Monday, 8 February 2016


New Moon in Aquarius


We have a New Moon in Aquarius:
UK                 8 February 14.39pm
EU       -           8 February 15.39pm
USA     -           8 February 09.39am
AUS     -           9 February 01.39am
NZ        -           9 February 15.38pm

AQUARIUS - I Know / I belong
        Artist: Josephine Wall
Aquarius represents truth, science, altruism, hope, ideals, inspiration, new ideas, associations, friendships/community, inventions, eccentricity, electronic media, computing, Astrology, anything unusual, New Age interests and Humanitarian pursuits.  The sign of the Visionary, Aquarius sees the bigger picture and takes action.  Freedom is important to Aquarius.  Aquarius rules the ankles, lower legs, circulatory system, veins, arteries (esp. hardening of), spasms and cramps.

 Other Energies and influences

Have you been dropping things?  Have things been flying out of cupboards at you?  Have you been tripping over something invisible? Have you been a bit clutzy lately? All are part of the incoming tricky energies of the Fire Monkey. (More on this further down).


Earth Sensitives in particular will have been experiencing physical symptoms in response to all that the Earth mother is going though at the moment.  High pitch ear tones alert us to the earthquakes happening around the world.

Aches and pains have increased especially in the legs and neck areas. 

Energy influxes, rather like solar flares, can affect our eyesight, making it a bit blurry for a few days (if this persists please get it checked out by a professional in case it is something else*). 

Heart palps for some as the body adjusts to this next massive energy adjustment. (Again if these persist, get them checked out*).

*Sometimes the planets help us by flagging up health issues that need attending to.  So please, if symptoms persist or you are worried about anything, get it checked out by a medical professional.

If you have been experiencing headaches, this can indicate a blockage in one of the chakras below the head, worth seeing a healer or doing some energy work yourself to clear this.

Drink plenty of water (if the weather is very cold, drink warm boiled water) this will help you to stay flexible and stop any cramps/aches and pains. 

Stay warm if you are in a cold climate, you may feel chillier than usual as you go through this process of adjustment.

Emotionally you may be feeling hypersensitive; avoid negative people and environments, ensure that you have your Solar Plexus shield charged up and your aura protection in place before you leave home every day (and don’t forget to do this at night too before sleep, to avoid astral interference during dreamtime).

Mind traps – beware of your mind drawing you into a negative spiral, when you are feeling low physically and/or emotionally, the mind can conjure up hundreds of miserable/negative scenarios.  Don’t let it.  Distract your mind by watching a movie that makes you feel good, listening to some upbeat music, do some cleaning or gardening or go for a walk.

Thankfully February’s energy is lot easier and kinder than January’s was.  Enjoy the ease of this month and use it to get yourself organized, as March is going to be very busy!

Chinese New Year
A few months before the change in Chinese New Year, I always attune to the incoming animal for guidance and to determine the type of energy we will be dealing with.  The past two years with Wood Horse and Wood Sheep, the energy was benign and gentle, yet this year every time I tried to attune to Monkey, I felt blocked as if it wouldn’t let me read it.  I sensed some mischievous energy with the potential for mayhem.  I tried several times and in the end decided I was better off leaving Monkey alone.  It was interesting then how I received confirmation about my impressions as I started to research Year of the Monkey in more depth.


Year of the Fire Monkey
Yang – Metal – Red – Fire - Monkey

What we can expect for the Fire Monkey year (Feb 2015-Feb 2016):

Moving Forward Energy – Change - Deception – Creativity – Opportunities - Solutions

The past couple of years were slow for some and annoying for others, and there seemed to be a lot of anger energy that was coming up for healing.  For many of us, the past couple of years were incredibly tiring and we often felt like we were wading through treacle or pushing a heavy load uphill.  Depression featured for many also. 

That is now changing.  Monkey energy is far more upbeat.  Monkey’s fire energy brings warmth, joy and happiness.  Monkey pushes us to be gutsy and go for it.  You must be brave and not let your fears derail you this year.  Success is possible for many this year if you stay strong and have the guts to go for what you want.  It is a good year for new businesses, as long as you have checked the small print and done your research.  We can all move forward in big steps/leaps this year and really reach for the sky.  It’s a year for being creative, inventive, innovative and bold.

According to some Feng Shui experts, this is the year for succeeding on your own.  Relying on others for your success could be disastrous, so be careful about whom you get involved with regarding business matters. 

The monkey loves to chat, so it could be a great year for socializing, debating and relating.  However, sensitive types may find some people a bit too full-on, also anger energy still abounds, so try not to waste your energy in getting wound-up by what really isn’t that important.  Save it for manifesting your own success and don’t let anything anyone says put you off.

It could be a passionate year, one thing is for certain, it won’t be boring and will be quite the rollercoaster! 

Moving Forward Energy
The past two years were about preparing and laying down plans for our dreams, the Fire Monkey year is all about actualising them.  So all those dreams you keep talking about now have to be manifested.  This requires grounded step-by-step progress that is always moving forward (whatever curveballs may come up).  At last the brakes are off and we can all move forward with our projects, dreams and goals.  We need to do our homework though, and check things out thoroughly to ensure that the wool is not pulled over our eyes.

There is unpredictable energy this year.  It could be a year when the sh*t hits the fan.  Changes you have been avoiding will now happen.  The changes you were thinking about will now actualize.  If you’ve had your head in the sand prepare to get your arse well and truly kicked.  In fact we could all be in for some wake up calls.
On a more positive note it could be the year of fortune for you.  Everything could change as quickly as the flipping of a coin.  Every change you make now will reap benefits for you, so ride those changes knowing that they are leading you to so much better.
Monkey isn’t afraid to change when change is needed, even if that change has come via a curveball.  Monkey will look at what has been presented in great detail, then work out what s/he needs to do and adapts/changes.  That is why Monkey is so successful.  Monkey is in fact a great ally, especially in business. You can apply Monkey’s technique for any of life’s problems that come up.


You may need a lot of smudge this year!

Beware of being conned this year.  There could be some smooth-talking folks who want you to get involved in something - trust your gut – do not take them at face value, do not believe everything they say or write, check them out in detail. 
This is especially true for those in the mind-body-spirit fields, there will be those who talk the talk very convincingly (and even seductively at times) – don’t be seduced.  There are those who seem super confident about themselves and what they are saying/selling – don’t fall for it they could be bluffing and you could lose out.  You may need to smudge a lot too this year to clear these types of energies.

A very encouraging year for starting something new, building something new or building on something you have started, for sharing your creativity with the world, being innovative and getting out there with it.  You will be able to move ahead this year at last.  Some may realise that they have had enough of their creativity being stifled and choose to leave the jobs that they are in.  Boldness leads to success.  Take charge of your creativity and enjoy it.  However, do check everything out and research – research – research before launching.

Health issues
Avoid sleeping in the North East if you can this year, as that is where the 5 Star Yellow affliction is (the illness star).  This is also applicable to homes that face North East.  Don’t get so busy that you get too distracted, as that is when accidents happen – this star is also known as the ‘bone breaker’.  Other areas of health to keep an eye on and be mindful of are; illnesses (which can become serious) – don’t ignore symptoms, get them checked out immediately.  Back and spinal injuries – be careful lifting and moving things. Heart problems – look after your beautiful heart.  This is the year for really sorting your health out, start those classes, get to the gym, do more walking, see those therapists, dance, cycle, swim.  If you want to enjoy your success then you need to be well enough to enjoy it.  Start right now.

Monkeys never miss an opportunity especially if it will help them to achieve their goals.  They know how to adapt when changes and curveballs present, and that is a great skill, especially in business.  Adaptability is key this year.  When opportunities present, don’t wait, go for it.  However, check the small print and check the people out thoroughly before signing anything.

The Monkey is a problem solver and brings energy to help you find solutions to your problems.  Focus 80% on the solution and only 20% on the problem.  Monkey will help you to find the clarity you need and to stay grounded so that you can make the right decisions. 
Monkey brings hope – and we could all do with a bit of that! Monkey looks objectively at a problem, to all the components of it, and works out how to sort it out.  Monkey takes time doing this and we must do the same.  When presented with a problem, get over the fear and panic as soon as possible (taking some Essences such as our ‘Fear Buster’ Essence can help with that, you can find it here:
Then apply your logical mind to working out all the different aspects of it, break it down, and then see what can be done. 
SOULutions – this is also a year for really getting in touch with your own Soul.  How do you express your Soul in the world?  How often do you feed your Soul with what it most needs? When you develop a stronger relationship with your Soul and allow your Soul to express itself, then you can trust your intuition and be Soul guided to solutions – soulutions.

Abundance for Women

The Wealth Water Star is highlighted for women this year.  The number 8 (a popular number for abundance in Feng Shui) is a lucky number this year and many good opportunities will present for women (just be careful about who you go into business with/collaborate with, don’t forget that there is trickery around, you will need to double and triple check everything).  Business-wise things will go well for women this year, new opportunities, increases in salary and abundance in all forms.  Family businesses will fare well also. 

Not a good year to get married, far better to wait until after Feb next year.

The Number 8

To make the most of the abundance blessings available this year, activate the eight in your life in as many ways as possible.  Make a cushion cover in purple with the number 8 appliqued on it (triple 8 would be even better) and place in the wealth area of your house/rooms.  Wearing jewellery in the shape of an eight – or triple eight – such as a necklace.  This is especially beneficial to women working in sales.  And as Monkey is the metal element, this would be perfect. 
BTW – each of our ‘Fire MONKEY’ spray mists has an 8 charm attached to it which you can use by attaching it to your wallet/purse or putting it on a chain to wear.

The key is to keep moving forward whatever happens, don’t allow yourself to become paralysed by what is happening.  It is also a solution-oriented year so you will find solutions to any problems or obstacles that may come up.  Others can help you with these solutions also, however, it is better to trust your own intuition in these matters and then once you have an idea of what you want to do, seek out those who can help you. 

Chinese Astrology

To find out how your animal sign will be affected, the lovely Bette Steflik has some good info:

NEW MOON in Aquarius

This New Moon is the moon of making wishes and for wishes coming true.  It is about group endeavours and fun with other people.  It is about deepening our connection with others (and re-connecting with those we may have been neglecting).  What is your capacity for happiness?  This Aquarian New Moon invites you to open yourself up to receive more happiness.  Recent events may have closed you down more than you realised, time to give yourself permission to be happy so that the Universe can bring you many reasons to be happy.  You are allowed to be happy you know!

This New Moon invites us to come out of hiding and be more sociable, perhaps it’s time to join a new group or start a new class where you can meet new people.  Aquarius is the sign of hope and helps us to reconnect with our dreams and aspirations.  The Age of Aquarius is about operating at a higher vibration and living in a higher vibration – not easy, with all that is going on in our world at the moment.  This Aquarius New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to believe in our dreams, to think BIG! be bold, be audacious, Aquarius knows that by tapping into the higher vibrations anything is possible.

So do all you can to keep your vibration high.  Create a new vision board for your big audacious dreams and goals.  Take Essences to keep you internally aligned and to keep your cells vibrating in a higher frequency
(If you want any help with choosing the right ones for you, just let me know and I will dowse for you, or see what jumps out at you from our Essences
Play nice music, buy some fresh flowers, wear some bright clothes, burn some uplifting incense or aromatherapy oils, sing, smile and indulge your inner hippy.

Aquarians are individuals; they have their own way of looking at the world and their own way of expressing themselves in the world including the way they dress.  This New Moon encourages us to drop all that has been weighing us down, to discard outdated images of ourselves and step into who we really are.  Have you been dressing to please someone else or because you thought you had to conform to be accepted?  This is exactly the type of thing that needs to be dropped right now.  You are unique; you have your own style that has been trying to get out for some time now.  My American friends have a great expression “flying your own freak flag”, and Aquarians certainly have no problem in doing that, they are totally unafraid of being themselves and don’t care what other people think.  We have all been given permission to be ourselves fully! So come out of the closet (figuratively and literally and clear that closest out) and make space for what is new, fabulous and totally your style.

Unhook yourself from unnecessary obligations and people; especially those that make your energy drop.  Only do and be with those that raise your energies. 

You are the butterfly emerging now in full glorious colour, it’s time for you to start living your life the way you want and with who you want.  Life is so very precious and so short, we are blessed to have the freedom to do this and I am so very grateful.  Make each day matter; start now to make the changes that you know must be made. 

Live bolder, brighter and happier!

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas ( )
Because of Chinese New Year, and to keep this Blog from being too long, I haven’t had space to cut and paste Chani’s info.  Go to her website to check out how this New Moon affects you.


Write your New Moon Wish List

Take an honest look at how you present yourself to the world

Make changes to yourself and your environment to reflect your individuality and creativity

Reconnect with family/friends you may have neglected recently

Join a new group/class/activity

Create a Vision Board of your big, bold dream

Buy yourself one item that represents the bold new you
(doesn’t have to be expensive, treasures can be found in charity/thrift stores)


Spray Mist

This Spray Mist supports you on every level as you work with the energy of the Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey brings you energy and drive and helps you to move forward.

Be prepared for changes - This Spray Mist will help you to cope with the unexpected changes that may happen

A great year to get in touch with your creativity and share it with the world - This Spray Mist contains our 'Creativity' Essence to help with this

Be open to opportunities - there will be more than there have been the past couple of years - This Spray Mist helps you to remain open and keeps you grounded

Watch your back - deception and trickery abounds - don't rush into anything - check it all out first - This Spray Mist contains a special Essence combination which protects you and helps you to trust your intuition
This is a solution-oriented year, focusing more on solutions rather than problems - This lovely Spray Mist contains another of our special Essence combinations, which helps you to have clarity and vision that lead to solutions

And it smells fabulous!

You can find it here:


I welcome more happiness into my life

I welcome new friendships into my life

I welcome abundance of all kinds into my life

I am flying my own ‘Freak Flag’ and I am proud!

I keep my eye on my prize and I keep going

I take action every day in an organized way

I am doing whatever I want now

and I am happy, happy, happy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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Friday, 22 January 2016


Full Moon in Leo


We have a Full Moon in Leo:
UK            24 January 01.46am
EU     -        24 January 2.46am
USA   -        23 January 20.46pm
AUS   -        24 January 12.46pm
NZ     -        24 January 14.46pm

LEO – ‘I WILL / I Love’
Artist: Josephine Wall
LEO - Fire sign. The Lover and charmer of the zodiac - could charm the birds off the trees (and male Leos are very good at charming women).  They excel in the Arts especially acting and performing as they are not shy of the spotlight, in fact they love being the centre of attention and having an adoring audience.  Leos are wonderful to have as a friend, fun and sociable and very loving. Good at working with children and young people as they understand them. Leos seek fame, and their arrogance can take them a long way, but it can also trip them up at times. They can also be lazy, wanting everyone else to wait on them. They are strong willed and very good at manipulating people in such a subtle way that folks don’t even realise how their strings have been pulled! They express themselves boldly in the world and are fearless when they are aiming for what they want. They always brighten a place up with their cheerful energy and are great to have around.
Leo represents pride, expression, romance, nobility, leadership, gambling/speculation, games, entertainment/the Arts, education, youth, drama, working with children, fame.


January continues to be rocky for some as we settle into the New Year.  Hang on in there, once the Chinese New Year kicks in, the energies will change.  The current year - the Year of the Sheep - has been hard on many folks, thankfully we will receive more uplifting and dynamic energy in the Year of the Monkey. (More on this in my next Blog post).

We are still in the New Year Window as I call it, Chinese New Year starts on Feb 7th, so you still have time to spring clean and clear the clutter.  Once you have physically cleaned your space, use ‘The Cleanser’ spray mist to clear any lingering unwanted energies, especially in the corners of each room including hallways, inside wardrobes and cupboards etc, so that you have a completely fresh, clean, energetic space for the New Year to really land in your home.  You can find ‘The Cleanser’ here:

If you have moved furniture around, changed curtains/furnishings etc for the new season, then you will also enjoy our ‘Feng Shui’ spray mist, which is fantastic for balancing the Chi (energy) and brings peace, harmony and balance to your home.

Other Astrology

Mercury is still retrograde until the end of January. Catch up with outstanding jobs, clear the decks ready for your new creations.  Mercury retrograde also gives us an opportunity to upgrade, one of my friends had to replace her computer and ‘phones recently, whilst inconvenient, it is a positive sign that her entire life is upgrading.  There are always plenty of positives with Mercury retrograde.  However, do remember to think before speaking or hitting Send until this retrograde is over. 
Mercury ‘couples’ with Pluto at the Full Moon bringing ‘intense and penetrating’ energy.  This could have you worrying obsessively, others may be aggressive (do your best to avoid being aggressive to others) – breathe!

The Full Moon also has a square from Mars in Scorpio, this can also be quite intense energy.  Scorpios (and those with Scorp in their chart) may feel tense during the Full Moon transit.  Tempers may flare up and you may feel grumpy. Mars is also the planet of sexuality and creativity, so we are encouraged to make love/art not war!

To avoid unnecessary dramas – breathe - it’s temporary and will ease off as the Full Moon wanes.  Find time to yourself and meditate if you can, it will help you cope with projections from others and any challenges that may come up. 


Because the Full Moon is in Leo, we are urged to channel our energies into creativity, to get in touch with our personal power and to realise that anything is possible.  However, resist the urge to be a diva and instead dive deep and lose yourself in your creativity instead.

Message from the Full Moon:

Speak your truth

Say aloud what your desires are

Share what you are thinking

Be proud of who you are

Ask for help (and don’t be too proud to do so)

Be open to new opportunities

Be open-minded re the way you see/think things
– this Full Moon offers new perspectives

Be open to making mistakes

Be balanced

Think before doing – focus on what works for all concerned

Be fully present – stop worrying – enjoy each moment as it happens

Be what you most want in life

Get in touch with your inner roar!

Find time for fun
(Leo loves having fun and so does your inner child)

Leos are incredibly loving and this Leo Full Moon reminds us to be as loving as a child to ourselves.  In our busy lives we often leave ourselves until last and that makes us out of balance. You are hereby given permission to look after yourself, to pamper yourself, to hug yourself and shower yourself with love – oh and to have lots and lots of fun! J

To know how this Full Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
This Saturday’s full moon lights up your creative projects and love affairs. Normally this would be a celebration of all of creation from the playful to the erotic. However something much feistier is at play, thanks to a square from Mars. Again you’re in a situation where passion may reign but the pursuit might leave you feeling more burnt then bodacious. Make sure to temper romantic expectations and to take care of your creative energy by appreciating and honoring it no matter who else does or does not.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
With Saturday’s full moon in Leo highlighting your foundations, your roots, and your ancestral heritage, you get to notice what psychological floorboards support you and which trip you up. We can honor our lineage and still be critical of what was passed down to us. Don’t be afraid to hold up the philosophies of your family for a deeper critique. Don’t be afraid of raising your voice in protest, in interest or in support of a different way of looking at a difficulty. Don’t be afraid of shifting your consciousness and freeing yourself from a paradigm where you were never going to be granted your own power. You no longer need to play by the rules that were meant to hold you back or keep you out of the game completely.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Saturday’s full moon in Leo reveals its light in a part of your chart that has to do with your communications and your daily deeds that must get done. This could amplify the amount of activities that you’re involved in this week, but it also could imply that there is a conversation that you need to have that reveals more than you bargained for, both about yourself and those you are in communication with. Speaking our mind and sharing our thoughts is sometimes an all-consuming endeavor, particularly if we venture into the bad lands of social media. Because the nature of this full moon is somewhat inflammatory, take into consideration that whatever you communicate may not be heard in the way you wish it to be. Take caution then and try to temper the heat with some cool, dry and creative wit.

CANCER / Cancer rising
There could be interactions that occur this week that get into issues that are far from simple. There could be conversations this week that entice you into a difficult corner to get out of. There may be communications with others that walk a fine line between powerful sentiments and abuse of one’s power in the context. If so, aim to understand the imbalance. What is the nature of it and how do you play into it, benefit from it or resist perpetuating it? Notice how the dynamics of difficult conversations help you to get a better understanding of imbalance in your life. With Saturday’s full moon highlighting your second house of income and inner resources, you’ll be able to see what talents you have developed and how they support you. Focus your attention on believing in the power of your gifts rather than what you perceive you might lack.

LEO / Leo rising
With a full moon in Leo on Saturday, this week’s pressure peaks on your home turf. This brings a focused amount of attention to you, those you are partnering with and the foundations of your relationship. For some this will be about where you hang your hat. For others this will be about the underlying themes of being in partnership. For some of you it can lead to a tension around how to manage your time when it comes to those in your life you want to give all of yours to.  Take a moment for yourself.  Get back to the schedules of self-care that help you to combat the stress of the day to day.   Get back to the practical things that you can do to help yourself remember your power. Get back to the moment-by-moment practices you can partake in that help you to refresh your energy levels and reset your stress markers. Get back to all the things that help you process the information that relationships can offer. Make room for the loves in your life that want to help you burn bright, not burn out your lovely light.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Grab your notepad and your paintbrushes, your camera and your favorite book of poetry. Duck out the back door and get lost in the lands that remind you that you are a creator, not just a consumer.  Create yourself everyday through the colors you chose to wear, through the way you do your hair, through the ideas, visions and art your surround yourself with. Consume colors. Consume lovers. Consume the contours of the land that surrounds you. Visit the monuments that inspire your inner artist and explore new relationships that can help you to uncover your hidden passions. Explore those that you love and let them do the same with you. Explore your own inner, possibly hidden, resources via the journey that love lends you.
Take time to honor the muses that surround you. Take them in. Take them out. Take them everywhere but for granted. Revel in difficult conversations with romantic partners. Get intimate with the intricacies of intimacy and all that it reveals. Like the fear of losing it. Like the need to control it. Like the desire to run from it for fear of all it is capable of changing in your life.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Crowded houses can breed temperamental guests and family members. Since there is a lot going on in the part of your chart that deals with core issues, family concerns and the foundational strengths and weaknesses upon which your life is built, you have good reason to be reviewing the aforementioned. Remember to wear kid gloves and maintain the appropriate patience necessary when trying to understand the nature of these complex and historic issues. They run deep. Parsing out the problematic takes time. So much can get missed when we try to see things simplistically. So many misunderstandings take place when we make up our mind before considering the conditions from which the problems arose. So much pain is created simply because of the environment in which it exists. Create an environment of your choosing. Make your home a place where equality can exist, where freedom of speech is expressed and where dominance is transformed into interdependent power and mutual respect. Make your home into a place of collective celebratory healing and invite those that get you over to get down with you and celebrate Saturday’s full moon in Leo.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
This astrology may require you to make an effort to communicate thoughtfully even if the tone demands that it is profoundly honest. This astrology ask for a rigorous effort to be made on your part when examining your motivations for saying what you do when you do and for understanding what kind of world it may engender. So many of us feel starved for human one-on-one interaction and forget to create meaningful and deep present time conversations. In short, don’t waste the entire week in an online argument. Challenge yourself to take your ideas to the people you share your life with.  Saturday’s full moon finds you celebrated for your efforts in the world at large. It may come at a cost to you personally or may recognize you for efforts that no longer light you up. There will be much that occurs this spring that will have you understanding the nature of what you desire and why. The process will shift your relationship to success and accomplishment. Take note this week of what feels right for you when your efforts are recognized and what feels no longer worth the work.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
With a willingness to investigate inner resources left untapped you can make major strides this week towards being even more efficiently self-supporting. The key to unlocking these unknown reserves is self-inquiry. Getting the gold and looting the dragon’s lair comes at the steep cost of self-knowledge. It’s worth it but, like anything that is valuable, it isn’t free. Saturday’s full moon in Leo arrives just in time to remind you of all the things you have yet to learn, all the places that you have yet to go and all of the parts of yourself you still have to get to know. This full moon may give you reason to make a concerted effort towards untying yourself from the things in your psyche that want to hold you back and keep you in a state of suffering instead of on a quest for your liberation.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Saturday’s full moon wants you to take note of the investments that you have made, see what fruits they are bearing and behold their beauty and their rotten parts. Both are important to take note of. Not every investment is a wise one and not every collaboration will bring about the results you expected. They may in fact bring about a result completely unexpected and yet very welcome.  The rest of this week’s astrology stays centered on your nature, your personality, your identity, your appearance and your body. You may be offered reflections about yourself that help you to appreciate who you are becoming. You may be offered an opportunity to become better acquainted with your own peculiar personality. You may be continuing on a path that helps you to shed the layers of your former lives and therefore embrace this one with a greater gusto.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
With the sun’s return to your sign this week there’s a distinct, refreshing note of relief and release. Although there is still much muttering away that goes on behind the scenes and in your unconscious, you get a lift from the mere fact that your birthday becomes you.  So celebrate.  Saturday’s full moon brings you into a possibly abrupt relationship dynamic. You may want to make it one of your birthday resolutions to learn how to deal effectively with divas and disaster queens. You may want to make a habit out of deescalating your nervous system when someone else throws a hissy fit. You may want to make it your mantra this week to use the exterior experiences you’ve been given to better understand your internal reactions. This is your season of renewal. Set yourself on a journey that helps you course correct. This is a time where you get to reap all that you have sewn, understand all you accomplished last year, and get set to build upon it this year.
Leave the unhealthy relationship dynamics in 2015.  You are older, wiser and more able to deal with the intricacies of relationships without having to get caught, twisted and turned inside out over other people’s unprocessed demons. Besides, you’ve still got too much going for you out in the world to get sidetracked or derailed. And with Pallas Athene, the asteroid named after the goddess of wisdom, in your sign you’ve got bright ideas burning a hole in your pocket.
I say spend them.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Saturday’s full moon wants to highlight that which can help you feel better as well. There may be an action that you need to take to help your system work within its limits. A little time off never hurt anyone and by the looks of it there is more than one social situation that wants to entertain you if you get lonely. It’s just that what you crave might be the kind of friend that you can hang with that doesn’t tax your system. If you don’t have those folks around, then equal out your party time with your introspective excursions.

To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

Let yourself off the hook.  It’s playtime!  Do something that makes you smile and laugh.  Do something different.  Drop the usual routine and surprise yourself.  Take time out to have fun!

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

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