Tuesday, 16 June 2015

NEW MOON and SOLSTICE Blessings! June 2015

Artist: Josephine Wall 
Thinking - Acting - Receiving

New Moon in Gemini

UK            16 June 15.05pm BST
EU      -        16 June 16.05m EDT
USA    -        16 June 10.05m EDT
AUS    -        17 June 12.05am AEST
NZ      -        17 June 2.05am NZT

GEMINI – ‘I think’

The thinker of the zodiac.  The curiosity cat of the zodiac. The sign of the Twins.  The occasional Jekyll & Hyde aspects of their personality - one minute they are laughing and joking, the next they are throwing saucepans with a face like thunder!  As an Air sign, they work on the mental level; they are witty, highly intelligent and brilliant networkers.  Gemini’s make things happen, they never sit around waiting for them to happen.  They need constant stimulation especially intellectually and get bored easily.  They are delightful flirts at times. They make great teachers, parents, storytellers/poets and inventors.  They love travelling and make good speakers. Sociable as well as academic they are interesting friends to have around.  You always learn something from a Gemini!

A lot of folks have been using the energies in the build up to the Solstice to cross over, some quite suddenly.  This always happens with the quarter festivals of the year and especially the Solstices.  Also the energy seems to get intense in the build up to Solstice, so take a few deep breaths and then carry on.

Well the Dark Nights of the Moon were certainly challenging this time around for many of us.  The Dark Nights of the Moon draw us into deep reflection; they also bring up fears and issues that are ready to be healed under the light of the New Moon. Personally, I have been falling asleep at all different times of day and early evening, yet vivid and varied dreams kept me awake at night.  I will be glad when La Bella Luna shows Her new gown to us and our energies pick up again.  However, I am aware that I am still integrating our awesome four-day Women’s Retreat.  It was so special and very hard to get back into 3D energies after being in such a safe, loving, high vibrational space.  A huge thank you to all of the gorgeous Sisters who attended bringing their beauty, light and love, it will stay with me for a long time.

Saturn has moved back into Scorpio (I know, I know fellow Scorps, like we didn’t have enough of that over the past couple of years!) until September 18th approx.  Fellow Scorps do not fear, if you worked well with Saturn during the past two years and did the work/made the changes required, then He has simply come back to check up on how you are doing and whether you are still on track.  For those who avoided the issues, ahem – no chance of avoiding them now!  Saturn will kick us into touch on the issues that we still need to sort out.  Saturn also rewards us, life is always better after working well with Saturn so be prepared to dig deep and do the work required.  In Scorpio, He is in the sign of the Black Goddess.  She requires us to dive deep into our shadow sides, to investigate the dark parts now ready for clearing.  Ask the Goddess for help, take Essences, work with crystals etc. Just remember this Saturn sojourn is helping to clear the way for you to achieve success. The wonderful astrologer Yasmin Boland (www.Moonology.com) sent a great reminder for each sign about where Saturn will strike for the next three months:

ARIES re: sex and money.
TAURUS in your relationships.
GEMINI at work and in your daily life, also re: health.
CANCER re: kids, creativity and romance.
LEO at home and re: family.
VIRGO the way you think and communicate.
LIBRA re: cash, property and possessions, also re: your self-acceptance.
SCORPIO your whole life!
SAGITTARIUS re: your fears and spirituality.
CAPRICORN re: your friends.
AQUARIUS your brilliant career.
PISCES re: travel, study, the great cosmic quest, seeing life's big picture.


 This is a powerful New Moon; three plants are in Gemini (Sun, Moon, Mars)

Gemini loves to learn new things, so the perfect course/workshop may suddenly present to you.  Have you always wanted to study/learn something? Then this is the perfect time to do so, the planets fully support you in this.

Gemini rules thought, and as you know, your thoughts create your reality.  So are you being mindful about what you are thinking? What conversations are going on in your head – are they supportive, positive, encouraging?  If not, take charge and start paying attention.  You have the power to change your thoughts and change your life.  Remember your words are your wand, what magic are you creating with yours?

Gemini also invites us to take action on our thoughts and to act with integrity, integrity matters to Geminis.  With Mars in Gemini we have got extra energy to help us to take action now. Be open to collaborations with the right type of people after this New Moon. 

Thankfully Mercury is back where He should be in the skies.  Geminis love to communicate and this New Moon highlights the way we communicate with others.  If they don’t get us, or take offence, it may be the way we have delivered our words.  It might be time to take a different approach in any dialogue you have with others.  Think before you speak.  And stay away from gossip, don’t get sucked into dissing anyone and avoid getting into debates - especially on social media - with those who don’t really know you.  Half the time they don’t really know what they are talking about and you are wasting your energy on them.  As my lovely camp New Age tutor taught me many decades ago, “Darling, don’t cast your pearls before swine!”

Use humour to get you through, don’t let the Geminian energies make you too serious and stuck in your head, find something funny in each situation and it will make things lighter.

Gemini encourages you to take some more action towards those dreams and goals you have been working on.  Gemini aids the visualization process but you need to start doing something about it, on the physical level.  That is the only way that the Universe believes that you are serious and can start summoning the synchronicities you need to achieve what you desire.

This New Moon encourages us to find new ways of doing things – so what you are you going to start doing differently from now on?

Jupiter trine Uranus is exact on June 22nd, Solstice, so extra blessings (including financial blessings) for the Solstice are being bestowed upon us.  Be open to receiving – especially the new – i.e. new opportunities may suddenly appear. Because it is unfamiliar your instinct may be to brush it away or dismiss it, but don’t, this could be the connection/collaboration/help you need to take your dream to the next stage.

The Solstice energies are full of love, hope, help, blessings and gifts, so be open to receiving all of this and more.  There is nothing to hold you back now.  So go for it!

Solstice Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

FULL MOON Blessings!

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Truth – Growth - Travel

We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius:

UK            2 June 17.19pm BST
EU      -        2 June 18.19am EDT
USA    -        2 June 12.19m EDT
AUS    -        3 June 14.19am AEST
NZ      -        3 June 16.19am NZT


Sag, our free-spirited travel loving sign.  Sag – love me, love my hobbies/interests.  Sagittarians are fun, loving, yet always keep a percentage of themselves back for themselves.  This passionate fire sign is great fun to have around. Dreamers and motivators, Sag gets things done and enjoys the whole process.  Sagittarians are enthusiastic and enthuse and inspire others.  Sag represents exuberance, foreign affairs, travel, the outdoors, prophecy, higher mind, religion, adventure, clubs, philosophy, other cultures, sport (most Sag’s love sport/using the physical body and honing it to excellence), higher education and training, teaching, Law, publishing and religion.  Intelligent conversationalists, inspiring teachers, fun parents and friends, Sag’s get us all off our butts and doing something.  Sag shows us where we all get stuck in a rut as we enviously watch them set off on another great adventure. 

Clearing continues in the chakras, I heard from many folks who seemed to be clearing their base chakra (loose bowels), lots of Solar Plexus stuff going on (old fears coming up), Third Eye (headaches) etc.  We are still doing a lot of clearing and there seems to be a bigger push towards this at the moment as we head towards Solstice.


June promises to be a much better month especially for those who have been having a tough time over the past couple of months. Jupiter joins in the dance with the Sun and Full Moon bringing blessings to all. 

Take nothing for granted this June, and do your best not to resist challenges as they arise, because they are making you stronger and helping you to recognize what kind of truth you need in your life right now. June is one of the most beneficial line-ups we have had in a long time.  It is going to be a wonderful month of “blessings from the heavens.”  June is the halfway point of the year, and it will be a turning point for many of us in our lives.  This really is it, this is the time we have been waiting for, June really is busting out all over!

Astrologer Rick Levine summed it up perfectly; “The Full Moon in Sagittarius entices us with visions of a bountiful future, while the Sun, Mercury and Mars in curious Gemini motivate us to gather more information to support our dreams.”

A Full Moon celebrates the culmination of the past month. Bless and let go of what you didn’t like and focus on celebrating what you did like and what worked for you.  Full Moons are about feasting, mating and debating. Sagittarius’ influence is strong on truth, so debates/discussions will bring up truths that now need to be expressed.  Bear in mind that Mercury is still retrograde (this ends June 12th however there is a shadow period of about two weeks after that, so wait until the end of the month for big purchases/major hair style changes etc), so that may throw the odd spanner into the works. Think before you speak for the next couple of weeks, especially if you want your truth to be heard.

In June your affirmation is:
“I expect the best and only the best, and I am grateful for all the good things in my life.” 
This will help you to get back on track when the odd curveball appears.  As one astrologer said about the curveballs: “This is not doom! This is opportunity!”

Expressing your truth can make you feel vulnerable and cause emotional wobbles. Don’t let doubt knock your confidence in yourself, and certainly, do not allow anyone else to knock your confidence.  You have a right to express your truth when you need to, whether others like it or not.  (How they deal with what you say, is their problem not yours).  Take some Essences, supercharge that Solar Plexus shield of yours, reinforce that Cloak of Protection, and use them both until the end of the month.  (Our ‘Protector’ spray mist puts a veil of vibrational protection around your aura in seconds. You can find it here: http://www.theapothecarygarden.org/SPRAY-MISTS.html (scroll down, page in alphabetical order).

Trust your intuition, Sagittarius is an intuitive energy so be open to receiving lunar downloads from this Full Moon (and during your dreamtime over the next couple of weeks) that may give you more clues about the direction you need to be going in, and creative ideas of how to get there.  Be open to the many positive Blessings now being poured upon us from the planets. 

Trust your intuition regarding people you meet and potential collaborations, it may look great on the surface (and your ego may be flattered) but is there a slight flutter of discomfort in your tummy? Was there a slight warning bell going off in your head? Do you feel uplifted afterwards or drained?  If it doesn’t feel 100% right don’t do it. 
It is so important to align with what and who is on the same vibrational level as you, and some keep their lower vibrations very well hidden – especially those that talk the talk - so be warned.  Don’t be deluded by their illusions.  And set your boundaries straight away if you do embark on the new.  Remember the Affirmation I just gave you?  Expect the best and only the best, keep your standards high and don’t lower them for anyone or anything.

As we head towards Summer Solstice, June promises to be a lovely month with occasional challenges.  The Solstice energies are always intense, and this year are taking our hand and making us dive deep into ourselves, into our personal truth.  Saturn, the Task Master, once more goes retrograde in Scorpio (like we didn’t have enough the past couple of years?!).  Saturn always makes us look at what is no longer working and do something about it.  Saturn makes us focus on what will last and how to make it real.  Saturn makes us learn our lessons and will not tolerate laziness.
This Summer it’s a time to really get to know yourself.  Being honest with yourself.  Doing this work will stand you in good stead for the second half of the year, and give you a much stronger foundation for the success that lies ahead.  However don’t get so deep that you end up in analysis paralysis! 

June is meant to be a fun month too.  Get out in Nature as much as you can to ground all the thinking and to receive healing from the green kingdom. Remember the more grounded you are, the higher you can fly.

Use Sagittarius’s free spirited energy to help you fly lightly over the coming two weeks.  Aim high and then higher still (whatever is going on).  Remember anything is possible. 

And if you need support with all the truth stuff that will be coming up, why not use our ‘Arrow’ Essence? This was made during the powerful Harmonic Concordance. Here’s some info about it: 

ARROW - Taking flight - Into your Truth - Manifestation
After being held back for so long, now the time has come to rejoice.  The power of Arrow now pulls you into the future you have been preparing for.  You are taking flight now, where you will end up no-one knows and the great thing is, you’re not worried about it, in fact you are excited!  This is the essence of flight, you feel as if you have wings everywhere, attached to your heels, your head, everywhere.  This is the essence of manifestation, all that you have worked for is within your grasp now.  You have the power to decide where you want your arrow to go, if you have a target in sight, go for it!   (More details/information supplied with each Essence).

It is time for you to expand your Soul and your energies further than you have ever done before.  Sagittarius encourages us to travel towards our dreams, to follow our hearts into the unknown and to be excited about the journey.

“Roll your arrow to my Soul
Release the aim
Free the goal”

- Heart (‘Dream of the Archer’)

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

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