Saturday, 24 December 2011


We are blessed with the most auspicious New Moon on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special time of year.

The days leading up to Christmas Eve have been harder than usual with many feeling absolutely exhausted at a time when they want to be full of energy to enjoy the fun. This has been due to the dark nights of the Moon leading up to New Moon, and also the effects of the powerful Winter Solstice we have just had. Now the energy starts to lift for everyone and Christmas will be fun, you will have the physical and emotional energy for it.

Jupiter, planet of luck and good fortune turns direct also bringing us optimism, upliftment and celebration.

Christmas Eve is a fantastic day to write your New Moon Wish List. It won’t just be for the month ahead, it will be setting the tone for your year ahead, so think carefully before writing on paper what you desire to manifest over the coming year. December is the last month in a powerful Autumn/Winter season that has laid the foundations for our year ahead.

In 2012 it will be easier to make money than it has been in recent years (despite the media spin and the cr*p perpetrated in the news). Capricorn helps us to get sensible about money, to prioritise what is important, to create new structures to enable us to create more money for ourselves and to choose love instead of fear through abundance instead of materialism.

The New Moon is in Capricorn, yep that stubborn ol’ goat, yet Capricorn can headbutt us, to get us off our butts and out there manifesting. This New Moon brings energy for new beginnings in our work (whatever business or career you have); Capricorn’s gift is “industrious accomplishment and reputation building” all of which are supported by this wonderful New Moon. Capricorn kickbutts our ambitions and goals, encourages sensible approaches to whatever we do, helps us to achieve success, reminds us of our responsibilities, reminds us to be an authority to ourselves and how to deal with authority, and helps us to take charge of ourselves and our lives.

This New Moon is aspected by Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This is amazing as they help us to prepare for the giant leap forward we are about to take next year. However, in order to succeed you must speak your truth and stand firm in your power. You must be authoritative (tough love may be called for from time to time). We are here to serve, and we cannot serve the people if we do not speak our truth or stand with conviction and authority in our truth.

Uranus brings us liberty and individuality, so you have the support to finally be yourself, you are free to be you now, no more holding back, 2012 is the year for you to be seen fully in all of your magnificence.

Uranus helps you to avoid being sidetracked or knocked off centre by “what other people think”. Stuff what other people think, it is what you think that matters from now on, and if they don’t like it – tough! You are a beautiful, unique individual and you have your own unique contribution to make to this world, that is why you are here, it is your personal mission, so go do it y’hear!

We have all felt the shift at the end of this year and have perhaps felt a little scared by the unknown. We all know deep down that things will never, ever be the same for us again, we have changed too much and our world has changed too much during this past year. So when people or things leave your life or when things fall apart, try not to panic, try tounderstand that space is being made for better to come to you now. We know that the change is MASSIVE and that is what scares us. Part of what we are afraid of is the responsibility we now carry, we have to grow up big time now as we step into 2012.

As I have said to several clients this week (and mentioned in my last Blog post), you must trust your intuition and not be influenced by others outside of yourself. We have to rely on ourselves, to be independent on every level, and only trust the Highest Truth which comes from within, because we are all unique, individual channels through which the Greater Love and Higher Truth flows. We just need to trust ourselves more, and spend time to connect and strengthen that inner link. The more connected to the Divine you are, the more successful you will be, the happier and more contented you will be, and the more you will be able to cope with any curve balls that come your way in 2012. The more you are connected to the Higher Power, the more power you will personally have. The more powerful you become, the greater your ability to serve will become.

The old ways have gone, and we are a little unsure because the new ways have not fully presented yet. Some years ago I shared a story with you; back in the early 90s, Archangel Michael told me that there would come a day when we would need to throw all of our books out of the window, and to forget everything that we have learned so far, because there would be new ways to do things and we would all be taught directly by Spirit how to do them. Well that time is here, now. These new ways are essential for the new world that is being built. So go into the fear and uncertainty that may come up, talk to your Guides/Helpers about it and ask for their assistance and clarity. We are all feeling it, so you are not alone. (It’s even worse for old timers like myself, as we have been taught in a certain way for so long, that it is kinda hard to shake off the old tapes in the head that have been programmed by decades of reading, learning and studying this stuff!)

Remember also what I have been saying for several years now, that heaven isn’t somewhere out there, that it is inside us? Well that time has arrived. The whole point of the Ascension Process has been for us to be able to embody Heaven on Earth. Now, we are all Earth Angels, we are embodying Heaven on Earth and helping others to do the same. (I have created a new ‘Earth Angel’ spray mist to support you in your mission. Available in January 2012). No more hoping to escape to Heaven one day, it is right here right now, you’ve just to find it.

Enjoy being a fully conscious Light Being in a human form. We have all been through a heck of a lot over the past few years to expand ourselves on every level including cellular, in order to make space for our full Lightbody, now we get the chance to walk around with it in our human suit, how cool is that?!

This New Moon helps us to awaken and birth our next year, our new future that we are creating for ourselves. Awaken, shine, free yourselves and others. Reinvent yourself, your practices, your way of living, working and being. Celebrate your uniqueness and accept the uniqueness of others (even though that might be challenging at times!)

And remember, the power of your words nowadays can instantly manifest. So catch yourself on every time you open your mouth. Don’t put yourself or anyone else down (however testing they are), because you will continue to experience the same from them and things won’t change. If you must speak then make your words worthwhile and positive, otherwise be quiet and don’t say anything. That is why true Elders seldom say much; they don’t need to unless they have something worth sharing. One thing I have noticed over the decades is that I don’t trust those who are over verbose, whilst some are gifted orators, many are full of sh*t, and the ones that use a hundred words where a few will do, are not trustworthy and always let you down. However, you also need to discern those that withhold verbally, some do it to be enigmatic, some do it to draw you in like a spider to their web and some do it to be seen as enlightened gurus. The test is trusting your inner Bullsh*t Detector to discern who is authentic and living in truth and who is not (and the higher along your pathway you are, the more cleverly disguised they are).

Also be aware that your thoughts are being heard by more people than you realise. Because everyone’s vibration has been raised, those of a higher vibration will know exactly what you are thinking. Telepathic ability has increased greatly, so be careful what you are thinking! (And don’t forget that your thoughts also create your reality, what you are thinking right now will create your future).

Do remember that we are in the Winter moons, and Mercury won’t be fully sorted until the New Year, so this is not the time to make quick or sudden decisions. Capricorn encourages us to strategically work out the pros and cons first, and then sleep on it, and then sleep on it some more before making that decision. That ol’ goat teaches us patience and perseverance.

This New Moon is full of hope, generosity, blessings and optimism. Be excited and positive about the year ahead. We are being given the green light to go for it next year. So out with the old and in with the new. Clearing out the old, creating space for the new to come in on every level. Be excited, 2012 is going to be a good year for all of us.

In love and appreciation to all of you who take the time to read my scribblings, I thank you all, and send you every Blessing for you and your families at this special time of year.

Have a cool Yule y’all!

Elly xx

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011



As usual, the energy leading up to the Winter Solstice has been intense for many of us. This is my favourite quarter festival, even though it feels like I have been wading through treacle for the past few weeks in the build up to it!

As we go into the shortest day and longest night, we are reminded that this is not a time of doing, it is a time of going within and being quiet. (Not easy in the build up to Christmas I know). Yet it is essential that we build in some quiet time for ourselves to reflect on the year about to pass and open ourselves to soak up the Sacred Soulstice energy available to us on 21, 22 and 23 December.

It is a time to go without fear into the darkness, to see what has been forgotten about because of the busyness of the year that now needs to be found, recognised and brought into the light for healing.

I know that many of us have experienced a lot of darkness in one form or another over the past few weeks, that we didn't see coming. It has been a shock for some of you. Because we are spending so much time in our greater Lightbody we have been experiencing an increase in love and positivity and light in our lives that we have been taking for granted. Then when something from the lower vibration yanks us back down to the third dimension, it can be a bit of a shock to the system and can broadside us for a bit. It is an opportunity to find the lesson being presented, and to thank our adversaries for presenting on our path as valuable teachers.

There is a lot of spiritual snobbery around at the moment with some people thinking that they are living gurus on a golden throne sitting there waiting for everyone to wait on them hand and foot. Get as far away from anyone like this as quickly as possible! They are illusionists. They give you the impression that they are deeply spiritual but they have a motive and it is not deeply spiritual I can assure you. They are clever at drawing people to them and trapping them in their web so that they can use them later. Don't be caught up in their spin or taken in by the facade they present to the world. These people have an agenda and it is well hidden.

There is also a lot of spiritual bullying going on at the moment and I will expand more on that in January's update.

The Solstice encourages us to take a look at where we have been giving away our power, who we have been giving it away to and how much of it we have given away. The Solstice encourages us to once more trust the light of our intuition and to connect with the Greater Love from which all truth comes. Trust your intuition more. When those alarm bells start tinging, or your body gives you signals that it's not 100% happy/sure/convinced by this person or situation, trust it. Trust yourself more. As the Light returns it reminds us to take back our Light for ourselves, purify it, amplify it and then transmit it without fear.

Over the next couple of days, get outside and connect with Nature and give praise to Grandfather Sun thanking Him for bringing His much needed light back to the Earth for another year.

Allow hope to rise in your heart, certain now that the Light will gradually increase. In the meantime appreciate the Winter moons as a time of slowing down and spending time with family and enjoying the warmth of your home. This is a time of thanksgiving, reflection and planning for the year to come.

May you and your home be filled with the Blessed Soulstice Light!

Elly xx

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Friday, 9 December 2011

FULL MOON Total Lunar Eclipse

Saturday’s Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse closes the last Eclipse season of the year - and what a powerful one to end with. The Moon will be hidden during this Eclipse, i.e. the Feminine will be hidden.

What aspects of your femininity have you been hiding from the world?

What aspects of your Feminine power are you hiding away?

What aspects of the Feminine within you need healing or need attention?

Is ‘She’ being honoured enough?

Is ‘She’ being pleasured enough?

Is ‘She’ being listened to?

This Eclipse will reveal to you what your Feminine Self has been trying to tell you for some time. Listen to Her, act on the information She gives you and vow never to neglect Her like that again. This is further emphasised by the colour the Moon takes on during this type of Eclipse, it is often known at the Red Moon. The Red Moon ties in with women’s moontime (menses).

The Moon is directly opposite the Sun during this Eclipse with the Earth blotting her out, so there could be confrontation between male and female this weekend, although the making up could be fun due to the passion energies of the Full Moon!

Expect some possible stresses and challenges in relationships well into next week. Work through the truth that this Eclipse will bring to light regarding your relationships. What the Lunar Eclipse wants is for you to understand the purpose of being in each other’s lives and through your relationship together. Sun and Moon, Soul and Spirit, Male and Female, it is about linking together and connection.

Lunar Eclipses are about endings - the pathway you are on is dissolving, the old ways are now being dropped; beginnings – new pathways are now being created for you (even if you can’t quite see them yet, hold on and have faith); exposure – truth, some of it shocking is now coming to light (Eclipses are all about bringing some truth into the light); and major changes – absorbing higher levels of light, accessing higher levels of guidance than before. You may be feeling confused, disoriented, a little lost and panicky and not at all sure about where you are headed. You may have to wait for clarity, I would recommend until the end of next week as other planets can cause confused and muddy thinking. It could be a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the next few days. Don’t forget Mercury is still retrograde, so communication matters are not best aspected at the moment as your message will not be understood and you will have to make a real effort to be heard and understood clearly.

Eclipses encourage us to do some Spiritual Dumpster Diving, and some of those dumpsters can be pretty deep! At the time you may panic, thinking you will never ever smile again, or that you won’t be able to breathe freely again, but if you go into the process wholeheartedly and take the time out to go through it, you will come out the other side so much faster. The You that re-emerges is stronger, calmer, and has more clarity about what has been going on and what you now want for yourself.

The energies leading up to this Eclipse have been quite intense and many have been feeling very tired. This may continue, so build in little rests times as often as you can for yourself. And protect your Solar Plexus, there is so much chaotic energy flying around that you don’t need to absorb other’s projections, as you have got enough of your own stuff to deal with. (Spray some of ‘The Protector’ spray mist over your solar plexus to create a shield of protection there, or rub some St. John’s Wort oil into it to release any tension being held there).

The effects of this Eclipse can be felt for several months after the event, and so can continue to impact your life. If you have sailed through the Eclipse season, just be aware that things can still be brought to your attention over the coming months that may catch you off guard.

The conflict between the material and the spiritual will continue over the next six months. There doesn’t need to be any conflict, you earn your money you spend it how you want and that doesn’t make you any less spiritual. We live in the Third Dimension, so why not enjoy the bling and toys of this dimension if they bring you pleasure? The old guard are not happy with this however, and may berate you as they do not feel it is right that you are charging for your spiritual gifts. Well to be a nurse is an occupation using spiritual gifts– do you think nurses shouldn’t be paid? To be an artist is an occupation using spiritual gifts – do you think artists should give their paintings away for free? As always it is about balance. The other paradox that this Eclipse will continue to play out is saying that you want World Peace yet screaming at your partner/kids/dog. There is so much lip service about Peace going around at the moment, yet the very people spouting this are the ones who haven’t sorted their sh*t out and they need to, before they start preaching to others.

Full Moons are about celebrating your achievements over the past month, before we go into the waning of the Moon, when everything slows down and we get a chance to rest and integrate all that has happened recently.

Be very careful what you are attracting to yourself, cotton on to this now and it will stand you in good stead for next year. As manifestation now happens so quickly (sometimes you have a random thought and by the end of the day it has manifested) you need to really check your thoughts, desires and wishes because they will be activated very quickly. In the past there was a time delay, this gave us time to have a good think about if this is really what we want and to research the consequences and whether that manifestation will serve those in our lives as well as our selves. Now that timeframe has got so small sometimes it is not even there. We have been given total responsibility for our manifestations. The Universe/Spirit is not going to step in and delay things (they know the bigger picture, and that the decision may not be the best further down the line). What we think we manifest and it is nobody’s responsibility but ours. So please, stop and think before glibly joking about what you want (or don’t want) or you could learn some painful lessons, and you could affect a great many people but not in the way you had hoped. You are solely responsible for everything that shows up in your life. All of your decisions in the past have brought you to where you are today, and that ain’t nobody’s fault but yours. If you are happy with where you are, well done, you understand the lesson. If you are not happy then remember the 3 Golden Rules for Life which I have shared with you before. (Accept It, Change It or Leave It).

Full Moons can encourage excess and as it is the Festive Season we could be tempted to splurge or indulge too much. Try and activate your inner Money Monitor so that it can rein you in a bit. That goes for food and drink too, have a good time but be prepared for the consequences afterwards! Also Full Moons increase the waters i.e. high tides, and that increases our emotional sensitivity also, so there could be a lot of excess emotion around. Remember that this is not the norm, it is purely due to the Full Moon, get outside and ground yourself in Nature and walk off any strange feelings or tearyness.

Keynotes: Grounding – Connection – Celebration – Communication – Trust – Faith - Patience

This Eclipse Season is laying the foundations for your year ahead, so use it wisely.

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

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Friday, 2 December 2011

DECEMBER updates


The general feeling seems to be that the world is in crisis – no it isn’t – many countries are doing fine, thank you. So, step one is to stop believing everything that the media says or prints, step two is that the Western world is not the centre of the Universe, step three is to start believing that you do make a difference, that you will be okay, that you will cope. The people are making a stand and setting limits and boundaries with their governments, and we are all encouraged to do that. For some, others have been taking advantage of you or not respecting you, so it is time to set some limits and boundaries before you go into the New Year. Step four is to trust that all is going according to Divine Plan, trust the Universe, trust Spirit, don’t be influenced by anything outside yourself and all will be well.

Herd mentality again. There has been an increase in old Hoaxes being sent around the internet especially on Facebook, the Herd are passing them onto everyone again (I have seen one at least 30 times over the past two years) instead of checking them out first before encouraging everyone to spread them around. “Well my friend said…” Well duh, think for yourself, stop being sheeple and start being people! There’s enough cr*p going around the internet without really old stuff doing the rounds again. Ok rant over, but the point is people are not tuning into their own intuition; they are not allowing internal alarm bells to go off. They have no bullsh*t detectors, I have seen this with people who are evolved and should know better, nowadays it helps if you are spiritual to also be able to detect bullsh*t because believe me there is gonna be a lot more of that going around as the masses stick their heads in the sand and allow governments to whack them on the butt. Think for yourself, check things out, trust your inner Bullsh*t detector and start trusting it, you are going to need to with what is to come in the future.

There has been a lot of spiritual escapism with people slipping off their path choosing to be distracted by the La La stuff instead. This will cause them huge problems down the line. This is a time for sorting your stuff, since 11-11-11 for those with eyes to see and ears to hear much truth has been revealed. At times this has been shocking, as you thought you knew someone, you thought they were spiritual, and then whoa their dark side and ulterior motives are revealed. Give thanks to Spirit for showing you this and for clearing them off your path.

(I recently had a personal experience of this, I had been hoping to work with someone in the New Year with something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I thought her energy was right for me, then suddenly this week I saw a completely different side. And it made sense why every time I have tried to get this project started it has kept being postponed. Thank you Spirit, no I do not want to be anywhere near energy like that. What happened to her? Before 11-11-11 she was working at quite a high spiritual level, then since then she has chosen to use her energy differently. What a shame as she had great potential. Still, I am so grateful that I was spared any further contact, as it would have cost me a lot financially and energetically. I am now excited about the space that has been created for the right people to come into my life when the timing is right).

This has also been a period of healing family stuff (especially during the build up to and since the 11-11-11) and how apt for us to sort out, forgive and heal family issues just before Christmas.

Winter Solstice is very special and things always get intense leading up to it. For me, that makes total sense. As the days get shorter and we have less light it makes us stop and think about how much we value daylight, how much we appreciate Grandfather Sun and pray for his return after the Winter Solstice. Do we really use the shorter days and longer nights to go into the dark? To take a look at what has been lurking in the dark that needs to be dealt with before the New Year comes around? No. Usually we are all so busy at this time of year with Festive activities and also the sense of urgency business-wise that comes with the approaching end of year.

This year take time to light your candles in the evenings during the Winter moons (not just at Christmas) and when the Solstice Day arrives, go outside and lift your face to the Sun and thank Him for coming back to us, for without Him we could not survive the coming year.

It is an odd thing that after the joy of celebrating the Sun’s return, when we know that the days will slowly increase and we will get more and more light, we seem to plunge into even shorter and darker days before we can physically see that happen (especially during January and February). This reminds us that all of this 3-D life is one big illusion, and that we must trust how we feel inside, we must trust the Light we have within us and not rely on anything or anyone outside of ourselves for that Light.

The Womb of Winter allows us to go within and clear any dark shadows that may be dimming our Light or our ability to receive Light as we prepare to rebirth ourselves in Spring. The Solstices are my favourites festivals of the year and remind me that the Wheel of Life just like the Wheel of the Seasons keeps turning. So bring Holly and Ivy (Celtic protectors) into your home as part of your decorations to honour Solstice and Yuletide.

And, as is usual with the Winter Solstice, many people are crossing over. This is so very hard for the family and friends left behind especially at this time of year. Make an effort to stay in contact and help where you can, if you know someone who has lost someone recently, the holidays will be difficult for them.


As the year ends we cannot help but to start to think about and prepare for the year ahead. Give thanks for all that you have experienced this year, and my goodness what a year we have shared together.

Look back over the past year, did you win more or lose more? And I don’t just mean the big things, I mean the little things, they are the significant ones, the little tiny ‘wins’ that create the foundation of success, like tiny bricks building you a solid foundation of confidence that enables you to grow.

We need to pay respect to all that we had to let go of, all the little losses as well as the big ones. Honour the Spiritual Warrior that you are who had the strength to experience these losses and learn from them. (And if you are not sure of what the lesson is yet, don’t worry it will make itself clear in time).

How were your growth spurts over the past year? Did you have many? Did you grow?

Now think about building on the foundation that you built for yourself over the past year so that it can be the platform for launching yourself into next year.

Use these Winter moons to reflect and give thanks, and to plan and prepare for your rebirth in the Spring.

Believe that you have the ability to make your life extraordinary; that you are an amazing unique individual who can manifest whatever you want in this life. Decide what you want and go for it. Open yourself to being a vehicle for Spirit, allow the Divine to be your compass and trust the inner promptings. Now more than ever we need to be independent and not co-dependent on anyone or anything. Have you noticed how much Spirit is around at the moment? We are so blessed to have such a massive amount of help from those that are unseen, so keep asking for help, keep asking for what you want, ask for more and ask for bigger and better!


Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.


Continues to be fuzzy for some as we ride the continually varying energy waves. This can also be a symptom for those who are visionaries as their vision alters when they are entering different time zones and realities in order to bring back information. (Yes I know that is done through the Third Eye but our physical eyes are also a part of that tool). For some, Spirit wants you to listen more so your eyesight is affected in order for you to rely on your hearing more.


Still being experienced by some especially if they are doing some deep processing. It is the same feeling as if toxins are being removed from your body, which they are, old stuff is toxic so when you release it there are symptoms of toxicity as you are healing until you are once more returned to purity.

Aches and pains

Not just the time of year but also to do with personal clearing, energy can get trapped in the oddest places in the body (like halfway down your shin, or the end of your little finger, or the tip of your nose). This phase will pass, so try and avoid acid producing foods and drinks and help your body.

Temperature fluctuations

Still happening for some as they clear more toxins from their Being and ride the different frequencies.


Just amazing! We are being helped so much in dreamtime at the moment. Around the times of Full Moon and New Moon keep a note of your dreams, as they are more powerful then and more frequent. Have you noticed your dreaming has changed at all since 11-11-11?


Again, it depends on which issues you are clearing. A lot of people have had headaches, which are to do with Third Eye and Crown Chakra clearing. In fact our Crown Chakras have been worked on, because we have been strengthening the higher chakras above the Crown and this can be painful at times. (It can also feel a bit tingly or prickly and also as if something is in your hair or tickling your head). Don’t forget to protect your Crown Chakra and Third Eye chakra before going to sleep.


One of my clients said that everything hurt from top to bottom! She was also doing a lot of personal clearing and she seemed to be in pain everywhere. It only lasted for a day with a little bit of a remnant on the second day (again this varies with each individual) and she was greatly relieved when this phase passed. This is a symptom of your Light Body trying to fit into your human body, as I have said before, imagine something that is eight foot tall trying to squeeze into five foot something, no wonder it hurts at times!


Several clients thought that they had developed tinnitus (which I encouraged them to get checked out with the doctor), they came back to me dissatisfied and I explained that they may have developed as Earth Sensitives and were now hearing the tones and frequencies of the Earth. These can be experienced as sounds in the ears and can vary in intensity (the louder they are means that an earthquake is about to happen). Some have also experienced incredibly itchy ears, and this may be because they are going up another level in their ability to hear Spirit.

Dropping Things

To the point where it became funny, it was almost like my arms kept changing length, I would go to reach for something and the counter was further away than I thought or vice versa. It was like a scene from a comedy one day and I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. I have no idea why, except it was no doubt something to do with the energies. It lasted on and off for about three days and then stopped.


It is part of Ascension development when you have difficulty translating what people are saying and sometimes difficulty in speaking. I had a few days where I felt as if people were talking a different language even though I knew it was English, and at times I struggled to find English words to reply. This is because we are developing in our other senses and communication as we know it is changing. There has been a lot of Lemurian energy around, they communicated telepathically and valued silence and I feel that we are being asked to develop these skills again.



Yourself for the year that you have had

Universe/Spirit/Your Guides for their support

Thanking Mother Earth for all She still gives


Your Sacred Sound

To celebrate the Season

For the sheer hell of it


Often – for fun

With your loved One/s

For your Body’s delight


Yourself often

Your loved Ones often

Anyone else who will let you

The key for the coming month is CELEBRATING. We have so much to be grateful for and what better way than to celebrate everyone and everything. Throw yourself into the Festivities and have a darned good time. Whoop it up and let the Universe know that whatever is going on you know how to party! If the Universe knows that you enjoy celebrating then it will bring you more reasons to celebrate. This year has been heavy for some, now it is time to drop the heaviness and let it go through dance and celebration. Don’t worry about next year or what is ahead, let the Universe handle the details. Enjoy the Festival of Light, dress bright, make your smile bright and light up your world. Be a Wayshower and show everyone around you how to celebrate and that it is okay to celebrate. It is a time to celebrate the abundance that we have in order to make joyful space for more to come in. Have a good time y’all!

C onnect

E at

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:

These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Wishing you and yours a happy, peaceful and fun-filled Festive season.

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