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The journey from the last Solstice to the recent Equinox has been a bit of a rough ride for many.  As several Feng Shui masters said; as the Water Dragon exited, it did so with a last lash of its tail before handing over to the Water Snake for this year.  And, as I mentioned in my previous post, Snake years are always fairly turbulent years. 

In the build up to the Equinox many people left the planet, the ‘Death Pull’ as I call it was extremely strong and there was a noticeable increase in requests for The Healing Prayers Circle.  (A huge thank you to all the members, who take the time to acknowledge all those in need).  Many felt like they wanted to leave the planet, many were feeling so overwhelmed with their lives and all that is happening, they felt exhausted and thought the only way is to step off this incarnation.  Dr Christiane Northrup in a recent Tweet, described this perfectly when she talked about “grow or die energy going on right now”.  And that is exactly what was happening, however, I do feel that we have all turned the corner now and once more are ready to step forward as Rainbow Warriors to complete the task we came here to do.

It has been a bit turbulent so far this year (to say the least!) geo-politically as well as personally, also elementally, as many of us were hit with the coldest Spring in over 40 years.  Now the land awakens and our energy returns (albeit slowly with all this cold weather).  It is time to awaken our interests, our projects, our dreams and wishes and to use the forward moving energy now coming in to re-energise ourselves, our homes and our lives.

Many of you have experienced some deep clearing since the turn of the year.  And for some it was a bit unexpected and a bit shocking.  Lots of old ‘worms’ came crawling out from under their stones trying to hook into you/your life and worm their way back in.  Get rid of them!  There is a reason why they stopped being in your life, do not allow them to drag you back into their dramas or to pull you down into their lower vibration.  You are moving forward now not backwards.  The truth has been revealed to you about folks that you may have known for some time, which is sad and hurts, yet is a necessary part of your clearing.  Groups/Associations etc that you have been a part of for a long time are also changing and possibly breaking up.  Basically whatever has been samey for you over the past ten years is now changing, and it has to.  You are ready for this change; you need it, because you are now ready to step forward in a new and different way on every level and in just about every area of your life.

And we have a pretty powerful Full Moon this week (Weds/Thurs depending on which country you are in).  So I do hope that you are listening to your body and emotions and being gentle with yourself and others.  This Full Moon in Libra asks us to find balance despite being pushed hard by Aries to change what needs changing.  If you’ve been stuck in a comfortable rut or desperately clinging onto something or someone when you know you should have let go a long time ago, prepare to be kicked into touch!  Change is happening and there is nothing you can do about it.  Resist and it will be so much harder on you.  Accept and go with the flow, you must be flexible like a Snake and move gracefully with the energies.  Snake years as I mentioned last time, will throw up unexpected curve balls and mess up plans time and time again, the test is how you will cope with it all.  We are all being pushed forward now, you cannot stop it, so accept it and look ahead as we are being guided towards something (or someone) so much better.  So let go and let God/dess and trust that you will always be taken care of.  You’ve been through this kind of stuff before, and you’ve always come out the other side stronger and wiser and in a much better place.  Remember during the hard times, that they are only temporary and they are stepping stones taking you towards something so much better. So keep the faith.

Earth Sensitives have been feeling pretty ill the past few weeks as swarms of earthquakes happened all around the world.  High pitched ear tones (no it’s not tinnutis), nausea and dizziness, aches and pains in strange parts of the body are all classic signs of picking up forthcoming earthquakes.  (The actual event can happen several hours or several days later). When the events happens, the symptoms stop until the next round starts building again.

Here on this side of the pond, the fields very quickly became flooded again when the heavy rains returned.  This is because the land is still frozen underneath and the water hasn’t been able to drain away.  With all the snow some areas have had, they need to be prepared for possible flooding when it all thaws.  As Lightworkers we can all send warm, loving energy to the Earth Mother to help Her absorb and deal with all this excess water.  Farmers and gardeners have been affected as the floods caused a lot of earthworms to drown, they are invaluable for helping to irrigate and turn over the soil.  All is connected, what affects one affects us all.  So do everything you can to help Mother Earth and Her Creature Beings, send loving, warm energy to them all, see the Earth Mother as perfect, whole and beautiful and understand the great challenge She is currently going through.

Spring connects us with the Air element, so go outside and breathe some fresh, Spring air.  Do more breathwork in your daily meditations and oxygenate your cells to shift any lingering stagnation from the Winter Moons.  It is the time of rebirth, of eggs (dreams/goals) waiting to hatch.  What will you be hatching?  Are you ready yet?

Spray Mist

This spray mist is fresh floral, full of hope and promise.  It will lighten any atmosphere and raise your Spirits.  If you suffer from S.A.D. syndrome or just plain get down at this time of year, this spray mist will help you to lift yourself back into the light and partake in the beauty of Spring.  Use as a room or aura spray.  (One of our customers described it as "liquid sunshine")

There is so much to be positive about, we have turned the corner now.  Tremendous growth in all areas of your life can be achieved now if you have created the space to receive it (on the inner as well as outer levels).  How are you doing with clearing the clutter? The clutter in your head as well as your home, the clutter in your garden as well as your computer, the clutter in your office as well as the garage/outhouses.

Astrologically Mars gets us all fired up, and now four planets in Aries adds some oil to the fire.  You may find yourself flaring up in a rage unexpectedly and out of character for you.  Road rage is common with this transit, and it is a testing time for relationships of all kinds (business as well as personal) as irritation, anger and frustration may flare up between you (be careful not to get caught in the “crossfire” of others who won’t understand what is going on and will be projecting).   
This anger energy also ties in with Traditional Chinese Medicine, as Spring in the cycles of the body is associated with the liver and gall bladder.  Chinese herbalism also attributes Spring with ligaments and tendons (so be careful especially when playing sports, or if there is snow/ice where you are), as well as anger – anger resides in the liver.  Liver stagnation can also affect your eyesight causing blurry vision etc.  Wind is the element and relates to flatulence, more than usual, which ties in with anger issues which sometimes express themselves through flatulence and are what Buddhists describe as “the Southern Wind”.  All is part of your body’s natural cycle as it moves from the lethargy and dormancy of the Winter Moons and starts awakening to the more active Spring energies. 

All of the above can be remedied by supporting the Liver.  I personally do not agree with some of the extreme Liver cleanses as they do not do what they say they do.  Gentle detoxification, reducing eating and drinking things that overwork the liver, drinking more water, eating more green stuff and taking Milk Thistle herbal tincture will all help to keep the Liver feeling loved and balanced.  Reducing stress is essential otherwise the anger energy will keep building, remedy this through daily meditation twice a day during the Spring Moons.

Be careful not to be bullied or manipulated by others during this transit, there may be power struggles in relationships. Be aware of those with hidden agendas, don’t get caught out by them.  Those working with the lower, denser energies will be acting out and be in major control freak mode as underneath they can sense change that they cannot control, so they act out. 

These transits remind us to put ourselves first, to love ourselves before we can love others.  It’s a great time for sifting and sorting those who genuinely love you and support your dreams and goals, or those who want to keep you in a box with a label on it, playing with you whenever they fancy.   

Stay grounded in your dealings with others, stop being a Dippy Hippy or La La Bunny, come back down to Earth and stay in the present moment. 

Some of you may go from being totally lethargic over the past few months to bouncing around like an Energizer Bunny!  Pace yourself or you will burn yourself out with this kind of transit energy.  Yet again we are grateful to the planets for helping us with even more clearing and expansion even though it might not be a lot of fun at times.  All of this is intended to empower us so that we can be moved forward to where we need to be for the next step/stage of our lives.

Some of you are on the brink of great success, just be sure that some of those ‘other’ energies don’t distract you or allow you to sabotage yourself.   
You have heard me mention ULP’s before (ULPs = Upper Limit Problems) as brilliantly explained in Gay Hendrick’s book “The Big Leap”.  The past year and the first quarter of this year have left many people feeling quite low, so your internal ‘thermostat’ is at a lower setting than it has been for a while.  When something better comes along such as a wonderful new opportunity/relationship/windfall which will turn your setting up a few notches and get you heading upwards again, that previous lower default will kick in (via your fearful ego) and create something to knock you back down to that more familiar, lower setting.  This is personal sabotage and can happen so quickly. 

How this may play out in your life:

You receive some new success via your work, you rush home to share this good news and end up having a flaming row with your beloved (or shouting at the kids or dog/cat).

You pass the audition you longed for yet have to drop out of the performance/recording because you suddenly have laryngitis. 

You meet the partner of your dreams and then your financial life goes t*ts up. 

All of these are ULP’s!  All of these are self-created (although at the time it seems as if it is outside forces).  All of these are created by your fearful ego.  All of these can be stopped and rectified as soon as you realise what is going on.  As I said at the beginning, some of you are on the threshold of new success (some of it beyond your wildest dreams) so be forewarned and be on the lookout that you don’t create an ULP.

Creating ULPs is a classic for those who sign up for workshops/retreats/courses.  You finally have the money to pay for that course or workshop you have been so looking forward to, and a few days before it starts, you go down with the flu and (think) you can’t go.  It’s a test.  The flu is an ULP and you have been presented with a test to see how much you really want to go.  This test is also flagging up to you that this is exactly the workshop/retreat/course you need to be doing at this time, which is why your ego is panicking (because on a higher level you know that you will be transformed after this event) because it cannot control what might happen. 

Fear of going somewhere such as a party or wedding is exactly the same thing, it is your ego in fear, it is trying to protect you (from possible disappointment, embarassment, whatever) but is actually preventing you from enjoying a wonderful experience.

So get over your ego and get on with your life!  You have the power, you have the tools, you know what to do – so get on with it!

As we now prepare to say goodbye to the Lion of March and welcome Awesome April, decide that that you are going to amaze the world this April! 

Spring Blessings!

Elly x

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