Thursday, 26 July 2007

Weather Getting You Down?

The weather here on this side of the pond has been more like Autumn than Summer with relentless rain, dark days and strong winds. Needless to say it is dampening everyone's spirits as we are all desperate for a bit of sunshine.

Over the years I have found that if I am feeling a bit depleted by the weather or the season, I make sure that every day I have some sunshine fruit, this always helps me to feel better. Citrus fruits are ideal, but as I have an allergy to them I prefer to make my favourite smoothie. Here's the recipe:-

Elly's Sunshine Smoothie

1 organic Mango
1 organic Banana
a little organic Apple & Mango juice
6 drops of Angels of Joy essence

Whizz together in a blender and place in lovely dishes. Chill for a while in the fridge and then enjoy this nutritious, vitamin and mineral packed smoothie which is full of sunshine. It is quite thick (depending on how much juice you put in) so I usually eat it with a spoon.
They also freeze well - remember to use freezer-proof dishes.

Hope this helps!

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