Thursday, 2 July 2015


Full Moon in Capricorn

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn:

UK            2 July 03.20am BST
EU     -        2 June 18.19am EDT
USA   -        2 July 10.20pm EDT
AUS   -        2 July 12.20pm AEST
NZ     -        2 July 14.20pm NZT

CAPRICORN – I Use / I decide
Lovely, practical, earthy Capricorn is usually blessed with a great sense of humour as well.  Capricorn represents ambition, government, authority, tradition, pragmatism, conservatism (although some Caps I’ve known have been downright out there wacky!), endurance, business management, integrity, economics, and practical expertise.
This is good year for Caps as it is also the Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram, so a lot of beneficial energies abound for all you lovely Capricorns right through to February next year.
Capricorns work well where their intellect and analytical qualities can be used, which is why they are so good at business in areas some would find stuffy and boring, they thrive in these environments. They also make great engineers and inventors and can be very creative.
They can be as stubborn as hell and their own worst enemies at times, which is why they needs friends who can soothe their ruffled fur. High in integrity, they are loyal, supportive friends and defender of the underdog.

Current Energies and influences

Ooh it’s been a bit intense building up to this Full Moon hasn’t it?  The phase between the recent New Moon and today’s Full Moon brought on a lot of aches and pains for some folks. It was as if our Greater Self is struggling to fit into our smaller human form.  We have expanded so much. The physical level is always the last port of call to catch up with what has been going on, in the higher levels of our Being.
The aches and pains may also be a sign of further energy detoxing, so drink plenty of water to keep flushing out these mild toxins, eat lots of water rich foods (citrus fruits, salad leaves, cucumber, beetroot – great for cleaning and strengthening the blood, etc).

Intense dreams in the build up to this Full Moon.  I usually get short snapshots, the past few days I have been getting long-running movies!  Interesting stuff going on, lots of clearing during dreamtime as well, as old stuff coming up for healing and clearing.

Not feeling quite in the world as if you are operating in slo-mo. 

Some feeling in limbo, where they were feeling confident of the way forward, now they do not feel so sure.

Some feeling like they have suddenly been stopped (this could be the return of Saturn in Scorpio), when they had been moving forward so well.

In all cases, I would say hold onto the Dream, don’t doubt it or let it go. These are just small tests along the way as we continually adjust to the energies and challenges being presented to us.  We’ve been given the green light, nothing and no-one can stop us achieving our big Dream/Goal.

It’s been a tough year for many healers/Lightworkers on the health front.  And it seems incredibly unfair at times. Those who have been in service for decades, done the personal work and who should now be enjoying life, are being challenged with unexpected health problems – what is going on?


Yesterday we had the most beauty-full meet up of Venus and Jupiter. Venus, the planet of love and beauty getting it on with Jupiter, the planet of blessings and good fortune. The emphasis focuses on what’s happening regarding your relationships (all types including past generations in your family line) and your creativity.  Are you still shy about sharing your creativity with the world? It’s time to bite the bullet and get out there. 
This Full Moon is a good time to do some Family Constellation work and heal family miasms from the past so that the present can be healed, and the future free from them.

Use Rose Essential oil to anoint your Heart chakra (dilute first in a carrier oil) to attune to the love energy that is around us at the moment radiating down from Venus, and rub a drop of Rose oil into your altar candle. Rose Quartz is also good for love energy, and is the ideal crystal to work with this time for your Moon ritual.  (See Full Moon ritual idea below).

On the downside, July 25th, Venus starts a reverse cycle (this only happens once every eighteen months).  On the plus side wherever you have Venus in your chart means that because She is moving more slowly you will receive more of Her Venusian magick in that area of your life.  This reverse cycle gives us time to really look at our relationships and the love in our lives.  The wonderful astrologer Yasmin Boland ( gives us a heads-up as to how this will affect each sun sign:

Aries – reconsidering what matters to you in your daily life and re your health

Taurus – it’s time to work out how much a creative project or a romance really matters to you

Gemini – how much do you value getting your home life in order?

Cancer – it might be time for you to say sorry to someone or accept someone’s apology

Leo – money you have been waiting on could finally materialise

Virgo – it’s time for you to work out what you really value and act accordingly

Libra – an old fear related to love or money could come up

Scorpio – time make up with an old friend?

Sagittarius – reassess how much your work matters to you

Capricorn – a wonderful time to revisit somewhere you used to love

Aquarius – money and sex issues could be back for re-evaluation

Pisces – an old lover could be back on the scene or you’re reconsidering your love life

FULL MOON in Capricorn
This Full Moon is the first of two Full Moons this month.

Today’s Full Moon is inspiring, supportive, transformative and regenerative thanks to the way it is connecting with Pluto. So hang on in there, if you have been feeling tired your energy will return and you will start to feel stronger once this Full Moon is on the wane (by Monday).

Pluto is the Great Transformer, so what needs to transform in your life?  Yes I know a lot of transformation has already occurred, but these are very beneficial energies for us to take the next transformative step.

What thoughts have been bumbling around in your mind but you haven’t been sure whether to take action on them? 

What has been calling you/drawing you but you haven’t yet made your mind up to get involved? 

You have been thinking about something that is quite daring for you, it makes you feel excited and nervous all at the same time, yet you haven’t done it yet.

Have you been feeling for a while that you would like to completely rework your living space/work space?

Have you been feeling the urge to revamp your image so that it is more in line with whom you now are?

Have you been plucking up the courage to heal wounds in relationships with family/friends/others?

Whatever you have been thinking about – now is the time to do it.  There is nothing to fear. You cannot go wrong, as there are no mistakes, only experiences.

Pluto can also bring about sudden events/changes in your life. What you thought was over - isn’t.  What you thought could no longer be fixed – can.
Be receptive to the beneficial lunar and planetary energies that swirl around us over the next few days and be flexible about what happens.

Capricorn brings us excellent energies for evaluating what needs to be done and helping us to achieve this in a mature and responsible way.  If you need a bit more discipline then this Capricorn Full Moon will certainly help you, so no more procrastination, get off your butt and get on with it!  And there is no need to rush, Capricorns consider each step and always focus on the end goal at the same time as taking action on each step to get them there.  Be like Capricorn, you will make steady and sure progress and you will reach your goals. 

Full Moons are the completion of the previous four weeks.  A time to look back over what has and what hasn’t worked for you.  A time to feast, mate and debate with loved ones.  And there is much to celebrate with this auspiciously supported Full Moon.  It is a time to give thanks for all that has occurred and to set your intention for the coming four weeks.

To help support you on every level, and to help you to regenerate and renew, why not use our FIREWEED Flower Essence?

FIREWEED Flower Essence

Are you feeling burned out?

This is a plant, which regenerates and restores you.  It helps you to survive the aftermath of all you have been going through.  It helps you to renew and start again.  It heals the heart as it transitions from whatever has caused the upset or trauma. 

The plant said;
“If people keep pulling on you – you will snap.  You may feel sometimes as if the winds of life will break you, but they won’t.  What will break you is people pulling on you.  This creates great stress in the human’s emotions and physical body.”
Sometimes we have so many people making demands on us that we do not even realise how drained we are becoming and how close to snapping we really are.  This wonderful Essence helps us to realign ourselves before that happens. 

This Essence also brings comfort to those who find themselves in hostile environments or surrounded by hostile people.

This is an Essence that helps with progress.  Sometimes we have to start at the bottom and work our way up (in many areas of our lives).  If you are feeling stuck in some area of your life, this Essence will help you to get moving again, it offers a Ladder of Progression.  It reminds you that your strength comes from inside.
Fireweed flower essence helps the cells to regenerate in a new, harmonious way using the energy of love.  Its floral healing helps you to reach for the sky, to reach for heaven, which is now within your grasp.

You can find it here: (scroll down, page in alphabetical order).


- Prepare your sacred space and altar and ensure that you cannot be disturbed by ‘phones etc.
- Add your Rose essential oil to your candle and light it.
- Add some drops of our FIREWEED Flower Essence to a small glass of good quality, still water. Allow the drops to infuse the water with their liquid light.  Hold the glass to your heart and attune to it, and then sip slowly until finished.
- Then anoint your heart chakra with the (diluted) Rose essential oil.
- Focus on the candle flame and connect your Third Eye with Grandmother Moon.  Expand now to include Venus and Jupiter and be receptive to receiving the wonderful energies they have for you.
- Then write a list of all you are thankful for, this may cover the past month but may also include all that you are now intending to manifest for yourself over the coming month.
E.g. “I give thanks for the many Blessings I am now receiving, and that continue to come to me every day.  I give thanks that my Dream is now moving forward and I am connecting with the right people and places that can help to make my dream happen.  I give thanks for the love in my life and my good health.  I give thanks for the abundance, which comes to me from so many expected and unexpected sources.  I give thanks for the gift of life and for my truly wonderful life….. etc” You get the idea.
- When you come to a natural stop, roll the piece of paper up and tie it with a red ribbon (red is the colour of activation in Feng Shui), and keep it on your altar.
- Sit awhile longer, attuning and enjoying the lovely energies.
- Then when you are ready, bring yourself back – check that you are grounded and your protection is in place – and blow out the candle (send the light out to someone/somewhere in need).
- Go to bed and make sure to have your Dream Journal and pen beside you as you may receive more downloads during dreamtime.

Blessed Be )O(

Copyright Heather Stillufsen

Soak up all the wonderful beneficial energies being bestowed upon us at this time. 
Be open to something (or someone) new happening. 
Be aware of revisiting the past and being able to move it forward into the future in a healed and happy way. 
Stay balanced and grounded like that old goat Capricorn. 

Remember that only you can walk your path, so whilst others advice may be well meant, do not allow anyone’s opinion to influence you, you are in charge!

May your Dreams be blessed and may your month ahead be filled with energy and love.

Elly xx

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

NEW MOON and SOLSTICE Blessings! June 2015

Artist: Josephine Wall 
Thinking - Acting - Receiving

New Moon in Gemini

UK            16 June 15.05pm BST
EU      -        16 June 16.05m EDT
USA    -        16 June 10.05m EDT
AUS    -        17 June 12.05am AEST
NZ      -        17 June 2.05am NZT

GEMINI – ‘I think’

The thinker of the zodiac.  The curiosity cat of the zodiac. The sign of the Twins.  The occasional Jekyll & Hyde aspects of their personality - one minute they are laughing and joking, the next they are throwing saucepans with a face like thunder!  As an Air sign, they work on the mental level; they are witty, highly intelligent and brilliant networkers.  Gemini’s make things happen, they never sit around waiting for them to happen.  They need constant stimulation especially intellectually and get bored easily.  They are delightful flirts at times. They make great teachers, parents, storytellers/poets and inventors.  They love travelling and make good speakers. Sociable as well as academic they are interesting friends to have around.  You always learn something from a Gemini!

A lot of folks have been using the energies in the build up to the Solstice to cross over, some quite suddenly.  This always happens with the quarter festivals of the year and especially the Solstices.  Also the energy seems to get intense in the build up to Solstice, so take a few deep breaths and then carry on.

Well the Dark Nights of the Moon were certainly challenging this time around for many of us.  The Dark Nights of the Moon draw us into deep reflection; they also bring up fears and issues that are ready to be healed under the light of the New Moon. Personally, I have been falling asleep at all different times of day and early evening, yet vivid and varied dreams kept me awake at night.  I will be glad when La Bella Luna shows Her new gown to us and our energies pick up again.  However, I am aware that I am still integrating our awesome four-day Women’s Retreat.  It was so special and very hard to get back into 3D energies after being in such a safe, loving, high vibrational space.  A huge thank you to all of the gorgeous Sisters who attended bringing their beauty, light and love, it will stay with me for a long time.

Saturn has moved back into Scorpio (I know, I know fellow Scorps, like we didn’t have enough of that over the past couple of years!) until September 18th approx.  Fellow Scorps do not fear, if you worked well with Saturn during the past two years and did the work/made the changes required, then He has simply come back to check up on how you are doing and whether you are still on track.  For those who avoided the issues, ahem – no chance of avoiding them now!  Saturn will kick us into touch on the issues that we still need to sort out.  Saturn also rewards us, life is always better after working well with Saturn so be prepared to dig deep and do the work required.  In Scorpio, He is in the sign of the Black Goddess.  She requires us to dive deep into our shadow sides, to investigate the dark parts now ready for clearing.  Ask the Goddess for help, take Essences, work with crystals etc. Just remember this Saturn sojourn is helping to clear the way for you to achieve success. The wonderful astrologer Yasmin Boland ( sent a great reminder for each sign about where Saturn will strike for the next three months:

ARIES re: sex and money.
TAURUS in your relationships.
GEMINI at work and in your daily life, also re: health.
CANCER re: kids, creativity and romance.
LEO at home and re: family.
VIRGO the way you think and communicate.
LIBRA re: cash, property and possessions, also re: your self-acceptance.
SCORPIO your whole life!
SAGITTARIUS re: your fears and spirituality.
CAPRICORN re: your friends.
AQUARIUS your brilliant career.
PISCES re: travel, study, the great cosmic quest, seeing life's big picture.


 This is a powerful New Moon; three plants are in Gemini (Sun, Moon, Mars)

Gemini loves to learn new things, so the perfect course/workshop may suddenly present to you.  Have you always wanted to study/learn something? Then this is the perfect time to do so, the planets fully support you in this.

Gemini rules thought, and as you know, your thoughts create your reality.  So are you being mindful about what you are thinking? What conversations are going on in your head – are they supportive, positive, encouraging?  If not, take charge and start paying attention.  You have the power to change your thoughts and change your life.  Remember your words are your wand, what magic are you creating with yours?

Gemini also invites us to take action on our thoughts and to act with integrity, integrity matters to Geminis.  With Mars in Gemini we have got extra energy to help us to take action now. Be open to collaborations with the right type of people after this New Moon. 

Thankfully Mercury is back where He should be in the skies.  Geminis love to communicate and this New Moon highlights the way we communicate with others.  If they don’t get us, or take offence, it may be the way we have delivered our words.  It might be time to take a different approach in any dialogue you have with others.  Think before you speak.  And stay away from gossip, don’t get sucked into dissing anyone and avoid getting into debates - especially on social media - with those who don’t really know you.  Half the time they don’t really know what they are talking about and you are wasting your energy on them.  As my lovely camp New Age tutor taught me many decades ago, “Darling, don’t cast your pearls before swine!”

Use humour to get you through, don’t let the Geminian energies make you too serious and stuck in your head, find something funny in each situation and it will make things lighter.

Gemini encourages you to take some more action towards those dreams and goals you have been working on.  Gemini aids the visualization process but you need to start doing something about it, on the physical level.  That is the only way that the Universe believes that you are serious and can start summoning the synchronicities you need to achieve what you desire.

This New Moon encourages us to find new ways of doing things – so what you are you going to start doing differently from now on?

Jupiter trine Uranus is exact on June 22nd, Solstice, so extra blessings (including financial blessings) for the Solstice are being bestowed upon us.  Be open to receiving – especially the new – i.e. new opportunities may suddenly appear. Because it is unfamiliar your instinct may be to brush it away or dismiss it, but don’t, this could be the connection/collaboration/help you need to take your dream to the next stage.

The Solstice energies are full of love, hope, help, blessings and gifts, so be open to receiving all of this and more.  There is nothing to hold you back now.  So go for it!

Solstice Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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