Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Autumn Woman POEM


It is Autumn
and all around me
things start to decompose.

I ask Autumn
to accept the parts of me
that need to decompose,
that need to be broken down.

Parts from my year
that I no longer need.
Parts I now need
to let go of.

Thoughtforms, judgements,
belief systems, neuroses.
These things no longer fit.
Time to disintegrate their grip.

And Autumn, ever gentle
sweetly takes them from me.
Pulling them into the
Earth Mother’s breast.

As simply and gently
as that.
No struggle or strain
to release.

Now in gentle decaying
slumber they melt.
Transforming likes leaves
into nutritious gifts.

©E.Yule 2001

(Permission required to copy or forward)

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