Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I hate to mention this but ......

It has come to my attention - yet again - that some folks are not respecting my copyright.

Whilst there are several of us around the world receiving similar information, we are all most definitely on the same page. Unfortunately I have recently found out that in two different countries my updates are being used without permission. The individuals using them are passing the information off as their own work and not giving credit or acknowledgement to where they got it from (both in written and spoken form).

On the one hand I have to laugh, I'm still amazed that despite the advanced times we live in, some people still gotta copy ya! I have sympathy for their total lack of creativity and originality, and feel sorry for them them that they have got to copy others like myself in this way.

However, on the other hand, I need to respect myself and the time it takes to compile these updates and to honour the true Source (Spirit) who provides the information and guidance. My humble monthly offerings are free of charge both through this blog and my monthly e-zine, I would hate to have to stop doing this as I know so many people benefit greatly from the information we are given every month.

On a Sacred Law level, I do know that what goes around comes around, I always find out about these individuals and somewhere down the line they inevitably end up getting kicked in the butt one way or another for doing it. On an Earthly Law level, I am within my rights to take legal action.

All I ask is that if you want to use any of my writings, get permission from me first!

Spring Blessings to you all.

Friday, 6 March 2009


One of the strangest things to get my head around at the moment is that we are all supposed to be a community, yet many of us are finding ourselves more and more isolated. I have been discussing this with other likeminded friends who are at a similar level energetically to me and have been wonderfully supportive companions in my Ascension process. I have recently moved to a new neighbourhood/area which is definitely community-oriented, which is exactly what we wanted, as my lovely hubby and I believe that is the way forward. However in other areas of my life I have never felt so alone. I know I am not, I have great likeminded friends and Spirit is always with me. Yet I sometimes feel like I am a tiny island on my own, plugging away at being a Cosmic Citizen and serving my local and global community the best I can. It seems that those who hold a lot of light are a little bit isolated. I feel this is a necessary protective measure at the moment. We are still in a process of Spiritual metamorphosis and need to take care. Yet inside there is this strong urge to unite people, to create communities. Anyone else feel like this?

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference.

Some have been experiencing body swelling and bloating. When this occurs you first need to deduce whether it is food related or an emotional issue that you may be holding onto. (I experienced bloating and tenderness for nearly three weeks, however I think mine was due to the menopause and waiting for moontime to actually happen but it could also have been an Ascension symptom). For some of you this can be an ascension symptom when you have eliminated all the other mentioned avenues. Use EFT to help you get through this more quickly.

Tiredness persists. Some weeks are better than others, with renewed energy and vigor and joie de vivre. However as soon as the next energy wave hits, you can suddenly start to feel very tired and drained. When this is happens it is important to rest. And it is absolutely essential that you stay away from anyone or anything that makes you feel drained. You simply do not have the extra resources to deal with their stuff too. Your immune can also drop suddenly so boost yourselves by eating well, and taking herbs such as Echinacea.
Soul Weariness
With all that is going on many Lightworkers are feeling tired and Soul weary and wondering whether they can continue. It is all starting to feel too much and what the heck has all the hard work been for? Hang on in there dear Ones, this is all part of the journey. Remember, you were chosen to be here at this time because you are needed. Your beautiful energy is part of an important network of light that you are contributing to (whether you realise it or not). You are an important part of the Plan, without you it cannot reach completion. Remember we are the Rainbow Warriors, the Warriors of Light, that name was not given lightly, it was given to those who were chosen because they have the Warrior within. That is you, so never forget who you are or how important you are.

Continues to be strong for many, with completely off the wall types of dreams as well as the usual premonitions and processing. Keep a record of them in your Dream Journal, you are downloading more information than you realise during dreamtime.

The Grumpy Monster and The Sad One
Some mornings you can get up and feel inexplicably grumpy, for no reason at all, even if you have had a great night’s sleep. This can stay with you all day and makes life tough for those around you. It’s as if you are so anchored on the physical that you can’t get out of the grump and ascend into ‘Love and Light’ land. Thankfully this only lasts a few hours (whole day at max).
Then there are those mornings when you wake up and you are feeling incredibly sad. You go about your day but you are carrying this incredible sadness, this grief energy. This can happen when many Souls are crossing over due to natural disasters/terrorist events. This is usually a prem symptom and may be a carryover from the work you are doing in dreamtime (helping them towards the light). Again this only lasts a short while, and in the case of prems, usually lifts as soon as the event happens. (In time when you become familiar with the Grief Energy phases, you will be able to just pray and send healing and light out to wherever it is needed. This helps you, helps them and helps lessen the severity of what is to happen).

Aches and pains
Not so bad this time for some, but for others they became more acute. Agonising twinges in muscles and joints and strange little stabbing pains. Keep drinking plenty of water, take MSM and Glucosamine Sulphate (everyday I take Forever Living’s ‘Forever Freedom’, an aloe vera drink that contains both. As well as keeping me supple, it is also fantastic for anyone with tummy troubles or IBS).
Keep an eye on jaw tension, you may find that you are clamping your mouth shut tightly and/or grinding your teeth without even realising it. It is a way of coping when you are not happy with the vibrations around you. Several times a day check how your jaw is and relax it, let it drop slightly. Also check your breathing, where are you breathing from? Tension and stress can make you breathe too high up; drop the breath down into the belly again. It only takes a few seconds and will make you feel so much better.

Cosmic Mind – um, where’s mine gone?
Another occasional Ascension symptom is memory loss. (I keep blaming the menopause!). Lately I have found it so difficult to string a sentence together. It’s as if that part of my brain is being used for something else at that moment in time. Another symptom which has happened before is the inability to understand English in spoken or written form. That always feels so weird. I keep asking the person to repeat themselves and then feel as if I have to translate it until I understand what they are saying. I also get typing dyslexia, in my head I know what I want to type but the synapses get muddled along the way and I end up with a line of gobbledegook. On those days I don’t bother trying to push it and go off and do some gardening or cleaning to ground the energies. All of these are temporary and only last a few hours (max two days) but boy are they weird when you are going through them.

Lightworkers and Sensitives seem to have picked up every bug going lately. If so, the Universe is trying to get you to slow down for a few days. This could be because you need to be in Being mode in order to receive messages and inspiration that you have blocked because of busyness and doingness. If you don’t feel well, give yourself permission to nurture for a couple of days.

Chakra issues
Base and Crown are the primary ones. Not surprisingly with all the recession worries many people’s base chakras are completely out of whack as they worry themselves silly about the situation. Get your red knickers out and keep that base chakra protected and supported!! J Your Crown chakra may be feeling very tender especially around the fontanel. This is due to the massive amount of downloading you are currently doing. Ensure that at night you gently fold up the sacred petals of your crown chakra for protection, and check several times during the day that it is not wide open (this can happen without you even realising it at the moment). You may experience headaches if you are wide open.

Protection (Aura and Chakras)
Keep it up, still a lot of mucky stuff flying around and if you have been ill or are feeling a bit run down, you are at your most vulnerable and that’s when ‘they’ can get in. Do it before you leave home each day (or if you forget do it in the car before you drive off, or at the bus/train station, do it as soon as you remember) it only takes a few seconds. Be aware that you have made tremendous shift in the past year and need to be aware that occasionally there are those ‘out there’ who would like to sabotage your progress. You will find people from the past suddenly popping up and wonder why, well it’s simply a little test for you to realise how far you have moved on. There is no need to feel any fear around this; you will know exactly how to deal with the situation. Once this little lesson has been learned it will not occur again.

There is a new you emerging. And about time, after all you have been going through these symptoms for long enough now. You will have days when you feel so connected to Everything, the whole world seems to shine and sparkle. You feel connected through every chakra and energy pore you have. You receive wonderful signs all around you and can feel rapturous just watching a Queen Bee buzzing around the garden, or watching a Spider weave her web, or watch the birds in their joyous Spring preparations. That joyful, wonder-filled Being is who you really are. Now we get to experience who we really are more and more. The old you has fallen away and the new you is now emerging.


Breathe in Peace. Breathe out Peace. Do this several times a day.
When your thoughts get chaotic simply repeat to yourself
“I choose Peace”.
Time to start cleansing on all levels. Gentle physical detoxing will help.
Use sacred herbs to detox your body, aura and environment.
Drink plenty of good quality water.
Over the next few weeks you are gonna need this more than ever particularly when dealing with other people.
Take a deep breath, go into your Heart centre and then open your mouth to speak!
Patience, patience, patience with yourself and others.
Treat yourself gently, lovingly and kindly.
Treat others gently, lovingly and kindly.
Many are struggling, many are afraid, many are projecting.
All need kindness.

The key for the coming month is POLISHING. That means polishing up all aspects of yourself and your environment. A wonderful ritual to welcome the Spring energies into your home and yourself. Polish up your home, give it a good Spring clean and make it shine! Polish up the way you present yourself to the world (your clothes, your hair, your shoes, your eyes, your skin, your face, your hands). Polish up the way you speak, so that when you present yourself to the world, or anyone (even your neighbour), you are presenting yourself in a shining positive way. Polish up the way you walk and hold yourself. Polish up the way you deal with your nearest and dearest, change your tone of voice and the way you speak to them, so that you bring out the best in them. Polish up the way you react to people/situations, true there are times when you have to get tough but most of the time when you think before you speak you get a more positive outcome. Polish up your thinking, expect the best and you will get the best. Decide that you will only have the best in life from now on. Polish up your expectations, believe that you can manifest exactly what you want in this life. We are now in the Spring moons, lots of wonderful supportive growth energy that will enable all of this to be made manifest.

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. I am taking new 1-2-1 clients on from March 1st 2009. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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