Tuesday, 19 July 2016

FULL MOON Blessings (July 2016)

 FULL MOON in Capricorn


We have a Full Moon in Capricorn:
UK                 19 July 23.57pm
EU        -           20 July 12.57am
USA     -           19 July 18.57pm
AUS     -           20 July 08.57am
NZ       -           20 July 10.57am


Lovely, practical, earthy Capricorn is usually blessed with a great sense of humour.  Capricorn represents ambition, government, authority, tradition, pragmatism, conservatism (although some Caps I’ve known have been downright out there wacky!), endurance, business management, integrity, economics, and practical expertise.  Capricorns work well where their intellect and analytical qualities can be used, which is why they are so good at business in areas some would find stuffy and boring, they thrive in these environments. They also make great engineers and inventors and can be very creative.  They can be as stubborn as hell and their own worst enemies at times, which is why they needs friends who can soothe their ruffled fur. High in integrity, they are loyal, supportive friends and defender of the underdog, however they are a sucker for sob story and need to take care that they are not taken advantage of.


The energies are very unsettled at the moment.  There is so much political unrest and worldwide turmoil churning everyone’s emotions up. Those who don’t understand these energies have been acting them out, projecting and lashing out at others.  They don’t understand why they are feeling the way they are.  We need to be patient with them (though not take any abuse) and spread our light even further. 

Our world is hurting at the moment and this affects each one of us.  What can we do about it?  We can gather in groups and together put a grid of light around our planet, we can transmit rays of love onto our planet so that all benefit.  We can transmit loving energy to all the politicians – loving energy that has a core of steel – letting them know that our way is the way forward now.  And everyone needs more hugs, the world needs a hug, do you need a hug?

The following healing products will help you during these turbulent times; they are hugs in a bottle!

ESSENCES for TROUBLED TIMES (taken in water)

(Avebury) Peace – calms emotions brings tranquility.
Dark Night of the Moon – Friend and ally for dark times, restores the sweetness of life.
Day Dream Believer – gives you the energy to get motivated and stay motivated.
Fear Buster – Busts you out of procrastination into where you want to be.
Interior Alignment – Brings all of you back into balanced alignment, brings harmony.
The Lighthouse (limited edition) – for when life is shaky, unstable, unsettled, it provides a beacon of hope.
Passionflower – for those feeling crucified by life. Relieves anxiety.
Planetary Heart – Helps Earth Sensitives and those who feel deeply what is going on in our world and Mother Earth. Helps you to cope.
Toothwort – the Survivor’s Essence.  Helps you to use what you have to create abundance.

You can find them here: http://www.theapothecarygarden.org/ESSENCES.html - page in alphabetical order, scroll down to the one/s you want.

SPRAY MISTS for TROUBLED TIMES (aura/room sprays)

Circle of Angels – you are safe within a circle of Angelic energy.
The Cleanser – cleanses all negativity from your aura and stops it impacting on your physical and emotional wellbeing.
Cosmic Surfing – Stablizing, grounding, helps you ride the waves of these turbulent times.
Day Dream Believer – Gets you off your butt and manifesting your dreams.
Peace – Light and gentle, restores peace to individuals, groups and environments.
Planetary Heart – Helps Earth Sensitives, brings reassurance, grounding and relief.
The Protector – provides a shield of protection for your aura, chakras and environment.
Urban Shield – for city dwellers overwhelmed by technology and a multitude of other energies.
Violet Flame – Will transmute anything. Extremely gentle and very effective.

You can find them here:
http://www.theapothecarygarden.org/SPRAY-MISTS.html - page in alphabetical order, scroll down to the one/s you want.


There is a lovely, healing Grand Trine in the sky, this would be a perfect time to get some healing and/or do some healing on yourself, your relationships and others.  (If we heal our wounds then we help humanity and our world to heal theirs).

There is also an astrological Kite in the sky, with the energy of four asteroid Goddesses.  This is a powerful Full Moon imbued with Goddess energy.  (A great time to do a Gratitude Ritual to the Mother Goddess for the month we have come through).  Full Moons are about feasting, mating and debating, so amp up your inner Goddess and get sassy!


Things may be feeling a bit intense right now with this Full Moon (and the current heatwave we have here in the UK isn’t helping), and there could be an unexpected curve ball or two.  Keep your cool on every level. Slow down, stay fluid to unexpected and unplanned changes that may happen.

The powerful Full Moon in Capricorn is also known as the Thunder Moon, and I am sure as well as the real thunderstorms which are forecast, there could be a few flashes of lightning (illumination) and thunderous happenings (curveballs) in our lives during this transit. 

This Full Moon asks us to release our inner control freak, especially around work/career matters (and those we interact with on a daily basis). 

-       * What are you being stubborn about?
-       * Who are you locking horns with?
-       * Where/who do you give your power away to?
-       * Where are you stuck?
-       * What red tape/bureaucracy have you been avoiding?
-       * Are you being practical enough?
-      *  Is your home/work life balanced?
-       * Where/what needs better organizing?
-       * What needs to change?

Are you ready to get stuck in and get your hands dirty?  If you really want your dream/s to come true then that is what you will need to do. You need to get ready; it could come quicker than you think.  Capricorn gives us the will to make things happen.  Others may look to you for guidance/leadership, so get your own house/work/projects in order so that you have the capacity to help them organize theirs.

This Full Moon will highlight where you are not being honest with yourself and may throw up a revelation or two that you are not expecting.  The Full Moon mirror will reveal what needs to be revealed. 

This Capricorn Full Moon also cautions us against throwing more money at something that isn’t working out, to stop ‘flogging a dead horse’.  Have you put far too much energy (time as well as money) into something or someone that has run its course?  Well stop!  Use the approaching waning energies to have a good think about this, about the changes you know you need to make.  The Capricornian energies will give you the strength to do this.  Capricorn also gives us the energy to persevere during tricky, difficult or challenging changes.  This Full Moon will illuminate some truths that you won’t be able to ignore and that you know you must act upon.

This is an ideal Full Moon for cleansing and charging your crystals, put them outside and let them soak up Grandmother Moon’s lunar charged beams of love.  Rinse them in rainwater if you have any (or tap water is fine) and place them around your garden where they can absorb the most Moonlight.  (You might hear them singing in delight ;-) )

It’s time to really get working on manifesting those dreams/goals -
Get organized.
Make the changes that you know are needed.
Map out your plans on paper and vision boards.
Write step-by-step lists of how you will get there.  (Tiny steps lead to big results).
Yes I know the weather might be hot, so work early morning whilst it’s cool. 
NO excuses, it’s time for action.

And don’t forget TLC and pampering for the Goddess that you are (fellas, look after your inner Goddess), as this will help you to stay relaxed and sail through all the changes and work ahead.  Oh yes, and fun is allowed too!

Full Moon Message

It’s time to take charge of yourself and your life.

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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Monday, 4 July 2016

NEW MOON Blessings! July 2016

Hi folks, apologies for the lack of Moon reports in June, it’s a busy month for me (preparing for and leading our annual Women’s Retreat followed by being away on holiday for a couple of weeks)


We have a New Moon in Cancer:

UK                 4 July 12.01pm
EU       -           4 July 13.07pm
USA     -           4 July 07.01am
AUS     -           4 July 21.01pm
NZ        -           4 July 11.01pm

CANCER – ‘I feel’
Artist: Josephine Wall
Cancerians are water signs who love their home. Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, they feel deeply.  Cancer represents feelings, nurturing, home, defense, patriotism, conservation, family, sensitivity, moodiness (when they are lovely they are lovely, when they are horrid they can be truly horrible!), introversion (when they feel attacked or upset they retreat into their shell and stay there until they are ready to come out), mothering, caring for others (many are healers/therapists), catering, property and home interiors. They love hobbies involving fantasy and imagination, as they are highly creative and very individual.  Cancerians are Moon Children (usually very psychic) and love to live near the sea, they are very sensitive to Moon cycles and tides especially Full Moon high tides.  They are fantastic company, usually very intelligent, they make great parents and are fun friends to have around.  They need freedom to express who they are and they like to do things their way.


June’s energies were challenging for many of us.  And many are tired from all the worldwide political nonsense etc.  (Limit how much you watch/listen to it and avoid getting into arguments about it).  More truths are being revealed and people are now seeing through all the media spin and taking action.  It’s interesting that this New Moon, which is all about relationships, falls on the USA’s independence day.  A high price is being paid for independence around our world, are we ever really independent?  I don’t celebrate any kind of independence day, because I believe in inter-dependence as we are all connected.  No man is an island, we need others, and we are never truly alone nor truly independent.

The tipping point has started, and there is more to come.  Therefore do look after yourself and your immune system, so that you can cope with the ups and downs of life.  Get as much sunshine as you can and green healing from Mother Nature.  And do everything you can to keep your vibration, and your home/office vibration high. Surround yourself with gorgeous flowers and crystals, use Flower & Vibrational Essence spray mists regularly (at the moment I am using ‘The Cleanser’ followed by our new ‘Summer Solstice’ spray mist - which I absolutely love!  You can find them here http://www.theapothecarygarden.org/SPRAY-MISTS.html).
Do whatever it takes to make you feel happy and uplifted.


Mars (planet of action) is stationary direct and will be back in place August 22nd. Yaay! If you have been feeling lethargic, unmotivated and drained since April, that is all about to change.  Now our motivational energy returns and we can move forwards once more and make good progress in our endeavours.  Mars puts the fire back in our bellies.  However be patient with yourself and others between now and August 22nd, as the energies could get intense at times until things settle down.

- Get up and go got up and went?
- Feel like you’ve been living in slugsville rather than successville the past couple of months?
 - Need a bit of help getting your fire going again?

Then try our ‘Soul Fire’ spray mist.  Fabulous as an aura and environment spray, it will help to reactivate you; you will feel fired up about life and its opportunities once more.  You will emit powerful, positive energy that will attract powerful and positive things to you.

It contains a combination of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences (including our Fire Moon environmental essence and Fulgerite gem essence) blended with Rose Otto and Tagetes essential oils. 

Artist: Kirk Reinert 

This New Moon has lovely energies and is perfect for doing your New Moon Wish list for the month. As Cancer is all about family, it would be good to write a wish list related to you and your family.

This New Moon is giving us a chance to start again with family relationships.  It is giving us the opportunity to do things in a new and different way.  (This also relates to anyone you may be sharing living space with). 

As with any relationship, things can get intense so just breathe and remember that everyone has some kind of struggle going on.  So try and understand others from their perspective, or ask them to tell you what’s going on for them.  Communication is key in all relationships. However, don’t get sucked into old patterns of power games and button pressing that is not what this moon phase is about.  It’s about rising above all that and finding a new way forward together.  New Moons and Full Moons make everyone supersensitive, so think before you speak and give lots of hugs! The Cancerian energies can help unite folks (familial and romantic as well as in business) so be open to what may occur in all your connections around this time.

Cancer is a very nurturing sign; this New Moon invites us to nurture ourselves more so that we can be more nurturing to others.

- Do you need some quiet time to yourself?
- Do you need some pampering?
- Do you need to spend more time with your family?
- Do you need to do more creatively?
- Do you need to be more healthy (eat better/do more exercise)?
- Do you need some healing?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then give yourself permission to do this.  Life is so busy these days that we often forget about self-nurture.  If you want to spend a day at the beach doing nothing – do it.  If you want to spend a day painting or crafting – then do it.  If it has been some time since you visited your family, go visit them during this transit.  And when was the last time you received any healing?  Allow yourselves this as there is lots of lovely healing energy with this New Moon allow it to heal your relationships (with self and others).

As Cancer is a water sign, healing can also be obtained by connecting with water.  Go swimming, go to the beach and walk along the shoreline, sit by a stream and hear its song, drink more water, dance in the rain, spray yourself with Flower & Vibrational Essences, jump in puddles, study your reflection/do some scrying in a nearby pond (just don’t fall in!) or by using a bowl filled with water. Use water as a magickal tool over the next few days.  All water is holy, all water is sacred, whatever form it comes in.

And if life gets a bit emotional and you start feeling wobbly, take some Essences and you will feel better.  (If you need help knowing which one/s, contact me and I will dowse for you).

July should be a calmer month, so make the most of it!

The only way is the Way of Love.  Bring love into everything you think, say and do.  It really is the only way we are all going to get through.  We have so much to be grateful for.  We are all in this together.  And the more of us that think before we speak, that bring love into all that we say the more chance there is of peace being a possibility.  
I believe in possibility, I believe in solutions, I believe that each one of us has more power than we realise, that we can effect change – especially when we unite together.  Get together with friends and like-minded colleagues, do some group work together, raise the vibration for yourself and the planet.  Direct energy beams of Love to all the politicians/world leaders, bathe them in rose pink light, drench them in it, and do this often.  We know that this can create positive outcomes; we have done this before in the recent past.  Let’s start doing this again.


I am open to receiving
I will hug more
I will listen more
I will bring more love into all that I do
I will speak more lovingly
I will open my heart to my family
I will take time to nurture myself
I trust that I will be nurtured

New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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