Thursday, 31 December 2009

BLUE MOON ushers in New Year

Tonight’s Full Moon is very special, it is also a Lunar Eclipse and, as it is the second full moon in one month, that makes it a Blue Moon, which is very auspicious. (The peak of the Eclipse will be at 7:23pm in the UK).

This is the night to write down your Gratitude List for the past decade (meeting my wonderful husband is the highlight of mine) including the not so good stuff which helped us to grow and learn so much. Then write down your wishes and intentions for the year ahead and the next decade. Think and write carefully, as this triple auspicious Moon is very powerful.

If you are out and about tonight, take care, the revellers could be even more loopy than usual because of this Moon’s effect!

We are all ‘downloading’ some powerful Lunar energy with this moon phase (which will explain why some of you have been feeling so tired these past few days and have been having weird dreams).

Here is a selection of astrology to explain this further:-

The New Year begins with a soulful lunar eclipse that highlights the importance of work/life balance. Domestic dreams demand attention as you realise action is needed if you want to create your ideal home life this coming year. Venus aligns with theFull Moon helping you find balance and compromise with significant others. Mars retrograde suggests turning your attention inwards rather than moving forward. Explore your motivations and desires - you may be surprised by the homely truths illuminated under Full Moon. Use your new awareness to adjust future plans.
From: Kelly at


There's a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up during the day on December 31. In Cancer/Capricorn, issues will be highlighted around your home, family and business. This is also likely to be a highly emotional time. At the end of the calendar year and beginning of a new one, tend to practical, third-dimensional matters, practice nurturing self-care, and notice what's happening on deep inner levels.
The tradition of creating New Year's resolutions is particularly powerful this year with the eclipse energies. Use this time to really feel into your heart. Find out what you need spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to live a healthier, happier life in alignment with your soul. Make your intent clear and create ritual around that.
The matching bookend is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 14, 2010, also in Capricorn. Mercury will station the next day and begin traveling in "forward" motion again. This will be the time for us Earthlings to move forward in a big way, especially in business and day-to-day practical matters. Until then, relax, take your time and prepare for a stellar new year!
From: Alison Rae,

2009 ends with a bang, with a LUNAR ECLIPSE that's also December's second FULL MOON. It occurs today in the USA at 2:12 pm (10°14' Cancer). This eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids, and, like all eclipses, its effects could last up to a year.
This one asks how "full-filled" you are in your home life, emotional expression and happiness. Other themes include transformation or release of relationships that are not promoting your personal evolution (Moon opposing Venus), and embracing those who do not seek to control you, but serve as positive catalysts (Moon opposing Pluto). In addition, the Moon-Saturn square asks who is holding the authority cards in your life. If they're not in your hand, they're going to be played by someone else! From: Benjamin Bernstein & Spiritsong

The next edition of the GRASSDANCER E-newsletter will be a few days late due to the holidays. Back soon! :-)

Have a fabulous celebration tonight and
May all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled in 2010.

Many Blessings,
Elly x

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

'Tis the Season to be wobbly...

And I don't just mean because of Festive cheer!

The build up to the Solstice was pretty intense for a lot of folks, some felt like pressure cookers ready to explode. The Solstice stirs up what has been hidden in the darkest recesses of ourselves. The Winter Solstice is the Sacred Pause of the Winter Moons. We are given an opportunity to slow down, to pause, to stop and take the time to look at what has surfaced from the depths. This has been absolutely terrifying for some folks.

Hang on in there! Now that the Light will start to return to the Earth, the Light will transform what has been brought up, heal it and dissolve it so that it will never again trouble you. So hang on in there! Be grateful for this opportunity to clear more cr*p before the New Year comes in.

I can feel the pressure easing now, after weeks of it, and I am so grateful. What seemed like a dark heavy cloud is lifting and I now feel free to enjoy the Festivities.

Join us on January 1st 2010 at 11:11am and light a white candle for Peace. Thousands around the world will be joining in. Let it burn for the whole day if you can until 11:11pm has passed in whatever timezone you are in.

Give yourselves permission to enjoy the Festive Season wherever you are - I intend to!

One of my Elders said that "Snow is a Blanket of Love that covers the Earth", I wish for you this Festive Season a warm, fluffy, white Blanket of Love that is studded with silver Stars of Hope and golden threads of Peace and Fulfilment.

Festive Blessings to you and yours
See you in 2010!

Friday, 4 December 2009


I love this time of year, I love the colour, sparkle and lights. When I go outside at night I can feel the magic in the air and it makes me feel excited. I cannot stand it when so called Spiritual people get all uppity about the crassness of Christmas and snootily say how materialistic it is etc, etc. What a miserable attitude! Christmas will be what you want it to be. You don’t have to be affected by the materialistic side of it. You can choose to enjoy it exactly how you want to. I love watching old Christmas movies whilst I am wrapping up the family’s presents, with a little glass of port, surrounded by our beloved Christmas tree and deccies (which I have been collecting since I was a child), each one means something to me and I can remember where every single one came from. All of this surrounds me and fills me with a warm glow. I still believe in the magic of this time. It is there if you tap into it.

As 2009 closes, it brings the end of the decade, the Noughties are almost over. Wow what an incredible ten years it has been. If you look back over your life, you will see that there have been lots of changes in your personal world and who you were then, is most definitely who you are not now. As we go into 2010, stop and take a deep breath, then hug yourself, you are fantastic, you have come through the most incredible journey in the last decade. Allow yourself to rest and integrate this over the Festivities and coming Winter Moons. Decide who you are going to be and how you are going to live your life in the next decade.

As many of you know Spirit always gives me a little saying regarding the coming year, and the one that I kept hearing the most was “Two thousand and ten – I am born again”. (For some it is “2010 – starting again” and for all of us “2010 – Passion rules again!”) More on this in next month’s newsletter.

Thank you for your support this year, without your continued support I would not be able to keep producing this newsletter. It has been a tough year, but we are still here! Thanks again everyone.

“Review the solar year, Solstice to Solstice. Honor your accomplishments.” (Well last year between solstices Pete and I sold our house and had our offer accepted on our new house, which we moved into just after New Year). And what a year you and I have shared together, the rollercoaster that we have all ridden in 2009 has truly transformed us. We are different people than we were this time last year. We have come far, so far in one year. We are amazing. You are amazing. Take time to honour your journey this year. It wasn’t easy for anyone, but we made it, we got through and we are still here because we are meant to be. So start enjoying your life, don’t worry about what might come - whatever does you’ll handle it, we’ll handle it together. Enjoy the Festival of Light and the Festive season, it doesn’t cost much to have a good time wherever you are.

This month Mercury goes retrograde again, yet to be honest, if feels like it started about a month early! I had six wrong numbers ‘phone our house, Christmas presents I ordered in plenty of time haven’t arrived because the companies have run out of stock and/or their suppliers have sent them the wrong stock (aarghhh!), the digi box has been playing up again (stuffing up the midseason finale of Flash Forward if you don’t mind!), the computer has been playing up again, the house ‘phones have been doing strange things – hey what’s occurin’ folks? It’s like Mercury got his knickers twisted a few times along with our communications already!

Well some days continue to be rollercoasters, the day starts well enough and everything is going smoothly, then something (or several things) happen and you end up down in the dumps but by the end of the day everything is picking up again. On the emotional level this can be a bit taxing, so treat yourself kindly if you are having one of those days or weeks.

Sometimes it happens more quickly, moments of elation and within minutes feeling despondent then back up to feeling elated. During the elated moments you feel fantastic, you have this deep inner knowing that everything is okay and you feel very excited and appreciative of your life. These moments of elation will now start to increase as we start to really live our ‘new’ lives being a part of the higher dimension 24/7 now. This is why some of you may have felt like you couldn’t connect with Spirit or your guides. This is because you are now within that same vibration/dimension. The help and support is still there but now that we are in a much higher space we have the ability to manifest exactly what we want ourselves. So now more than ever our thoughts are so important. We need to be continually aware of what we are thinking all the time not just some of the time, because we have no idea just how quickly these powerful thoughts will become manifest. Imagine the Gods and Goddesses of old being sent to Earth to be amongst the masses. If you were one of these God/desses, how would you act, speak, carry yourself, think? Remember that you are Spiritual Royalty and conduct yourself accordingly. We have been made in God/dess’s likeness, it’s about time we started acting like it!

Some of you (and that has included me) have been feeling in total overwhelm, we are like elastic that has been stretched too far and we are worried that we are not going to be able to snap back. Rest is what we need, but the demands on us make this very difficult. So we have to build it in where we can. Plenty of lovely bubble baths, candles, nice music during the day. Do not watch the news when you feel like this, it will add to your burden. Surround yourself with what is uplifting, take your essences and keep your vibration raised. (I have to keep reminding myself to take my essences at the moment, as some days it has seemed as if I haven’t even had time to bless meself – as we say in Ireland).

Remember not to get attached to or sucked into some of the awful things that are happening at the moment. We know that the old empire is falling into decline and the 3-D energies are becoming more unstable, therefore it is so important for us not to get pulled down by this lower vibrating stuff. If you feel down, take some essences, look at a flower, plant or animal, put some uplifting music on to keep your vibration raised and write down a list of ten things you are grateful for. This time of year stretches a lot of people to breaking point, don’t let yourself get yanked or stretched by anyone or anything. Take a deep breath, tune into your Higher Being, see yourself as the eight foot high Lightbeing that you are and think compassion and love. This will help you to detach emotionally and attune to a higher vibration which benefits you and all others. Grounding is essential, go for walks outside when the weather allows and soak up some sunlight (if there is any), do some gardening, get your rubber gloves on and clean the bathroom from top to bottom, all are grounding and help burn a few calories off too!

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Incredible bone weary tiredness for some. Needing to sleep all the time. All part of the downtime we have entered as Mother Earth pulls us into her heart to rest and restore. It is also to do with the energies, and we are used to these phases now in our Ascension process. (Every time I wanted to get some work done on the computer, my nose was hitting the desk after ten minutes!). Rest, rest, rest.

Shaking (this is different from Core Wobbles). Shaking that goes right through your arms and for some their legs, uncontrollable shaking that feels very strange. Stop if you can until it passes. This may go on for a few days. Once you get through this you will experience the deepest, most content Peace.

Cosmic Lethargy
Different from tiredness, you just don’t feel like doing anything, you just can’t be bothered to move let alone try and get anything done. Some of you will require duvet days and some will require couch days!

Aches and pains
Jaw and teeth - Continue with some experiencing pain in the gums as well as jaw.
Neck and spine - Continues for some. Again, check what type of headache you have and where is it located. Drink plenty of water.

Losing Your Mind
Forgetting things, not able to string words together, zoning out, feeling fuzzy headed. All part of the Ascension process. This month more than ever you need some quiet time, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes. Build in little breaks often. This phase doesn’t last long.

Heart chakra continues to be very tender at the moment. There is so much Love continually available to us all, yet the masses only ever seem to tap into it at this time of year. Many are experiencing loss and bereavement, as some Souls are using the Winter Solstice energies to leave this dimension. This has been a shock for some especially just before Christmas. Our hearts are also affected greatly by the news, so again try not to get sucked in. What happens is that it activates your pain body and keeps you in a lower vibration. Whilst it sometimes feels good to have a group blub about something, most of the time it is not the best thing for you. Empaths and Sensitives will be feeling this heart sensitivity quite acutely at the moment. Massage some St. John’s Wort herbal oil into your heart chakra at night (or Lavender oil if you cannot get SJW).

Skin itching
Continues for some as they physically adjust to the increase in light that they have downloaded. It is darn irritating whilst it happens as you feel as if something is crawling under your skin. Luckily this phase doesn’t last too long.

As the Winter Solstice approaches, Mother Earth pulls us downwards, wanting us to come and rest awhile in her loving embrace. It is time to stop, to slow down, to reflect. Those of us who have been pushing on have found that we simply cannot anymore (like me falling asleep on the computer several times!) We just want to sit and stare into space instead of working. All of this is part of the sacred pause that only occurs at this time of year. This seasonal pull into the Earth Mother’s breast feels so strong this year, it is like She knows what a tough year we have had and wants to give us some nurturing and healing. The Winter Solstice for me is always the most powerful quarter festival of the year. It is time now to prepare for the Solstice which is why it is important that we do slow down and take time to go within and to listen. Many years ago I was fortunate enough to do Inipi (sweatlodge) at the Winter Solstice. It was wonderful to get away from the Christmas craziness and go inwards spiritually, emotionally and physically during this sacred ceremony. I always have a strong urge to go on retreat around this time of year. However, you do not have to travel to do this, you can do this at home by building in quiet times, time for reflection of your year and sitting in the stillness, the silence, open for any messages that may come through for you. Acknowledging the year’s end is always so symbolic. Thank you 2009.


Immerse yourself in celebrating this
glorious time of year, your Glorious Self and All Creation.
Everything about yourself and your life.
This time of year.
Radiate your happiness and love out to all.
They are free to dispense
They are greatly appreciated
They come back tenfold

The key for the coming month is BELIEVING. Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities. Believe in Love. Believe in Life. Believe in the Holy Spirit. Believe in Santa. Believe in Rudolf. Believe in Angels. Believe that you will cope. Believe that you will manage. Believe that you will have one heck of a good time. Believe that you have done well. Believe that things will get even better for you. Believe that God/dess loves you. Believe that you are needed by this World. Believe that you have an important purpose. Believe that without you this World would be a much poorer place. Believe that your Light is all powerful. Believe that you can manifest abundance of every kind. Believe that you can have fun wherever you are. Believe that miracles do happen.
B E L I E V E :-
B ring
E xcitement
L ove
I nspiration
E verywhere
V alue
E veryone

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!


Back by popular request – Feng Shui ‘Xmas deccie fun!

Water and the Career Gua – Snowflakes, Glass Ornaments.
Wood and the Family Gua – Christmas Tree, Hanukkah Bush, Inherited decorations, Holly.
Fire and the Fame and Reputation Gua – Reindeer, Candles, Stars, Lights, Menorah, Holly, Poinsettias.
(How easy it is to add fire element this time of year…by simply placing one poinsettia in a sleepy or lifeless room you can invigorate it for the holidays…and when the holidays are over, try to find a “year-around equivalent” to hold the fiery chi up all year long!).
Earth and the Health area – A Fresh Centerpiece with real soil, Poinsettias, Fresh Bowl of Fruit or Fruit Basket.
Metal and the Creativity and Children gua – Snowmen, Tinsel, Ornaments, Games, Dreidel, Instruments, Train Set, Bowls of Round Ornaments, Dolls, Carolers, Sleds.
The Prosperity Gua – Gifts (especially the ones you receive), Christmas Tree.
The Helpful People Gua – Santa, Angels, Gifts (especially the ones you are giving).
The Skills and Knowledge/Wisdom Gua – Wise Men of the Nativity Set, Religious Figures.
The Relationship Gua – Chocolates and Other Sweets! Pair of Candles.
(Author unknown)

Would have asked for directions,
Arrived on time,
Helped deliver the baby,
Cleaned the stable,
Made a casserole,
Brought PRACTICAL gifts….
And there would be peace on earth!
(Author Unknown)

Copyright ©E.Yule 2009 Worldwide Rights Reserved

(Please do not forward, copy, plagiarize or extract in any way without prior written permission from the author)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well October was quite a month wasn’t it? Talk about extremes of highs and lows!

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who united to send light and protection energy to Grandmother Moon for NASA's recent intended assault on Her. Well what we sent worked!

We were travelling that day, and as I was passenger it gave me plenty of time to meditate and focus my intention. When I went up to Grandmother Moon I saw her surrounded by Women all holding hands in a large circle all around her protecting her, they were facing inwards. As I watched, they started to move in an anti-clockwise direction, they were doing a Sacred Circle Dance around her unwinding any negative stuff that was coming her way. After a while they stopped and still holding hands raised their arms high. I noticed that the sleeves of their ceremonial gowns were like veils that subtly hid Grandmother Moon. The vision ended and I continued sending love and visualising a shield of protection around our beloved Grandma.

The next day in our paper was a small column that said:-

"Nasa's 'bomb raid' on Moon fails to go off with a bang
Nasa's bold attempt to smash two spacecraft into the Moon appeared to fizzle out yesterday. Live pictures relayed back showed no sign of an impact, even though both craft dived into a darkened crater as planned. The only evidence of impact was a small heat signature picked up by the craft's infra-red camera."

That'll teach 'em to mess about with Grandma!

Secondly, I was shocked to hear about the recent deaths during a Sweatlodge in Arizona. The participants had each paid between $9-10,000 to go on a 5 day Spiritual Warrior retreat. They did Vision Quests, fasts etc and then did an Inipi. A large Sweatlodge was built which was supposed to house 50 people (although reports say that it was more like 60 that were crammed in there). They did eight prayer rounds and by all accounts it was an extremely hot lodge. So far three people have died and another 18 are still ill. The retreat leader disappeared the day after the lodge and then held a telephone conference “to help the other participants get closure”. The deaths are now being treated as homicide. This has been devastating for the families and friends involved, and also for the resort where the event was being held. (It has also angered the Lakota people who feel that the sacredness of their holy ceremonies has been insulted). You really need to be careful who you do Sweatlodge with. Please send healing and prayers for those still unwell and all those involved.

November 11th presents a very powerful day. The 11th November in any year is always a powerful day as it is 11:11. As many of you know 11:11 is a power portal day which we can step through into something new, or you can go through to learn/retrieve something and bring it back. This year as we are in an 11 year (2+0+0+9 = 11), this date has the eleven energy in triplicate - it will be an 11:11:11 day!

In numerology, 11 is the number of rebirth, the number of one who is intuitive, highly creative, able to master the physical plane. It is the number connected to the Ascended Masters.

11:11 has been created by the Ascended Masters to enable us, step by step, to achieve our Ascension process. 11:11 is also the Ascension Doorway, which was powerfully activated during the Total Eclipse of the Sun in 1999 when Mary Magdalene came through it bringing the energy for the restoration of the Divine Feminine. (She guided me to make our ‘Night Blooming Cactus’ essence which was an exquisite and humbling experience and one of the best essence experiences I have had to date). Now ten years later, we are being given a tremendous opportunity to take a path beyond where we are. We have come far, very far, since 1999, so give thanks for all that you have come through and achieved, celebrate yourself for doing so well. On November 11th whilst we honour in remembrance those who have gone before and those who continue to suffer because of war, let us take that pathway beyond and bring something of value back to enable powerful changes in our world. May the Blessings of this great day touch your lives in a special way. Here’s to transformation and rebirth (yet again ) – Yeehah! (Don’t forget to take your ‘Ascension Support’ essence that day, particularly before meditation, as it will help you).

BTW – Friday 13th is the last of three we’ve had this year.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Continues to fluctuate between insomnia and disturbed sleep, and nights where you sleep so deeply you don’t even hear the alarm go off. Try and get outside even if it’s for ten minutes a day, feel the wind blow the cobwebs away and the sun warm your face.

Core Wobbles
Shaking on the inside. A really weird inner shaking. Feeling it through your central channel. It’s as if your sugar levels have suddenly plummeted. It can also feel like a panic attack. If this happens to you sit down and take some deep breaths until it passes (which is usually in a matter of minutes). I found I was incapable of doing anything when it happened so was literally stopped in my tracks, but sitting, breathing and resting for a few minutes really helped. As the frequencies continue to change they cause us to feel insecure which in turn creates fear within, this can then manifest in the form of something that feels like a panic attack. Breathe through it, calm your mind, drink some water and once you feel steady again try and see what it was that triggered it. What thought went through your head just before it happened? What were you worrying about?

Aches and pains

Third Eye
Be careful that yours is not left wide open. It may be feeling more sensitive at the moment as you are absorbing more cosmic rays which are developing the third eye more. At the end of the day ensure that you ‘clean’ your third eye and fold its petals for protection.

Jaw and teeth
So many Lightworkers are still having problems with teeth. Are we afraid to express who we now are? Are we afraid to express our creativity in the world? One of my wise woman friends feels it is to do with the changes to our DNA. (BTW – has anyone noticed the shape of their mouths changing over the past five years?)

Neck and spine
Headaches continue off and on for some as energy gets stuck. When you get this type of headache check; have you drunk enough water? Have you been doing too much computer work? Have one of your chakras become blocked? Do the Drainpipe exercise to check and clear the relevant chakras.
Lower back – has been painful for some, and it’s no wonder, with the recession many are worried about money which always manifests as lower back ache. Drink plenty of water. Use EFT to tap away the fears and tap in abundance consciousness.

Cosmic Jet lag/Dizziness
This has been horrendous for Earth Sensitives during the past month because of the increase in earthquake activity around the world (there were twice as many earthquakes in October than is usual for that time of year). Swirly dizzy feelings that can feel quite debilitating. We have to carry on with our daily lives in 3-D land so need to take care when we go through this. Drink plenty of water - little and often is best. Take some gem essences to ground you (Red Jasper, Bloodstone, and Black Tourmaline) or Travel Buddy (if you don’t have to drive anywhere) and carry some grounding stones in your pockets. If you can rest then do so. If not, know that this will pass and take the usual steps to help yourself through it.

Third eye and also Heart. Some people have found their heart chakras extremely tender at the moment. As we merge to become the One Heart, our heart chakras are being worked on and expanded so that we can radiate more and more love. This means clearing out some of the old stuff we haven’t healed. Once that has been cleared the tenderness subsides and is replaced with a warm, strong feeling. You will then know your heart is protected and you are no longer afraid to send out love.

Crazy Soup
Recently I was saying to a friend that “we are all in this crazy soup together” because that is what it has been feeling like. Everything has seemed a right mess lately for many. Some of us have no idea where we are, let alone who we are or what we are supposed to be doing! It’s as if since the last New Moon someone got hold of us and threw us and our stuff (on every level) into a great big pot and then walked away and left us simmering! So there we are sitting there, simmering away, staring into space and feeling not quite here or there. Some describe this as being in a fog, or I feel it is like having a goldfish bowl on my head and being in the world but not of it. It seems that whenever we try and sort the messes out nothing seems to get done, or we achieve very little in the space of a whole day. Thankfully this phase doesn’t last long (1-3 days max). It is about making us stop and take stock and then adjusting and adapting the recipe where necessary.

Skin itching
Returned as we shed what we no longer need. Shedding the old personalities as the new Self emerges. (Do check however that this symptom isn’t because you’ve changed products or it’s been triggered by something you ate).

What articulation? Mine was absolutely terrible for several days, I couldn’t string a sentence together! Once again I wondered if I was going to start speaking a foreign or alien language!

On a positive note, we are now so connected that we can send light to each other in a more powerful and direct way. We are part of a huge global and cosmic community, so we mustn’t forget to ask for help when we need it. Even if we can’t physically go to each other’s location to help we can send energy, so that the synchronicities can happen enabling you to do what you need to do. Sometimes it just takes a phone call; sharing, linking, reminding each other that we are not alone that we are indeed closely connected now, that what affects you affect me. If you feel guilty about taking time out for such ‘phone calls then turn it into a delicious guilty pleasure that you just know will support you right now when you need it. (This is different from dumping or offloading, this is the enlightened way of sharing without weight). Quite often the very thing you need to talk about will help the person at the other end of the phone too.

Finally returns for many as you now feel and see more clearly where you want to go next. This brings a return of creative energy and output. As you become more clear about your goals and projects, start to formulate a plan of how to achieve them ready for launch by Spring Equinox. Use the coming Winter Moons to use that clarity to help you plan and prepare for next year.


On the In Breath visualise these words:
“All is as it should be”
On the Out Breath visualise the words:
“I let go of all else”
Do this several times a day.
Your environment.
All your Relations in this world and beyond.
Love to wherever it is needed.
Remembering to ask for help when you need it.
Being there to help when you are asked.

The key for the coming month is TOLERANCE. Tolerating yourself. Tolerating others. Tolerating the continual changes even when they throw you off balance. Tolerating the idiots that drive you mad on the road/bus/train, in the stores, on the ‘phone, in the news, in your house. Practicing tolerance by remembering that everyone is struggling, that everyone just wants to be loved and be happy. Tolerating your own faults and the faults you see in others. Understanding that we are all perfect exactly as we are right now. There is nothing to change, how can there be, we are created in God/dess’s likeness. There is nothing to prove. Tolerance as you wait for the changes to happen that you have been working on and the curve balls that come along the way.
T o
O ffer
L ove
E verywhere
R adiating
A wareness
N ow
C hanging
E xistence

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Copyright ©E.Yule 2009 Worldwide Rights Reserved

(Please do not forward, copy, plagiarize or extract in any way without prior written permission from the author)

Friday, 2 October 2009


Mercury Retrograde saw many Lightworkers, Therapists and Healers getting ill. It seems the Universe wanted us all to stop for a while until the energies settle. It is important that we allow ourselves to stop during these times and allow ourselves to heal properly so that all our batteries are fully charged ready for when we are needed again. I know y’all hate to be slowed down, but the Universe knows when it is time to take stock and review the way we are working, where we are doing it, and who we are doing it for. Many Lightworkers/Therapists/Healers have been having a serious think about how they have been doing things this year, how they need to change things and how they are going to do things in the future. (Some of us are still not entirely sure, so must wait a bit longer for clarity and guidance).

9-9-9 was a transformation through fire for many and was part of our Ascension Process. As what you no longer needed was burned up through the internal fire that swept up your central core and all through the body especially the upper body. It was very similar to menopausal hot flashes except that men also experienced this. This internal fire cleansed and reactivated the Kundalini, clearing the central channel so that you can better receive spiritual energy. (Those of you who are healers may have felt it surge up through your central channel, into your heart chakra and down the inside of your arms and out through your hands – clearing The Healer’s Channel). Old fears were brought to the surface to be cleared, healed and burned away for ever (this process continues for some). Our slate really has been wiped clean through the sacred power of fire. The water element brought the necessary cooling to this fire through the sweating and the tears that many experienced. Some may be experiencing depression and down days as they adjust to who they now are. Some of you may have experienced resistance during this process and not been able to pinpoint exactly why. If you are still feeling like this, go down through the chakras and check where there may be a blockage, where your energy may be stuck as part of this process. Then get some healing help to clear the chakras concerned and get your energy flowing again.

One of the most frequent expressions I heard from many people over the past month was “but they’re supposed to be spiritual!” Yes, we came across more of the Talk the Talk Brigade and less of those who truly Walk the Talk. The LaLa Bunnies continued to get drunk on L&L and are so far out of it that they are of no use to anyone let alone themselves (and they then wonder why they have accidents and things keep happening to them!).

Interestingly, the most abused phrase in the English language currently is “Love and Light”, which is a shame as it is a lovely expression and its original intention was pure. Whilst some use it with the deepest respect, unfortunately it has been adopted by the flakey brigade (of which there are many) and the LaLa Bunnies, who use it indiscriminately without even thinking about what it means. They use it almost as an excuse to get away with not having to deal with their stuff and even bad behaviour.

Some of us received more clarity about the type of people we surround ourselves with. Do they really know you? Do they really support your dreams? Do they make you feel positive each time you speak to them or when you are with them? If not, cut them loose, they are not on the same page as you although they might talk the talk and give you the impression that they are. Many of you have been wising up to this and Mercury retrograde gave us several weeks to sort the wheat from the chaff, to let go of the past, to review our present and decide who and what we want in our futures.

There was some more deep (and sometimes painful) letting go’s for many of us leading to bouts of weeping as we let the emotions go and our eyes provided the outlet for our Healing Rain. You have moved on, they will know this too, you may see it in their eyes when they realise that they no longer have a hold on you, that they no longer can control you, that they have lost you. And yes this is sad, but it is necessary, for both of you. No longer do we rush in to help them, or bail them out, or put up with their bad behaviour, it’s their turn to learn to rely on their inner selves and the guidance of Spirit. If you are asked to help, then do so, but only if you are truly happy to. We will always be here for those in need, but they have got to ask for our help and not presume or assume as they have done in the past. I recently sent a friend a little card that said “Earth Angel” on it and as some of you know, for many years I have said that there are Angels on this Earth walking about disguised in human clothing. Well that’s who we are now. We are the guides that others can come to when they need help. We have spent the past few years learning to bring Heaven to Earth (and yes I know we are still learning), we have embodied so much Spirit and expanded our Lightbodies it is a wonder that we haven’t actually sprouted wings by now! So see yourself as an Angel or Guide and wait to be asked to help, and then help with all the skills you have. When you are not needed, take that time to have fun, to be with those you love, to rest and nurture yourself. Now doesn’t that take the pressure off? 

Watch your backs over the next few weeks – some people from your past may be trying to get in touch with you again. They are curious about what you are up to and may also want to steal your energy. (This is because they haven’t moved on and are still operating from ego). They are most active on the astral level during dreamtime, so do ensure that you have your protection in place before you go to sleep, protect your psychic gateway at the back of your neck, and your Solar Plexus (at the back especially). Also during the day watch out for people you connect with/work with, the weaker ones may be trying to cause you trouble. They are threatened by your Light, which has increased, so bless them to help dissolve their fear. Fill yourself with Light, fill your aura with Light, fill your home and environment with Light (especially at night) and all will be well. They will not want to get too close to the Light because they are afraid of what it might reveal in them.

On the positive side there has been a lot of Soul Retrieval going on for many over the past few weeks. Mercury retrograde gave us the chance to retrieve and restore parts of ourselves that we thought had gone forever. It is a great feeling and makes you feel better than you have done in ages. This has released more energy and you feel happier and more motivated. You are finding it easier to communicate how you feel and are re-inspired to find new ways of expressing your creativity in the world. Some of you may also be feeling like you have fallen in love again, in love with yourself, the world, your partner, your children. Enjoy it!

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Should be getting better now that Mercury is back to normal and communications and energy now flow better. The season changing can also affect you, so take time to adjust to the new season, get out in Nature so that you get some air every day and are aware of the changes around you, this enables you to receive daylight too which all Lightworkers need – it’s a bit like a cosmic battery top up!

Cosmic Jet Lag
Symptoms include nausea, dizziness and vertigo. Cosmic Jet Lag can also feel as if you are leaving your body in a spiralling kind of way. This is part of our adjustment to the extra light we have taken on and the changes in our DNA structure. It can feel quite debilitating. (I’m a grounded person but this past couple of weeks I have found myself getting spacey and spiralling out and haven’t really wanted to pull myself back in). When you are ‘out’ it can make you feel very tired, so please be careful when you are going through this phase.
What next? This phase can also leave you feeling a little lost, suspended, not knowing what you are meant to be doing. What you used to feel passionate about doing no longer has the same appeal, you feel ready for a change and have a feeling you are meant to be doing something else only you are not yet sure what that will be. For me it has been like sitting on a trapeze, very high up above everything, there is silence all around me and a sort of numbness/deafness as if I am in some kind of a cocoon.
Open yourself to the guides, the Lightbeings and Angels who are beside you ready to help. Ask them to help you find your way in this new territory. Part of you may have shut down (especially the heart chakra) whilst you were going through these symptoms, it is safe for you to open your heart again, allow the Light to enter your heart and third eye so that you can be guided.

Aches and pains
I know that many Earth Sensitives have been aching from head to foot because of all the earthquakes and tsunamis that you have been picking up. (The various parts of the body relate to various areas of the world and Earth Sensitives will feel pain and discomfort in the areas that are next to experience earth changes).

Our Crown chakras continue to be tweaked now and then as we adjust to the continual influx of Light. Do remember to check your crown chakra several times during the day and fold it for protection (especially at night). This will help to stop your energy going upwards as you integrate the energies.

Jaw and teeth
I heard about so many Lightworkers making visits to the dentist, including me! What’s going on folks? For me, one of my fillings broke, it was the same tooth that broke the day after my father’s funeral nearly 20 yrs ago, and correlated with all the inner child work I have been doing over the past couple of weeks. Some are still finding their jaws achey, check you are not grinding your teeth or clamping your mouth shut. As you step into your power now it is okay for you to say what needs to be said. There is no need to clamp down and lock it all away – it’s better out than in!

Neck and spine
Particularly in the psychic gateway at the back of the neck, also in different areas of the back depending on the countries affected by Earth Changes. Resistance to your process can cause pain and discomfort in the neck area including headaches, also not doing anything about those around you who are being right pains in the neck!

Hands and Feet
Feet – sometimes very painful, making it difficult to walk barefoot.
Hands still painful for some with strange pains and aches sometimes running down the hands and fingers.

Sleep Patterns
Some have been experiencing insomnia/disturbed sleep and also prophetic dreams. Take your ‘Sleep Easy’ essence if you wake in the early hours even if you took some before bed, sometimes we need an extra dose to settle things down enough to allow you to go back to sleep. Make a note of your dreams in your dream journal.

Hands, feet, crown, solar plexus, heart issues for some.

Weight gain
Many have been feeling bloated or swollen, like they have put on a few pounds. This happens from time to time and there as several reasons. One is the psycho-emotional aspect; when we are in a process that requires clearing emotions connected to our past we can sometimes hold onto these emotions (which then manifest as excess weight) until we are ready to release them. Secondly; from a shamanic perspective, sometimes it is necessary to gain weight in order to be able to handle the amount of energy you are receiving and giving - especially if you are a therapist/healer/shamanic practitioner - dealing with others as it helps your body to be able to withstand whatever is thrown at it. Once the emotions have been released (and/or once you have completed what needs doing shamanically) you will find that your body goes back to your pre-swollen state and settles down. This phase only lasts a couple of days (depending on how quickly the emotions are cleared).

Computer mayhem
Why do computer companies, ISP’s etc, always choose Merc retrograde to try and roll out new systems? It causes chaos. Facebook flipped out, my ISP went down and came back then went down then came back again (thanks goodness we did back ups on the separate hard drive). The Digital switchover happened with the telly (that seems to have been fairly smooth though) and everyone I know was saying Aaarghhh about their computers! All should start smoothing out now for us, now that Mercury is back in his usual place.


On the In Breath visualise these words:
“I breathe in my perfection”
On the Out Breath visualise the words:
“I breathe out what no longer serves me”
Do this several times a day.
I am an Earth Angel (or Earth Guide).
And no thinking.
Your environment.
- the next step.
- and writing your Wish List.
- how to achieve this.

The key for the coming month is GRACE. Carry yourself gracefully as if you were an Angel with enormous wings. Bestow Grace upon all sentient Beings. Dispense Grace through your eyes, your aura, your thoughts, your words and your actions. Remember that Grace is a state of Being. Grace brings peace and freedom. Grace is Love in action.
Grace = God’s Recruits are ACE!

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Copyright ©E.Yule 2009 Worldwide Rights Reserved

(Please do not forward, copy, plagiarize or extract in any way without prior written permission from the author)

Friday, 4 September 2009

ASCENSION UPDATES - September 2009

Well heck we made it through an incredible Eclipse season that was a real triple whammy. It really rocked the boat for some, for others their entire lives were turned upside down, and for others the veil of truth was rather roughly ripped back at times as many truths were revealed. This also affected groups/circles/organisations, as weak links were revealed causing much division. This is necessary as the weak links must be removed in order for unity and harmony to once more be restored. And it will be, this time in a stronger, purer and truer way.

The winds of change are blowing through everyone’s lives, clearing out the remaining debris and fallout as we pick ourselves back up and head onwards. (BTW if you are still struggling after all that has happened, our ‘Winds of Change’ essence will support you during this tricky process. Contact us for more details). Personally, I found August’s Eclipse incredibly creative and empowering, and yes it did reveal much which I am still working on and with. Even though Eclipses can be a bit tough to get through they always, always lead us to something much better. So give yourself a hug, you have made it through, now once things have settled down the good things can start coming to you. (Unless of course, you are one of the stubborn ones who refuses to budge and is still doing the same old same old).

I know I keep banging on about it, but if you haven’t cleared the clutter yet – get to it. This year, as I have mentioned many times over the past few months, is about getting our house in order, getting our act together on all levels. If you’ve been meaning to do something, get off your butt and do it – NOW!

And now we are gearing up to 9-9-9. Numerologically this is a very auspicious day. 9 is the number for endings, new beginnings and transformation and is linked to the countries Syria, Ireland and Iraq. 9 is the number of high wisdom and initiation, wholeness, acting as a Lightbearer and mentor for others (yet remaining the student as well as the teacher). It is the number of the humanitarian, the spiritual healer, the idealist, romantic, artistic, generous, all allowing and other worldly individual/s. 9-9-9 = completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal and global life, it is also a message to Lightworkers involved in Earth/Earth citizens’ healing, and means "Get to work, because you are needed right now!"

If we all set aside some time to attune to the energies that will flow to us on this day, and then transmit them out to all those we know, our neighbourhoods, our countries, our planet and beyond - then all Beings can enjoy and share in this amazing day.

And after that we have the Autumn Equinox!

All of this once more gives Spirit the opportunity to sort the spiritual wheat from the chaff, weeding out the La La Bunnies from those who are truly Walking Their Talk and truly on the Path. You may find yourself re-visiting old issues that you thought you had dealt with (I sure have! :-)) and it’s not fun whilst you are going through it, however it does release more of your personal power that may have been locked away for years. At each stage of this process we are becoming more and more refined, the original pebble that we were, is now taking shape as a beautiful diamond. We are being polished over and over so that we can achieve our true brilliance and magnificence.

In our lives adjustments are continuing to be made as many are moving home, changing relationships and jobs and starting to really think about how they want to live, work and love from hereon in.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

More like exhaustion for many, almost feeling burned out, with some of you feeling like completely giving up on it all. This is just energy fluctuations, and as you know by now, resting when you need to helps you to integrate these.

Cosmic Jet Lag
The symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and feeling as if you are in swirly type energy. This has been experienced by many Lightworkers over the past month and may continue for some. Again this is due to energy fluctuations. It really does feel like jet lag which is why I always take some ‘Travel Buddy’ essence before I go to bed as it really helps to settle these symptoms down. I have only experienced Cosmic Jet Lag two or three times before in my life and it is always when something major is happening - the last time was the Total Eclipse of the Sun in 1999.

Aches and pains
Aching from head to foot!
Your Crown chakra may be overloaded and your crown and fontanel may be feeling sensitive. Ensure that you are grounding the energy by bringing it down through all the chakras, down your legs and into the Earth. Check your breathing, drop the breath into your belly and check this several times a day as this will instantly ground and centre you in the present once more.
Jaw and teeth
Problems and aches – we are being asked to speak our truth now, some of you may have resistance to doing this, as it does make you more visible and centre stage at times. Sounding the Aum and doing toning work will help relieve it. Also use the fingertips on both hands to gently massage your chin from the centre right out to your ears (your thumb will be under your chin and fingers on top). Then use your fingertips to gently massage in small circles the hinge of your jaw).
Neck and spine
Continue to be painful (again take a look at which section of the back this is occurring to determine what issues may be coming up for clearing).
Hands and Feet
Strange pains running down the hands, pains in the hand chakras – this is asking us to take a look at how we give to ourselves, our loved ones and our community. Use your thumb to gently massage the palm of your hands and massage in some handcream to relax your constantly working hands.
For some this has been experienced in the feet – this is to do with grounding and moving forward into the next phase of your life. Again treat them to a pedicure/massage/reflexology session.

Earth Sensitives in particular have had a tough month with this because of the continual earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods that have taken place every week of the past month and are still continuing.

For some you may feel worse than you have felt for some time, this may frustrate you as you know that you have done so much clearing. Remember that this is typical of any healing crisis, things seem to get very intense and pain may get worse just before it all clears and you emerge feeling stronger and clearer than ever before. So hang on in there and ride it out, go with it, don’t resist it and all will be well within a couple of days.

Sleep Patterns
These have been all over the place for some of us. You may be waking up several times but are not sure why and have difficulty in going off to sleep again. Some have had difficulty in getting to sleep at all! Both my husband and I have got the bottle of ‘Sleep Easy’ by the bedside again as we were getting so desperate for a good night’s sleep, last night we had the first good night’s sleep in about two weeks!

Ascension Depression, Grief energy and Cosmic Slug Syndrome
These always recur when we are working through the next level of ascension and should now be a familiar part of your ascension process. (Please refer to our book “ASCENSION TIPS – How to Survive the Ascension Process” for further information on how to deal with these symptoms).

Advanced Lightworkers may be feeling incredibly lonely as they faithfully continue to receive and transmit light. You may be feeling unappreciated and wondering what the heck is it all for? Please remember that you are not alone and you are very much appreciated. Hang on in there; this is just a temporary phase that will pass.

Other Chakras
Heart chakra – some have experienced palpitations, your heart racing, breathlessness and some experienced wheeziness as more clearing on the emotional level happened which manifested through the lungs.
(As always please get things checked out if you are worried about any symptoms. If you have already checked for your known allergies that may have triggered the wheezing and you still cannot pinpoint it, go to your doctor if the symptoms persist, there are a lot of bugs around at this time of year, so do not rule out that it could be something that the doc needs to sort out for ya!)

The next round of attacking the Feminine has commenced as the lower aspect of the masculine patriarchy attempts its next attack on feminine light and power. As I said before people are being revealed for their truth and whether they are La La Bunnies or truly on the path. Therefore when you stand in your power and speak your truth, you may experience some backlash from those working at a much lower level. Do not allow this to put you off. You have come too far and have been through too much to let someone else throw you off. (I am speaking from recent personal experience – how come these things always happen when you least expect them?!). This is the Era of Truth. As Women we are not here to just fluff things up prettily, sometimes straight talking and facts are needed, and that doesn’t go down well with the dabblers and La La Bunnies. Hang on in there, remember you are not alone; you are part of the Sisterhood which is growing in strength around the world daily. (This is where likeminded friends working on the same level come in, and thank God/dess for dear friends like that, they help us to stay firmly planted in our truth and not allow anyone’s projections to dissuade us from pursuing our purpose).

Lightworkers and Healers (especially Women and those carrying a lot of feminine energy) need to be careful as there is a lot of disruptive energy around. You may be invited to groups/organizations/circles, go - but with your full discerning hat on and do a bit of research on them first. The patriarchy are using the MBS/New Age/Healing fields as a way to get in and use your energy. They are using those males in these fields who have not yet healed their Atlantean abuse of power issues and we are seeing them perpetuate these in this incarnation, right now and not that far from us. They seem very genuine when you first meet them and seem to speak our language, but their only intention is to use your energy and to corrupt your purity and integrity. They leave devastation in their wake that could affect you personally and professionally. The question everyone always asks is; “why didn’t I pick up on that?” Because it is so well hidden. It is a massive lesson in discernment. These people are distractions to take you off path so be warned. I have experienced this before in this lifetime, and have been able to help others several times when they have encountered these types of energies. I have recently been shocked to find myself close to this type of energy again. I naively thought that this type of nonsense was over and done with, that these types of individuals would have moved on and through that phase because of the accelerations we have all been going through these past few years, but they are still out there. There’s no need to be unduly worried, this is just to tip you off so that you recognise it should you encounter it.

Electrical mayhem
Continues. Did anyone else notice that Merc retrograde seemed to kick in early? Keep doing your backups and housekeeping on the computer, get the car serviced, and if something needs fixing – fix it!

As the wonderful Jewel Diamond Taylor always says “I am too blessed to be stressed!” make this your mantra for the month ahead.

On the plus side, Love energy continues to get stronger and stronger and you find that your interactions with others, on the bus, in the store, whatever, become more loving and connected as you raise the vibration wherever you go. (If you experience discord and unloving energies, you have hit upon lower 3-D energy and need to move on and/or away from it as it is not yet ready to accept the higher love vibration that you are transmitting).

Connect with those of a similar to vibration to you on a regular basis to keep you connected to the higher vibrations. Many of us still have to spend a lot of time in 3-D land, so it is essential that we are able to support each other and help each other recharge on a higher level. If you can meet face to face that’s great, if not a ‘phone call can make all the difference in the world. (A huge thank you to my personal ‘Power of Three’ who help me to get through the tough times). Whilst the masses are becoming more aware, it is not as quickly as you are, so they are still operating from fear because they do not have the knowledge you do about what is going on. Please remember that we are not here to prop up anyone else anymore. This time is about us standing in our own truth, strong and centred, radiating love. If they are not a vibrational match for you and do not wish to learn from you, then let them get on with it, move away as your energies are much needed elsewhere.


On the In Breath visualise these words:
“I breathe in personal power and peace”
On the Out Breath visualise the words:
“I breathe out all that is negative and does not serve me”
Do this several times a day.
Positive thoughts.
About the bigger picture.
And no thinking at least twice a day.
Radiate Love from your heart and aura.
Hug yourself at least once a day and enjoy that energy.
Hug anyone who will let you!
Building in quiet time for yourself.
Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.
Building in little breaks during the day to just stare out of the window
or wander around the garden.

The key for the coming month is SMILING :-). I work on my own and I am not constantly interacting with others or have others around me most days of the week, and I forget to smile. I am concentrating so hard on what I am doing that I forget to smile. So for the rest of this month I am setting myself the challenge of smiling more each day. From when I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed at night. During my quiet times and meditation, I will work through each organ and muscle and part of my body so that they can smile too, so that I am smiling on the inside as well as the outside! I am going to smile more when I am on the ‘phone. I am going to smile more when I am out and about. I am going to smile more at my husband - he will probably think I have flipped - but a challenge is a challenge. I always feel instantly better and happier when I smile. I hope you’ll join in the challenge too. (Do let me know how you get on).

Copyright E. Yule 2009 Worldwide Rights Reserved
(Please do not forward, copy, plagiarize or extract in any way without prior written permission from the author)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Whew! Well we are nearly through Eclipse season, these and the powerful Full Moons will affect us for several more months. As I may have mentioned before, the energies at the moment (from the Solstice and recent Eclipses) are all about people revealing who they really are. We can be grateful that the Veil of Illusion is being ripped from our eyes regarding certain people, groups, organisations etc. This time is all about finding out who is really, genuinely Walking Their Talk rather than just Talking the Talk. The Universe/Spirit is clearing our pathway so that the right people can come into our lives, who respect and appreciate us, and who are sincere in wanting to live a life of truth and honour. The Eclipses sure are shaking a whole lot of things up, as they always do, but there is always a great reward, something better always comes out of it.

When stuff is churning up in me or I am trying to work through something, I always find that spending time outside in Nature helps me to ground whatever is going on. Sitting in the garden or walking along the beach allows my mind to relax and drift, and even if I am thinking about problems they seem less intense in Nature’s environment than when I am in my house. The Earth Mother is big enough to absorb your troubles, and you can literally pull energy up from the Earth through your feet and up into your body. Sometimes I also have a strong urge to sit on the rocks and have my back supported by the rocks, I find the Stone People wonderful for grounding me and I always feel better after being with them. By the time I have walked home I am more of who I really am, all of my 3-D worries are in better proportion and I am once more balanced and feeling clearer.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Tiredness continues for some after the intensity of the Eclipses. Hang on in there as August will be a bit of a ride too! On the other hand, some of you may be feeling better than you have done for some time; you are starting to feel renewed, energetic and enthusiastic.

Aches and pains
Aching bones and muscles (and no, it’s not the Swine Flu), it has been worse for Earth Sensitives who have been picking up a lot more especially during this Eclipse season. (See also the ‘Wanting to Leave’ paragraph below as your aches and pains may be more relevant to this).
Headaches – many have experienced headaches (temple, third eye, base of skull) and pain in the neck (no doubt caused by some people who have literally been right pains in the neck recently!)

Letting Go
Has continued and will continue for some as the Eclipses reveal to us what we most need to let go of right now. Try not to resist this (it is human nature to want to hold onto people especially) and be assured that this is making way for something much better to come into your life.

Veil of Truth
Continues to reveal people’s true colours and shadow side. It is sad when you realise how shockingly selfish some people are, for years you have dismissed this thinking “Oh, that’s just the way they are” now you realise that actually that’s not all right, that you deserve to be treated better. Some folks have got upset that it has taken them so long to realise this, don’t beat yourself up about it, you were doing it out of a place of kindness by tolerating their bad behaviour, the Eclipses have given you the great gift of clarity so that you can see that you no longer have to put up with behaviour of this sort. Your path is being cleared of the debris that might hold you back so that better can come in and you can continue on your way now as you are meant to do.

Electrical mayhem
This continued for many. I heard from so many people who were experiencing computer and internet problems, emails have been disappearing into cyberspace like you would not believe! And as you know, I had problems with my mobile ‘phone. I have no idea how much longer this will go on for, I am hoping that things will settle after this last eclipse.

Fear issues
Out of nowhere massive fears have come up to be addressed. This has been rather unsettling as we have all been doing so well these past couple of years on clearing more and more of our stuff. These fears are the ones that are really holding you back now. Time to let them go. At times they can suddenly seem massive and be in danger of destabilising you, don’t let them. Try and identify as soon as possible what the fear is about. Is it real or an ego distraction? Is it a flashback from the past? Remember the past can no longer hurt you, it’s over, so stop replaying sh1tty movies in your head! Watch your Solar Plexus and ensure it is protected.

Established groups and organisations are being affected by the projections of some of the individuals within them. Sometimes this works out for the best, as it shakes up the complacency or staticness of a long established circle/group. On the other hand, some of the projections are purely ego based and are almost like a shadow side attempt to disrupt and destroy. Winkle out the individuals causing it, and then take a look at what they were trying to teach you about yourself and/or your group/circle/organisation. There is a reason for everything that happens; if we can look for the teaching in each situation it will help us to sort it out a lot quicker. And then there are the projections from those who are now displaying their shadow sides which have been brought to the surface by the Eclipse energies. Stay well away from these people so that you don’t get caught in the crossfire. If you do get caught, use your ‘Cleanser’ spray mist to immediately clear your aura, then use ‘The Protector’ spray mist to reinforce your auric shield and protect your chakras. (If by the end of the day you are still feeling tenderness in your Solar Plexus, massage a small amount of St. John’s Wort herbal oil into it just before you go to sleep. It works wonders!)

I think we’ve all experienced this at some point over the past few weeks, particularly during the intense phases of the Eclipses. Some days it is good to give yourself the space and time to just drift and be in the present moment, not thinking about anything in particular so that you can download the incoming energies. This will only work if you are fairly well grounded. Some may be feeling spacey as an avoidance mechanism to avoid what needs attending to, be careful you are not doing that or it could kick you in the butt! Get back down to earth and get on with what needs doing.

Wanting to Leave
Some folks are feeling so stressed by the energies that they want to leave this dimension. Those already dancing with illness have seen both ends of the spectrum, some conditions have worsened and some have experienced the most remarkable healings. Such is the kind of extremes that we have been dealing with these past couple of months. If you are finding it all too much, and you feel a strong desire to leave the planet, take a deep breath. All that is happening is that there is some deep healing needed in order for you to feel better about things. Many so-called ‘spiritual’ people have been caught out by this. They feel that because they have already done a lot of self development and personal healing work, this doesn’t relate to them. They may be missing the point and using other things as a distraction from doing the healing needed. Some Lightworkers are feeling deeply unhappy without really knowing why. Their life on the surface seems really good to most people, so why do they feel this way? Deeper healing is required. It may be that you need to forgive yourself or others at a deeper level. Have the Eclipses brought up any old memories/longings/sadnesses or hurts? Those are your Healing Keys.
The Healing process doesn’t have to be intense or painful, use EFT to gently tap your way through the issues. Tapping gets it out of your cells so that you can bring fresh energy into your cells and start renewing them without repeating any cellular trauma. (If you get stuck our “Solstice Sunrise” essence helps clear cellular impacted trauma that other therapies/treatments/techniques have not been able to shift). Remember that the more you are able to heal yourself and restore yourself to your beautiful peaceful wholeness, then the more you will see that in the world around you, both in your own home, environment and globally. You can also ask your Angels or Higher Self to help transform the trapped emotions/feelings effortlessly and easily in a way that will be gentle for you and those you live with. (There is no need for angst ridden navel inspection which ultimately ends up being projected at your nearest and dearest, that is the old way, we have so many tools now available to help us transmute things in a different and easier way).

Great opportunities for sharing and communicating are now occurring, whether that’s socially with groups of friends, volunteering or in business, whatever invitations you receive, accept them, this is the time to expand yourself.

Success on the way
The recent clarity we have all received is enabling many of us to be clearer about the next steps we wish to take. We are more focused and know the direction we want to go in. We can feel that success is on the way now and now have the increased confidence to go for it. (If you can’t yet feel this, don’t worry, it simply means that you have a little more to clear and then you will know when you get the green light to go for it). Take it step by step, be alert to the opportunities now coming your way, get things in order so that you are ready for take off, get your plans and ideas written down, start the work now so that when your opportunity comes you are ready to go.

Although there have been some painful letting go’s over the past couple of months, these clearances have allowed more creativity to flow within you. You may find that you are buzzing with ideas. Write them all down and decide at a later date which ones to take further.

Protection (Aura and Chakras)
I know I say it every month, but please continue with your protection. Many out there at the mass consciousness level have not been handling the effect of the eclipses too well and you may well get the brunt of it. And it’s not just at the level of the masses, watch out for the so-called ‘spiritual’ ones, they may attack you harder because they are the ones most in need of doing more clearing. Particularly pay attention to protecting your chakras as the moment (especially your solar plexus and heart chakras) as well as your aura.


On the In Breath visualise these words:
“I am breathing in life/energy/success/good things”
On the Out Breath visualise the words:
“I am breathing out stress/sadness/fear/depression”
Do this several times a day.
That all of this is part of the Divine Plan.
That you will always be taken care of.
That good things are on the way for you.
Letting go of all those old grudges and gripes.
Letting go of all those cr*p thoughts.
Letting go of the need to blame.
Book some 1-2-1 time with yourself.
Go into a quiet space and ask each aspect of yourself
“What needs healing?”
(i.e. physical, then emotional, then mental, then spiritual).
Allow plenty of time to let your true P/E/M/S Self answer.
Take a deep breath and go into the next aspect.
At the end of the session thank yourself and give yourself a hug.

The key for the coming month is PRACTISING PEACE. Through your entire Being. Through your entire day. Through your evenings. Through your interactions with others. Through your body. Through your words. Through your thoughts. Through your actions. Through your energy. Send Peace out through your aura across your garden, across your neighbours’ gardens - blessing them, across the town, and on and on outwards until you are sending it out to the entire world and beyond. Practice peace as often as you can remember to. Check your breath – where is it? Take three breaths in and out, releasing stress and breathing in Peace. Stop – just for five minutes at a time throughout the day and evening to check how peaceful you are feeling. If you’ve just lost your temper with the dog/cat/kids/partner, don’t worry, you can instantly return yourself to Peace by using the above techniques. Practice Peace now.

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Copyright E. Yule 2009 Worldwide Rights Reserved

(Please do not copy, extract, forward or use in any way without the written permission of the author)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Hi everyone,

I just found out about this and had to share it with you.

You might remember that in 2007 I made a 'Fire the Grid' essence. I made it during this special event at one of my favourite power spots, sitting on a bluff overlooking the sea. The Earth energy and the power of the Sea were incredible that day, it was a wonderful experience.

At the time I wasn't totally sure why I had made the essence, now I do. Check out the following video, it gave me goosebumps, it is a meditation in itself.

Shortcut to:

I am so excited about the idea of giving something back to Source!

If you want to join in the details are 28th July 2009 @ 19:19pm Rio de Janeiro time (11:19pm UK time).

To celebrate this wonderful opportunity I am offering our 'Fire the Grid' essence for £5.25 (25% discount) + p&p/shipping.
You can take it yourself as part of your preparation to raise your vibration, add it to any water you may be drinking or using, add to a bowl of water in the centre of your meditation circle and also use it to put on the Earth and into the streams/rivers/lakes/ponds/seas near you as part of our giving back to Source.

You will need to order the Essence as soon as possible so that I can get it to you in time for this wonderful opportunity.

Many Blessings to you all,
Elly - Healing Energy from Nature
The Healing Prayers Circle - Caring for All Our Relations

Thursday, 2 July 2009


The recent Solstice certainly sorted the wheat from the chaff and helped many of us to anchor the new template for our lives. Many significant gatherings occurred all around the world during June which have helped propel us into a new level of living and being and into a brighter future, the effects of which we will feel for some months to come. Meditation/Attunement to Spirit became heightened in the lead up to the Solstice and now a clearer pathway of attunement is available to all.

The Solstice download will continue for several more weeks (all this and Eclipses too – oy vay!) so rest when you need to, drink plenty of water, eat well, get out in Nature and breathe; expand your breathing practices, this will help you to sleep better at night.

Some have been experiencing a strange feeling of completion, as if you have finished what you needed to do here, and that can be scary. When it happened to me I felt as if I might be leaving the planet, I wasn’t really sure why I was still here and I felt a little scared as part of me didn’t want to leave those I love and yet the older part of me kind of wanted to go ‘home’ for a rest! Then I wondered is this just another ‘Shaman’s Death’ phase that I am going through? I stopped thinking about it after that and just took each day as it came, not pushing myself too hard just doing the minimum of what needed to be done. What happened to the rest of the hours I cannot say, I have no idea, some of the time I was in a time warp that was not of this dimension. I was safe because I was grounded and spending a lot of time out in Nature, but my concept of linear time just seemed to disappear. Sometimes we need these resting phases (in the ‘Ascension Tips’ book - and previous newsletters - I call it the ‘Plateau of Integration’) to take stock of where we are now and what we have achieved to get here. Resting in ‘no-time’ can be very beneficial.

The push to clear on the physical/material level continues. So chuck out all that unnecessary paperwork, clear the closet, and especially clear attics, garages and/or basements, so that on the physical level you can be as empty and clear on the outside as you are on the inside.

For those working in the healing/holistic arts fields, hang on in there, new opportunities are being created for you. Saturn has pushed you to continue working hard even though there have been times when you have wondered ‘what’s the point?’, well new and different ways of working will be coming in for some of you. I was told right at the start of the year that those who worked hard this year (Saturn’s lesson) would reap their rewards this Autumn, I was told October, and that the year would end on a much better note than it started. This feeling and message has never left me and I have found myself sharing it with many people over the past few weeks. So keep on keeping on, the greater Divine Plan is in operation and will soon be revealed to you.

Those who have been working with rather than against the energies are once more feeling confident that all will be well. Inside you have a deep knowing that things are going to work out for you. Continue to talk and place your requests with the Universe, ensure you have quiet time every day to visualise what it is you are manifesting and then be ready to take action as soon as the Universe sends you a definite sign. When you take the necessary action all the other pieces will fall into place for you.

Manifestation has become fun again, haven’t you noticed that the little thoughts you send out have been answered almost straight away? I been testing this on my husband too (i.e. please leave the window open) I just repeat it several times silently whilst sending it out through my third eye and lo and behold in less than a minute it happens. I have done this at least half a dozen times with him and it has worked every time! It has also manifested in the usual ways for us such as parking spaces and so many other things. It makes me smile every time because I know that if I can manifest these little things then it won’t be long before I can manifest the bigger things.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Tiredness continues after the intensity of the Solstice and its build up, as many are still integrating its powerful effects. Pace yourself until we get through the upcoming Eclipses.

A swirling dizzy feeling rather like jet lag – cosmic jet lag? J I have experienced this in the past, the first time was during the Total Eclipse of the Sun in 1999 and since then I have found that it occurs when a major energy shift is happening.

I don’t know about you, but I have been having some really weird dreams lately!

Aches and pains
Transmutation of toxins continues so strange and aches and pains continue:-
Swelling of the body
In women particularly around the belly/sacral and tops of legs, also hands. How are we doing regarding our creativity and getting it out into the world? How are we doing regarding birthing our new reality? Do we know how we want to be of service from here on in? Do you feel like you’re doing the same old same old, is it time for a change?
Sore feet/ankles/calves – puffy as well as achy. Is this to do with the new steps forward we are all taking? Is it a reminder that we are not grounded and need to be? Or is it simply a symptom of being a bridge between the Earth and Cosmos? When we take on more light and energy it usually passes through us down into the Earth – we are the human bridge between the Earth and Cosmos – however this time is seems that some of it is getting stuck. Go barefoot in Nature or, if it really is too painful to stand/walk, lie down on some soft grass and let Mother Earth take away all the excess energy that needs discharging.

Skin Shedding
Returned for some as they literally started to slough off their old persona clearing themselves for their new persona to emerge.

Energy Chills
Continued and grew in intensity for some as we got nearer to the Solstice. That feeling of not being able to get warm despite the weather being warm outside continues as long as the energies continue to fluctuate. (Earth Sensitives may feel this more than others). Be aware of this as we go through the upcoming Eclipse window.

Energy Drains
Limit the amount of time you spend in front of the computer and television. You may find it difficult to concentrate as what your body is trying to tell you is that it really needs to be away from such electrical stressors. And this is perfectly understandable when you consider how much new energy you are integrating and all that is going on. And stay away from negative people, energy vampires and anything or anyone that makes your energy go down. You have got enough to deal with at the moment.

Some have experienced a floating or suspended feeling, as if we are not sure what we are supposed to be doing, a dreamy state (the hot weather added to this!). You are aware of enjoying the time of year and the Earth energies so you know that you are grounded, yet you are not feeling like pushing forward or being productive. It’s a kind of empty feeling, my teachers have all described this as a ‘void’ and stressed the importance of being careful what we fill it with. The clearing we have done so far has created this void so be careful what goes into it. There is no need to rush, so tune into your guidance and see what it is that you want to create next in your life. Don’t wait too long for guidance though, or something else may have snuck in there without you realising it!

Letting Go
Once again some of us have had to let go of more people in our lives. This happened to me just before I went on holiday and was my personal shake up and wake up gift from the Solstice. I was devastated, as it is someone that has been in my life for many years and whom I was very fond of, but in a truly shocking way they revealed their true colours accidentally which showed me that they did not feel the same way about me. This led me to reflect on our relationship over the years and I could quite clearly see that it has been more of a one-way rather than two-way street, with me always making the effort. One by one scenes from the past were revealed to me as the Universe gently showed me that it is time for me to let this person go as they are not on the same wavelength at all. The person concerned was supposed to be very spiritual and operating on quite a high level which is why, perhaps, it came as such a shock. I cried buckets over it, it has been a long time since anything upset me so much, my husband couldn’t bear to see me so upset. But as I always say, our tears are our healing rain and it was a great cleansing. I still get a bit of an owie when I think about it, but I know that each time we let go of someone it is making space for someone new to come into our lives who will be a better match for who we are now.

Protection (Aura and Chakras)
Continue your protection. The energies are very mercurial and unstable at times and can wildly fluctuate. The masses don’t have your knowledge about the current energies and will therefore be acting out. Although you are protected by your Angels and Guides, on the physical level it is vital that you have some kind of protection in place so that you don’t have to take on anyone else’s stuff at the moment. (Our ‘Protector’ spray mist can do this in seconds for you).


Cosmic Dyslexia returned! For several days I couldn’t get my words out in a straight sentence, I was typing in what seemed like another language and I found myself re-reading each sentence of anything I was trying to read. So I hope all this makes some kind of sense to you!


Breathe in Earth energy. Breathe out stress.
Breathe in Love. Breathe out Fear.
Do this several times a day.
Give yourself an enormous hug. You are doing so well.
Love every precious part of your beautiful body temple.
Sit in silence and listen.
Get some from someone you know and trust.
If you are not near anyone like that, at night just before you go to
sleep ask to be taken to the Halls of Healing
and ask the Angels to heal you during dreamtime.
(I guarantee you’ll have a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling better).

The key for the coming month is KNOWING. Know that the Universe is on your side and working miracles behind the scenes to help you manifest your wishes and dreams. Know that you are not alone, that you are greatly supported. Know that without you, this planet cannot move forward. Know that you have great wisdom and intuition, take time to listen to that. Know that you have the power to control your fearful lower mind. Know that you can now manifest anything you want. Know that you are now free to live and Be exactly who you want to be. Trust in the Knowing. Carry this knowing within you every day. Act in a knowing way and enjoy being enigmatic!

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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(Please do not copy, extract, forward or use in any way without the written permission of the author)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

JUNE Updates

The lead up to the Solstices always intensifies the energies yet is also one of the most exciting quarter festivals of the year. Here on this side of the pond we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day, with hours and hours to play in the sun out in Nature giving thanks and celebrating the lushness of the Summer now upon us. (Down under you are celebrating the Winter Solstice, the time of going within and given thanks for the abundance of the past year). Solstices are the halfway point of the year when we can review the six months that have passed and celebrate all that we have achieved and come through. It is also an opportunity to have a think about how we want the next six months to go, and who and what we want to accompany us.

Well Chiron during Mercury retrograde has certainly led us on some deep healing journeys (more below). So much was brought into the light and revealed to us, some of it quite shocking. I found this a particularly powerful Merc retrograde and am ever grateful for the continual opportunities we are given to clear our paths of who and what we no longer need.

Many individuals (and groups) came under attack over the past few weeks. If you are of the true heart, clear heart and live your life straight like the Arrow of Truth, then you have probably had a bit of a rough ride these past few weeks. You must stick to your path and stay true to your own heart, whatever anyone else says or does. You must be YOU! This phase is almost over but not quite, so please make sure that you have your protection in place. Just remember that you must be doing something right if they feel the need to attack you.

Abundance Tests
Yes, for some it is a hard time financially at the moment. However abundance comes back to you in ways you may not expect (i.e. unexpected gifts in the post), it may not be the money you want/need but it is a sign that you are indeed abundant right now with what you have.
I know that some healers and therapists are panicking that their clients have dropped off, hang on in there, it will only be for a short while, things are due to start picking up again. Now is when your abundance beliefs/affirmations are really gonna be tested, so stay positive and in the flow of abundance. (Try our ‘Abundance Flow’ essence for inner abundant feelings and our ‘Abundance Flow’ spray mist to fill your home with abundant energies). As we said before, stay true to your heart, yourself and your path; maintain your integrity and all will work out for you.

Unfortunately there are some who go into the healing arts thinking they can make a quick buck, well they can and do but only for a short time then it starts to fizzle out, these people never have longevity, because they have missed the point. And whilst it can stick in your craw that they seem to be making more money than you when you absolutely love what you do, they won’t last, but you will. As you know, there are many forms of healing out there and all are good and valid, there is no one healing system or technique that is superior, and the sooner some people start realising that the better. So don’t feel that you have to rush off and get another string of qualifications, or feel that you can’t charge for your services unless you belong to a certain type of healing/therapy. That’s rubbish. You’ve already got qualifications, you already know what you are doing, so have faith in your ability and keep talking to the Universe to help you attract the right clients to you. It will all work out for you.

For those of you who have been working in the Healing Arts for ten years or more, you may find your work changing. You may find that you will leave the centres/clinics where you have been working making way for the newly trained healers/therapists coming in now. You will feel a bit of a pang as you see these excited, enthusiastic newcomers because you have contributed so much to your work and clients, but remember that you are now an ‘old hand’, and it is time for you to move on so that you can take your work to a different level. Some of you will be moving into the role of teacher, where you can use all these years of experience to help those just entering the Healing Arts. Keep talking to your Guides, Angels and the Universe, and be open to what you are meant to do next and where you are meant to go. For some you will be exploring different forms of creativity that you wish to birth into the world. The upcoming Solstice will help you to ground all this and help you to anchor your energy deep into the Earth creating a stable foundation for what you are to do next. So if you find yourself saying ‘should’ change that to ‘could’, (i.e. “I should be doing xxxx.” No, you don’t have to start shoulding all over yourself, what ‘could’ you do instead? Now that is much more exciting and creative isn’t it?). The upcoming Solstice opens the door called FREEDOM – are you ready to step through it?

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right
for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Continues with many feeling incarnation weary. This again is due to the energies, those who are Earth Sensitives and/or Shamanic will have been picking up what is happening on a planetary and mass consciousness level and this can be tiring.

Dreams have been extremely vivid and prophetic, also some of you have been dreaming on behalf of others. Many of you have been working hard in your dreamtime helping prepare those who will be crossing over due to more earth changes (This has already happened with the recent earthquakes).

Aches and pains/Chakra issues
Chiron’s Chakra Dance
Chiron’s healing opportunity has gone very deep with some folks. Great clearing has been occurring hence many have been experiencing physical pain. (For me it was like I was transmuting poison through my whole body, it took several days before it had all passed through my system and boy did I feel rough while this was going on!).
Chiron’s healing opportunity whilst Mercury was retrograde allowed us to heal our relationships with people, with our health, with money and also our relationship with time (are we wasting it? Are we using it to the full? Are we stuck in the past or continually projecting into the future?) Chiron has also enabled us to settle karma and break our ties with the past so that we can be free to move on. Wow aren’t we lucky! :-)
This chakra dance has literally led us right through the chakras with many experiencing physical aches and pains from head to foot.

Crown chakra and fontanel pain/tenderness/discomfort.

Trouble/pain with the Jaw and throat. (The Throat chakra has undergone a great clearing during this mercury retrograde as we are clearing the blockages there so that we can speak our truth clearly and confidently).

Solar plexus clearing brought up some stomach problems until things were cleared and all settled again. (Massaging the Solar Plexus with St. John’s Wort oil is very soothing and helps the area to relax. Apply just before getting into bed and let that wonderful little herb work its magic whilst you sleep).

Sacral chakra – some women experienced the worst periods they have had for ages, some had swollen/distended bellies and looked like they were heavily pregnant. (The clearing/healing is allowing a birthing – what are you birthing for yourself now?).

Base chakra – some experienced diarrhoea and nausea, stomach pains.

Some also experienced hip and back pain as they clear what is holding them back from moving forward now.

Energy Chills
Not able to get warm despite the weather being warm outside (rather like premonition chills but not quite as intense). This is due to energy fluctuations and doesn’t last long.

Energy Drains
Computer and television. If you find yourself nodding off over your computer, shut it down and go to another room or outside and do something else for a while, you need your energy for the other processing you are doing.

Protection (Aura and Chakras)
Absolutely essential at the moment, there’s a lot of cr*p flying around out there at the moment which you really don’t want. (And you certainly don’t want to be bringing it into your home).


Breathe in Peace. Breathe out Love. Breathe in Love. Breathe out Peace.
Do this several times a day.
Loving yourself more. Give yourself a hug. Look at your hands and thank them.
Appreciate and love every precious part of your beautiful body temple.
Your truth. Your love.
Speaking with confidence. Speaking as the wise wo/man that you are.
Speaking with kindness and gentleness when dealing with others,
but not being afraid to speak firmly when you need to get tough.

The key for the coming month is BELIEF. Believing in yourself. Believing in your abilities. Believing that you can make your dreams come true. Believing that the Universe is generous and abundant. Believing that God is not singling you out. Believing that you do indeed create your own reality (no-one is doing anything to you that you are not allowing). Believing that you have the power to transform your life, in every aspect. Believing that you have Angels and Guides who are there to help you – so ask them! Believing that you are unique. Believing that this world would be a much poorer place without your presence. I believe in you.

Copyright E. Yule ©2009 Worldwide Rights Reserved
(Please do not copy, extract, forward or use in any way without the written permission of the author).