that you start planning and researching ready to launch when the Spring moons appear. It could be wanting to learn something new and enrolling in a new course or class. If you feel the urge, then pay attention to it and act upon it, it could open up a whole new world for you and you could meet some wonderful new people and contacts. If you think ahead to the end of 'term' - what would you like to see on your report card?!

The new turn of the Seasonal wheel also gives us time to reflect on what we did or didn't achieve during the preceding quarter. For me, I am a little disappointed that we didn't get as many of the fix-up jobs done on the house that I would have liked, our aim is to move home next year to a larger property and in order to do that we need to get this house in order. I am using the September energies to make a list of what we need to achieve in the house and I can then work out which months the tasks are best suited to for the rest of this year and going into next.

Let Autumn Woman guide you during the coming Autumn moons so that you have the best time possible.


P.S. If you would like to find out more about 'Autumn Woman' contact us for a copy of our short story regarding this lovely Season.

Monday, 10 September 2007


Ascension Symptoms

Oh boy, haven’t the past few weeks been challenging! Even my fuses blew at one point as sometimes the stress and pressure was unbelievable and I wondered how much more I could cope with. August has certainly been a month of extremes. It really has been a tough month for some people with lots of tests (some were enough to make you want to rip your hair out or someone’s head off!!). Please remember that it’s not you at this point of time right now, it is usually them. That is because they are choosing to stay stuck in the lower vibrations and are afraid to go to where you are, so they will try and pull you back to where they are because it makes them feel better (albeit temporarily). Please, please also remember that you are absolutely perfect as you are right now. You are not broken and you do not need fixing. The Divine and the planets are simply steering us towards a better future. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to ‘fix’ yourself, heal every little thing that’s wrong or master absolutely everything before you can get on with your life/manifest the things you want/become a success. Why not choose to believe that actually there is nothing wrong with you, you are absolutely perfect right now, in fact you are really relaxed about this whole cosmic journey and can start seeing the funny side of it. If you think you’ve got to wait or need to fix something before things start to get better, think again, because you’ll be waiting a helluva long time. Start now, right where you are, with what you’ve got. Believe that anything is possible – because it is.

On the physical level there has been breathlessness. The recent powerful Lunar Eclipse in the emotional sign of Pisces created feelings of breathlessness and difficulties in breathing especially breathing in. (Asthma sufferers have problems with the in-breath which is exacerbated by the panic about being able to breathe). To breathe in is to in-spire. Yet how can we feel inspired if we are afraid to take the next breath? We are like newborns catching their first breath as we go through this massive rebirthing experience. This breathlessness is linked to the Heart chakra so take a deep look at what that chakra is trying to tell you. (Is it time to let go of something or someone, or some habit or rut you have been in?). Some have also been experiencing sore throats as the energy moves up from the Heart chakra to the Throat chakra. Now is the time for us to speak our truth boldly and without fear, now is the time for us to express the love and compassion we have embodied through our words and creative heart-inspired actions.

The past few weeks brought up a huge amount of stuff for clearing. This was often a powerful process for some. At times you may have felt absolutely raw, the slightest thing setting you off, tears so close to the surface or crying your eyes out non stop. (I experienced two days of complete and utter rawness. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. More acute than my usual empathy, I felt as if I had been turned inside out and had vinegar thrown on me). As well as personal clearing, this is linking you to the depth of compassion you now feel for All Our Relations. At times the empathy can be unbearable because you feel it so acutely. Thankfully this extreme only seems to last for a couple of days and then once more our protective outer shell reappears protecting us from too much raw experience. It is as if living in this reality is sometimes just too painful. (This experience shows us how far we have come on our personal journey, how compassionate we now are, how we live through the heart in all that we do, and how we really truly understand the meaning of the phrase “we are all connected, we are all One).”

And then suddenly everything went quiet, it was as if everything had stopped. All the extremes we have become used to suddenly weren’t happening and quite frankly we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. We had moved into Extremes of Nothingness. After months and months of tumultuous upheavals on every level, suddenly everything went quiet again and we felt a bit lost. What a test learning to go with this one! The best way to deal with periods of Extreme Nothingness is to do just that, go with it, get on with your lives and enjoy the peace and quiet of it. (This was actually quite difficult to do, as part of you was expecting the crazy rollercoaster to start up again any time). It is so important that we master this phase, as it is a time for recharging our batteries. Different from the Plateau of Integration (which I discuss in our ‘ASCENSION TIPS – How To Survive the Ascension Process’ book), this is a phase which needs to be entered into gently and slowly until you get used to it. Make the most of it when it happens and enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

And then things started to pick up again. Some downright horrible stuff has been going on for folks. The planets pushing us to live from our hearts and speak our truths have helped us to shine our Light even more brightly. However that hasn’t been so well received by those operating with the dark forces (or being used by dark forces), they have really lashed out as they continue to struggle to maintain their hold. Sudden unexpected horrible things have been happening that have left a few of us reeling. Immediately you think what on earth did I do to manifest that?! This time it wasn’t you attracting it, these hits have been so random yet when they have hit home they have been upsetting and unsettling. As usual the way you deal with what’s happened is key. If you are completely thrown off your centre ‘phone someone you trust who is wise counsel and ask them for guidance. (It is such a relief when you realise that it’s not your fault!). These random events have been happening to the most experienced people too, we are definitely all in this together. The good thing is it is a sign that we are all on the right track. Stay close to those who have purity of heart and live from truth and all will be well.

Time is either rushing past at breakneck speed where you just cannot seem to catch up with yourself, or time becomes suspended and you have the most delight-full day filled with hours and hours of enjoyment. One summer’s day recently felt like an entire weekend! On the other hand a car drive that usually takes 20 minutes seemed to take an hour; I thought we would never get to the end of the road!

And now we head towards the Autumn Equinox, as ever the quarter festivals of the year can be an intense journey for some which may entail more processing and clearing but which also provide transformation portals for us to step through. (Some of you may have been feeling the need to eat lighter less dense foods lately, this is because you have been preparing yourselves for this next step. Clearing the house, getting rid of old stuff you no longer need has also been part of the preparation process). Remember to keep your vibration high so that you only attract equally high vibrations. Stay in the moment and allow yourselves to be guided by the energies – the process will be all the more gentle if you do this. Be courageous and trust, trust, trust throughout the month of September.

Do find time to celebrate your harvest, you have been incredible this year, you have done so many things and experienced so much (and come through so much too). Be kind to yourselves, stop rushing, stop worrying, stop sending out too much energy. Give yourselves some TLC instead.
I send you Autumn Equinox blessings as we all sit upon the turning wheel of the year together.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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This wonderful essence combination contains a powerful blend of essences especially formulated to help support you during the Ascension Process.

The formula also contains a brand new environmental/energy essence made on July 17th during the ‘Fire The Grid’ worldwide meditation. It helps us on our pathway by keeping it clear of obstacles and intrusions. It helps us to open up more and widen our capacity for expansion. It puts back together the shattered parts of our humanness. It helps us to balance power and peace and to learn how both can be one. It is a powerful yet gentle essence that is very healing and supportive.

The formula also contains our new ‘Moldavite’ gem essence. Moldavite is an extremely powerful stone and relates to Atlantis and abuse of power issues. On the physical level it can bring up problems in the kidneys, liver, thyroid and stomach. These are like ‘anniversary echoes’ from past lives. Use decording techniques followed by balancing healing techniques to clear these. The Solar Plexus will also be affected and similar techniques can be used to clear and strengthen it. Owning such awesome power requires maturity, we remember the huge responsibility and commitment that goes with it and this can also cause ‘twangs’ in our Solar Plexus. Moldavite tests our integrity and truth regarding our personal power this time around and supports us in the process.

This essence will support you through the ups and downs of your Ascension journey without interfering in the processes that you need to go through. It will help to ground and centre you. It will help you to keep some kind of balance despite what it going on. It will help to alleviate your fears (especially where power issues are concerned). It will help you to stay connected to the Divine by raising your vibration. Taking it daily (especially in the morning and evenings) will help you to maintain a high vibration that will enable you to not be so influenced or affected by what is happening in 3-D land. By staying balanced and centred and keeping your vibration raised, you will be able to help others from a more solid place. Start the day the Ascension way with this very special essence.

An information/instruction slip is provided with each essence.

ASCENSION TIPS - How to Survive the Ascension Process
This 40 page book is full of great tips to help you through this unknown and most wondrous of times.
It explains in more detail what is going on, how if affects you and what to do about it. It offers a wealth of tips to ensure that you can enjoy riding the waves of the Ascension Process. An essential guide for these times.

Here's some customer feedback:-

“By the way, both the book and the essence are fantastic!!!” -- JD, Therapist, England, UK

"It makes sense of what doesn’t make sense, helping us all to feel like we are not going mad and enables us to feel that we are sharing this journey together.”
– JI, Therapist, New York, USA

”Brilliant! You have so accurately summed up exactly how I have been feeling and I really did not know why. You have an amazing gift, my dear friend. With abundant blessings.”
-- Amanda Goldston, Abundance Coach, England, UK (

“I wanted to say that what you have written is SO SPOT ON! I’m normally pretty in tune with what’s going on but this last lot had me baffled. As always when I read your words you just remind me of what we are truly doing and that is all it takes! Thank you, I honour you and send love and blessings”. – DD, Therapist, England, UK

“This book has been helping me on those nights when I haven’t been able to sleep. It explains things so clearly and has become a handy reference guide which enables me to understand why I am feeling the way I am. Thank you so much.”
-- Jenny Jones, Animal Healer, England, UK

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Coypright E. Yule 2007

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Phew! The 7-7-7 was one heck of a powerful time. For me personally I found the energy on the 5th and 6th almost unbearable! It was a time of deep introspection, powerful dreams, visions and premonitions. (Physical aches and pains continued as the clearing and recalibrations process continued during this time). Yet 7-7-7 itself was a glorious day, after weeks of rain and galeforce winds we had wonderful warm summer sunshine, the day was full of fun and love as the world joined in Al Gore’s Live Earth concert.

Whilst on the subject of numerology, I was reminded by Spirit that we are in a ‘9’ year (2+0+0+7 = 9). This for me is always the ending of a cycle, the completion of a phase. Is it any wonder then that we have been doing so much in-depth clearing this year? (It also explains why there have been so many endings for folks). Next year we get the chance to start over again in a new cycle with a ‘1’ year, (2+0+0+8 = 10, 1+0 = 1). So whatever is going on hang on in there, it is essential to clear things and end what needs to be ended before we go into next year. A ‘9’ year is about turning over the soil of our lives and Souls, to prepare it for the seeds we will be planting next year.

July 17th ‘Fire the Grid’ day was amazing for us, I hope you had a great experience too. I woke up feeling grumpy and anxious and full of nervous excitement as I knew we were participating in something big. The rain held off and as we approached my power spot at my favourite place on the Gower, the whole place was filled with Beings, out in the sea I could feel the presence of the whales and dolphins, and everyone was here to be a part of this.

Ascension Symptoms

Exhaustion and deep, deep tiredness continued.
Sadness, sometimes not really knowing why and sometimes needing to just cry.
The feeling of needing to go inwards and not wanting to talk to anyone, just being quiet with your own thoughts and processes. Of wanting to just take a seat back and step off the treadmill of life for a while. Sore throats, neck ache (particularly at the back of the neck around the psychic gateway area).
Heart pain like indigestion (which is congestion in the heart chakra as it processes the feelings of grief and letting go).
Feeling run down as if your immune system is low (sensitives should take great care at the moment to ensure they are supporting their systems with herbs, vitamins and minerals).
Focusing on work and what needs to be done continues to be difficult as often we find ourselves drifting off again. (For me personally I have been like a butterfly dipping into this and that, working in an even more eclectic way than usual, yet somehow managing to get things done and meet deadlines despite the spaciness. When I get that spacey feeling I go with it for a short while and then pull myself back and check the time. I have noticed this year that I rely less and less on the clock as I am being guided by the energies and the Divine, if you knew me a few years ago when I was Miss Organised, I was completely clock bound!).
Itchy skin, feeling as if there is something underneath trying to get out.

Imagine that we are all part of a giant Spiritual Switchboard, we are being plugged in, unplugged, plugged in, unplugged, and we have yet to make the right connection. This is why it takes its toll on us physically.

We have had an intense year energy-wise and sometimes we just need to take time out to integrate what has been going on and how far we have come. With the busyness of life, sometimes we forget to take a look at our journey so far. This year we have been in a continual deep clearing and retuning phase and now it is time to honour ourselves for coming through it all with flying colours and to take a well earned break. I know I had the urge not to do anything, I just wanted to sit quietly and not have to think about anything or do anything, I just wanted to watch the clouds and let my mind empty and drift and play with the clouds. (Not easy when there are things that have to be attended to in 3-D land!). I had little rests when I could and when I did give myself permission to do nothing, I found that new ideas and a stream of creativity happened without my even having to try! In these quiet spaces I was able to indulge in my attitude of gratitude for all that I have, the face of a flower was enough to move me to tears, colours become more vibrant and vivid as I gently linked in to the higher vibrations. (My second week of holiday also came along at just the right time as it really allowed me to take my foot off the pedal for a whole week!)

Some people feel like they have been in some kind of battle over the past few months and are feeling a bit battle-weary and life-weary. Take some time out. I always encourage my female friends and clients to take some time out to pamper the feminine side of their natures, and I feel this is exactly what we need to do right now, and also my male friends and colleagues, they have been working just as hard on all levels and they need a bit of time off and pampering too. (If you are in a partnership, why not plan some pampering sessions together? They’re so much fun when shared! J).

The old 3-D life as we have always known it is breaking down and disintegrating. Nothing is staying the same, the old ways don’t work any more, the old support systems are no longer there or are starting to break down. Suddenly we feel exposed; we may feel unsupported and feel terrified about that. The old way is no longer and the sooner you can accept that the better. You must let go of the old ways of living your life, of working, of interacting, they no longer exist. You have to start making the changes that you know you need to make. Get your head out of the sand (or even darker places J) and start taking some positive steps to change the way you live, work and Be, otherwise things are going to get a whole lot worse for you.

We are still downloading information into our systems through all the recent events and we must be patient with ourselves and others (remember that they may be not as aware about what is happening to them and may act out/project their confusion and fear, they need love and reassurance more than ever now).

On the positive side there have been great revelations and flashes of insight, moments of creative brilliance and all of these will continue. It is like little windows of hope and purpose have been opening and they feel wonderful! At last we can really feel that the past is behind us. At last we can really feel that we can fly, that there is nothing holding us back. Because we are starting to live the new reality it is time to get out there and show the world who we are, what we can do and what we can offer. The only way is forward now.

And yes, there will still be the occasional tests and frustrations and there will still be those on the lower vibration trying to pull us back or interfere. But none of these matter to us anymore because we are now able to recognise them instantly for what they are and we know exactly how to deal with them.

More and more we are being asked to live in truth and find our power. Much of that power has been suppressed over the years, the astrological pressures combined with the clearing we have been doing so far, has now released that power. This has been daunting for some, it requires maturity, commitment and responsibility to manage this kind of power (no wonder we needed to add Moldavite to the Ascension Support essence!). Bursts of this power have tried to come forth, unfortunately because we didn’t understand what was happening, this led to us having unexpected rows/arguments. What is emerging in us – our power – can no longer be suppressed; it must be acknowledged, accepted, made welcome and used positively for the benefit of All.

Over the past few weeks as I have been working on the Newsletter, I kept hearing this line from a Michael Jackson song repeating in my head; “Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you FEEEEEEL it!” Well can you feel it? Can you feel the love and compassion flowing through your heart? (Huge compassion that now flows constantly like a river that you can use anytime you need it). Can you feel the excitement about where you are now? (That is why you find you are walking around with a grin on your face only you’re not sure why but it doesn’t matter because you feel great!). How much are you loving your life right now? Feeling like this is just wonderful, it’s like every part of us is smiling, just think what wonderful energy we are sending out when we feel like this, it’s like sending blessings out continually. We may not know quite what the heck is going on, but as long as it feels this good, who cares!

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Feng Shui Diaries - Update

The work I started during Merc Rx got interrupted by our holiday weeks, but now that we are back I am continuing with it as it feels so good. I even bought some new folders for when I eventually sort out the office in more detail and other new items to freshen up the look of the office. Since returning from our hols the energies are really pushing me to clear out more, clean more, reorganise more, and the urge to do this is so strong. For me, finding the time to get all of this done is a challenge, yet I know I must find the time. It is as if I am preparing for something, something big. Have you felt this too?

'ASCENSION Support' is the new essence that we refer to in this article. For the month of August with each order you will also receive a f*ree 40 page book 'ASCENSION TIPS - How to Survive the Ascension Process'. Contact us for more details.

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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Weather Getting You Down?

The weather here on this side of the pond has been more like Autumn than Summer with relentless rain, dark days and strong winds. Needless to say it is dampening everyone's spirits as we are all desperate for a bit of sunshine.

Over the years I have found that if I am feeling a bit depleted by the weather or the season, I make sure that every day I have some sunshine fruit, this always helps me to feel better. Citrus fruits are ideal, but as I have an allergy to them I prefer to make my favourite smoothie. Here's the recipe:-

Elly's Sunshine Smoothie

1 organic Mango
1 organic Banana
a little organic Apple & Mango juice
6 drops of Angels of Joy essence

Whizz together in a blender and place in lovely dishes. Chill for a while in the fridge and then enjoy this nutritious, vitamin and mineral packed smoothie which is full of sunshine. It is quite thick (depending on how much juice you put in) so I usually eat it with a spoon.
They also freeze well - remember to use freezer-proof dishes.

Hope this helps!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Are you going to 'Fire The Grid?'

July 17th is Fire The Grid day, at 11:11am GMT. (Go to to find out more and to find out the correct time for your part of the world). We are being asked to join in prayer/meditation for one hour.

Millions of people around the world have already agreed to take part, all of whom respect the original idea but who are also choosing to use this group energy/power time to send love, healing and light to wherever and whoever needs it.

There have been a few dodgy emails going around with negative undertones about this event. This has caused confusion for some. All I would say is that as long as everyone is focusing on love, light and healing what can go wrong? When that many people are united with common intention the effect is going to be very powerful, it cannot fail to cause a shift in the right direction. Whatever you may have read, when that much love and light gets together nothing else can get in and nothing else can use it.

Stay in your heart, join with your Light Family and set aside one hour on that day to send out and radiate love, light and healing. It is our chance to give something back to our planet, to the cosmos, to the Creator and All Our Relations.

Whatever the weather, I'm going to be be doing it - are you?

Thursday, 12 July 2007


After a month of rain and strong winds, yesterday we had a gloriously warm, hot, sunny Summer day. It felt like Summer was back. I was overjoyed to be able to hang my washing out (for me this is one of my most favourite simple pleasures in this life). Although busy with work, I took five minutes to sit amongst the flowers in our garden. The wet weather has prevented us from spending time in the garden, and I have been feeling a sense of disconnection with my beloved little green and growing space. I went into meditative mode and just let myself expand along the soft breeze taking in the different sounds, the flowers behind me felt like the most wonderful healing support as I sat there warming myself in the healing rays of Grandfather Sun. I gave thanks for the blessings of this day, for our lovely little home and garden and for all the abundance we are surrounded with and continually given. Within minutes I was feeling totally relaxed and recharged and ready to return to work.

This was just a small window of opportunity, today we are back into the wet and windy weather pattern, but it doesn't matter, I just close my eyes, remember my special time yesterday and feel a warm, healing glow.

Make the most of all the little windows of opportunity that come your way and take time out to bask in gratitude and abundance - it is such an energizer!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Solstice energies were intense combined with Mercury retrograde, we really got pulled back down to sort out what needs sorting out. This process has been happening on all the levels and in all the different areas of our lives.

Physically many found that their aches and pains really increased (and got very painful at times!). Many have experienced incredible tiredness. Grief energy and depression also continued. Some have been weeping at the drop of a hat. For some there has been the feeling like you have lost your mind, you’re not sure what to do anymore which also bordered on procrastination. Some have been feeling lost and between worlds, aware that they have drifted off somewhere only they’re not sure where and it certainly wasn’t here in 3D land. There has been an increase in heart pain especially in the Heart chakra (some of the clairvoyants feel that this could be linked to the next big event that opens everyone’s heart chakras further). For some there has been feeling like you have lost purpose and are drifting (well you are).
Resistance has also been coming up a lot in subtle and not so subtle ways. This has been intensified by the Solstice. Instantly stop and work out what you are being resistant to (even if it’s cleaning the loo or doing the ironing!). As soon as you identify it you have dealt with it. Resistance is absolutely futile at the moment. What you resist will persist, only at this point in time it will be harder than you could ever have imagined. Why put yourself through that? Sort out what it’s about and get on with it!

For some dear Souls the Ascension process is proving too much and they want to leave the Earth plane, hence the increase in cancer and other karma clearing dis-eases. These Souls are choosing to help from the other side. Do you remember all those years ago when you were told that only the strong ones got to come back this time? That is why the Elders prophecised us as the Rainbow Warriors. You need Warrior energy to truly live, Be and Walk the Talk as a Lightworker at this time on our planet. Do you remember that thousands queued up in the Galaxy wanting to be one of the ones who got to come back this time? You were one of them and you got the chance to be here during this amazing time. Yes it’s hard, but how blessed we are that the great Creator and Universe have so much belief in us that they entrusted us with the job of being right here right now. So isn’t it about time we honoured that?

Now, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be experiencing joy and happiness every minute of every day. Astrology has helped us all with non-stop shifts within our Beings to help us to transcend and ascend. It is essential therefore that you keep your vibration high and don’t allow yourself to be dragged down into lower energies. The Ascension process has made us more sensitive than ever before, things that would not have bothered us too much ten years ago we now feel acutely. Because we are so much more aware of how we are All connected, our empathic senses are highly attuned to all sentient Beings, and anything that happens to them affects us deeply because of the All-connectedness we now have and because we are now operating from such a high level of Love. (We are now operating from Love most of the time, except when we get pulled down or pulled back by lower vibrations). We feel everything more deeply because of our increased attunement and higher vibration. Anything that happens on the lower vibration (especially in 3-D mass consciousness land) makes us feel really awful, we get sick quick when we are around those energies because it is not who we are any more. Whenever you start to feel awful, suss out who or what is causing it and get as far away from it/them as possible. (It could be something as simple as a tv programme that you have only been half watching, the lower vibrational content of the programme has started to subtly affect your aura). We still have to operate in 3-D land so we need to ensure that we are properly grounded and remember to keep our protection going whilst we are undergoing this incredible unknown and constantly revealing process.

Protection – some are asking why we need to bother with this if we are supposed to be operating from a higher frequency of light now. Well, you may be operating at a higher frequency but I can assure you that there are a helluva lot of others out there who are not. It is for that reason that I recommend you do not leave your house each day without having done some kind of protection. (Remember that our ‘Protector’ spray mist can do this in a second for you).

The adjustments and recalibration in us continue over the next month, so be kind to others but most of all, be kind to yourself.

(Copyright E. Yule 2007 - permission needed for copying/reproducing)