Thursday, 20 March 2008

Spring Blessings!

Spring Equinox and Happy Easter Blessings to you all!

Well my goodness the Equinox energies are sure stirring things up energy-wise, as well as the imminent Full Moon pulling us. (Have you noticed how the animals are reacting already to the energies? We've got skitty kitties and either moping or loopy dogs everywhere!)

The local human population tends to get a bit rowdy around here on Full Moon, so we shall stay home and close the curtains and let the loons enjoy the Full Moon energies.

This is such an auspicious time for us all. All of these energies (and the effects of the planets at the moment) are pulling us into change whether we want it or not. The pull is so strong that it would be futile to resist it. Some have already started making changes in their lives, they have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and are doing what has needed doing for so long. Whether that is finally taking control of your health or your finances, your work or your relationships, your balance between doing and being etc. We are finding inner strength and power to speak our truth and to stand up for what we really want now, and the good thing is that most of the time this is being received well by the others around us. In fact when you do this, you inspire them to do the same. By being courageous you give them the courage to make some kind of change in their own lives.

This Year of the Rat is a year where if we really put our noses to the grindstone we will reap multiple rewards next year. It's a year to work hard and to do it all step by step. That is the key to this year, taking things step by step and building a solid foundation this year for all areas of our lives.

Lately I have been taking a look at the different sections in my Wheel of Life and revising what I want in each section, plus how much I want it and the steps I need to take to start making it happen. I am grateful that we are being given the opportunity to take things step by step, it allows us to think things through thoroughly and plan accordingly. (That doesn't mean that spontaneity is out, on the contrary it can be a blessed relief at times!).

So take a look at your Wheel of Life, what seeds do you want to sow? Where do you want to build more solid foundations? What needs improving? What don't you need any more? What would you like more of?

Wherever you are, have fun and celebrate the beauty and magic of Spring.

May the Easter Bunny bring you many surprises in his/her Easter Basket and may your eggs hatch many beautiful things for you over this coming year.

Spring Blessings to you and yours.

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Sunday, 2 March 2008


Well that has to be the most interesting Mercury retrograde period I have ever been through. Usually in our house we come through Merc Rx fairly unscathed but not this time. In the home we had several computer glitches and the TV and digital box were very temperamental. On the plus side we got several things fixed and replaced that needed doing and I got more done in the house. On the business front I completed some long outstanding jobs and what a relief to finally get them done. But it was on the personal side for me that Mercury retrograde really came into its own. Mercury pulled me back to take a look at what was holding me back and decided it was time for me to deal with it. This is the first time I have ever felt this during a Mercury Rx. I sent a prayer out to the Universe to guide me to the person who would be able to help and, in typical Elly fashion, it was someone I knew and the opportunity was right under my nose. Here are the details:-

There are times when we all need a coach (even coaches need coaches!). I have been on a self developmental pathway for over 30 years and despite being trained in many therapeutic and healing disciplines, my own strong mind and stubborn will can still get in my way. I thought if this lady can help me to get out of my own way (and crack a tough nut like me) then she can help anybody!

I came across Amanda Goldston’s CHANGING LIVES programme and it was exactly what I needed. The timing was also perfect, as well as Merc Rx we were in the Eclipse window. The creative process that unfolded during our sessions revealed so much that was surprising, helpful and healing. As well as providing a selection of tools to work with, Amanda’s intuition was spot on with so many things and really helped to steer the sessions in the right way. (As an intuitive myself, I found this very helpful).

By the end of the programme, I was re-energised and more excited about my work than I have been in months. My state of overwhelm turned into something more structured and I now have a great plan to work with that I am very excited about. And I am a much happier Elly! She did it. Amanda managed to crack open a stubborn old nut like me and get to the good bits in a fun, productive and thoroughly enjoyable way. FFI: visit

Amanda (a former Guest Contributor to our monthly E-newsletter) is greatly experienced in the business world and its technologies, as well as that she is a sensitive Intuitive and a downright lovely lady!


Well the recent Eclipses sure shook things up and turned the stressometer up to the max! The Eclipse window (the time between the Eclipses) was unbearable for some folks who felt about as stretched as they could be. And throughout the world murders and violence increased, sadly around the time of Valentine’s. Many Sensitives and Lightworkers have been feeling really fed up, exhausted and wondering what the hell it is all for.

Physically - there have been back aches again (the area of your back will determine the issues that you were being asked to face) and neck ache which caused headaches. There have been snuffly cold-like symptoms and stomach upsets (which in usual Ascension style went as quickly as they came). You may have found that the areas of your body where the stress was being held (and that can be anywhere on the body) became bloated and swollen and felt downright uncomfortable. For me, after doing so much clearing work, I have been shedding skin like a snake as I shed off the old me and reveal the new me.

Emotionally and Mentally - y’all know what a rollercoaster ride it has been! One minute you are feeling peaceful and totally happy with your life and the next you are crying enough to fill the entire ocean! At the time of writing things seem to have settled, but I do wonder if this is the lull before the energies for the Spring Equinox start to build.

Spiritually - don’t neglect this side of yourselves. Spiritually nourishing yourselves will help all the other levels. So do make plenty of time for meditation and quiet contemplation, the clearer you are about what you want the more the Universe can move things into place for you. If you feel worried and uncertain, stop and take time out to rest and think and pray until you feel more clear about your purpose. There are times when you simply have to put yourself first. Heal yourself first. Get yourself fit and well first. And then you will have the strength and sense of purpose to cope with your life and the individuals in it.

Remember 2007 has gone, it is finished, it is over – but have you really let go of it yet? Or are you still trying to do things the same old way? Are you still blaming? As I have said before, the old ways of doing things are not working, that is why we are in a ‘one’ year. Remember that this year is about finding new ways of doing things, of laying our foundations for the next ten years with new ideas, new systems, new ways of loving, doing, being. The only type of going back we need to do is ‘retrieval’, similar to soul retrieval, finding those valuable shining parts of ourselves that we thought had gone forever and bringing them back to us, incorporating and integrating them, so that who we are now can shine brighter than ever. Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you see yourself? How do you see yourself over the next ten years? This year is the start of that decade, this is the year to start living and being who you really are and who you really want to be.

Be kind over the coming weeks to yourselves and to others, as we build up towards the Spring Equinox. (The quarter festivals are always preceded by intense energies). Although I do feel that the intense pressure we had in February has now gone and March sees us going through a readjustment and settling phase as we prepare to launch ourselves and our projects with the new Spring energies. Whilst going through this phase you may panic and feel as if you have lost your motivation, well there’s no need to panic, allow yourselves to relax for a while until you feel your creative energies stirring up again. You will know when you are back on track and ready to go for it, so in the meantime allow yourselves a few days to chill and fettle around until your energy gives you the green light that your motivation is ready, willing and back on track. Don’t push the river, go with the flow and all will be well.

Support yourself and each other and celebrate the Equinox, celebrate the seeds you are planting for your future, turn your face to Grandfather Sun and thank Him for His lifegiving energy. This could be the best Spring you have ever had.

I personally am so grateful to Mercury and the Eclipses for waking me up to what I needed to get rid of. Eclipses always shake things up to reveal to us things that we have been refusing to see so that we can take action and move forward. This is such an amazing year of opportunity for us on all levels, let’s all hold hands and take a big leap together!

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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