Monday, 28 April 2008


Well it certainly has been a challenging month for many of us with the tests coming one after the other. Many have been through yet another deep clearing process and some are still going through it. Computer glitches occurred as if it were a mercury retrograde period and all sorts of other weird and wonderful random events happened, which sometimes made us feel as if we were on a different planet!

Note to all Sensitives (particularly members of The Healing Prayers Circle):
There has been an increase in requests for The Healing Prayers Circle and many dramatic stories abound regarding dear Souls and the way they are choosing to leave the planet. This can be very draining unless you remain in detached mode. We can be empathic to their plight and send healing, prayers and energy as usual, but we must ensure that we are detached emotionally from their situation. Many who trained as healers will remember the warnings they got from their tutors about not taking on your patient’s/client’s symptoms. Well this is a timely reminder. Stay in the higher vibration of love when dealing with the requests, use the Ho’oponopono technique which will help you and help them, and remain in a professional therapeutic detached mode. When we sink into a deep well of compassion we can get stuck and find it all getting to us, that is when we start to get tired of it all and start taking on symptoms. To be of use for service in this way, it is essential that we look after ourselves first otherwise we will be no use to anybody. Much of the healing occurs on the higher levels nowadays, we are not required to fulfil this role in the same way as we used to by being so physically hands on. Attuning to the higher love vibration is the key and is the reason distance healing is so very powerful. It is more about being a witness to what is happening and keeping our emotions out of it so that we can be effective channels for healing.


Many are suddenly finding themselves displaced and having to move from the home/area that you have been in for some time now. This is all part of the Divine Plan moving you to where you are needed and where you need to be for the next chapter of your life and Ascension journey. It’s unnerving and unsettling to have to uproot, leaving behind memories and people, and also the person you were in that place, not knowing where you will go next or who you are going to become in the new place you are going to.

Our ‘Lighthouse’ essence can help during this difficult transition time, here’s an extract from the Essence Definition:
“For that difficult time when you may be going through great transition and feel you have no roots. For anyone who may be feeling very unstable, unsettled, who feels the ground underneath them is moving and is not at all stable or settled. When your world has been turned upside down and everything feels shaky. For those who are feeling ungrounded. For those who fear transition or have a fear of the unknown. This essence offers a beacon of hope and provides the anchoring needed, reminding you that you always have the support of the Earth. This essence provides tremendous strength, tenacity and durability. It assists with flexibility and helps you to cope with situations that may be causing stiffness in the body by bringing in a more flexible attitude in how to deal with what is going on. It balances the male and female sides, yin and yang, (sometimes events can cause us to go into survival mode or ‘doing’ mode and we become out of balance). This essence is regenerating. It replaces fear with joy, and brings excitement about the new adventure ahead and what is to come. A feel good factor like the sun warming your skin, this essence will uplift you.
“Let the star that you are shine and come forth, holding that star out on its own for the whole world to see”.
Don’t despair, have hope, there is great joy and excitement on the way”.

The lower vibrating energies started ganging up and trying to knock us off centre, they have also tried to sabotage us on many different levels and in many different ways. The negative messages being bandied about by the media has really sucked the masses into a lower level of fear than ever before. And this mass 3-D lower level fear is really mucking things up for everyone. As well as the heavy negativity there have been blatant displays of egos from those you least expected, which was quite a shock. This definitely is a time when the wheat is being sorted from the chaff, where those that walk their talk are really learning about those who only talk the talk. And so for many of us, we have had to walk away from relationships and friendships yet again, because they no longer match our new vibration and are not headed in the same direction. This is hard, as yet something else that felt familiar has left our lives and it can leave us feeling terribly lonely and unsupported. The dilemma of the advanced Lightworker is the feeling of isolation and aloneness in the place where you reside and carry out your way of service. Inside you know that you are never alone, but the warm human side of you seeks companionship with those that will honour and support you in the same way that you will for them. Remember this is a process that makes space for those more likeminded people to come into your life. Accept the feelings of loneliness, because you know that they are very temporary, because even as we speak the synchronicities are being put into place for you to meet new contacts who will match your vibration so much better.

For the Lightworkers it has been a lot harder to keep your vibration high and not get sucked into the lower energies, in fact it has been downright exhausting at times. We knew this would happen. We have been told by the Elders predictions that it would get darkest before the dawn. We have to remember to protect ourselves, our beloveds and our spaces (homes/environments) from here on in. And we also have to watch our backs a lot more. You may find you have had to start using your protection techniques again (I have certainly had to start using ‘The Protector’ spray mist a lot more recently).

However, after a shaky start to the year, things are starting to flow more effortlessly now. The first quarter of this year hasn’t been easy particularly for Lightworkers and those in the holistic/healing arts. Tests on every level have occurred to the point where some have felt like they were on their knees wondering how much more they could take. Tough tests indeed (particularly the financial ones when many wondered ‘Should I carry on?’). All of this was a necessary part of our clearing as we enter this next, new phase. Much still remains unknown, although many have received clarity about some steps they can take towards their goals and dreams. Trust in the Universe to guide you. Call upon your own guides and angels to help you stay on track and in tune with your own inner compass.

Now is the time to allow ourselves to be guided by our inner Soul Compass. When we follow the inner promptings and directions it gives us, we cannot go wrong and you will find that everything takes less effort, things fall into place, the synchronicities you need start to occur and you once more feel in the flow. However, there will be one or two log jams along the way too. When that happens and the flow stops and you feel stuck, stop everything, take some time out, go do some domestic chores or gardening to help you work through the block. Do some self healing (the EmoTrance technique is helpful here) or go to a healer to help you clear the block. Trust your inner Soul Compass to guide you and keep you in the flow, then all that you need will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Physically there have been more health crises, what you may have been ignoring or putting off is now raising its head and saying ‘deal with me!’ Some have had stomach upsets which slowed you down for a while. There were the usual feelings of lethargy and difficulty in finding your mojo to get anything done and feeling like you wanted to sleep all the time. Others have had sore and croaky throats (their throat chakras are clearing because of the increased communication/channelling work they will soon be doing). You may have experienced aching joints and muscles and strange little pains in the oddest of places (like a tiny little place on your hand or foot that hurts for no particular reason), these pains can be quite sharp and stabbing but only last a few minutes. This is the rewiring of your energy pathways. When this occurs, find time to massage your hands and feet more as this will help to clear the energy channels/meridians. Many have experienced dizziness that sometimes feels like jet lag, this is a common Ascension experience as you adapt to the new frequencies. Slow down, do only what must be done and find time to rest when you feel like this. Like jet lag, it comes in waves but does soon pass and you can carry on as usual. (I have been using our ‘Travel Buddy’ spray mist every time I go through this phase, it helps bring me back into balance and settle down those weird jet lag symptoms). You may also have started ‘hearing’ the high pitched tones of the new energy frequencies; it is like hearing the air (that quiet space around us that is usually silent) sometimes. I have heard these tones all my life (BTW – they are not tinnitus), but have noticed that in the past couple of weeks they have started increasing again.

Note to Earth Sensitives: there has been a huge increase in earthquakes in the past month (particularly Oregon, Aleutian Islands, Arizona, Mexico, Vanuatu etc). It is absolutely essential that you remain grounded at all times otherwise you will start to feel wiped out from your premonitions, because you feel them so directly through your body. The more grounded you are and the better you look after your physical*, the better you will be able to cope with the stream of events that is now occurring.
(*Refer to your ‘Ascension Tips’ book for further information).

Remember this is the Year of the Rat; it is all about step by step progress. So be reassured that every little step of change that you are now taking will reap you huge rewards (especially next year) so be patient if things seem to be slow in coming to fruition.


Maintaining feelings of peace within
Check yourself several times a day and bring yourself back to a place of peace.
Attuning to the higher level of Love at all times
Every time you have a quiet moment check your link, enjoy staying there for a few seconds and then carry on with what you have to do.
Enjoying the physical body
Finding pleasure in food, in bathing, in dressing, in sensuous relationships, continually giving thanks for every part of your body, blessing every aspect of your physical being.
Attitude of Gratitude
Giving thanks often during each day for every little thing, even the times when you aren’t too happy with what is happening, remembering to give thanks at the end of the day before you go to sleep.
Being in the flow of Creativity
Staying in the flow, being guided by your Soul Compass, watching the little things manifesting effortlessly as you work towards manifesting the bigger things.

Because of the preparations for the upcoming Women’s Retreat, I only have spaces for two clients for 1-2-1 sessions this month. If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find this 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!
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Monday, 7 April 2008

April Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Diaries – Update

I am continuing with my clearing process and finding more things I can get rid of. I will sell some of these on E-bay and donate the rest to charity.

I have reduced magazine clutter by only buying one UK magazine per month (instead of several) and I greatly enjoy it when my Oprah magazine lands on our doormat every month as there is so much in there, it is a feast that lasts me all month. My mom-in-law and I also swap monthy magazines which we both enjoy doing for each other.

April Feng Shui Tip
The laundry cupboard/airing cupboard is where I store our bed linen and towels. The top shelf is quite high so my husband kindly gets the bed linen down each week, however he doesn’t do this in the tidiest way and each week I end up having to re-tidy everything on the shelf that he has pulled in various directions! Here’s a great tip I came across which has really helped to solve this problem:-

Duvet Sets – fold and place duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillow cases into one of the larger pillow cases from the set. Fold the end over and place on your shelf. Do this for all of your sets. When you pull out your duvet ‘packet’ it comes out easily and you don’t have sheets and pillow cases tumbling all around you, plus the shelf looks really neat and tidy!

Dontcha just luv Spring cleaning time!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Well what an interesting few weeks; full of surprises, twists and turns and anything but boring. Can you feel that the energies have changed, that some of the pressure has eased up? I can really feel the Spring energies coming in now, and I feel that we are all being helped now (especially those of you who have really done the work over the past few months) to move forward.


Well what an exciting adventure we have been on these past few weeks, wow things are really starting to happen for us now and we are going to have more of the same over the coming month.

Starry Slug Syndrome
You may have experienced this Syndrome during the past few weeks when you just felt so tired that you couldn’t do anything except sleep. Naps during the day, going to bed early and sleeping deeply all occurred. So did the need to keep eating! This always worries people when they are spending a lot of time resting or sleeping, they worry about not burning up the calories they are taking in. Thing is you are burning up the calories because of the increase in speed of your vibrational rate whilst you go through this phase. (Refer to your book “ASCENSION TIPS – How to Survive the Ascension Process” for more information about this Syndrome).
If you are carrying any extra weight, which chakra is it protecting? You may need to spend some quiet time with this chakra and ask it ‘what is going on with you?’ Shamanically, you need to be a certain weight in order to do the work and carry that amount of Light within you. (That is why male shamans always have a good solid belly!). Weight gains like this are usually temporary whilst you are working through the issues in the area/s concerned. However, the Starry Slug Syndrome isn’t an excuse to lie on a couch and pig out; it is a process that needs to be respected like all processes. On the other hand, you cannot be underweight and working at these high frequencies or you will become ill because your body will not be able to withstand what is going on. Moderation and balance is the key here.

Journey to the centre of the Self
Before moving forward and out, many were pulled back and taken down deep. A great deal of deep internal work occurred as more deep layers of what you no longer need were taken into the Light, healed and let go of. For some the revelations were shocking, as if the blindfold were removed from your eyes and you saw with shocking clarity what has really been going on in your life. This may have manifested as health challenges, relationship challenges, it may have been to do with your job and how you want to work, it may have been to do with your home and environment. These revelations brought many tears (wonderful, your own cleansing rain) and a great deal of letting go. Letting go of what has been a familiar rut for so long yet now feels so wrong. Yes, there is that scary feeling of being alone and unsure where you are going next or what is going to happen next but you are used to that routine by now. I have to say this was one the deepest experiences in a long time for many, but how grateful we all are for that experience and the opportunity it has brought us to make the necessary changes in our lives.

Pioneers forging new trails
You may have found yourself suddenly going in a completely new or different direction, guided only by instinct. Congratulations! You are bang on track. Suddenly people are becoming the new Pioneers, forging new trails and explorations to open new pathways for the rest of us to follow. Whether that is in a MBS context, or green and sustainable living, or new products and systems, new ways of working, etc, it is all wonderful. Keep on keeping on!

Out of the box experiences
You may suddenly do something that is so out of character for you. It may be something completely on the spur of the moment. You go ahead and do it and it is not until afterwards that you sit down and think, wow! I can’t believe I/we did that! It is as if something else took over, as if the Spirit within suddenly took charge. Actually you are going with the flow and riding the Energy Wave that is passing your way.

Manifestation Mastery
Have you noticed how quickly you can manifest things now? I mean the big things as well as the little things. It’s as if your Law of Attraction techniques and beliefs are finally paying off. Sometimes the manifestation happens so quickly that it knocks you off your feet. You may panic a bit and think I’m not ready! But you are, you are so ready, this is what you have been waiting for and working towards. If you believe it will be so then it will be so. Never have I seen beliefs manifest so quickly in all the years I have been studying this stuff. Manifesting the little things has become so automatic now that we are almost taking the skill for granted. (My husband who is not into this kind of stuff, continually asks the ‘Parking Angels’ for parking spots and they have never let him down. Now he says it without thinking even when other people are in the car. It’s wonderful!). That was practice for manifesting the bigger things and it is such fun doing this! Celebrate being a Master or Mistress of Manifestation.

The wonderful thing about the above three sections (Pioneers/Out of the Box/Manifestion) is that when you hand over to your inner Self, surrendering and letting go into that guidance, allowing yourself to go with the flow of the Energy Wave - everything falls into place effortlessly and easily. For example; the people you need to see are available and they can do it at the time you want. The item you wanted is not only still available it has also been reduced in price. You come across someone who can help you fix that outstanding problem that you have been having trouble with. You start getting really good business referrals. Your social life starts expanding and you enjoy meeting new people on the same wavelength as you. You find the job/course/class you have been waiting months for is starting up just down the road from you. The benefits happen in all areas of your life not just one. So when you feel that Energy Wave coming, get your Spiritual surfboard out and ride it! You never know where it will take you.

So, yep, things are really starting to move now. If you have done the work and your vibration is matching the higher energies then you are definitely on your way now.

The tough stuff will still go on from time to time, it’s part of the contrast of life. The trick is to face it head on and deal with it straight away. When you do you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly matters become resolved and solutions appear. Clarity and focus return and suddenly you know what needs to be done in order for you to go in the direction you want to now go in. So whilst things can be very trying (and painful) at times, these moments pass very quickly once you deal with them. It is like dealing with minor irritations as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can get on with what you really want to get on with.

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, I have spaces for 1-2-1 sessions during this coming month. Contact me if you would like more details.

These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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