Saturday, 21 December 2013


Artist: Mickie Mueller
Winter Solstice – the Standing Still Sun
(lasts for 3-4 days)

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Winter Moons are inviting us to slow down and go inwards to reflect.  Trees and plants slow down and go inwards in order to conserve energy for new growth in the Spring, and we would do well to follow their example.

The Winter Moons invite us to reflect on all that has gone before over the past year and give us time to plan for the new year approaching.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn also pulls our energy inwards as we think about our relationships, how and whether we want them to last and putting structures into place to make that happen.  The Grand Cross presses upon us urging us to think about what we spend our love, energy and time on.  And, as mentioned in my previous post, keep your Inner Bullsh*t detector switched on at all times (this is not just regarding individuals in your personal circle but also on the world stage, don’t get sucked into media hype etc).

And now sacred Solstice is upon us, I absolutely love the way that mythic astrologer, Steve Nelson, describes it:

“All that’s new gets seeded true as the Sun comes to its magic zero point. The Druids call this day the Festival of Liberation and the Day Out of Time. It’s a time to celebrate and invoke the return of the Light, our Light, to recreate our world.”

The Winter Solstice is about stillness, (not easily available at this crazy time of year) and we need to make space for this stillness over the next 2-3 days. This allows us to receive the full energies available to us over Solstice and also recharges our spiritual batteries.  Allow yourself some stillness.

Here is a personal ritual that I have done for many years:


Create a Sacred Space where you won’t be disturbed.
You will need a candle, a pen and paper (or journal), some water and/or a glass of mead or wine.
Ensure that you are warm enough and sitting comfortably.
Light a candle and dedicate it to the Ancestors and Spirits of the Solstice.
Take some deep breaths to centre yourself whilst focusing on the candle flame.
Write your Gratitude List for all that occurred over the past year (the good and the bad). Take your time.
Then write another list asking yourself:
What did I achieve?
What did I really enjoy? 
What was new?
What was fun?
Take time to celebrate your achievements and all that you did accomplish.  Raise your glass of mead/wine in a toast to yourself and take a sip.
Do another toast giving thanks for all those who crossed your path and enabled you to enjoy all of this over the past year.

People never take time to celebrate and integrate; they are always rushing ahead to the next thing.  Stop, celebrate yourself and take time to integrate all that has occurred before taking any new steps forward.
Also take time to see how far you have come, by remembering who and where you were at the start of 2013 and who you have become and where you are by the start of 2014.

Raise your glass to toast yourself and the Solstice.
Remain as long as you want to.
When are you are ready to leave, before you blow the candle out, think of who or what/where you would like to send the light out to – then blow it out.

“She would rather light candles than curse the darkness
and her glow has warmed the world.”
~ Adlai E. Stevenson

Solstice is the time for bringing the Holly and Ivy into your home to ward off evil spirits that roam at this time of year. 
Sing, dance, ring all the bells you have in the house, and raise the vibration.
Light your candles and fill your home with light and your love. 
Celebrate with those you love and give thanks to Grandfather Sun for the return of his light.

Solstice invites us to reflect on any darkness that we may have experienced over the past year and to let it go, to not drag it into the New Year with us and instead to turn to the light, hold our faces up to the light, allow light to fill every part of us.
Welcome back Grandfather Sun!

Sacred Solstice Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

FULL MOON Blessings - December 2013

Artist: Ron Byrum

Changes – Shifts – Healing – Celebrating

Phew it’s been a bit intense leading up to this Full Moon and it’s always intense leading up to Winter Solstice, which is just around the corner.  However, Full Moons are about feasting, mating and debating.  So take some time out to celebrate the past month and give yourself a pat on the back, some nice food and raise a toast to yourself. Celebrate yourself!

Mars remains in Libra until July, so those of us itching to get on with our projects, dreams and goals may find ourselves getting frustrated when things proceed slower than we would like.  This is a lesson to teach us that we are not meant to do it all alone, that collaboration will be the key to success.  (Mars can be an aggressive go-getter trampling others in his path and leaving loved ones behind in the pursuit of success and gets angry when s/he can’t have his own way).  We are reminded that our goals have more chance of success when we include others – including our loved ones – in our plans and welcome their input and support. (Mars is so arrogant s/he thinks s/he knows it all and no-one can do it any better!)  It is about powering ahead together with the wider global community in mind.  Thinking about how we can serve others together.  So if your plans get delayed, instead of getting cross about it, stop and think about what this is trying to teach you.  Questions to ask yourself when frustration hits:
What am I missing here?
What is this trying to show me? 
Is this delay for a reason? 
Who do I need to help me? 
Have I been riding roughshod over anyone?
Can this delay bring enlightenment about a better way to do it?

Feng Shui tip for December

Keep the centre area of your home (on all levels) clear, clean and well lit to support wealth and fame. The energy of what is happening there or placed there will affect every member of the home and will affect your fortunes.

FULL MOON in Gemini

Gemini – “I think”

Quick thinking Gemini is the networker of the zodiac, well liked and sociable, Gemini is a popular friend. As an air sign, these people are intellectual and process life through the mind/mental level.  Gemini represents intellect, ingenuity (inventors/pioneers), novelty, progress, writing, youth, travel (they love to travel!), networking, vehicles (check yours before setting out on long trips during the holidays), speech – although some Gems are the more quiet intellectual types, get them talking about their favourite subject and it’s difficult to get them to stop!  Academia, mental pursuits (quiz games, books, libraries) and all social pursuits.  Party animal ;-)

The bright light of this Full Moon may illuminate some shadow stuff that needs to be healed and cleared before Solstice.  The build up to this Full Moon was already quite emotional and now those emotions are ready to be healed and released once and for all.  This is especially true regarding “limitations”, I think it was the author Richard Bach who said, “argue for your limitations and they will surely be yours”.  In other words, are the words that you are using daily, limiting you/your talents/abilities/health/abundance/etc?  It’s time to drop the same old stuff that you keep coming out with (we all do it, I do it, it’s a habit that we all need to break now).  I would rather argue for love, peace, prosperity and success on every level – do my words reflect that?  What am I saying in conversations with friends/relatives etc?

Also be prepared for the unexpected, we are still in a Snake year and something shocking/out of the blue may occur that you are not prepared for (and Pluto/Uranus are part of this too). 
Also, do not attempt to control others or situations, you won’t be able to.  Surrender and acceptance are the keys to surviving the astrology this Festive season.  Just remind yourself, it’s only a few days and then the energies will change again.

This is not the best time to try and get someone to commit, and be careful of getting tied into commitments that you may want to get out of later on.

Try not to jump to conclusions without checking all the facts out first.  Don’t read a book by its cover.  And be careful of knee-jerk responses without checking everything out first.  In other words, think before you speak during this Full Moon, which won’t be easy as full moons can make everyone more verbose and some folks get really LOUD! Stay away from extremists as they will drag you down with them, drain your energy and lower your vibration.

Beware of being blabby.  When you are very busy, tired or not feeling 100%, you become a bit distracted and then your guard gets lowered without you even realising it.  This is when you may, inadvertently, reveal too much about yourself or your plans (gob engaged before brain because you are on autopilot).  Be especially careful regarding personal/family/security information.  Don’t override your inner BS detector warning bell.  Stop before speaking or acting, literally put whatever you are doing down so that you can give your full attention to replying.  That way you will avoid leaving yourself too vulnerable.

Don’t get drawn into others’ dramas or pity parties.  Focus on yourself and let them all get on with it; you are not responsible for them or their futures.  Stay true to yourself, maintain personal integrity, maintain poise and grace and remember that you are Spiritual royalty. You have the power to rise above anything that occurs with grace and dignity.

Be yourself and keep yourself on track with your dreams/goals/desires – whatever anyone else says and whatever happens – do not give up!

The key is to find balance and stay in the present moment as much as possible.  Again, this is not easy at the moment, with all that we need to do before the holidays.  Take a deep breath, go for a quick walk and get some fresh air, step away from the computer and take a proper tea break, eat well and drink plenty of room temperature water.

We’re still on a bit of an astrological rollercoaster this month – as if the stress of the holidays wasn’t enough!  Be patient and loving with yourself and others as everyone is feeling it.


Think before you speak
Stay fully present and in the moment
Breathe and ground yourself
Smile and have fun!
Prepare for the coming dark nights of the Moon and rest!
New directions beckon – but not just yet.

Have a Blessed Full Moon y’all!

Elly xx

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Hope – Inspiration – Creation - Manifestation

Last month’s Full Moon saw an increase in requests for The Healing Prayers Circle.  Thank you to all of our members for taking the time to read the requests and caring about those in need.  As we head towards the end of this Year of the Snake, things seem to be intensifying as the snake snaps its fangs a few more times (the Snake year ends at February’s first New Moon next year).

The New Moon on December 2nd/3rd is in freedom loving Sagittarius, the Traveller of the Zodiac, who encourages us all to have hope, whatever is going in the world or going on for us right now.  It is a Moon of Inspiration uniting heaven on earth for manifestation in our lives.

SAGITTARIUS – I See / I Believe / I create from the power of my Vision

This energetic Fire sign represents exuberance, foreign affairs, travel, the outdoors, prophecy, higher mind, religion, adventure, clubs, philosophy, other cultures, sport, higher education and training, teaching, law and publishing.

Sagittarians are independent thinkers who like to live LARGE and whose personal motto is along the lines of  “love me, love what I do”, in other words “love me, love my dog”, “love me, love my car” etc.  They need space, as they like to be able to expand and travel unfettered through life.  They are great fun and great hiking companions.  Intelligent, witty and physically fit, their sociable positivity attracts positive people and things to them.

This New Moon asks us to believe, to have faith and to keep on keeping on because help and support is now at hand.  Make your New Moon Wishes BIG ONES! As someone once said, make them “big, hairy, audacious ones”.  Dare to ask for what you have never asked for before, dare to think big, outrageously, fabulously!  See this list as the foundation for the pathway you are laying down for yourself for the year ahead and be careful not to try and rush into actioning this right now (the energies are not good for pushing ahead, and you may find yourself over-committing yet under-delivering). All that’s needed is seeded with this New Moon.  As ever, balance is the key and as I mentioned in a previous Blog post, we are in a time of step-by-step building.  Slowly, slowly is the way (our excitement can make us want to rush things).

We all have a destiny to fulfil; Grandmother Moon and the Universe are here to help us make it happen.  Grandmother Moon loves us and believes in us, we are Her Star grandchildren and She wants us to shine brightly.  She is our Grandmother, and watches over us at night filling us with lunar knowledge to help us in our material lives.  Talk to Her more often, She loves that, and when Her Moon is full, train your Third Eye to absorb the Full Moon rays that She is happy to share with you when you attune to her like this.

Sagittarius inspires us to live large in a small world, to free ourselves from restrictions and anything/anyone that holds us back.  Sag is holding the bolt cutters to cut you free! 

Sagittarius invites you to access the Visionary within, we all have one but we allow our busy lives to override this special gift.  Get creative; use a Scrying Bowl if that will help you to link back into visionary energy, sit in front of a blank piece of paper and just allow the pencil to flow over the page and see what emerges, it may be a drawing or you may write, just allow the energy to drive the pencil not you.  Much can be revealed to you now.  Be inspired and be excited, this is all about YOU!

Sagittarius never takes things at face value, Sag likes to check it all out and see if it/they resonate with truth.  If your Truth Bell ain’t ringing, then stay well away!  Sag never buys into the news or media spin, Sag sees the bigger picture and knows when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. 

The road ahead will continue to be bumpy from time to time but there are many Blessings ahead if we just keep the faith and believe that it will be so, that it will all work out – because IT WILL!

The Winter moons give us time to clear up the dregs of shadow that hold us back so that we can be more clear, purified and renewed by the time of the Spring Moons.  We have spent the past few months clearing, breaking down, and letting go, now Sagittarius takes us into a time of breaking through (at last!) and creating the new.  How exciting is that!  At last we are getting somewhere.  Use the current Festival of Light to signal to the Universe that you are re-lighting your flame of inspiration, your Muse is re-awakened, and you are gonna light up this world next year!  Get those candles out and dedicate them every time to your New Moon Wishes, dreams and goals.

Be open to the many different ways that your New Moon Wishes may become manifest (and any goals/projects you are sending energy to right now).  Some options that appear may seem a bit off-the-wall or out of your comfort zone, your instinct will be to instantly dismiss them, DON’T, you could lose out on a massive opportunity.  Remember this is about us living large, outside the box we have been in for most of our lives.  We need to remain flexible and open to what may present over the coming weeks.


Nausea, which felt like morning sickness (birthing your new Self/new projects), also dizziness returned due to an increase in Earthquake and Volcano activity. The Comet also disrupted sleep patterns for many of us.
This is normal for the Winter Moons and especially as we head towards Winter Solstice.  This is the Going Within Time; the energies are pulling us deeper into ourselves and our shadow sides to take a look at what needs healing during the Winter Moons.  Emotion arises because few of us have the luxury of time to do this, which causes inner conflict, because our outer world keeps us busy with work and planning for the Festive Season, yet our Soul longs for us to retreat and reflect. 
We may also be picking up some mass consciousness stuff because of all the recent natural disasters and events.  We need to remember that we are constantly changing and at quite a fast rate at the moment, therefore there will be grieving as we let go of our old selves and old way of living and being. 

Stomach upsets
This occurred for enough folks to make me write about it.  If you have been experiencing this, we are being urged to pay attention to what makes us feel ‘sick’ about our lives and ourselves and to do something about it.

Pain in joints and muscles as our physical body adjusts to more of its Higher Self presence.
The more love we allow to inhabit us on all levels the more room there needs to be for it, and this is the same with the Light and cosmic downloads that have been happening recently.  Therefore we need to clean up our diets and practices in order to make space for our growth; otherwise we will start to feel unwell.  Plenty of water, good rest, gentle exercise, spiritual practice and plenty of good food will all help.

OTHER stuff
This has been pretty awesome around the time of the last Full Moon and hasn’t stopped!  We are being given lots of information in symbolic and other forms at the moment.  Also a great deal of healing is occurring in dreamtime.  Make a note in your Dream Journal of even the smallest snippet.

Dream Journal Tip:

To find a particular dream in a few months/years’ time, put a word or two that sums it up beside the date such as “water”, “grandparents”, “ex-boyfriend” etc, then you will be able to quickly find it later on.

It has been a heck of a year for clearing.  We have all experienced loss of some kind over the past year, as have many countries and indeed our beautiful planet.  Reflecting back on my personal year, my friends and family, my clients and requests from The Healing Prayers Circle, I can see that this has been happening to all of us in order for our paths to be clear, for the road ahead to be clear.  That is why we have lost many that we love, they want to help us from the other side, they have freed us from the physical burden of looking after and caring for them.  This gives us more time and you may have noticed that after a few months, aspects of yourself have returned such as your personal power, confidence, desire to be creative, desire to try new things etc.  All of this energy had been held back because of your sense of duty to support and love those who have now crossed over.

We have all been internally clearing as well, old emotional and psychological cr*p has come up for healing and releasing.  Many have changed their nutrition values and want to eat lighter and healthier now.

We have all been clearing deadwood in many areas of our lives, including changing jobs, acquaintances friends and groups, some changed home and some are planning to.  Many have realised that they cannot stand any clutter around them and are chucking out more and more items that they do not love, use or need.

Mental clearing has probably been one of the most profound things this year, with many healing and clearing old patterns and belief systems, outmoded ways of thinking and dropping what sounds like other people’s, rather than your own voice of truth. 

Things are getting worse there and contaminated water is affecting parts of the North American coast.  This will affect all of us eventually, however there is something we can do to lessen the effects of this.
I have mentioned this several times before, but would like to remind everyone that we can all help from a distance.  You can use distance healing, light transmission, etheric transmission of Flower Essences (such as our ‘Water Blessings’ essence - it’s below the Festive notice); all of these can do a lot to help heal Mother Earth’s blood - the waters of our planet. 
Gather in groups/circles and transmit together, use affirmations such as “I give thanks for the purity of Mother Earth’s waters”.  Use visualization to send white purification light into the waters of the Earth neutralizing all radiation and other poisons, and restoring Her waters to their original pristine purity.  When I stand on the beach looking at the sea I visualize purity in the water going far, far into the horizon and beyond.
Please also transmit to the governments of all countries, so that they can reverse decisions on fracking, nuclear power and other abominations that are now causing so many problems for the planet.
Please stop buying large crystals.  So many crystals have been taken out of the Earth’s structure rendering it unstable.  All those crystals were in the Earth for a reason and were part of its navigational set up (North has slipped several degrees because of all the mining of gold/silver/platinum/diamonds/crystals etc).  The New Age movement has spawned a greed for crystals that now needs to be curtailed.
(Be very careful about programming crystals to absorb radiation, do you know how to safely cleanse and/or dispose of them?)
Use visualization to send love and healing to the core of the Earth, which is molten and unstable.  There are Beings who work in the core of the Earth doing their best to keep Her stable and their job is not easy.  Send love and thanks to them for all that they do.


Are you aware of the changes in yourself and your life that have occurred over the past year?  Can you feel them?

Have you found yourself questioning things a lot more lately?

What do you need to do to unite your Higher Self with your physical reality to bring balance to your life?

What needs to be cleared/broken through in order for your destiny to clearly manifest?

You are not a victim to anyone/anything, reassure your inner child that all is well and going to plan, give him/her a hug often and make sure you do this every day.

Getting physical is one way to get in the flow of this Sagittarian energy; put on your rubber gloves and clean the bathroom, go for a run, do some gardening or other physical labour and really feel your body, make love (what better way to embody spiritual power?!)

This is the Moon for sowing new beliefs because we have freed ourselves from the old beliefs/limitations that held us back.  We are the future and it is up to us to make it happen. 
Nothing and no one can hold you back, only yourself.

Sagittarius is all about expansion, stepping out of the box, strength, living in truth and personal integrity.

After shamanic death (dying to the old way, old selves, old beliefs etc) now comes shamanic rebirth.  This rebirth is slow, steady, and revolutionary.

Things do get a bit tense and intensify as we head towards Winter Solstice, so keep a sense of balance on all levels to help you triumphantly ride these Solstice energies.  And we are heading for Yule/Christmas, so indulge your inner child, take him/her ice-skating, to a Christmas market, roasting marshmallows on the fire with huge mugs of hot cocoa.  Take your adult self to a carol concert, help out a local charity, have a walk in the snow and get the sled out, enjoy mulled wine and mince pies with friends and neighbours.  It’s a social time of year, so balance work and play and all will be well.

This New Moon is full of positive, inspiring energy – so get writing those New Moon Wishes and you may need a big piece of paper! ;-)


I believe in myself and my Vision
I am living LARGE!
I am living my Dream Life
I have faith in myself and my Life
I inspire myself and I inspire others
I have created my perfect life
All of this I do for the Highest Good of myself and others
I am willing to step out of my box and live my Vision
I am supported and loved and
I am so darn excited!


“I liberate the power and the courage that have been hidden inside myself.”

(from ‘365 Mantras for Today’)

Have an awesome New Moon y’all!
Elly x

P.S. Just before I posted this update, I received a sign that has reignited a long-held dream of mine, and the reality of it coming true, (and I haven’t even written my New Moon list yet!)  The power of this New Moon is already working, so send those thoughts and desires out because they are being received and actioned! xx

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Friday, 29 November 2013


Independent craftspeople like myself do not have Black Fridays because each year, throughout the year, we offer our unique, beautiful, handmade products at reasonable prices.  This year many of our suppliers have increased their costs, which I have absorbed and not passed on to my customers, as I realise that we are all doing our best in what has been a hard year at this stage in the recession.   

I must admit, there have been times in the past year or so, when I have wondered whether I should just give up.  My products are a labour of love and the return does not begin to match the hours of work involved.  However, I have had a lot of feedback from customers about how much my products have helped them, and I am inspired to keep going.

To help me keep going, I now humbly share with you, my Festive Offerings and hope that you will find something to delight you amongst them.

(UK folks can order direct from me and save money on shipping, contact me to find out more.)

The Apothecary Garden

Stocking Fillers and Gifts (including Festive Survival Kit!)

I hope that y’all enjoy the range of products we are offering this year.  You can be assured that they are made and packaged with a great deal of love especially for you.

You can view photos of the products on the Festive Gifts page of our website (more will be added in the next few days).

Please support Crafts people like myself who handmake original products with much love and thought, so that you may enjoy them.

Thank you

Elly xx


Delightful, handmade wax candle with pressed flowers (designs vary)
(ideal for making your New Year wishes with!)

Herbalicious BATH BALL
Full of gorgeous organic ingredients to help cleanse, relax and rejuvenate you.
For when you need a bit of ‘Me’ time, it will unwind the kinks, soothe away any
negativity and restore you to the calm, beautiful Goddess that you are!
Contains: Organic Flower & Vibrational essences, Essential Oils, Sel de Mer, Herbs (blend including
Avena sativa, Rose etc) in cotton muslin. Whole product is biodegradable/compostable

FESTIVE HARMONY Spray Mist  our Festive best seller!
This Spray Mist restores lightness to any Festive occasion.
The specially selected seasonal essential oils enhance the essences making it smell wonderful!
It invokes joy, fun and celebration.  It brings the energy of the magical child so that the grown-ups can have fun as well as the kids!  It reminds us to be full of wonder and awe at this sparkling time of year.

The house is clean, decorated and looks wonderfully festive.  Everyone is dressed in their finery, the feast is organised and underway and you are just waiting for your guests to arrive.  By this time, the parents are exhausted and overstretched; the kids are over excited and over the top, and everyone is getting wound up!  Sometimes the Holiday Season can be spoiled at just the point when everyone should be relaxing and enjoying themselves.

That is the time to get out this Spray Mist – a single spray in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.

“I love this spray mist and would not be without it at this time of year – it works every time!” – Mrs. K. Leahy, London, England

“The pure natural ingredients are wonderful for my family as several of us suffer from asthma and can’t use synthetic sprays.”  - S. Salzman, NY, USA.

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences with our special Festive blend of Essential Oils.

ANGELS of JOY festive edition Spray Mist

Use to bring joy into a room, to cheer yourself or others up.  The Angels of Christmas have joined our Angels of Joy bringing their energy to create a spray mist that will uplift you and your environment.  The subtle sacredness of the scent is uplifting yet grounding and gently Festive.

Inspired by a group of beautiful tropical orchids, the Angels of Joy flowers look like tiny little angels in yellow dresses, a whole host of them sliding joyfully down their slender green vines towards us.  They have been joined by the Angels of Christmas to bring Blessings and joy to your home and to you all.

Using this spray mist will invoke the energy of these tiny joyful Angels.  The atmosphere will lighten and everyone involved will feel lighter, happier and the mood becomes infectious. 


Something special for the Woman who gets stressed to the max by the Festive Season.  Smells gorgeous and is full of fabulous natural plant ingredients that are designed to help you feel like a Goddess once more (plus it helps melt away all that stress). Simply roll on pulse points and anywhere else that needs it and let the fragrant vibrational magic get to work!

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences, Plant/herbal extractions and pure essential oils in an Almond oil base.

Now also available as a Spray Mist!

GIFT VOUCHERS                                                                             
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Cotton BAG

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Gorgeous Goddess T-SHIRT

100% soft cotton

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Flaunt your fabulousness Gorgeous Goddess!

The ALCHEMIST - The Formula for Turning Your Life into Gold -  Boxed set

Beautifully illustrated, simply roll the dice and flip over the card that matches the number for
each element.  You receive an accurate, powerful, four card reading. You can then
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FESTIVE SURVIVAL KIT (limited edition)
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Festive Harmony Spray Mist (our ‘Xmas best seller). A single spray burst in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.
Festive Goddess Rollette. Something special for those who get stressed to the max by the Festive Season (usually women!).  Smells gorgeous and is full of fabulous natural plant ingredients that are designed to help you feel like a Goddess once more (plus it helps melt away all that stress).
Festive Season Survival CD. The technology on this CD is both original and unique.  This CD contains subliminal Affirmations that have been specially selected to help you to chill out and cope during the Festive Season.  The Festive music (traditional carols and festive tunes) is uplifting and energising and gets everyone in a Festive mood.
Play it whilst writing Christmas cards or wrapping presents and involve the whole family so that everyone can benefit.
Full details and information provided with each Kit.


Do you have difficulty sleeping?  Does anyone else you know?  If so, everything you need for a good night’s sleep is contained in this Kit.  Our ‘Sleep Easy’ products have been best sellers for 15 years with thousands of satisfied customers. They are 100% natural, chemical/drug free, non-addictive and compatible with allopathic medications.
SLEEP EASY Essence (15ml). This is the essence for those nights when you are tossing and turning and can’t seem to get off to sleep.  For when you are feeling exhausted but sleep eludes you as problems, worries, etc start to go around and around in your head. A few drops in water before turning out the light is all it takes.
SLEEP EASY Spray Mist (30ml).  Gently fragrant, can be used as a room/pillow spray to create the right ambience for sleep.
SLEEP EASY CD. Gentle, relaxing music that you can play to further enhance the right ambience for sleep.
SLEEP EASY Mini-Book. Full of tips and further advice about how to have a good night’s sleep naturally.
The Essence and Spray Mist contain organic flower & vibrational essences, herbal infusions and essential oils.
Full instructions and information included with each Kit.

 NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 2014 - Report and product   -  Special Festive price (offer ends 31 January 2014)

Find out what the year ahead has in store for you, with this detailed REPORT which is valid from your birthday this year right through to next year. Includes a PRODUCT from our range to help support your new journey throughout the coming year.
A Sacred Space is set up and dedicated just for you. It then takes several hours to work out and collate the information (using a variety of ancient arts like numerology, cartomancy etc), which is then typed up and presented in an illustrated, printed report. Time is then spent attuning to you for the selection of the product that will best support you for the year ahead.
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With love and thanks
Elly xx

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Friday, 15 November 2013

FULL MOON Blessings! November 2013


Healing – Manifestation - Abundance

Sunday, November 17th we have a Full Moon in grounding, earthy, sensual Taurus.  We have completed a Moon journey that we started in May, and it has been a heck of an intense journey through the recent moon cycles!  Whatever you put effort into back in May, you should now reap the rewards.  The good news is that things will finally start moving forward again (now that Mercury is back where he should be).

We have been influenced by a deluge of watery influences with the recent Moons (and that has been reflected in Mother Earth’s recent high tides etc).  This played havoc with our emotions and some of us feel like we have been pushed through an emotional wringer this past month or so.  Now thankfully, things start to settle down and we are able to ground all that has been happening.

Full Moons are culminations of all that occurred during the past month.  This Moon invites us to seek clarity and cleansing and try not to over-indulge (very Taurean!), as we are entering a period of “cutting out what is unnecessary.”  How is your lifeforce energy?  Taurus invites us to start looking after ourselves better and our planet.

Taurus – “I Have / I Manifest”.  Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that represents peace and plenty, stability, realism, security, stagnation, sensuality, economics, arts, architecture, nature, food including catering, crafts especially pottery, music, gardening and money including banking.

It is a relief to have the grounding energy of this Moon after the past few tumultuous Moons.  There is strong abundance energy around this Moon too.  Financial foundations will hold now, new opportunities for abundance will appear, and you will be rewarded for the efforts you have been putting into your life over the past few months.

Taureans are classy, yet down to earth people who like the nicer things in life.  Taurus also likes to indulge itself with good food and good experiences such as body treatments, nice linen in the bedroom, a beautiful home etc.  This Full Moon invites you to take yourself off the hook and allow yourself some sensual indulgence over the next 2-3 days.  Book a massage (or get someone else to do it for you), have a mani/pedi, prepare a delicious meal and share it with the one you love.  It is okay to do this, whatever has been going on, it is okay to create beauty and pleasure in your life.

Taurus invites us to take a good look at our “worldly resources, self-esteem and sensual experiences”.  So how have you been doing financially?  If you have been struggling and trying over and over to improve your situation, then breathe out, because at last there will be some respite as opportunities appear now.  If your self-esteem has been a bit low, then amp yourself up again, the more positive you are the more likely you will be to attract what you want now.  Taurus loves people and this Full Moon also shines some beautiful light on our relationships.  Taurus likes to fill its life – and self - with pleasurable experiences and is not afraid to work hard for it.

What matters to you?
How fulfilled (“full-filled”) are you?
What do you really love to do more than anything?
Who do you really love more than anything?
How do you feel about yourself?
How do you feel about your body?
How do you feel about your career?
How do you feel about your finances?
How do you feel about your relationships?
How secure and safe do you feel?
Do you feel sensual?  How often?
How secure do you feel?  About yourself? Your life?
What decisions do you need to make?

Taurus is practical, so wants us to be sensible and grown-up about money and relationships; practical creativity is also well supported now.

This Full Moon make up your mind that you will no longer procrastinate or stall your success. Decide that you are excited about everything moving forward for you now, that you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed in all levels of your life.

Be warned that whatever you have been avoiding over the past few months will give you a few reality checks to shock you out of your complacency and deal with them/it like a grown-up.  What desires have been suppressed that are now “screaming for attention?What/who have you been tolerating that can no longer be tolerated? You actually do know who/what you have to deal with and what you have to do.  Bring it all up into the Light.  Forgive yourself, forgive them, put a new plan in place and get on with it – NOW!

Taurus helps you to put new boundaries in place (and some of you really need to do this to stop yourselves getting drained by others).  It helps you to put new financial plans in place; new creativity plans in place and new relationships ideas in place.  It invites you to think about yourself as a sensual, spiritual Being and to feel like that 100% of the time.  It invites you to take a good look at your environment; does it reflect beauty and sensuality?  Does the way you dress, the way you carry yourself and the way you speak reflect beauty and sensuality?  Go deep and discover this divine part of yourself and express it on all levels.

This is the Era of Truth, and we are all supposed to be living our truth to the max right now.  What are you waiting for?  If you don’t like the way your life is, then change it!  You have the power now.  If money and time were no object how would you be living your truth right now?

Jupiter is turning retrograde, from now until early March 2014 we get an opportunity to “do a thorough clean up and clean out of our inner worth, value, respect, power and recognition.”  As mentioned above, if you make the effort to use your FULL creativity and talents in all areas of your life, then you will reap abundance in all of those areas.  It requires effort (I know, I know, y’all are feeling knackered from the cosmic battering recently) so find some energy from somewhere and get started.  No holding yourself back anymore.  Clean up your diet so that you do have more energy, drink more water, do more exercise, look after yourself. This will be slow and steady on a day-by-day basis through to March next year.  And that is in perfect keeping with the energy of the Winter Moons, which slow everything down and invite us to go inwards.

 A note about the Philippines

Over the past few months (and years in fact) we have all been receiving wake-up calls.  This is the loudest one yet.  Such a massive loss of life.  Fracking, chemtrails and other rapings of Mother Earth have caused havoc with our weather patterns, which seems to be getting worse and worse each year.  What happened in the Philippines has shocked us all to the core; it has brought up a lot of fear.  Sensitives have been picking up the fear of the masses and you may not realise this.  Check if you are holding stress anywhere in your body and do this several times a day.  Check your breathing.  Fear holds everything tight, it reduces our intake of air and we breathe in the upper chest only.  Drop your breath down to your belly; take a few breaths like this until you feel grounded again.

Try not to watch the news too much, use the Reverse Technique I told you about before (rewinding what is happening to restore infrastructure so that they can find the bodies, seeing the roads drying out and becoming solid once more so that help can get through). 
Even if we can’t be there to help we can do so from here and not just through donations (though please keep donating as they need every penny).  You can use visualization techniques as I have just mentioned. 
Also, you can use a powerful shamanic technique to help those who are without food and water.  (We do this for those going up on the hill for Vision Quest and for Sundancers).  When you eat a meal or have a drink, consciously intend/visualize that a portion of it goes to someone in need of it.  Do not offer all of it, as your physical body needs the nutrition also and you must remain healthy so that you can be of service in this way.  Your entire family can get involved in this. 
Those who work with Essences, Herbs etc, can also transmit them etherically to those in need. 
Those who do EFT can do distance tapping (or tap on photos in newspapers) to help them.  Think about your skills and how you could transmit them etherically/astrally etc to those in need. 
And don’t forget to fold your chakras down for protection before sleep, or you will wake up exhausted.  (I have been forgetting to do that over the past two weeks, all Lightworkers were already doing work in dreamtime before the disaster happened and waking up feeling so tired). 
Be proactive not reactive and spread the word. 
Also, Chiron, planet of the Wounded Healer is assisting us right now and as we clear our stuff, we help others.  Utilize the increased influx of comic healing energy to transmit healing to help all those in need.


 I am willing to change
I am taking good care of myself
I believe in myself (I am my No.1 fan!)
I am secure in myself
I am a powerful Creator and Manifestor
I raise myself in Light and radiate this to others
I follow my heart
I love my Body and it loves me
I let go of fear because I am grounded in Love

Let Love be your Guide.  Always focus on the Light.  Bring out what is on the inside.  Be strong, be powerful, be Yourself.

Have a Blessed Full Moon y’all!

Elly x

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