Wednesday, 21 August 2013


BLUE MOON Blessings!

August 20/21st we have another powerful Full Moon that is also being hailed by many astrologers as a lucky Blue Moon.  Remember the saying “once in a blue moon”? Well this is what it is all about.  It is a Moon you can wish upon and expect those wishes to come true. 

Astrological purists don’t agree, that is because traditionally, a Blue Moon is when two full moons occur in the same month.  However, astrologers are calling this Full Moon a blue moon, because it is the second Full Moon in a row in Aquarius (and as far as they are concerned, as it has happened twice in the same sign they feel it is a blue moon).  Also interestingly, there are normally three Full Moons between Solstice and Equinox, yet this year we have four, hence they are attributing a lot of magical power to this Full Moon.

The fact that it is full again in Aquarius is another reinforcement of the Age of Aquarius message.  That people power will create peace, love, abundance and joy on our planet.  And there has been such a tide of change; the Egyptian people are courageously making a stand right now and making great sacrifices to defend their rights.  Please send healing, love, peace and light to them to help peoples all around the world to live the way they want to. 

Where are you making a stand? 
Are you brave enough to stand up for what you believe in? 
Are you courageous enough to stand tall in who you now are? (Or are you still hiding under your previous ‘old world’ persona that has been a comfortable mantle all these decades?).  What have you changed about yourself or your life since the last Full Moon? 
This is your last chance to step into the true reality of who you are and how you need to live your life.  This is your last chance to step out of the ashes of the old and into the fabulous new you that the world has been waiting for.

As I mentioned last time, this Summer we have all seen an abundance of Butterflies filled with Divine light spreading joy and light to us all.  Also butterfly motifs seem to be on everything at the moment.  It is such a symbol for us all at this time.  We have all emerged now.  Some may still have wet wings and be a little tremulous about showing their bright, brave new colours to the world.  Others are getting used to the idea of showing their fabulousness and getting stronger about it.  And some have really taken off in a spectacular way! 
A Butterfly is not afraid of who it is.   A Butterfly is not afraid to show off its beauty.  A Butterfly knows who it is and is unconcerned about what others think or what others are doing.  A Butterfly is so connected to the Divine, it knows how to absorb the Sun’s (Creator’s / the Divine’s) rays to energise itself and increase its phosphorous beauty.  A Butterfly knows that there are no chains holding it down or holding it back (so why do you imagine you have them?)  A Butterfly knows how to fly.  Be the beautiful Butterfly that you are.  Your time is NOW!

This Full Moon highlights our deepest desires, dreams, aspirations and goals.  How much progress have you made on yours since the last Full Moon?  This rare cosmic event invites you (and supports you) in offering your creative talents and gifts to the world.  Open to the empowering energies that now surround you, the success that is guaranteed, the massive support you have now.  If you create and offer from your heart then you cannot fail.  Dare to do it bigger than you have ever done it before.  Dream big and big dreams will come true, you have the power to make these dreams manifest in this dimension, enjoy the adventure and the rewards that will come from daring to take flight.

Age of Aquarius tip
If what you are creating/launching is for the benefit of others, i.e. local community, global community and beyond, then you are guaranteed success.
Elly tip
You must be fully present and grounded at all times (not easy with some of the recent energies).  If you are being a La La Bunny and/or “away with the Fairies”, you will not get anything done and will not succeed.
BTW - this is the best day to get your hair cut if you don’t want it to grow back quickly as it is the start of the waning phase.

Use this Full Moon light to reflect on the past month.  What did you get all excited about but failed to follow through?  What plans did you have that never quite came off?  What held you back?  You have a chance to try again and really get things off the ground now.  The Age of Aquarius is the time of liberation, you are free.  You are free to live your life exactly how you want to.  You have emerged from the limitations of the chrysalis, struggle is over, now the world is yours.  Do not waste this opportunity!

(Ooooh oooh, I’ve just looked up some more astrology for this and – wait for it – the Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis”!! Wow that has blown me away!)

There has been a lot of transformational energy around since the last Full Moon, coupled with ongoing solar flares, meteor showers and goodness knows what else!  This has caused an increase in symptoms and an intense build up of energy as we approached this Full Moon :-


Downright exhaustion some said!  The intensity of the energies made many folks feel like they needed a daily nap, I even found myself going to bed early one night as I just could not stay awake.


Some folks experienced it on the left side of the head (sometimes accompanied by nausea and dizziness).  I thought it was just me, as I have some fluid in my inner ear, however I heard from several other folks that they were experiencing the same symptoms.

Feeling heady and weird – strangely disembodied, like your head has gone to a higher dimension and forgotten to bring your body with it!  This has happened to several folks recently as well. 

Our crown chakras have had to cope with massive downloads lately.  Ensure you cleanse yours (our ‘CLEANSER’ Spray Mist is fabulous for this, you can get it here: and remember to fold for protection especially at night.  We have been in an expanded state 24/7 lately, even when doing mundane tasks, so we need to remember to fold those beautiful crown chakra petals in for protection at least twice a day.  This will also help the headaches.

Drink plenty of water, this will help your headaches and keep your system clear.  Take some essences in water to ensure that there is no cranio-sacral jamming (our ‘DANCE of the SUN and MOON’ Spray Mist is fantastic for this, you can find it here –

Communication problems

It’s not Mercury retrograde but so many people have had problems over the past few weeks with their computers, tablets and ‘phones.  Also someone may be talking to you but it is not translating in your head, it is almost like you are not hearing them, as if you do not understand what language they are speaking.  And vice versa, you might be happily chatting away to somebody and they are not getting what you are saying.  The tense energies and recent astrological pressures have caused misunderstandings leading to snappiness and rows.


Several folks, including myself, have found that since the last Full Moon our feet cannot bear to be cooped up in shoes or socks, we have to be barefoot all the time.  No doubt this is to do with needing to ground the incredible energies we are being flooded with at the moment.  There is nothing better than feeling the grass under your bare feet and feeling that wonderful rejuvenating energy rise up through the soles of your feet, right up your legs and into your centre star.
Also many have felt the need to get outside at least once a day, to connect with the grounding and pure vibrations of Nature.  The fairies, devas and other elementals all know what is going and are there to help us, so communicate with them when you are outside, and don’t forget The Little People!  Gaze into the face of a flower and let it work its magic on you, or sit under the comforting and protective shelter of your favourite tree and let the tree heal you.


Wow amazingly strong as we built up this Full Moon.  Premonitions, guidance, healing, etc, all available for us now.

Go S – l – o – w

Over the past few weeks some folks found it hard to get going, to push ahead, they were being slowed down and some were (and still are) being stopped.  It’s as if everything has come to a standstill.  This is essential to allow adjustment and integration of the current energies.  It is a cosmic breather, giving you time to think and plan before forging ahead.  This phase is almost at an end, and as soon as the Moon becomes full many will feel their energy returning.

Busy, Busy

After the slowed down period things really speed up and you become greatly in demand.  This happens socially too, you may have found your diary has suddenly become busy and you are seeing lots of friends and family you haven’t seen for a while.  Enjoy this, it is all part of Summer’s magic. (I know some of you have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and are looking forward to another pause to catch your breath, however, make hay whilst the sun shines as they say, so enjoy yourselves).

There is also healing support with this Full Moon.  Grandmother Moon’s fullness brings to light that which has been hiding in the shadows, that which needs healing and releasing.  I know, I know, you have done so much processing and healing this year and are ready just to enjoy your lives now.  Just a bit more Soul Housekeeping to do to ensure you are as clear as possible for take off.  Her bright light will also show up some people and areas of your life that you hadn’t noticed before, these too need to be dealt with before the next Full Moon.

Check in with yourself often.  How does your body feel?  Are the actions you are taking feeling good?  Are you excited and energised?  If not, what is going on, what needs to change or be done differently to get you back on track?  Check often whether what you are saying, doing and being is in total alignment with your massive dreams and goals.  They – and you – are all that matters.  You need to stay in vibrational alignment in order for smooth, speedy manifestation.  And you will be tested along the way.  We are still in a Snake year and so those awful curveballs are still happening and usually when we least expect them.  These curveballs wake us up to where we haven’t been paying attention.  Where we have been happily coasting along not realising that something has been slipping under our radar.  Stay vigilant as much as you can (not in a fearful way) but in a spiritually alert way.

I have been telling you for years through my Blog and previous E-newsletters, that we are being directly guided now.  So forget what you were taught about how to do things.  Stop worrying about doing it right.  Stop giving yourself a hard time that you are not doing enough/are not disciplined enough etc.  That was then and this is now.  The old ways of doing things are dead; they do not fit in the new world and our higher vibrations.  We have all moved on now especially spiritually and creatively.  Don’t be afraid to embrace the new, dare to be challenged by the new, dare to create the new.  Surrender to the Divine and allow the Divine to be your only guide through whatever form that may take.

I know it feels strange, it feels sometimes like you are in a kind of limbo or no-man’s land, but that feeling is temporary.  Change is always challenging (tell me about it I’m a fixed sign!), and we have all stepped into a new reality that we know nothing about.  Some of us are still not sure what we should be doing yet, and that’s ok, clarity will come soon.  Many are suddenly moving home as it is time to be moved to where you most need to be.  Abrupt and sudden change is always scary but I promise you it always leads to something so much better.  And then there is the mourning side of it, suddenly all that was comfortable and familiar has dropped away and you are not sure yet what is in its place. This makes you feel vulnerable and can trigger your inner child stuff.  Look after yourself, reassure your inner child and give yourself lots of TLC whilst you are going through this.

Now, because of the ascension process, you are living in this dimension as a Divine Spiritual Being.  You have mastered being able to have a foot in both worlds and producing something of worth from that union that helps others.  Meditation and quiet time will open the doorway for guidance and creative downloads.  Do not be tricked by the higher ego (that’s the one that told you, you were Cleopatra or have been especially chosen by the elite councils and other egotistical cr*p).  You must go higher than that.  True meditation is when you are not distracted by pretty scenes, temples, guides, crystals or whatever.  True meditation is when you have gone high enough so that you are nothing amongst nothing, just atoms of consciousness.  That’s when the good stuff really comes in for you.  It may not download during meditation or straight away.  I find that when I get on with my day, usually when I am doing mundane tasks, that’s when I can see/hear clearly what I need to do, think of Be next.

This is a time of innovation, creation and transformation.  Have you had a whacky idea buzzing around but have been worried what people might think?  Go for it and don’t worry about what anyone thinks.  This new era needs new innovation and creations and so much of this wants to be birthed through you right now!


 I open to receive divine love and guidance
I say YES! to all the opportunities that have been waiting for me
I am ready to fly!
I am excited about sharing my gifts with the world
I know that my time is NOW!
I honour my Beauty and share it with the world
I am loved and I am loving
I am supported on every level
I am beautiful, talented and creative
I am ready to offer my talents, gifts and services to my global family
I am open to collaborations, groups and teams that want to make a difference
I am ready to stand tall in my truth
I am supporting my local, national, global and cosmic communities

No more excuses, no more procrastination, now is the time to show the world that you are living and Being your true creative, peaceful, abundant and spiritual Self.

NB Astro-alert – August 25th sees the second major Star of David and other important configurations. This will open a powerful portal through which will come a powerful ray of cosmic light that the Earth will be flooded with.  Some astrologers are calling this a “Peace Portal”, it’s a good idea therefore, to set aside time to send peace and healing light out to all the parts of our world that are troubled, to all the governments that we may halt any further degradation of the people of Earth and our beloved Earth Mother, to all creatures and green and growing Beings and to our brothers and sisters on other planets in this wondrous galaxy.  It doesn’t matter what time as we are all in different time zones (which is even better as it will be a day/night long event).

Blessings of Peace to y’all!

Elly xx

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

NEW MOON and LIONGATE Blessings!

NEW MOON and LIONGATE Blessings!

 Copyright Josephine Wall

On the 1st of August to celebrate Lughnasadh (Lammas) and in preparation for the upcoming Liongate, I went out into Nature to harvest more herbs.  It was a very hot day.

As I approached the field I normally cut across, I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of it.  The field has been rested this year. A wide variety of grasses and plants have decided  to grow there, making it a feast for the eyes.  Long grasses, oats from previous years, green manure crops (one with Lupin-like seeds, the other Chamomile) both GMO unfortunately, some Artemisia and a sprinkling of bright red field Poppies.  I was mesmerised watching the patterns created by the wind dancing through the waist high, rustling plants there.  And then I realised that there were hundreds of white Butterflies hovering and darting just above the level of the plants.  I stood for ten minutes completely entranced and surrounded by these clouds of divine little white Beings. (You can just about see them in the above photo, they were darting about so quickly they were hard to photograph).

I continued on my way and I could smell the second field before I could see it.  A smell that evoked warm memories of childhood summers, the sweet smell of golden corn ripened by the Sun.  Now a combine harvester was harvesting it and the acre of golden, waving corn was disappearing leaving behind its sweet scent.

I finally reached the area where I needed to be, made an offering to the Chief Plant and gathered only what I needed.  (Please note I am gathering weeds on public land, weeds that are due to be cut down in the next week).  Whilst there I am welcomed and invited into the shade by a lovely old tree whose branches created the perfect resting place, a most welcome cool canopy of shade.  I drank some water and there rested a few minutes before setting off home with my sack of green and growing treasure, ready to work with the plants as soon as I got home.  I spent a happy hour or so back at home sorting them out.

Do take some time off during August to get out and connect with Nature.  Make the most of the long, hot days whilst they last.  The Fireweed has been blooming for several weeks already, so Autumn is just around the corner.


”I will”
A fixed sign (not fond of change despite giving the opposite impression, and stubborn as heck if s/he thinks they are right).
A fire sign.
Represents pride, expression, romance, nobility, leadership, gambling, speculation, games, entertainment, the Arts, theatre, education, youth, drama, working with children (including teaching), theatre/acting, fame.

August is the month of Leo the Lion who brings his fiery energy to our lives over the coming weeks.  This is good for those who need a bit of fire to get them motivated again, however it is not so good for those already carrying a lot of fire energy, as they may either burn themselves out or flare up at anyone who crosses their path.  This fire energy can also make you feel restless and unsettled without knowing why.  It can make you feel like time is running out, that you have to rush everything and this can make you feel anxious.

The key to coping with and using this fire energy is to stay grounded!  You might be so excited about something that you are working on, launching, etc that you will be burning the candle at both ends, forgetting to eat properly or drink enough water and before you know it you will be an wreck by the time September starts!  Pace yourselves and be sensible, balance is essential during August.

Many have been feeling very tired over the past week, this can be resistance to something that is now coming up for healing/processing.  The fire has been lit and something is rising, something that needs to come into the light.  Try not to resist it, or you will start to feel ill and not understand why.  Leo energy brings up inner child issues that need healing so that we can once more become the playful, golden child who is happy, feels free and delights in everything in his/her world.  We are all in the new Age of Aquarius, we are all growing and expanding at a rapid rate now.  Growth spurts can be painful at times but are necessary.
Meditate, ask your Guides for clarity, drink plenty of water and take some essences to help keep your vibration raised.  (If you don’t keep your vibration raised you can sink into depression and couch potato mode).
You must look after yourself this month, many of you have already started cleaning up your nutrition and recognizing that in order to succeed, the physical vehicle must be in peak condition.  Enjoy nourishing and pampering your physical being.

I’ve tripped up already.  I reacted to something somebody wrote on a forum I belong to.  I was an idiot to get sucked in, as the whole thing got worse and all because of my knee-jerk reaction.  I should have just left it well alone, as the person concerned really wasn’t worth it.  That was the Leo fire energy, my hackles rose and I reacted instead of checking how balanced and grounded I was, and whether it was worth wasting my energy on!

This Era of True Partnership that we now find ourselves in is really shaking up our perceived view of what we consider the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Many are accelerating in that divinity so fast and absorbing so much light, they are now becoming the true way showers for relationship.  However, on the other side of that are the ones who are not ready or less evolved, and who are choosing to try and pull those ascending in this energy back down into the third dimension.  They are choosing not to rise, not to allow their own divinity to increase and are hell bent on ensuring that others stay down with them.  There have been attacks on those carrying the higher masculine/feminine energies and usually from the opposite sex.  It truly is a time of staying on path, of not allowing these people and/or lower energies to stop you from ascending to your beautiful Divine state of Being.

August is holiday month, so find time to get out in the Sun and soak up some of those energising, healing rays.  Then you can shine your Light even brighter like gregarious, loving Leo.  Extend warmth to all (even those who wind you up) and be like the Sun.

Dynamic Leo is also a smooth talker and very persuasive, so don’t get caught out by believing the hype that someone may be selling, they could be a dodgy dealer.  That goes romantically too.  Leo is incredibly romantic and you may be swept off your feet (even against your better judgement).  If you accept it as a fling you will be okay, if you are hearing wedding bells, I would place bets that you get nowhere down that aisle.  And watch out if you don’t want to get pregnant this month, there is a lot of birthing energy around, and even those of us who are post-menopausal have been feeling broody!

On the plus side as many of us are becoming more clear on our true Soul’s purpose and building our dream, we are meeting other members of our Soul family, strengthening connections and creating new friendships.  These will be long lasting.  They are easy, familiar and supportive.  It is like finding the right ‘family’ or community at last.  However, take heed of the above warning and trust your instincts when dealing with people this month.

Don’t lose heart, we are still in a massively expansive, creative time and we still have supportive energies around us.  We are in the Age of Aquarius, it’s just that recently at times, you haven’t felt much love and light with all the cr*p you have had to deal with.  That’s because we are in the transition stage.  As one person so aptly described it, you can’t go from A-Z without all the other steps inbetween.  And that is where we are; we are working on our new way of living, being and working and how we are now presenting ourselves in the world.  All of that takes time.  Tune into your inner guidance and gut feelings about every step you are taking, ask yourself:-

“Does this fit the dream?”
“Does this take me in the direction of my dream?”
“Does this make my energy go up or down?”
“What else do I need to do to make the dream happen?”
“What seems scary but actually is manageable?”
“Do I need to say Yes more?”
“What do I need to be more daring about?”

Check your chart, which house is Leo in?  This is the area where you are being urged to be daring, bold and courageous, to take a big leap, to take chances.

Remember together we are creating the new world, the new reality, so don’t lose heart, keep the faith, keep believing and keep building.  If you feel as if it is never going to happen for you, stay strong (like Leo the Lion) and know that it will happen for you, at the right time.  And don’t forget to celebrate all the little triumphs and successes along the way.  That way the Universe will bring you more good stuff to celebrate.

The Grand Trines in the sky (The Star of David) continue giving us all another chance to make the dream happen.  It is essential to stay grounded during all this dynamic energy, and to keep your channel clear for further downloads.  More amazing insights, ideas and revelations are available during August for those open to receiving them.  These will all provide more pieces to the puzzle and help you with your plans.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t be afraid to offer something new, use the courage of Leo the Lion to dare to step out of your box (especially creatively) and just do it!  Will power is an awesome tool when used in the right way.

Stay away from those who don’t get it.  Don’t let anyone or anything burst your bubble regarding your dream.  Surround yourself with those on the same path, those who believe in you and support your dreams and goals.  We are still sifting and sorting, clearing and purging on every level of our life, and that includes people as well as possessions and beliefs etc.  Leos love themselves (sometimes a bit too much!) but we could all learn from them.   By loving and trusting ourselves we remain solid and on path and destined for success.

August is also a very sociable month, so don’t be all work and no play.  Get out there and play with friends and family.  Accept invitations and have a fabulous time!  Remember to be the extraordinary, creative individual that you are.  Dare to express that now in all aspects of yourself.  Some people might be stunned by the new, colourful, daring you – just revel in it.  Who knows - they might secretly be inspired to do the same – and all because of you.  In true dramatic Leo style (no wonder so many of them are in show business) the world is your stage dahling!

If you want some inspiration about how to be bolder and courageous take a look at the awesome older ladies in Ari Seth Cohen’s brilliant Blog, Advanced Style ( They don’t give a stuff what people think, they dress for themselves and for the sheer pleasure of exploring their creativity.  They do what they want, when they want, and they make the world a brighter place.  They are not afraid to strut their stuff (perfect Leo energy) and brighten up the world.

Leo also likes the finer things in life and insists on good quality.  Be like Leo, make up your mind that only the best will do for you now, anything that is second best will not make it in your life.  You have come through so much and have come so far now, that only the best will do.



Each year on 8-8 a powerful portal called the Liongate opens.  Through that a surge of powerful energy is received by us from the Dog Star, Sirius.  It is said to be in alignment (on this one day) with the Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza, a direct portal link to ancient, Egyptian knowledge.  The Egyptians carried the ancient Star and Starseed knowledge.  It is a time passageway.  Through Sun energy it helps us to birth the new in ourselves and our lives.

The Lion Gate is a portal that opens for one powerful day every Summer, giving us a much needed blast of intense light from the Galactic Centre and Solar energy to sustain us through our ongoing ascension journey and for the long Winter days ahead.  This blast of energy through its energy gateway directly affects the Heart chakra.  It energises and opens the heart centres of all sentient Beings, elevating their heart energy to a new level. 

(Those of you who work with Fire medicine will be feeling it especially this day). 

Try and take it easy on the 8th if you can, and just allow these energies to flow through you.  Trust that they will be absorbed without you having to do anything.

I have noticed an increase in powerful energy over the years on this day, and I had to wait a long time for the right year, for the numerology to be right to make an essence on 8-8-8. 


Galactic Energy Essence


Karma and infinity weave together our past, present and future.  This date presented us with a unique portal which we could step through.  By weaving our personal journey and time together in this way, we can link into and attain Universal Consciousness and know the freedom of not being bound by linear time. 

The 8’s are about balancing karma (and are also related to creativity).  On its side, the 8 creates the Symbol of Infinity, another powerful symbol.  There are three 8’s; one for each time phase; past, present and future, and all are held within a circle, the Sacred Hoop of Life.  The 8-8-8 harmonic is a vortex of pure energy, which provides us with a Time Lock or Time Gate.

The ‘Infinity Flower’ essence effortlessly weaves together our past, present and future moving us to a point of power.  It helps you to open the Gate of Power guarded by Lion spirits who help you to claim I AM POWER – NOW.  This will give you strength on your journey forward.
This essence was made on an incredibly auspicious day. It was the day that the Chinese Olympics opened, the date and time chosen by the Chinese because in their culture the sound of the number 8 is similar to the word they have for wealth.  In Feng Shui 8 is considered a lucky number for abundance, money and wealth.  By using this essence you will be able to open yourself to abundance of all kinds in all forms.  Allow the gifts of Heaven to come down to you and reflect in your life, and don’t be afraid to step through the Lion Gate that is the portal to a more abundant way of life for you.
You can get the Essence here: (page in alphabetical order)


You may be asked to change something in your life, or everything.  Be open to the new adventures and opportunities, scary though it/they may be.  We are all being pushed out of our comfort zones to become the full magnificent, colourful Beings that we are and invited to take our rightful place on the world ‘stage’.

August may be challenging at times but it can also be a lot of fun.  We have the choice.  It’s like someone recently said, “Which channel are you tuning into?  The Awful channel or the Joy channel?”  Leo the Lion brings us strength through any adversity plus playfulness, Leo reminds us to lighten up, we are stronger than we think we are.  This month really is about letting your heart and gut guide you and keeping that negative mind in check.  Abundance is available for many and in many different forms this month, so keep the faith and remain open to receiving. 

August is the month to go for it – in every way – be brave, be bold, be colourful, be YOU!

Sunny Blessings to y’all
Elly x

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