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Independent craftspeople like myself do not have Black Fridays because each year, throughout the year, we offer our unique, beautiful, handmade products at reasonable prices.  This year many of our suppliers have increased their costs, which I have absorbed and not passed on to my customers, as I realise that we are all doing our best in what has been a hard year at this stage in the recession.   

I must admit, there have been times in the past year or so, when I have wondered whether I should just give up.  My products are a labour of love and the return does not begin to match the hours of work involved.  However, I have had a lot of feedback from customers about how much my products have helped them, and I am inspired to keep going.

To help me keep going, I now humbly share with you, my Festive Offerings and hope that you will find something to delight you amongst them.

(UK folks can order direct from me and save money on shipping, contact me to find out more.)

The Apothecary Garden

Stocking Fillers and Gifts (including Festive Survival Kit!)

I hope that y’all enjoy the range of products we are offering this year.  You can be assured that they are made and packaged with a great deal of love especially for you.

You can view photos of the products on the Festive Gifts page of our website (more will be added in the next few days).

Please support Crafts people like myself who handmake original products with much love and thought, so that you may enjoy them.

Thank you

Elly xx


Delightful, handmade wax candle with pressed flowers (designs vary)
(ideal for making your New Year wishes with!)

Herbalicious BATH BALL
Full of gorgeous organic ingredients to help cleanse, relax and rejuvenate you.
For when you need a bit of ‘Me’ time, it will unwind the kinks, soothe away any
negativity and restore you to the calm, beautiful Goddess that you are!
Contains: Organic Flower & Vibrational essences, Essential Oils, Sel de Mer, Herbs (blend including
Avena sativa, Rose etc) in cotton muslin. Whole product is biodegradable/compostable

FESTIVE HARMONY Spray Mist  our Festive best seller!
This Spray Mist restores lightness to any Festive occasion.
The specially selected seasonal essential oils enhance the essences making it smell wonderful!
It invokes joy, fun and celebration.  It brings the energy of the magical child so that the grown-ups can have fun as well as the kids!  It reminds us to be full of wonder and awe at this sparkling time of year.

The house is clean, decorated and looks wonderfully festive.  Everyone is dressed in their finery, the feast is organised and underway and you are just waiting for your guests to arrive.  By this time, the parents are exhausted and overstretched; the kids are over excited and over the top, and everyone is getting wound up!  Sometimes the Holiday Season can be spoiled at just the point when everyone should be relaxing and enjoying themselves.

That is the time to get out this Spray Mist – a single spray in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.

“I love this spray mist and would not be without it at this time of year – it works every time!” – Mrs. K. Leahy, London, England

“The pure natural ingredients are wonderful for my family as several of us suffer from asthma and can’t use synthetic sprays.”  - S. Salzman, NY, USA.

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences with our special Festive blend of Essential Oils.

ANGELS of JOY festive edition Spray Mist

Use to bring joy into a room, to cheer yourself or others up.  The Angels of Christmas have joined our Angels of Joy bringing their energy to create a spray mist that will uplift you and your environment.  The subtle sacredness of the scent is uplifting yet grounding and gently Festive.

Inspired by a group of beautiful tropical orchids, the Angels of Joy flowers look like tiny little angels in yellow dresses, a whole host of them sliding joyfully down their slender green vines towards us.  They have been joined by the Angels of Christmas to bring Blessings and joy to your home and to you all.

Using this spray mist will invoke the energy of these tiny joyful Angels.  The atmosphere will lighten and everyone involved will feel lighter, happier and the mood becomes infectious. 


Something special for the Woman who gets stressed to the max by the Festive Season.  Smells gorgeous and is full of fabulous natural plant ingredients that are designed to help you feel like a Goddess once more (plus it helps melt away all that stress). Simply roll on pulse points and anywhere else that needs it and let the fragrant vibrational magic get to work!

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences, Plant/herbal extractions and pure essential oils in an Almond oil base.

Now also available as a Spray Mist!

GIFT VOUCHERS                                                                             
These can be used as payment / part-payment for any of our products or services. (In multiples of £5 upwards)


Cotton BAG

Eco-friendly ‘The Apothecary Garden’ natural carrier bag, with Lotus flower design

Roomy (34x34cm/13x13inches) ideal for carrying your ‘Xmas pressies the Earth friendly way!


Gorgeous Goddess T-SHIRT

100% soft cotton

With dancing Goddess logo
says “I’m a Gorgeous Goddess, are you?”

Two sizes available L and XL. 

Flaunt your fabulousness Gorgeous Goddess!

The ALCHEMIST - The Formula for Turning Your Life into Gold -  Boxed set

Beautifully illustrated, simply roll the dice and flip over the card that matches the number for
each element.  You receive an accurate, powerful, four card reading. You can then
stand it on a table (or altar) to be reminded every time you pass it during the day.
Contains: A-stand of full colour, illustrated, information cards (Fire – Air – Water – Earth) Instruction Book and dice
(x 4 – one for each element).
(We only have three left in stock, we are now offering them at a special Festive price)

FESTIVE SURVIVAL KIT (limited edition)
This has everything you need to keep everyone in the Festive mood.  It helps calm down over-excited behaviour, helps prevent arguments building and helps you all to enjoy the Festive Season.
Festive Harmony Spray Mist (our ‘Xmas best seller). A single spray burst in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.
Festive Goddess Rollette. Something special for those who get stressed to the max by the Festive Season (usually women!).  Smells gorgeous and is full of fabulous natural plant ingredients that are designed to help you feel like a Goddess once more (plus it helps melt away all that stress).
Festive Season Survival CD. The technology on this CD is both original and unique.  This CD contains subliminal Affirmations that have been specially selected to help you to chill out and cope during the Festive Season.  The Festive music (traditional carols and festive tunes) is uplifting and energising and gets everyone in a Festive mood.
Play it whilst writing Christmas cards or wrapping presents and involve the whole family so that everyone can benefit.
Full details and information provided with each Kit.


Do you have difficulty sleeping?  Does anyone else you know?  If so, everything you need for a good night’s sleep is contained in this Kit.  Our ‘Sleep Easy’ products have been best sellers for 15 years with thousands of satisfied customers. They are 100% natural, chemical/drug free, non-addictive and compatible with allopathic medications.
SLEEP EASY Essence (15ml). This is the essence for those nights when you are tossing and turning and can’t seem to get off to sleep.  For when you are feeling exhausted but sleep eludes you as problems, worries, etc start to go around and around in your head. A few drops in water before turning out the light is all it takes.
SLEEP EASY Spray Mist (30ml).  Gently fragrant, can be used as a room/pillow spray to create the right ambience for sleep.
SLEEP EASY CD. Gentle, relaxing music that you can play to further enhance the right ambience for sleep.
SLEEP EASY Mini-Book. Full of tips and further advice about how to have a good night’s sleep naturally.
The Essence and Spray Mist contain organic flower & vibrational essences, herbal infusions and essential oils.
Full instructions and information included with each Kit.

 NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 2014 - Report and product   -  Special Festive price (offer ends 31 January 2014)

Find out what the year ahead has in store for you, with this detailed REPORT which is valid from your birthday this year right through to next year. Includes a PRODUCT from our range to help support your new journey throughout the coming year.
A Sacred Space is set up and dedicated just for you. It then takes several hours to work out and collate the information (using a variety of ancient arts like numerology, cartomancy etc), which is then typed up and presented in an illustrated, printed report. Time is then spent attuning to you for the selection of the product that will best support you for the year ahead.
(offer available until end of January 2014)

With love and thanks
Elly xx

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Friday, 15 November 2013

FULL MOON Blessings! November 2013


Healing – Manifestation - Abundance

Sunday, November 17th we have a Full Moon in grounding, earthy, sensual Taurus.  We have completed a Moon journey that we started in May, and it has been a heck of an intense journey through the recent moon cycles!  Whatever you put effort into back in May, you should now reap the rewards.  The good news is that things will finally start moving forward again (now that Mercury is back where he should be).

We have been influenced by a deluge of watery influences with the recent Moons (and that has been reflected in Mother Earth’s recent high tides etc).  This played havoc with our emotions and some of us feel like we have been pushed through an emotional wringer this past month or so.  Now thankfully, things start to settle down and we are able to ground all that has been happening.

Full Moons are culminations of all that occurred during the past month.  This Moon invites us to seek clarity and cleansing and try not to over-indulge (very Taurean!), as we are entering a period of “cutting out what is unnecessary.”  How is your lifeforce energy?  Taurus invites us to start looking after ourselves better and our planet.

Taurus – “I Have / I Manifest”.  Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that represents peace and plenty, stability, realism, security, stagnation, sensuality, economics, arts, architecture, nature, food including catering, crafts especially pottery, music, gardening and money including banking.

It is a relief to have the grounding energy of this Moon after the past few tumultuous Moons.  There is strong abundance energy around this Moon too.  Financial foundations will hold now, new opportunities for abundance will appear, and you will be rewarded for the efforts you have been putting into your life over the past few months.

Taureans are classy, yet down to earth people who like the nicer things in life.  Taurus also likes to indulge itself with good food and good experiences such as body treatments, nice linen in the bedroom, a beautiful home etc.  This Full Moon invites you to take yourself off the hook and allow yourself some sensual indulgence over the next 2-3 days.  Book a massage (or get someone else to do it for you), have a mani/pedi, prepare a delicious meal and share it with the one you love.  It is okay to do this, whatever has been going on, it is okay to create beauty and pleasure in your life.

Taurus invites us to take a good look at our “worldly resources, self-esteem and sensual experiences”.  So how have you been doing financially?  If you have been struggling and trying over and over to improve your situation, then breathe out, because at last there will be some respite as opportunities appear now.  If your self-esteem has been a bit low, then amp yourself up again, the more positive you are the more likely you will be to attract what you want now.  Taurus loves people and this Full Moon also shines some beautiful light on our relationships.  Taurus likes to fill its life – and self - with pleasurable experiences and is not afraid to work hard for it.

What matters to you?
How fulfilled (“full-filled”) are you?
What do you really love to do more than anything?
Who do you really love more than anything?
How do you feel about yourself?
How do you feel about your body?
How do you feel about your career?
How do you feel about your finances?
How do you feel about your relationships?
How secure and safe do you feel?
Do you feel sensual?  How often?
How secure do you feel?  About yourself? Your life?
What decisions do you need to make?

Taurus is practical, so wants us to be sensible and grown-up about money and relationships; practical creativity is also well supported now.

This Full Moon make up your mind that you will no longer procrastinate or stall your success. Decide that you are excited about everything moving forward for you now, that you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed in all levels of your life.

Be warned that whatever you have been avoiding over the past few months will give you a few reality checks to shock you out of your complacency and deal with them/it like a grown-up.  What desires have been suppressed that are now “screaming for attention?What/who have you been tolerating that can no longer be tolerated? You actually do know who/what you have to deal with and what you have to do.  Bring it all up into the Light.  Forgive yourself, forgive them, put a new plan in place and get on with it – NOW!

Taurus helps you to put new boundaries in place (and some of you really need to do this to stop yourselves getting drained by others).  It helps you to put new financial plans in place; new creativity plans in place and new relationships ideas in place.  It invites you to think about yourself as a sensual, spiritual Being and to feel like that 100% of the time.  It invites you to take a good look at your environment; does it reflect beauty and sensuality?  Does the way you dress, the way you carry yourself and the way you speak reflect beauty and sensuality?  Go deep and discover this divine part of yourself and express it on all levels.

This is the Era of Truth, and we are all supposed to be living our truth to the max right now.  What are you waiting for?  If you don’t like the way your life is, then change it!  You have the power now.  If money and time were no object how would you be living your truth right now?

Jupiter is turning retrograde, from now until early March 2014 we get an opportunity to “do a thorough clean up and clean out of our inner worth, value, respect, power and recognition.”  As mentioned above, if you make the effort to use your FULL creativity and talents in all areas of your life, then you will reap abundance in all of those areas.  It requires effort (I know, I know, y’all are feeling knackered from the cosmic battering recently) so find some energy from somewhere and get started.  No holding yourself back anymore.  Clean up your diet so that you do have more energy, drink more water, do more exercise, look after yourself. This will be slow and steady on a day-by-day basis through to March next year.  And that is in perfect keeping with the energy of the Winter Moons, which slow everything down and invite us to go inwards.

 A note about the Philippines

Over the past few months (and years in fact) we have all been receiving wake-up calls.  This is the loudest one yet.  Such a massive loss of life.  Fracking, chemtrails and other rapings of Mother Earth have caused havoc with our weather patterns, which seems to be getting worse and worse each year.  What happened in the Philippines has shocked us all to the core; it has brought up a lot of fear.  Sensitives have been picking up the fear of the masses and you may not realise this.  Check if you are holding stress anywhere in your body and do this several times a day.  Check your breathing.  Fear holds everything tight, it reduces our intake of air and we breathe in the upper chest only.  Drop your breath down to your belly; take a few breaths like this until you feel grounded again.

Try not to watch the news too much, use the Reverse Technique I told you about before (rewinding what is happening to restore infrastructure so that they can find the bodies, seeing the roads drying out and becoming solid once more so that help can get through). 
Even if we can’t be there to help we can do so from here and not just through donations (though please keep donating as they need every penny).  You can use visualization techniques as I have just mentioned. 
Also, you can use a powerful shamanic technique to help those who are without food and water.  (We do this for those going up on the hill for Vision Quest and for Sundancers).  When you eat a meal or have a drink, consciously intend/visualize that a portion of it goes to someone in need of it.  Do not offer all of it, as your physical body needs the nutrition also and you must remain healthy so that you can be of service in this way.  Your entire family can get involved in this. 
Those who work with Essences, Herbs etc, can also transmit them etherically to those in need. 
Those who do EFT can do distance tapping (or tap on photos in newspapers) to help them.  Think about your skills and how you could transmit them etherically/astrally etc to those in need. 
And don’t forget to fold your chakras down for protection before sleep, or you will wake up exhausted.  (I have been forgetting to do that over the past two weeks, all Lightworkers were already doing work in dreamtime before the disaster happened and waking up feeling so tired). 
Be proactive not reactive and spread the word. 
Also, Chiron, planet of the Wounded Healer is assisting us right now and as we clear our stuff, we help others.  Utilize the increased influx of comic healing energy to transmit healing to help all those in need.


 I am willing to change
I am taking good care of myself
I believe in myself (I am my No.1 fan!)
I am secure in myself
I am a powerful Creator and Manifestor
I raise myself in Light and radiate this to others
I follow my heart
I love my Body and it loves me
I let go of fear because I am grounded in Love

Let Love be your Guide.  Always focus on the Light.  Bring out what is on the inside.  Be strong, be powerful, be Yourself.

Have a Blessed Full Moon y’all!

Elly x

Copyright E. Yule ©2013 Worldwide Rights Reserved

Monday, 4 November 2013



 Change and Rebirth

(start of solar eclipse Copyright Shivan Bruce Skipper)

Astro Notes

Mercury retrograde will be over by end of November (Mercury leaves shadow zone around Nov 28th).
Solar Eclipse times: USA (LA 4.49am, NY 7.49am) - London 12.49pm - Sydney 11.49pm
There is also a series of seven rare 'squares' (or right angles) being formed between Uranus and Pluto from 2012-2015. Friday, the fourth in the set completed.

This intense New Moon / Solar Eclipse is all about growing up!

What a powerful Eclipse season this has turned out to be.  Even the weather is reflecting the huge changes that are now blowing through our lives, both internally and externally. Yep, the Cosmic Rollercoaster Ride continues.  For many folks, it has been a bit stressful lately, as the Eclipses push us further and deeper.

All this Scorpionic energy continues to ask us to look deeper, there is still more to be unearthed, still more to be brought up for healing, still more to be faced.  It is a time of massive transformation and there is a lot of healing energy support to help us. 

What deep part of you needs to be transformed now? 
What have you been avoiding/glossing over for years? 
What demons need facing? 
What part of your shadow side are you most afraid of?
What needs to be unleashed and released?
What are your biggest issues right now?
What or who needs forgiveness? (including yourself)
What are you most afraid of? (or who)
Where have you failed to take responsibility?
Where have you fallen off path?

Eclipses are designed to get us back on track, back on path.  This eclipse says the excuses must stop, it is nobody else’s fault why your life has turned out the way it has, you did this all by yourself.  It’s time to grow up and own it, to accept full responsibility for your thoughts, actions and what you say.  Your thoughts create your reality, your words action that and then lo and behold it manifests.  I read somewhere that it is time for us to “parent” ourselves now, more than we ever have before, and that is quite poignant for those of us who have lost parents this year.  Resist this Eclipse in any way, and it will give you the biggest kick up the butt you have ever had.

Scorpio is a Water sign and that means emotions will be close the surface during this transit.  Silly things that would normally bounce off you will become loaded with emotion (you may feel insulted by something someone says, you may feel slighted by someone’s actions, etc).  This is our inner child reacting, old triggers from the past, from our childhoods.  Remember to reassure and lovingly parent your inner child, s/he really needs it, and hug yourself often!

Everything feels heightened and supersensitive over the next few days.  Most people shy away from deep, intense feelings yet those are the very ones that transform you and your life. 

Check where Scorpio falls in your chart, as those are the areas of your life that need your attention and focus right now.  

This powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse sows seeds that will manifest in six months’ time (May 2014).  What kind of seeds are you sowing?  Be clear about your intentions for I promise you, they will manifest over the coming months. 
Are you choosing to snap back and be bitchy, are you choosing revenge, are you choosing negativity? 
Are you choosing to be free of negativity, choosing not to get drawn into energy wasting fights/bickering, choosing to think positively and manifest positively?

As I have mentioned many times before, we are now in the Era of Truth (and we are seeing this on the world stage as more and more truths emerge in the showbusiness, political and corporate business arenas).  This means that you have to live your truth.  No more holding back!  You have to start living “from the inside out”.  Sort the inside out and the rest of your life will fall into place. 

Saturn is in Scorpio (this is especially relevant to all Scorpios and those with Scorpio in their charts).  Saturn is the hard taskmaster or mentor determined to help us be the very best that we can be.  Saturn says “Define who you are.  Be your authentic Self and own your power.”  Saturn insists on pushing us until we achieve that.  Some lessons are harder than others, however if we work with Saturn rather than against it, then the future rewards will make all the hard work worthwhile.  (Check where Saturn is in your chart for FFI about the area/s you are being pushed). 

Old lessons we thought we had dealt with have come around again to our dismay (anyone else getting sick of the never-ending layers of that infernal ‘onion?).
Truths being revealed from years ago that we knew nothing about can be hurtful and upsetting until we realise that they have come to light for a reason (to free us from thinking it was our fault, and to free us from the people concerned).  It truly is a time of making peace with the past and letting it (and them) go.

“You are now at a crossroads. Forget your past. Who are you now? 
Don't think about who you have been. Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. 
Make it carefully. Make it powerfully. Then act upon it!”

– Anthony Robbins

Please reflect on the past few years and realise how much stronger you are now than you were back then.  Heck, you have been through so much and witnessed so much and you are STILL HERE!  Now it’s time to embrace who you are and truly live it, and you are a beautiful, wonderful Being of Light who was chosen to be here at this time.  So why do you put yourself (and/or others) down?  Why do you allow your mind (or others) to speak to you so negatively?  Why do you believe in the impossible rather than the possible?  The Law of Attraction is very powerful at the moment because of all the Scorpio energy, it happens fast so be careful what you think, say and do.  Your words are your spells and are part of your creation magick.

"The words you speak become the house you live in."

- Hafiz

You have the strength of Scorpio to help you turn ashes into gold.  Scorpio’s strength will help you to traverse the dark depths and lead you back into the light (call upon Eagle, the higher aspect of Scorpio to help you). 
As you come out the other side of all this, call upon The Phoenix (the very highest aspect of Scorpio) to help you rebirth yourself in this world, to birth the new, healed, powerful, positive You.

This transformation has to happen, it cannot be put off or avoided or you will end up with some really tough karma to deal with.  This is a time of ending old karma so that you can be born anew. 

As I have said in previous posts, choose Love not fear and in the case of this transit, face fear and choose Love.

On a practical level, what needs to be finished off?  Use the end of the Mercury retrograde to finish off outstanding jobs and projects, use the Winter moons to tidy up and get organised ready for your big relaunch in the Spring.  This Eclipse is giving you the opportunity to “prepare for new pathways, and possibilities” which will be opening up for you.

Next year is going to be a big year for many of us, in all areas of our lives, this Eclipse season helps us to clear the decks and prepare for it.

Thankfully Neptune turns direct 13 November – spiritual expansion, increased imagination, clear visions and dreams.  This assists us in manifesting the seeds we are now planting for our year ahead.  Dreams can come true, so hold the faith and dream on!  Design your ‘Visionary Blueprint’ for your life; make that your homework over the coming Winter Moons.

This is a powerful Wishing Moon.  It’s time for you to write a brand new, New Moon Wish List, this one needs to focus on what you wish to manifest in the next six months (and beyond). 
- Set up a sacred space
- Light a candle
- Choose some beautiful paper to write on
- Calm yourself through breathwork and/or chanting
- Then allow your Visionary Blueprint to start manifesting itself on the paper.  Remember to write as if it has already happened i.e. “I give thanks for my fabulous new job, in the perfect location, where I am appreciated and rewarded highly.”
When you have finished (remember you can always add to it later), sign and date it.
You can then read it aloud to Grandmother Moon, to vocalise your intention.
Fold it up and put it away somewhere private, like your altar/sacred space or your box of Sacred things.
Trust than it will all unfold beautifully for you.


Remember that nobody can affect you unless you let them.  How you react to what they say or do determines whether you are a victim or victor.  You are being told in no uncertain terms by this Eclipse that you are 100% responsible for what happens in your life.

Remember that this is a time of rebirth, the heaviness of the past has now fallen away and you are rising up free and anew.  Take a look at how you present yourself to the world –
Does your image fit with the new rebirthed you?
Does your home reflect the reborn you? 
Do your words and how you hold yourself and move reflect the reborn you?

Give yourself permission for some shopping therapy and buy something new in honour of the reborn you.  Something that is a physical representation of what you are now putting out into the world.
This might be a new car – your representation of moving forward at speed now and with more fun.
This might be a camera – the manifestation tool of your new career. 
This might be some new clothes – the old ones need to be discarded like a snake skin and you need new ones that better reflect the rebirthed you.
It might be a new hairstyle – have you had the same one for years? A new style reflects the new you.
This might be new furniture – furniture holds emotions and predecessor energy, is it time for the New You to have new furniture that will only have your new vibration in/on it?
This might be changing the colour scheme and layout in your home so that the energy flows better and reflects the rebirthed you better.

In my case it is a new sewing machine for my birthday, as I have rediscovered personal creativity for myself (rather than it always being channelled into my businesses) and I am so darn excited about it!  That’s the key, the object must make you feel so darn excited about it’s purchase, because you are entering into a relationship with it, it knows it has a higher purpose, it is a representation of the reborn you in the physical world.
Throw yourself into it.  Be as bold, dramatic, colourful and daring as you like or perhaps it’s time for you to be more subtle, sensuous and alluring?
This week do something new for you that says to the Universe, “I am HERE!” this is how I am now representing myself in this physical world.  And enjoy the shopping therapy experience!  Celebrate the rebirthed You!

“Not knowing when the Dawn will come, I open every door.”  
~ Emily Dickinson


Physically many continue to feel tired as energy levels fluctuate as wildly as the strong Autumn winds.  We are being bombarded by more solar flares than we have experienced before, plus all the Eclipse and intense Scorpio energies all add to this feeling of tiredness.  Rest when you can, so that you can allow yourself to process easily and effortlessly.

Dreamtime has been particularly powerful since that doozy of a recent Full Moon and the Eclipse energies.  Also the veil seemed to thin early before and during Samhain.  Guidance, realisations and premonitions abound in dreamtime at the moment.  Don’t forget to write them all down, looking back later you will understand what it is all about.

A note about Dreamtime
My Elders taught me and I have found this to be true over the decades, that only the Dreamer can truly know the meaning of a dream.  I have not liked or agreed with any dreambooks that have been on the market, that is the author’s interpretation, not yours or the message that Elders in Spirit are trying to give you. 
The same goes for wanting other people to explain your dreams; you will be influenced by other people’s personal experiences, which may not be relevant to your dream.  Other people’s input can be helpful at times but can also cause even more confusion.  You have to trust your gut about what feels right (your ego will only try and jump on the nicer, juicier things so you will need to control ego if you are seeking outside counsel on your dreams).
The reason I always say write your dreams down, is that is can take weeks, months and sometimes years before the meaning of a dream or vision becomes clear.  And that is how it is meant to be.  Sometimes between now and then you continue the dream and/or receive more clues about it in dreamtime, and then one day you realise what it has all been about.  That makes it very personal to you, and nobody can analyse that for you.

The planets are giving us a lot of opportunities for healing and as the veil between the worlds thinned during the Samhain/Hallowe’en period, our Ancestors helped us even more.  We are in the last Autumn Moon, Autumn prepares for the Winter moons.  Autumn gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to Summer, to celebrate the Harvest and make preparation for the coming Winter moons by clearing and healing all that we no longer need, and the planets have been more than generous with the help and energies available to us.

I have noticed over recent weeks that more people are getting dogs or adding dogs to their family.  It has happened often enough for me to mention it.  Is this because the Dog nations are helping us to truly understand the meaning of unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and friendship? 
And many have adopted new kitties for their homes.  Cats teach us independence and remind us to take time out for relaxation and play.
On the other side of the coin we have all seen more and more reports of cruelty to animals recently.  Some friends of mine found their young cat (barely out of kittenhood) trapped in leg trap that the poor little thing had dragged for miles trying to get to the safety of their home.  It got stuck under a gate and thank God/dess they found her soon after.  Now the poor little thing is terrified to even go out into their garden.  These kinds of traps are illegal in the UK, and the RSPCA said that they are trapping cats like this to use for dog bait – WTF?!!!
Acts like these are part of the dark energies rising up as a way of trying to control the light by pulling our emotional strings and getting us angry.  When dark forces get us angry they can access our power).
May we always care for those who cannot speak up for themselves and may we always care for all four leggeds and animal relatives.

The Light is growing, people are becoming more independent, self-sufficient and taking back their power and taking control of their lives.  This is what is needed.  We can no longer rely on our leaders or the state or anyone else, we cannot trust the cr*p spewed forth by controlling governments.  People need to wise up to the fact that your g*vernment doesn’t care about you as an individual, it doesn’t care about you as a nation (despite the spin and hype).  We are dispensable fodder to them and worldwide I am seeing people now refusing to vote because they have totally lost faith in their leaders (unfortunately I know that this will probably force compulsory voting, but heck at least the people are making a stand).

All you need to worry about is your own little piece of heaven that you inhabit here on Earth.  Look after it; tend to it and all the Beings that live with you and on your land.  Work with the Earth Mother and the Nature Spirits to create more self sufficiency.  Work with your community and support each other and share with each other.

Trust your inner BS detector, don’t override that gut reaction or knowing deep in your body when you don’t believe something you have heard or seen.

This is what being a Rainbow Warrior is all about.  It’s about reclaiming and renewing (and that is what the Winter moons are all about).  It is about fulfilling that deep urge to live more simply and closer to the Earth.

We no longer are hypnotised by TV and media spin, we see through it now.  Sure there will be things that we get angry about still or upset about, but make that the impetus that drives you towards independence and community spirit.  When a major disaster happens, don’t get too sucked in, step back and sending healing, prayers and light.

This Eclipse is all about “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”; perhaps it’s time to get that great little book out again! 


 I release all that is toxic in myself and my life
I know that I am always looked after by the Universe
I trust that all is unfolding perfectly
I am reborn
I have risen anew like the Phoenix
I step forward now - boldly, confidently and colourfully
I claim my rightful space in this new world
I Am!

Be excited, you are back on track and your future is looking FABULOUS!

Sending Blessings to the new rebirthed YOU.
Elly x

Copyright E. Yule ©2013 Worldwide Rights Reserved