Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Festive Tips

Before putting up the Christmas decorations I love to give the house a thorough clean (it is the same big clean as Spring Cleaning) there is no way I can put a single deccie up until I have done this. I clear any old stuff out of the freezer, fridge and kitchen cupboards to make space for the tasty seasonal delights I will be making/serving. I like to welcome the Spirit of Christmas into our house (front and back). Welcome the Season of Light into your home and invite the magic of the Season to fill every room, nook and cranny with Christmas magic and blessings.

FENG SHUI for Christmas Deccies

Water and the Career Gua – Snowflakes, Glass Ornaments.
Wood and the Family Gua – Christmas Tree, Hanukkah Bush, Inherited decorations, Holly.
Fire and the Fame and Reputation Gua – Reindeer, Candles, Stars, Lights, Menorah, Holly, Poinsettias.
(How easy it is to add fire element this time of year…by simply placing one poinsettia in a sleepy or lifeless room you can invigorate it for the holidays…and when the holidays are over, try to find a “year-around equivalent” to hold the fiery chi up all year long!).
Earth and the Health area – A Fresh Centerpiece with Real Soil, Poinsettias, Fresh Bowl of Fruit or Fruit Basket.
Metal and the Creativity and Children gua – Snowmen, Tinsel, Ornaments, Games, Dreidel, Instruments, Train Set, Bowls of Round Ornaments, Dolls, Carolers, Sleds.
The Prosperity Gua – Gifts (especially the ones you receive), Christmas Tree.
The Helpful People Gua – Santa, Angels, Gifts (especially the ones you are giving).
The Skills and Knowledge/Wisdom Gua – Wise Men of the Nativity Set, Religious Figures.
The Relationship Gua – Chocolates and Other Sweets! Pair of Candles.
(Author unknown)

And I just loved this! –
Would have asked for directions,
Arrived on time,
Helped deliver the baby,
Cleaned the stable,
Made a casserole,
Brought PRACTICAL gifts
….And there would be peace on earth!

(Author Unknown)

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