Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Well that recent second Scorpio Full Moon and Wesak sure shook things up a lot. As the astrologer Claudia Thompson said “It’s a time to change or be changed.” And talk about intense, it was sooooooo intense! The weather on this side of the pond has gone from one extreme to another, a couple of weeks ago we had a mini heatwave and then within days we had galeforce winds and torrential rain for days!

For many the veils have been parted and we are able to see things so much more clearly now. Clarity and realisations have been chiming loud like a pure crystal bell. The smoking mirrors have been cleared and we have been shown truths about ourselves, about others in our life and about what is going on in the environments we inhabit. At times it can be a painful revelation, it may involve letting go of people/places yet again, and it may be realising that we need to re-set our boundaries again.

Yep once more we are being well and truly ejected out of our comfort zones into unknown territory.

What a gift this has been to all of us, the deep transformational clearing that started at the turn of the year will culminate at the Summer Solstice, what perfect timing. The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have achieved this year, all the seeds that we planted at the start of the year, all the weeding we have had to do since then, and now we can celebrate the riotous display of wondrous colour that is now showing up in our lives. Make this Summer Solstice the best celebration yet. Sing, dance, feast, love, pray. Make it colourful, make it loud and make it happy!

For those of you ‘down under’
The approaching Winter Solstice is a time to look back and give thanks for the year you have come through, to celebrate with gratitude and thanks for making it through another year. Gratitude for all the help you received, all the lessons you learned (especially the hard ones!), all the fun you had etc. And celebrate how far you personally have come since last year, you are not the person you were this time last year, you are better, stronger, more experienced – now that’s worth giving thanks for! Now it is the time of the quiet moons for you, withdrawing your outgoing energy from the world as you look within during this time of the Winter moons. Celebrate with gratitude and take a well earned rest. Light your fires and candles and enjoy this time of year.


Shiver Shiver!
You may find you get days when you feel shivery and cold. This happens during premonitions for events and earth changes (especially those that involve large loss of lives), as well as during energy shifts, re-tunings and realignments which are all part of the Ascension Process. There was a period of about a week when I just couldn’t get warm, I was wearing two fleeces when the sun was warm outside! It can get so bad that I feel chilled to the bone and when that happens I have to have a bath; it’s the only way to get my core temperature up again so that all of me can feel warm. (I usually add some of our ‘Ascension Support’ essence to the bath as I find it really helps to immerse myself in a bath full of its vibrational energy. After I have run the bath, I put 11 drops in a straight line down the length of the bath, I wait a couple of minutes for the essences to become amplified in each drop of water and then get in. I emerge feeling a whole lot better!). For me, this always happens just before something like the tragic events in Burma and China. At the same time I feel as if I am in the depths of depression, like a heavy dark cloud is over me, and I wander around all day feeling terribly sad yet not quite sure why. I feel weepy and teary and despite using every technique I know, it doesn’t shift. So I have learned to accept it and stay in the process for however long it needs to happen, as I know it is a build up to something that is about to take place. (All of these symptoms lift as soon as the incident occurs).

Spontaneous Memories
Memories of people and incidents from the past spontaneously come floating to the surface. This can be surprising as you may not have thought about these incidents/people for years. A lot of psychological and emotional dredging is going on as we clear issues from the past that have been impeding our progress in the present and which we definitely no longer need to drag into our futures. For me, it has been stuff from when I was at school, when I was a young woman just starting out at work, several dreams about my sister, and also my father (who crossed over many years ago). This is all part of the letting go, as we release the hold the past has on us so that we can be free to continue to evolve in the present to become our future selves.
(This does not mean to disrespect the past and all that it has taught us, it is important to honour our past, who and what has gone before and give thanks for all that we have learned, for our past has created who we are today. However our past doesn’t have to influence who we are now and who we are becoming).

Those weird jet lag symptoms (dizziness that passes as quickly as it comes, sometimes accompanied by nausea) continue from time to time as we adjust to the ever changing energies.

When the energies are in a state of flux, it can make you more vulnerable to the less loving energies out there who would like to sabotage our success. Always remember to watch your back and keep your protection up, particularly during those days/times when you feel tired or unwell, that’s when your guard will be at its lowest. The reason I mention protection is that when you are working on a higher level those of a lower level will not match your vibration, they are not ready to yet, so they may attack what they perceive to be a threat (this is on the other levels particularly the lower astral level). This is just a heads up to be aware and send loving energy out to all to help soothe their fear and help them.

There is no need to be fearful of the Earth changes, they are as predicted. We know from the recent past that our prayers, love and light can make a great difference to the severity of these incidents. Let us regularly, imagine a net of sparkling light surrounding the Earth and send energy to it, really powering it up, so that it gently embraces our beautiful Planet in a loving hold and sends loving vibrational energy right to its very core touching all it meets along the way. Get out of your Solar Plexus and back into your Heart where you can be of use to those in need.

The Earth is shifting and that is enabling us to shift. It can be seen as a mutually supportive process, so keep sending love to Mother Earth and her inhabitants, visualise it/them the way you would like it/them to be (healthy, sustainable, balanced, harmonious, creative, joyful, peaceful). Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Remember what I said last month, that we need to have empathic detachment to whatever is going on. This will protect us emotionally (yet doesn’t stopping us sending love, healing and light wherever it is needed). As I also said, we need to remain in the vibration of higher love in order to be of use to ourselves, our families and our communities. (Our ‘Higher Heart’ essence can help you to achieve this. Made during the first phase of HC2 it is fantastic for clearing any congestion or pain in the chakras that is stopping Love from being the transformer and power in your life. Raises your heart’s vibration to a high level that is more in tune with the higher energies of Ascension).

Finally the stress spiral seems to be easing up. Health problems are starting to ease up for many (stomach problems, sore throats and lingering colds should start clearing up and going now). You will be able to boost your immune system and successfully build yourselves up again and not be so susceptible to every bug going around. And you should start enjoying better sleep at night. (Unless you are a Channel, in which case you are used to being woken up in the early hours to download information!).

The stresses were all part of the detox cycle we have been in. When adjusting to new, higher frequencies we often go through a sharp detox cycle as we clear out the old to make way for the new. I know, I know, how much more clearing and detoxing do we need to do? It seems as if we have been doing this forever! For me personally, for several weeks I was dealing with base chakra issues and my symptoms were like gastro enteritis, not very pleasant but thankfully all over now. If you are still going through this type of detox, take it easy, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest until you are out the other side of it. As our sensitivities increase we will become more aware of what is toxic in our lives (on all levels; food, water, home, environment, friendships and relationships). As always, give yourselves the best you can afford to support your physical Being and stay away from people, places and substances that make you feel toxic.

Anytime we get hit on the physical level, it is to slow us down so that we can use this opportunity to take a look at ourselves and our lives to see what is and what isn’t working. Then and only then can we plan the changes we need to make.

The good news is that energy is finally moving and flowing more effortlessly: health and physical energy; money and opportunities; relationship and emotional energies; and our minds are feeling freer, more productive and creative. We are feeling happier and more uplifted about life (and the wonderful warm Spring days here have certainly helped lift all of our Spirits).

We have to move forward as one global family now, ‘me’ must become Us, ‘I’ must become We. It is important to support each other from a place of the heart rather than a fearful solar plexus. The time of separation has ended, now is the time for unity and it starts within each one of us. Stop worrying about what anyone else is doing out there, you would be better using that energy to focus on what you are doing/saying/being. When peace resides within it will reside without, it is a law of quantum physics (macrocosm/microcosm effect). So get out of your head and solar plexus and into your heart and higher mind. Each day ask the question “how can I help?”, at the end of each day ask yourself “what did I contribute today?” (both in your own environment and globally).

For me one of the most wonderful things that has started happening now and will continue to happen, is the happy manifestations of what we have all been praying for and visualising. We are now who we have always wanted to be. The prayers have been heard and are being answered. What we have asked for is finally manifesting in our physical reality. What we have been visualising and trusting will be given to us, finally is. It is here. We are here. It is time to own that we truly are Lightworkers now and we are enjoying being in our new Light Body. We have adjusted to dealing with the lower energies and the hold the old 3-D world tries to have on us – it doesn’t work anymore, we know how to deal with them/that. We are accepting full responsibility for ourselves on all levels – and it feels good. We are enjoying the feeling of being in a Light Body and being of the One Heart. Ain’t life grand?!!

(If you are not there yet, don’t despair, you soon will be. These notes are a general round up of the energies. Everyone progresses at their own rate, be patient and keep on keeping on. Refer to your “Ascension Tips” book for help during the tricky times).


Awareness of thought, word and deed
Be consciously aware at all times of what you are thinking, what you are saying and the actions you are taking. Manifestation and karmic return happen very quickly now. So be aware.
Aligning to our true selves and true purpose
Every day check that you are being authentic, living and working in your truth, drop the procrastination and same old same old and start doing and being in the way that is the
New True You.
Maintaining feelings of peace within
Check yourself several times a day and bring yourself back to a place of peace.
Attuning to the higher level of Love at all times
Every time you have a quiet moment check your link, enjoy staying there for a few seconds and then carry on with what you have to do.
Attitude of Gratitude
Giving thanks often during each day for every little thing, even the times when you aren’t too happy with what is happening, remembering to give thanks at the end of the day before you go to sleep.

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find this 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!
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