Thursday, 22 March 2012

NEW MOON Blessings!

As we enjoy the last day of the Spring Equinox, we are blessed with a powerful New Moon in Aries, the start of the Astrological New Year and a whole new cycle for us. (It happens at 14:37pm GMT in the UK, in the USA 7:38am PDT and 10:38am EDT).

Aries is the Pioneer unafraid of blazing new trails, the Go Getter, the ambitious dynamo that loves success and is not afraid to go for it. Aries brings us the energy and drive we need to really move ahead with projects.

However, in today’s Planetary Cauldron there is a mix of planets giving us mixed energies. Because Mars (planet of action & goal orientation) and Mercury (planet of communication) are currently retrograde, it’s not going to be easy to charge ahead and launch our new goals. It could be a bit hit and miss, things may fall through or change, so just keep that in mind when you are all fired up with this Arian Spring energy and are raring to go.

And there is a reason for these retrogrades. You might jump in at the deep end with both feet before thinking properly about what you are doing and whom you are doing it with. You will be tempted to force issues because of all the forward-motion, driving energy that is coursing through you. You will try and bend things to suit your will – the ego is so impatient! But you will be slowed down to give you a chance to check it all out properly before committing yourself. Don’t rush in like a fool or you could have one heck of a mess to sort out later.

Also be warned that you must finish what you start or people will lose respect for you. This Moon’s energy will fill you with an abundance of creativity and fantastic ideas that you are so excited about that you feel like you wanna tell the whole world! Be warned, don’t start any of them unless you know you can commit to them fully and see them through - you could damage your reputation otherwise. Too many people Talk the Talk, they are always telling us what they are going to do but they never actually do it or produce anything, it’s all baloney. Be a doer not a talker, Walk your Talk, this will be your toughest test this month.

In your creative enthusiasm, be careful also not to ride roughshod over people’s feelings. What seems fresh, brilliant and perfect for you, might be perceived as wacko by them until they have time to understand where you are coming from. Pioneers walk a lonely path and it takes a while for others to catch up and understand. Temperance is the Tarot card to look at every day to remind you.

This New Moon invites us to get out of our boxes and start living and thinking in a different and more revolutionary way. How can we live our lives in a better way? What can we do for our local and global communities? How can we help humanity?

With Mercury retrograde, old faces from the past may suddenly pop up again in our lives. Why now? What do they want? Reflect and research their motives before taking action or getting sucked into old stuff with them again. Old conflicts could be triggered with this New Moon, so stay away from those who set you off or who know how to press your buttons. On the plus side for some, you could hit it off with an old flame again and it turns out to be passionately successful this time!

It is time for everyone to step up their Leadership qualities another notch. Arians are leaders not followers. Aries gives us all the gift of leadership energy. Remember that you are people not sheeple! Step up and take the lead in your life, your work and your relationships.

It is time for the Spiritual Warriors to take the lead and guide humanity through the rest of this year and beyond. Be innovative, do things differently, await downloads that could blow your fuses as what you receive will be so different from any other kind of spiritual direction you have ever had before.

Be aware of the responsibility you have as a Leader, do not mess people around, get your act together first and then lead. We all have the opportunity now to make a difference for others. Never feel that you do not make a difference, you are planting seeds in others that will truly blossom and grow at a time that is right for them, and that would never have happened if they had not met you. So, Spiritual Warrior, never doubt yourself or your mission.

Leaders are true to themselves, they believe in themselves, they trust themselves, they act with confidence because of their faith in Spirit and Universal guidance, they have courage, they are not afraid to go where others have never been, they defend the Innocents and those in need, they have integrity and strong personal values. They are focused and determined and never mess anyone around or let anyone down. They serve to protect and defend, not destroy. Are you up to this? It’s time for everyone to grow up and act like spiritual adults or they will make terrible leaders.

Astrologically it could be a bit of a rough ride from time to time, but we’re used to that, be aware that the veil of illusion will be lifted from your eyes regarding people/projects/groups/places. You will see the truth of the situation and it may shock you. It will trigger a knee-jerk reaction, but try to stop, breathe and think before you react. Retrograde energy is about waiting before acting, researching and checking all the facts first before we judge a person or situation.

Ascension symptoms have come back with a vengeance and will continue to affect us over the coming weeks. Many have been experiencing dizziness and nausea as Earthquake activity increased greatly in the lead up to the New Moon. Take it easy, drink plenty of water and take essences (I cannot do without our ‘Ascension Support’ essence and spray mist at the moment as it really helps to steady me up and rebalance me again).


Essence and Spray Mist


This wonderful essence combination contains a powerful blend of essences especially formulated to help support you during the Ascension Process. This essence will support you through the ups and downs of your Ascension journey without interfering in the processes that you need to go through. It will help to ground and centre you. It will help you to keep some kind of balance despite what it going on. It will help to alleviate your fears (especially where power issues are concerned). It will help you to stay connected to the Divine by raising your vibration. Start the day the Ascension way with this very special essence. (It also contains a brand new environmental essence made during the ‘Fire The Grid’ worldwide meditation and also our new ‘Moldavite’ gem essence).

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This wonderful spray mist is especially useful for Earth Sensitives and those particularly sensitive to energies. Its specially created blend has been designed to help you during fluctuating energy hits which can cause turbulence in your energy field/aura. This can make you feel dizzy, out of sorts and unable to concentrate. These energy peaks and troughs can also affect everyone in your home including your pets.

This spray mist is powerful and works quickly to help you feel more steady and balanced. The essential oils in it are gently supportive, grounding and fill your energy field and environment with fragrant balanced energy.

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Today write your New Moon Wish list and read it out loud to the New Moon, then place on your altar.

During this transit, write down all the ideas that you are flooded with in a Sacred Work Journal.

Remember it was the Tortoise that won the race not the Hare!

– use the retrograde planets to help you stop and think before you rush ahead.

Spring Equinox and New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

FULL MOON and MARCH updates

THERE IS A LOT HAPPENING THIS MONTH, astrology heads up first followed by March updates

Mercury goes retrograde March 12th to April 4th (although things won’t be back to normal until after April 18th). You know what to do! Back up those computers, get the car serviced, double and triple check all travel arrangements, try and avoid signing contracts. Use this retrograde to revise, rework, research, renew, rethink, recheck and recharge. Also be aware of communication snafus and misunderstandings between people, some will think you are speaking an Alien language so you may have to repeat yourself several times (it may take three times before they get it). Keep it simple and be as clear as possible when communicating. Be patient during this transit!

Also, in the past day and a half we have experienced more solar flares and these have been strong coronal mass ejections. (More info in Ascension symptoms section).

With Mars still retrograde and now Mercury, this is not the time to be launching new projects. We will all experience delays (and possible cancellations) on projects as well as procrastination on both sides. Patience, patience, patience!

Try to avoid knee-jerk reactions (easier when you are not feeling stressed), meditate and breathe more, stay grounded and just keeping saying the word patience to yourself.

FULL MOON– 8thMarch in Virgo @ 09:39am GMT

This powerful Full Moon in practical, organised Virgo will occur on March 8th in the UK. The Full Moon is a powerful culmination and celebration of all that you have achieved in the past few weeks. It is the peak of the month and the harvesting of all that you have planted and created since the New Moon. Now the events of recent weeks come to a ripe fullness. Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. Remember the Full Moon is the best time for feasting, mating and debating! So set aside some quality time for you and your beloved, eat something wonderful, talk to each other, and love, love, love, under the light of the Full Moon. (And if you are on your own, do this for yourself and enjoy!). Remember Full Moons are the right time for celebrating and revelling in your successes.

This month it is a particularly powerful Full Moon, I know many of you have been feeling it. As Sue Lilly shared recently; “this Full Moon is augmented by the proximity of Mars to the Moon, aspected to Venus, Jupiter and Pluto – all in Earth signs, so should make it easier to manifest dreams and ideas.” – Woohoo! (Well she didn’t say that, that was my reaction lol!).

This Grand Earth Trine gives us the grounding we need to get our ideas off the ground, it will help us to move forward in our material lives enabling us to create and live the better lives we have always dreamed of. You will be given the power to do whatever it is you most desire to manifest (check your chart to see where these planets are in order to know what areas of your life are going to be activated and enhanced). This Grand Earth Trine will give us a lot of power, and with that comes responsibility for our power. You must believe in yourself, your power and the support of the Universe completely. This is when your Heart gets the massive green light to lead the way for you.

This wonderfully grounding Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces is the first in a series of three Super (Full) Moons which as Allison Rae says “will build to a crescendo towards an explosive climax in June”. It highlights the era that we are now in, that of integrating spirit and matter, creating Heaven on Earth, integrating heart and mind as one, releasing judgment and welcoming forgiveness. It is a great time for healing and meditation, for receiving visions (beware of being caught out by illusions), for getting organized in mind, body, spirit, home and office. It will bring up what needs to come into the light now for healing.

Full Moons can cause those with addictions to over-indulge as they feed the emotions they are afraid of dealing with. They need to feel safe so that these emotions can be brought into the full light of the Moon and healed. Help them in whatever way you can.

Virgo also encourages us to look at how we are being in service to our community, is there more that we can do in service to the Divine? In our local supermarket there is now an area that has been put aside for Food Donation Bins, this is to feed local people who have been made homeless by the banks (calling in loans/mortgages), as they do not have any money to buy food to feed their children or themselves. This is such a reality check for us all. Yes, there are people in this abundant civilized country who are starving. My husband deals with all their referral cases and he said that his caseload has almost doubled this year compared to last year. Please buy a few tins of beans or pasta and put them in these bins.

We will all feel the shifts effected by these astrological transits, but those who Sun Sign is Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra may feel them harder than others. Also those whose Sun Sign is Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will feel the shifts in a big way too. Check which houses these planets are in your own personal chart to determine the areas that will be most affected.

Before I even researched the astrology for this month I was already telling clients the following: Virgo encourages us to tidy up our act on every level and get practical, so drop the airy fairy LaLa Bunny stuff and fully engage in 3-D land, it needs you. If you have done the shifts on the inside then it is natural law that the shifts will also happen on the outside. Don’t expect someone or something outside of you to wave a magic wand and make it happen, get off your butt and make it happen for yourself. Just because someone told you something was gonna happen, don’t sit around waiting for it to knock on your door or you will be waiting forever, get out there and meet it! As I mentioned at the start of the year, we have been given a blank canvas this year upon which we can create whatever we want – so go do it! Tune into your desires, listen to your inner wisdom, follow your heart and your dreams WILL come true.

Those that choose to keep their heads buried in the sand or sit waiting for things to happen are warned, if you don’t change and follow the guidance being given then you could be in for a few shocks between now and June and during the upcoming Eclipse Season in June. You have to change, things have to change and you have to learn to let go of your fear. Follow your heart not your solar plexus, listen to your heart and not your mind, and you will be halfway there.

If you would like some help with this, contact me for a 1-2-1 Session.


I was saying to a client just yesterday that this year is a reality check for us all, and oh boy isn’t that the truth?! So much is happening to folks and so suddenly, what they have taken for granted suddenly falls apart, radically changes or ends. And everyone seems to be so busy, time seems to have speeded up and we feel like we are running trying to catch up all the time. This makes us feel out of control and that everything is chaotic. I can’t help but think that the energies will remain like that whilst we journey through 2012 and beyond.

However, through chaos the new is always born. It is like the Goddess Kali picks us up and gives us a good shake. She destroys in order for the new to be born. The good news is that we have fantastic planetary support to enable us to manifest the new very quickly this year. We will be able to replace what has left our lives, quickly effortlessly and easily, with something far better. If you are suffering with these changes, find yourself a lovely picture of a Phoenix rising and put it somewhere you can see it every day, remind yourself daily that you too will rise from the ashes and be reborn very soon.

And also be aware that all of this can make you very tired and cause your immune system to drop. Keep eating well, drink plenty of water to flush out those stress hormones, take essences to keep your vibration raised and spend as much time in Nature as you can for instant healing and grounding.


Spray Mist

Signs of life return to the Earth. Flowers and plants push their way up into the light and once more the land becomes a canopy of fresh, vibrant colour. Daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers nod in the warmer winds of Spring; once more reminding us that all is well, we have come through the Winter moons and the Circle of Life turns once more.

This spray mist is fresh floral, full of hope and prom
ise. It will lighten any atmosphere and raise your Spirits. If you suffer from S.A.D. syndrome or just plain get down at this time of year, this spray mist will help you to lift yourself back into the light and partake in the beauty of Spring. Use as a room or aura spray. (Full instructions supplied with each product).

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Products are listed in alphabetical order

We have to be so careful now of what we are creating with our thoughts, words and deeds – and Mercury retrograde is not helping with that. Where are you placing your attention? What are you listening to – those non-stop voices in your head or the certain wisdom of your heart? These are the days of instant karma, so be very careful in all you think, say or do.

Spring Equinox is approaching and as usual with the quarter festivals, many are using these energies to help them to leave, or prepare to leave, this planet. I have heard of several suicides already this month which always saddens me, as they must feel so desperately lonely and unheard to go ahead and do that. And there have been other shock passings and news, which have absolutely rocked people’s worlds.

There is a great clearing going on at all levels. And there has also been a lot of letting go of so-called ‘friends’, those who are shallow or superficial have been revealed, those who are two-faced have been revealed, those who are selfish have been revealed and we have had to let go of them. This is especially difficult if it is family members, yet there are times when we have to release them and step back from their lives and let them get on with it. We need to do this from a self preservation point of view, it doesn’t mean that we don’t love them and it doesn’t mean that we won’t be there for them if they need us, but at the moment they are draining us or dragging us down with their negativity or constant bitching/bickering. They know where we are, in the meantime step back, regroup and recharge.

We are being asked now to make space for the new in many areas of our life and the message has been coming through in different ways. Spirit kept giving me the phrase “letting go of the old to make way for the new.” Something I noticed around the time of the last New Moon was that all my old and favourite jumpers were starting to fall apart or in the case of one made from flock – going bald! It was time to let go of more of the past by getting rid of what has definitely worn out and had its day – even favourite jumpers! It started happening with other things too and I got the clear message that it is now time to bring in the new, to allow myself to have new things and new experiences. As I have shared in past newsletters and Blogs, we have been receiving assistance to let go of the past and for me it has been shown in even the most mundane and material things. Being a fixed sign, I find it hard to let go of anything! Yet I have been excited by these happenings and there is nothing more wonderful than clearing space for something as yet unknown but even more wonderful to come in.

The first quarter of the year is nearly over, so how has it been for you? Did you make any New Year resolutions – and if so, how are getting on with them? Are you ready for the next quarter? Are there any changes you need to make so that the next quarter runs smoother or better for you? Traditionally it’s the end of the financial year, and for most folks, the first quarter of the year is tough financially with most of us getting over Christmas and dealing with first quarter bills (I also have all my professional subs and insurances due in the first quarter – why can’t they space them out during the year?). Now is a good time to have a look back over the past three months and using the Spring Equinox and New Moon energies, think about what steps you can take to make your life better and move you towards your dreams and goals. (Do one tiny thing a day on each of the areas you want to improve and you will be surprised at how quickly you get there). What or who do you need let go of now? Remember that this is a time of personal power, so stop giving yours away and wasting it. You are in charge remember!

Spring Equinox brings us into the warmer growing Moons of the year, so celebrate this festival and give thanks that you have come through the harshness of Winter (on every level) and can now open yourself up to more growth and abundance as you work with the Seasons of the year, supported by the planetary transits.

It’s going to be quite a time ahead folks, so wax those Cosmic Surfboards and get ready for an incredible ride between now and the end of the Summer!


Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.


Continues to be a problem with the fluctuating energies.


Continues as earthquake activity continues.

Disrupted Sleep

Continues especially around this month’s Full Moon also caused by the recent solar flares.


Whew! There is some really strange dreaming going on at the moment. Some prophetic, some healing old stuff, some healing deep seated-fears. All very useful.


Ascension depression has returned for some, this is due to several things; empathy for what some of our fellow humans are going through, awareness of the magnitude of our task, part of the personal processing we need to go through to clear some of our own old and deep stuff that is now coming up to be healed. (Refer to your “ASCENSION TIPS – How To Survive the Ascension Process” book for tips on how to deal with it).


There is lots of stuff going on with Women at the moment. Many Mothers have passed over, many female Elders (mothers and grandmothers) are very ill at the moment, middle aged Women are feeling exhausted as they help young and old with all that is going on, younger Women are having shock experiences at an age when ordinarily they wouldn’t have to be dealing with that kind of stuff. The Feminine is feeling knackered! So what is going on?

New Borns

Also many new-born children are struggling with illness after being born, they are having difficulty adjusting to being here. Please remember them in your prayers and healings. They have the task of ensuring this planet’s survival.


Crown and Third Eye need protection at the moment, you may be experiencing headaches due to blockages or overload in them. Discharge this trapped energy through breath and colour work on these chakras. Ground the energy by going out for a walk during the daytime (don’t wear a hat allow your pineal and hypothalamus to absorb light which will help these chakras).

Seeing Things

Continues. The other evening we were sitting watching TV, and I saw someone go to our cabinet in the kitchen as if they were getting a glass out of it. There were no lights on in the kitchen, and the figure was black/dark so I could see the form but no detail. Is our awareness and sensitivity increasing again? Or are Spirits and energies of all kinds gathering closer to us at this time?

Solar Flares

These play havoc with our body’s electrical systems causing us to feel edgy and agitated, making us feel stressed and unable to relax, and affecting the quality of our sleep. We’ll all be feeling the impact of these strong coronal mass ejections; extra-impulsiveness, a potential for lethargy, and a definite need to stay centered and grounded. We will be feeling the push of the solar shock waves, as they do pack quite a punch.



To get rid of stress

To make you feel happy again

To keep you flexible and open to receiving


For charging that inner battery

For strengthening that inner core

For the peace that it brings


Re-thinking your life and pathway

Reflecting on the year so far

Recharging your batteries


For extra guidance and help

For yourself and humanity

For Peace within and without

The key for the coming month is COMPASSION. Start with yourself; be gentle and as compassionate with yourself as you would with anyone else in needing it. Many are feeling overloaded or overburdened with all that is going on and all that is required of them. Have compassion for their situation. There will be times when you will want to snap at someone, try and remember compassion first before you open our mouth. We all know someone who is struggling at the moment and we all have our own struggles. Find time to practice self-compassion so that you do not get drained when you need to show compassion for others.

C aring

O mnipotence

P rayerfulness

A wareness

S pirituality

Spring Blessings to y'all!

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:

These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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