Thursday, 21 April 2016

FULL MOON Blessings! APRIL 2016

FULL MOON in Scorpio


We have a Full Moon in Scorpio:
UK                 22 April 06.24am
EU        -          22 April 17.24pm
USA     -           22 April 01.24am
AUS     -           22 April 15.24pm
NZ       -           22 April 17.24pm

SCORPIO  – I Desire / I Protect

Scorpios are really going to feel the intensity of this Full Moon.  We all have Scorpio in our chart, take a look at which house it’s in as that is where you will feel the intensity the most and is also the area that needs your attention right now. 

Scorpios are the great protectors of the zodiac. They are incredibly loyal and are powerful allies.  However, betray one at your peril, Scorpio will never, ever forget (higher level Scorps may forgive, but they will never forget). You cross their line one time too many and they will close the door on you for good. 
Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac that can travel safely to the underworld and return unscathed, which is why they make good shamans/medicine women as they can travel between the worlds without lasting effects.  They are born to make magick and are master manifestors (unfortunately they doubt their ability more often than not). They have a laser-like vision that sees straight through to the truth, so don’t bother trying to lie to a Scorpio – ever! They are passionate about those they love, their work, anything and anyone that they are committed to.  They are highly sensitive and have an old knowing, and often find themselves studying religion/spirituality which triggers remembrances. They are a fixed sign so can be stubborn, to their own detriment! They like to be in charge and can come across as aloof or bossy sometimes, yet their heart is always in the right place.  
They are great teachers and leaders yet often prefer to be behind the scenes.  It’s time to come out of hiding Scorpio, this Full Moon is giving you a bit shot of energy so trust in your abilities.  Trust the Alchemist/Magician that you are to change your life to the one you want.  This will involve a lot of letting go; you have done this many times and know by now that it always leads to better things.


It’s been tough building up to this Full Moon.  There is so much going on in our personal lives and on the world stage, that it’s no wonder many are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.   Some may be feeling tired or drained from the intensity of the energies around this Full Moon.  Take time out for yourself, rest when you can, drink plenty of water to flush out any stress toxins that may be building.

The Death Urge has become strong again, with many folks (and pets) choosing to leave the planet at this time.  This Scorpio Full Moon has a strong energy and many are choosing to use it to help them transition and rebirth themselves in a different dimension. 
How does the Death Urge affect us? 
Feelings of hopelessness, feeling ‘why bother?’, feeling drained of life force energy, wondering what the heck this life is all about. 
How to deal with the Death Urge. 
Get out in Nature as often as you can, Mother Earth and Her beautiful Green & Growing Kingdom will give you healing energy and help to recharge you.  Eat some wild spring greens such as Chickweed, Nettle, Wild Garlic, Dandelion petals and leaf tips, Three Cornered Leek (which is in abundance here at the moment).  These gorgeous greens will give you instant seasonal vibrational energy and they are packed with iron and other essential minerals. (Use in salads or stir fries).


Several planets are going ‘retrograde’ at the same time at the moment.  We are all being slowed down (and some of us are stopping completely).  Feel the energies and flow with them as best you can over the coming days and weeks. 

Mars – planet of outgoing activity – is going retrograde from now until the end of June.  That means that our output may not be going as well as we’d hoped.  It’s not the best time to launch anything new until He starts going forward again.  This is not the time to push.  This retrograde gives us time to catch our breath, recharge our energies and rethink about how we are going to move forward when He starts his ‘forward’ motion again.

Pluto is also retrograde which adds to the feeling of things slowing down/feeling tired.

Added to the mix is the next Mercury retrograde (end of April to end of May).  You may already be feeling the effects re communication with people, communication devices not working properly etc.  Bear in mind that it could be the middle of June before things starts moving forward again at the pace that you want.


You can’t hide with this Scorpio Full Moon.  Grandmother is shining Her light powerfully and She will light up what you thought was hidden.  The Scorpio energy will make you dive deep, deep into yourself to face yourself and a few home truths.  There is a lot of healing around this Full Moon, make time for it as it will shift you more than you realise.  What needs healing? 

I have been working with a shortform of EFT (the tapping therapy) on Scorpio issues over the past couple of weeks –

EFT tapping sequence for Full Moon in Scorpio

Use one word for each tapping point, say it out loud then move onto the next point and the next word.  E.g. EB-Releasing, SE- Healing. UE-Integrating etc. Keep going until you feel your session is complete.


(You may find that as you say the word ‘releasing’ you feel the need to sigh/exhale, this is you literally releasing stress that you have been holding onto).

Let me know how you get on with it. 

Artist: Charlez Frizzell

Scorpio is shamanic energy, it dives deep into the underworld of the personality in order to help you rebirth yourself like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of your limitations.

This Scorpio Full Moon invites you to let go of all that has been holding you back.  You have been through enough dark times, the next few weeks are for healing and integrating, and then you will be ready to rebirth yourself.  Life is so short, no need to hold yourself back any more.

This Scorpionic Full Moon will also bring up long forgotten wishes, dreams, desires and longings.  It will make you question how you have been living and working.

- Am I happy?
- Do I feel fulfilled in my life (emotionally/sexually/career-wise/relationships)?
- Am I doing what I really want?
- Am I living in truth – my truth?
- Am I authentic (where do I lack authenticity)?
- Am I in my power?
- Where do I give my power away?
- Am I independent/dependent/co-dependent in any way?
- Am I successful (and in what areas)?
- What is holding me back?
- Who is holding me back (who am I allowing to hold me back)?
- What am I most afraid of?
- What’s the worst that can happen?
- What would I love to happen?
- What steps can I take towards that?

Tough questions, and we have plenty of time to answer them over the coming weeks.

This Full Moon is a time for giving yourself a life review -

- Have you been too rigid in your beliefs/viewpoints? 
- Is the Universe trying to nudge you in a new direction? 
- Is it time to break a few rules? (They may have been fencing you in and holding you back). 

With all these planets going retrograde, it’s time to slow down and give yourself the time to work on yourself.  Go out and cloud gaze, release your mind so that Spirit can get in.  Meditate/have quiet time more often, Spirit needs your mind to be silent and for you to be calm and quiet in order for you to hear the messages.  You can do this sitting on a rock looking at the ocean, leaning against a tree, listening to the birds in the garden.

Allow no-one and nothing to distract you from this important time.  For what we do on the inner level will be reflected on the outer level, not just in our personal lives but also in a much bigger way, for All Our Relations.  Part of the magick is changing the energy of the world, one person at a time.  By refusing to allow darkness to limit you, restrict you or hold you back; you raise the vibration and increase the light.  That is true shamanic work.

To know how this Full Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas ( :

Sorry folks, due to my shoulder injury I can’t sit for very long at the computer, therefore I haven’t been able to do the work on Chani’s update. Do visit the site to check your sign.


I am healed
I allow my body to be healed
I allow my mind to be healed
I allow my emotions to be healed
I allow my finances to be healed
I allow my Spirit to shine
I allow my talents to shine
I am blessed with Abundance
I love my life
I love the magick I create
I am fully in my power now
I love myself
I am happy

This watery Full Moon could make you feel a bit teary – especially my fellow Scorps.  Let the tears flow, they are your healing rain.  Let your inner shaman guide you, know that there are so many good things waiting for you a few weeks down the line.  Hang on in there, it will get easier.  Keep the faith, believe in yourself and have fun as much as you can.  There are many treasures waiting for you so be brave and open Pandora’s Box!

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

NEW MOON Super Moon Blessings! April 2016

NEW MOON Super Moon in ARIES

Fabulous fresh starts – awesome New Beginnings – Success

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries:
UK                 7 April 12.24pm
EU       -           7 April 13.24pm
USA     -           7 April 07.24am
AUS     -           7 April 09.24pm
NZ        -           7 April 11.24pm

                    Artist: Josephine Wall
Fiery, energetic Aries represents enthusiasm, initiative, impulse, action (the most action-oriented sun sign of the zodiac), independence, aggression – usually due to being frustrated with other folks not being able to keep up with them - a shadow trait they need to modify as they mature.  Pioneers – never afraid to walk a different path or try something new.  Goal-oriented – sometimes work dominates everything and excludes those who love them – life balance needed. Arts, beginnings, war – worthy opponent, the armed forces, physical strength, the ‘Hero’, creative pursuits. The Adventurer, the Dare Devil – expect the unexpected and expect to be dragged into it!

Aries are like Eveready batteries, they never seem to run out of energy. But when they do, they do so badly. In their drive to achieve they can push themselves to their limits too often, that’s fine when you are younger and can bounce back quickly, but once you pass 40 you need to start looking after yourself better. No point in being too ill to enjoy the success you have worked so hard for! Health is wealth.  Many Aries folk feel constantly driven to achieve and can ride roughshod over others in their pursuit of this. Fiercely intelligent, short on patience yet incredibly inspiring, take your vitamins if you want to keep up with an Aries!


Mars (planet of outward/doing energy) is retrograde 17 April until 29 May.  It means that our output may slow down during this period.  We want to push forward and keep going at our usual pace, yet we are being urged to slow down a bit.  That doesn’t mean we can’t progress and move forward, rather it gives us a chance to focus on our inner strength, work on our plans and goals (Mars is the God of War and therefore a great planner/strategist) and strengthen our foundations/base that we are building from.  Take any setbacks in your stride during this period, they weed out what/who aren’t quite right for your plan.

This retrograde also gives us time to ensure that we are healthy for success.  If you have been feeling a bit run down since the start of the year, use this transit period to build up your health, immune system and energy so that you have the energy for your success.  No point in finally getting there if you aren’t up to enjoying it!
Patience is the key during this transit, in all areas of your life. 
Allow yourself time to rest, have fun and relax.

When we are super busy, distracted or overloaded that is when accidents happen.  As I mentioned to a friend and several clients recently, this also ties in with Year of the Monkey, the Chinese year that we are in.  Year of the Monkey is accident year, especially regarding broken bones, so be careful.  The motto for Year of the Monkey is “Pace yourself, don’t push yourself.”

 NEW MOON Supermoon in ARIES

The Dark Nights of the Moon this time around were quite tough for some.  Huge fears came up, lots of old fears raised their heads again, and some folks had massive wobbles around this time.  Many are realising just what and whom they have to let go of now as some things are ending now and definitely need closure. 

Thank God/dess the New Moon is here to bring us new energy, new light and a clean slate!  However, do give thanks for all that you have just gone through, it needed to come up to be cleared before you could benefit fully from this auspicious Supermoon.

We are blessed with this powerful Supermoon New Moon in Aries.  It’s the start of a new astrological year, so new beginnings abound. This can be in any area of your life including new relationships, new jobs, new opportunities, new success, new home, new car, etc.

Aries are the pioneers, the trail blazers, Aries now brings you this type of energy to help you boldly step forward in the direction you need.  You have wanted to step onto your new path for a while, now you have been given the green light to do so.  Aries gives us the courage of the warrior to forge ahead even if we are not sure where we will end up.  The important thing is to take that first step, to move forward towards what we want. 

Aries is a passionate energy too; they never do anything in a half-hearted way.  ‘Follow your passion now’ is the message from this Aries Supermoon.

And if that little blighter Fear tries to pop up, just knock it on the head and carry on.  Fears like that relate to stuff in the past, and we have moved on from the past now. The fear is not real, it’s where you were, not where you are now or where you are going – so don’t bring it with you! We are more aware these days of how precious and short life is in the times of turmoil.  Therefore we cannot allow anyone or anything to hold us back from how we want to live our lives or what we want to manifest for ourselves.

The most successful people I know (and have studied) are those who use visualization.  They see the end result they want, they visualize it every day and they take steps towards it – every single day.  We all know about visualization but how often and how regularly do we do it?

This New Moon Supermoon brings us an opportunity for great success.  It brings us the energy to move forward now, to really believe that we can do it.  So what are you waiting for?

New Moon Supermoon ritual

1.  Write your New Moon/Supermoon wish list

2.  Create a vision board of what you want. Pictures and words that embody what you want.

3.  Place it in the sector of your home that represents the success you want in the area of your life that you want change, new beginnings and success.  (See the diagram below).

Standing at the door of your home/room and
looking into it, use this Bagua to help you work
out the various sectors.

4.  Write an Action Plan of the steps you are going to take to achieve this.

5.  Every day, spend five minutes seeing yourself with the end result you want.  Look at all the detail, the colours, the sounds, and the smells.  Feel excited, feel it become real – and it shall be so.

6.  Choose to spend time with those who support your dreams and endeavours.  Stay well away from those who bring you down.

7.  Keep your desire protected, keep it in your heart unless you can truly trust those you share it with. 

8.  Be aware that as success starts to come to you, there may be those around you who are jealous or want to sabotage your good fortune.  Don’t listen to them.  Keep your personal protection (and protection around your endeavours) in place and all will be well.

Aries are usually confident people at home with their own power and the power they wield in the world.  This New Moon Supermoon invites you to take a look at where you give away your power – and whom you give it away to.  It will help you to see clearly those abusing their power enabling you to stay away from them. 
We are also asked to look at how we are using our own power, are we lording it over other people? Are you cruel in any way?  Well it’s time to nip our egos in the bud and the butt.  Those who will succeed will be those operating from their hearts not their egos. Ego success is always short-lived, heart success always has longevity. 

Aries folks are exciting and inspirational to be around, they love to laugh as hard as they work, and they love what stimulates and excites and are never bored. 
- Does your life need more excitement? 
- Do you need more stimulation?
- When was the last time you got really excited about something?
- What was the last exciting thing that you did?
- What was the last thing you did that left you breathless with excitement and buzzing?

Aries needs freedom to live, be, and express who they are in the way they want.  What freedom do you need?

With all this excitement around, you must stay grounded and not get too carried away.  Keep the enthusiasm going but in a grounded way. When you get full of excitement and are full of creative energy, electrical energy can build up in your body and this needs to be grounded, to be discharged otherwise it can cause havoc.  To keep yourself calm and grounded, spend time in Nature, breathe in the green healing energies, feel your feet connecting with the Earth, let your mind switch off and just enjoy the scenery.  Spend time leaning again a tree or sitting on a warm rock in the sun.  Do this as often you can (daily would be great, or at least once a week) over the coming four weeks.

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To know how this New Moon Supermoon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
Thursday’s new moon is in your sign. It is an awakening, exciting, and important moment to struggle with. Becoming is no small matter. This new moon is an initiation, one in a long line of initiations that have occurred over the past 5 years. Breaking free, doing your own thing, and finding a way to express your individual nature is nothing new for you. This new moon just wants to encourage the next level of your development. Those with birthdays within a few days of Thursday will feel it the most. It’s a moment of pressure to use. It’s a moment of revelation. It’s a moment that can help to maximize your efforts. It’s a moment that can encourage you to take a chance, take up a challenge or take on your own potential.  You are competing against yourself here.
And yet there is a need to pause. It is the beginning of a time of reflection for you. One that might help to change your mind about something. One that might rearrange how you prioritize what is important to you. One that may have you changing your relationship to what you learn or how you learn it. This new moon may help you to release yourself from even the most subtle of restrictions that you have placed on yourself, and that is the most generous of birthday presents you can give yourself.   

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Let’s talk about inner revolution. Let’s talk about inner transformations. Let’s talk about liberation from the inside out. Let’s talk about not needing to keep up with anyone else. Let’s talk about forgetting what you thought you “should” accomplish at this age. Let’s talk about accomplishing a trust in your efforts, a trust in your abilities and a trust in your relationship with life. Let’s talk about setting an intention to be on your own side for your next birthday year. Let’s talk about slowing down enough to remember to appreciate what is happening in the moment all year long. Let’s talk about dismantling your fears one by one and day by day. Over time, if you shine the light of consciousness on your fears they lose their power. Every time we laugh at what we fear we win a little battle. Every time we push past the exterior of a fear and get to the heart of it we steal back a piece of our energy from it.
Spend the new moon working this magic and you’ll set yourself up for a year like no other.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Thursday’s new moon shakes up the part of your chart that connects you to your dreams, your hopes and your visions for the future. It may give you a new insight into this domain of your life. It might help you to refresh your relationship to hope. It might help you to reclaim your sense of autonomy and inspire you to reinvent your dreams for your self.
Thursday’s new moon and this week’s astrology may have you reconsidering what roles you want to take on among friends, in community and with your peers. You may need to shake things up a bit and do less. You may need to redirect your energy and use it for more intimate relationships. You may need to promise your self, your efforts, your support and your allegiance only to what helps you feel alive and fits in your schedule.

CANCER / Cancer rising
The energy in the career center of your chart is off the charts. It’s action packed and persistent in its workload and tasks to take hold of. This is no time to hold back if you have been. This is no time to wallflower. This is no time to pretend that you don’t want every bit of it. This is a time for action, intuition and a willingness to be defiant in the face of your fear. This may be a time of being overwhelmed by schedules and projects. The kind of time where holding on may be all you can do. Letting go can be good medicine too. Apply yourself and then free yourself from being overly responsible for the outcome. It’s not all up to you. Some of it is way, way beyond you. Honor the fact that you don’t have to be perfect at what you are learning how to do. Give yourself room. It’s a great weekend to get something in motion in terms of your career and your calling but, right now, thanks to the upcoming Mars retrograde, that might not be as clear or direct as you’d like it to be. Go easy on yourself and just do what is laid before you to do. 

LEO / Leo rising
Freedom comes with having to be able to answer for your decisions. It’s a good deal. Expensive, but worth it. Costly but correct.  Thursday’s new moon wants you to get out. Out of town. Out on the town. Out on the road. Out of your routine. Thursday’s new moon wants to shake up the way you are seeing the world, or wants you to take that responsibility on. Give your mind something to savor. Give your philosophies a run for their money. Give yourself something new to learn, experience or delve into. Thursday’s new moon wants you to get high in a grounded way. This new moon is dealing sustainable spiritual substance. This new moon is making clear your need to give yourself the opportunity to renew what you think of as important, improbable and true.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
It’s time to renew your relationship to how you collaborate. It’s time to take a look at the partnerships you are invested in. It’s time to renew your contract with others or start up something new.  Whichever the case, make sure that you have your freedom in mind during negotiations. If this new moon isn’t inspiring something about who you are working with or sharing yourself or your life with, then it’s most likely time to investigate how your home life, your history, your oldest stories or your oldest fears may be interfering with your present possibilities.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Thursday’s new moon graces you with its annual initiation of your 7th house of relationships.  It might be time to refresh your contract with others. It might be time to review your agreements with business partners, intimate partners and the clients that you serve. It might be time to shake it up, shake some ill-fitting agreement lose or shake a tail-feather with your favorite so-and-so. It’s definitely time to look at what you are communicating and how best to deliver your message. It’s time to learn about or implement some boundaries in your interactions. It’s time to learn about a new way to be intimate. For some of you this will be subtle, for others it will be a complete overhaul of how you have been addressing those that you are closest to. Let people disappoint you. Let folks be flawed. Let your hope for their perfection fall by the wayside. Make a point of busting yourself on your own assumptions about what others want and need. From you, from life. Make room for something greater, more complex, more meaningful. Make room for relationships that run on high octane freedom fuel and an honesty that won’t let you get away with even the smallest lie.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
In many ways you are being prepped for a period of transformation. A process of repositioning yourself so that you feel more aligned with your self and your swagger. There may be a different relationship to your financial life, to the way you make money, to the way you honor the energy that you put into the work that you do that supports you. There is a hope here, something helpful that you might be starting to conceive, some brilliant idea that is struggling to be hatched, a work situation that can be done that is just dawning on you. You’ve got the right idea. You just need to stick with it. Stick through the trial and error period of beginning something new.    Try betting on you. Bet on your ability to make consistent efforts towards your goal. Bet on your ability to take what you have been given and form it into something useful. Bet on your ability to break any spell that has been cast over your consciousness that tells you that you can’t do it, that you shouldn’t do it or that you will never do it. Thursday’s new moon wants you to risk believing in your ability to make your work work for you. And the money too.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Thanks to Thursday’s new moon, creative genius is raining down on you. Get your moon barrels out and gather the goodness. You’ve got a pocket, a moment, a twist of fate forming. One that can help you to see a creative solution to a longstanding problem or an age-old conundrum. A twist of time that helps you to honor the creative energy that moves through you. An opportunity to recognize how to be in relationship with your creativity.  How to be the best partner you can be to the creative genius that moves through you. How to be in a process of becoming with your own creative spirit. It could come across as rebellious in nature. It could appear that you are bucking the system. It could seem to others that you don’t give two hoots about how to play nice.  But true rebellion is less about declaring what is wrong and more about standing by what is, without a doubt, unequivocally and undeniably, right. And as long as you stand for what is right in your heart of hearts, you’ll be all right with yourself. And there is no better validation than that.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Thursday’s new moon renews you on an inner realm. It might awaken a fire in your belly. It may feel like a bolt of lightening down your spine. It might arouse something that has laid dormant in you for a while. Like a secret wish. A forgotten longing. A renewed sense of what is possible. If any of those factors aren’t naturally occurring, use this new moon to invite them in by giving yourself permission to want what you want. There could be an internal independence that you are needing to declare. It may have something to do with liberating yourself from old family dynamics, creating home and family in a new way or recreating the space you live in so that you can honor the inner shifts that are occurring. And oh, are they occurring.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
This Thursday’s new moon wants you to make a list. A list of all of the people that you would like to meet. All those you would love to be introduced to. Everyone that you would like a moment to speak to.  A list of all the folks that you would like to reach out to you. Reach out to you because they have heard of the great work that you do. Because they have heard of the efforts that you have made, the risks that you have taken and the work ethic that you have displayed. A list of your hopes and dreams. A list of all the fears that get in your way, mess you up or derail your efforts to make confident strides towards them.  Then make a list of all the things that you need to start working on in order to have that be true. This new moon wants you to make a list of all the ways you are going to help yourself through the difficult times, all the strategies you can implement with your best interests in mind and all of the ways in which you will divert your energy when you get caught up in your own emotional mess.
Make these lists. Review them often over the next two weeks. Take the actions that you can. Then release your attachment to them. Put them away and check back in with them 6 months from now to see what became of your new moon manifestations.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Focus on how to work with yourself. Focus on giving yourself the kind of encouragement you need. Focus on being the kind of cheerleader you have always wanted. Focus on liberating yourself from old beliefs about what you are capable of, pushing past the places you usually go astray. Focus on helping yourself create some money magic because money is purely energy and we can never stop learning about the ways in which energy works. There is always more to discover. Use your intuition. Put it on the payroll. Find a way to remember to access it, to ask it for guidance and to give it your full attention. Focus on your intuitive talents, the things that you are good at effortlessly. Focus on what has meaning for you, on what inspires you, on what feeds you. Focus on showing up for yourself by keeping your own needs in the forefront, by consistently showing up in the world as you wish to be seen and by committing publicly to your professional dreams.

Chani has written a lot more for each sign regarding this important New Moon, to read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website - See more at:  - CHANGE to latest link


I let go of all that no longer serves me
I am open to the changes that are happening
I am excited about what’s coming
I take steps towards what I want
I apply myself to my success
I believe in myself
I have faith in myself
I am being hugely courageous!
I focus on the positive
I am passionate about my life
I am free to be me
I am successful

Be kind to yourself and others, we are all going through the same thing.  Be mindful that some may not understand what is going on as they do not have the knowledge that you do.  Give them a little leeway, as they may be overwhelmed with fear.  Be loving and kind, have compassion for self and others and all will be well.

Spring is busting out all over; it’s the perfect time to sow the seeds of your dreams and Aries gives us the kick up the backside we need to get it done. Send your desires out to the Universe, commit to taking action towards them, be excited and love life!

New Moon Supermoon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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