Sunday, 20 May 2012


This is the most interesting week astrologically, for over 120 years!

The New Moon’s rare Solar Eclipse on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini, will look like a ring of fire as Grandmother Moon sits in Grandfather Sun’s lap and He embraces Her beauty with an aura of fire.

Also the Pleiades constellation (aka the 7 Sisters) in Taurus/Gemini will come into alignment with the Sun from behind.  That means that there are 7 Suns (stars) aligning with our own Sun – 8 Suns in total - awesome! (8 is the number of  balancing karma and also encourages creativity). And our Moon and Earth are also in this alignment.  This will definitely cause more awakening amongst the masses.

The Pleiades suffuses us with their “sweet influences” and they will change everything and everyone on our planet.  They will raise the vibratory frequency to its highest level.  This will in turn affect your inner Light Body.  Your inner Light Body will become larger and eclipse your physical form.  You will now hold the frequency of Light as “a steady flame”.  This event according to the Mayan Calendar is a 52 year cycle and is the year of FIRE.  (Those of you in your early 50’s will be going through this process in a very deep way).


 The Mayans suggest that this eclipse is the birth of our New Age, just as the coming Winter Solstice is the end of the last Age.  We are now moving from the era of density (war, materialism) into the Age of Light (love, community).  However, it won’t happen overnight.  


The more you clear yourself and commit to your true purpose the more you will be aware of this.  Many of us are having the urge to purge on so many levels, particularly material possessions.  We are all feeling the need to simplify our lives and that is a sign that we are right on track.  Those still desperate for massive success and power have missed the point, so let them get on with it.  When you know deep inside what really matters, tune into that, and do not let anyone or anything distract you from that inner cosmic truth.

This increased vibrational frequency will also stimulate and raise the vibration of our Pineal Gland (Third Eye chakra).  “This Master Gland for the body temple holds the key for your next stage of evolution, higher consciousness and immortality.  It is through this gland that we SEE prophetically.  (That’s why they put fluoride in our water, not to whiten our teeth but to suppress the function of the Pineal Gland.  Fluoride causes calcification of the Pineal).”

The New Moon (although in chatty, communicative Gemini) reminds us to turn inwards.  There is unfinished personal business that needs completion before you can push ahead in confidence with new projects.  This is not the time to push something new.  In fact false starts are very likely, wait before committing to anything or anyone.  You ain’t ready for the prime time yet!  So make the most of this time by taking a second and third look at all the details.  Detach yourself from the outcome and get productive with checking every aspect and detail, take nothing at face value.


You may be feeling very tired, in fact the effect of the photonic energies (which have not hit this planet for over 26,000 years) could be knocking you for six over the next few days.  You must eat well and get plenty of rest over the next 3-4 days. 

The time of The Quickening is here.  You must respect these energies by respecting yourself and your needs.  Take stock and check in with yourself about every aspect of your needs.  What needs are not being met or fulfilled?  What do you yearn for or long for?  It is time to do something about it, these few days will give you the information you need – if you take the time to go inwards – so that you can plan the changes you need to make.


I have just come through this whole process, it was months and months of heaviness as I dived into the Dumpster of Life and much was revealed to me about myself and my life.  I ended up in the Ditch of Disappointment several times and kept getting stuck in the Cave of Calamity, at times I felt like I was on the Highway to Hell as my whole life seemed to be falling apart!  Massive self healing followed and then suddenly it was like all the heaviness lifted, I was full of golden light and my whole world seemed diffused in it.  I am now standing fully in my power, I know who I am and what I want.  This can happen for you too. I’ve been there and using all my skills and techniques I will be your Guide, I will help you to navigate this journey so that you can come out the other side back onto your right road, knowing your purpose and shining your Light brighter than ever before.  I didn’t do it alone, I needed to reach out for help, please don’t feel you have to suffer on your own, I am here for you.

Don’t allow anyone or anything to distract you from this important work.  When you come out the other side of it, you are so aware of Cosmic Love and what this whole Earth trip is really all about. 

And Love is what it is all about.  However, it is very hard to feel love for others or be spiritually loving when you are having the sh*ttiest time of your life!  (And that’s where I come in, I can help you navigate the sh*t and come out the other side!)

Love cannot become the dominant aspect of your Being until you have completed your inner journey as mentioned above.  I see so many people trying to be all Love and Light and it is so false, inside what they really want to do is rip someone’s head off they are so angry!  Stay away from imposters and falsehood as it will distract you from purpose and could be dangerous energetically for you.

You will know if you need help because suddenly everything seems to be going wrong, it becomes overwhelming, no matter what you do things don’t seem to be getting any better, you feel like everything you do is blocked or that you are having to push against a heavy wall, you feel like it is all getting too much to bear.

Are you ready to embrace your true Self?  Are you willing to finally, truly surrender to the Light?  Are you really ready to accept your true purpose?  Are you willing to accept responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in your life?  Are you willing to go through some short term suffering in order to be truly aligned with the Divine Plan?  If so, contact me.

With Mars (planet of action) now moving forward, we can no longer “do what we’ve been doing or how we’ve been doing it.”  Our bodies will no longer hold up to the old patterning.  This happened to me over the weekend, I ate something I hadn’t eaten for a while and it made me very nauseous, my body was rejecting it, and I know that I can never do that to my body again.  This doesn’t just relate physically, Mars is influencing all levels of our Being and our lives.

Honour yourself.  Look within for your own beauty (instead of seeking validation from others).  Share yourself with yourself for a change.  You may feel like changing your image at this time. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by others, just ‘cos someone else thinks it’s cool to wear white all the time doesn’t mean you have to!  Colour raises your vibration and brings healing through its different coloured rays, perhaps it’s time to think about wearing different colours.
Look around your environment, does it reflect beauty for you?  If not, change it.  Beauty within creates beauty without.  Beauty without reminds you of the beauty within.  Surround yourself with beauty, honour your own beauty – and that includes your spiritual beauty as well as physical beauty.

Love is the key to everything, but only if you can genuinely feel it.  If there are other feelings getting in the way from you being authentically loving, then they need to be cleared and healed.  Allow your heart and not your head to be your guide.

Another interesting aspect is the feeling that everything is merging.  You may lose track of time as timelines merge and mesh as part of your inner retrieval process.  Past, present and future timelines may merge for those of you working at the higher levels.  (I’ve been taking our ‘Infinity Flower’ essence that helps with this timeline process in a gentle way).

Wow, how lucky are we to be here on this planet at this time witnessing all of this?  And feeling of all of this through our physical vehicles is just amazing.

I send you golden seeds of Cosmic Love, plant them well and watch them bloom over the coming years.

Elly x

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Friday, 4 May 2012

MAY Updates


'Buddha Blessings' copyright E. Yule 2012

FULL Wesak MOON  – 6th May in Scorpio @ 04:35am BST

Elly: The Wesak Full Moon (Buddha Moon) in powerful, mysterious Scorpio will occur on May 6th in the UK.  The Full Moon is a powerful culmination and celebration of all that you have achieved in the past few weeks.  It is the peak of the month and the harvesting of all that you have planted and created since the New Moon.  Now the events of recent weeks come to a ripe fullness.  Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate.  Remember the Full Moon is the best time for feasting, mating and debating!  So set aside some quality time for you and your beloved, eat something wonderful, talk to each other, and love, love, love, under the light of the Full Moon.  (And if you are on your own, do this for yourself and enjoy!).  Remember Full Moons are the right time for celebrating and revelling in your successes.

The Wesak Moon is the Festival of the Buddha.  In Buddhism (and Hinduism) this Festive celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha.  It is said that if you sit in meditation and/or are open to receiving during the transition of the Wesak Moon, that you will be flooded with divine light that is particular to the Buddha and receive spiritual downloads into all aspects of your Being.  This special Moon in Scorpio is considered the most spiritual Moon of the year (and we are in a season of supermoons, yet this one stands out above all others this year).
The Scorpio Full Moon on May 5/6 emphasizes the need to dig deep and analyze our beliefs around money, security and the purpose of life.  This is the second of five SuperMoons this year.  Sun in Taurus implies that we are all part of the circle of life, each soul has a vital role to play, another cannot replace you.  You are the gift.
♦What is your life purpose?
♦ What are your talent and abilities?
♦ Are you making a living or making a life?

The Scorpio Full Moon stresses truth and emotional truth.  Scorpio rules what is hidden and at the core of an issue.  All souls, structures and systems must recalibrate to a higher calling of Truth.  We are entering the Age of Truth, the Age of Empowerment. Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet teaches us about power.  How we use power. How we get power.  How we own our power and/or how we give our power away.

♦ What empowers you?
♦What is your Truth?
♦ What is your heart's desire?
♦ What are you on fire for?
♦ What is your passion?
♦ What is holding you back?
♦ What action steps can you take today to empower yourself?   
The Scorpio Full Moon is bringing to our conscious awareness the importance of balancing our male and female energy.  This is why Prime Creator is sending the Goddess Love/Light energy to Earth.  We are being recalibrated for fourth dimension (Elly Note: advanced Souls are already working with the Fifth dimension). Creator is using the Full Moons, New Moons, Pluto and Uranus, Eclipses, Solstice, equinox, and power dates such as, 5.5.12, 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. These are portals into the higher dimensions beaming intense Love/Light to Earth.  
♠What would you do if you had no limitation?
♠ What would you do if you had limitless resources?
♠ What would you create with your new freedom?
This is a magical and powerful Scorpio Full Moon.  You are a powerful manifestor and creator.  Stay out of fear.  Be the magician!  Use your power, your magic to create beauty and goodness.  We are birthing a new paradigm one based on the power of love rather than the love of power.  We are moving into fourth dimension.  We are learning to create from our heart, living from our heart, what we truly love and value.  This will create Heaven on Earth. 
♦What truly matters to you?
♦ What have you undervalued and/or overvalued?
♦ Are you in love or lust?
♦ Are you walking your talk?
♦ Are you owning your power or giving your power away?

Mercury the messenger enters Taurus on May 8 slowing our mind down and being more deliberate and careful in our communications.  The Sun conjuncts Jupiter on May 13 inspiring us with positive uplifting, and empowering can-do energy.  Whatever you conceive and believe you can achieve.  Empower yourself and then empower people.  
This Scorpio Full Moon will be intense. The focus will be on our self-worth, resources and our core values. Taurus seeks comfort and acceptance for ourselves as we are; Scorpio seeks to reveal our vulnerabilities, unmet needs, desires and hidden resentment.  We may feel it is impossible to avoid the intensity of our feelings at this powerful Scorpio Full Moon.  Yet, a small amount of objectivity can make our feelings useful rather than destructive.  Taurus reminds us of what we cherish, Scorpio shows us what we need to transform.  We are in the process of a universal transformation.
The Scorpio Full Moon is revealing the hidden motivations, hidden agendas and important truths about the misuse of power and our resources worldwide.  We are changing from short-term, short-sighted gains to long-term, life-enhancing goals.  The power is with the individual.  The power is with individuals coming together in groups - power teams.  From the grass roots up, we are transforming the world from darkness into the Light.  Remember that action speaks louder than suffering.  Do what empowers you. 
- Kelley Rosano (

DARK NIGHTS: 18th, 19th, 20th May
Elly: Remember that your energy will feel lower than usual; you may feel more tired as the Earth pulls you towards her.  Time to go into your cave; reflect on what has happened and what you have achieved in the past month.  To give thanks for all that has occurred during this lunation.  Decide what it is you want to let go of and what you would like to see grow with the next New Moon cycle.  Prepare your New Moon Manifestation List – these are the magical wishing days of the Moon.  On the New Moon, light your candle and read your list aloud, then place it somewhere special such as your altar, and let Grandmother Moon get to work on helping you to manifest what is for your highest good over the coming month.  These days signal to you the beginning of a new Power time.

NEW MOON Solar Eclipse – 21st May in Gemini @ 00:47am BST
Elly: This New Moon in chatty, intelligent Gemini will occur on May 21st in the UK and brings in the next Eclipse season. The New Moon is a time to start again, an opportunity to start anew and bring in the new.  New moons encourage reassessment and planning for the month ahead, you may have a need to be alone during the first few days.  You also may want to stay at home and may not feel you have the energy for going out or travelling.  Any seeds (ideas and positive energy) planted during a New Moon will culminate and flourish during the Full Moon.  The New Moon to Full Moon is a time of creation and expansion, of dynamic energy.  What are you going to create for your coming month ahead, where are you going to focus your energies?

Solar Eclipses give us crystal clear awareness and add power to our dreams and goals.  As with all Eclipses, things will be shaken up as the old must be dismantled/destroyed in order to create space for the new.  According to one astrologer, “this eclipse marks the point of no return on our journey towards the December Solstice”.  The more we are each able to release emotional attachments, thoughts and ideologies that hold us back from experiencing full conscious awareness of our connection with the Oneness of all Life, the smoother the transition will be for us.  The May Eclipse brings a golden opportunity to create Right Relations in all aspects of our lives and stand fully in the power of who we truly are and what we truly believe. It is a healing and powerful time to reaffirm your commitment to those you love (including Mother Earth) no matter how difficult things are.

Will this planetary line-up bring more Earth changes in the form of floods? Or due to the mystical aspect of this line up is it more likely to be symbolic?  Perhaps finally, the masses can release what has been making their hearts hard and finally open up their heart chakras.  Individually and collectively, we have an opportunity to heal our emotions at a deep level now.  Be assured that we will all be experiencing an emotional rollercoaster over the coming days.

If you have been feeling stuck, be assured that the Eclipses will help you get unstuck!  Drumming is a good thing to do on a Solar Eclipse, drum out the old and drum in the new.  Eclipses mean transformation and this can occur in any area of your life and Being (jobs, relationships including groups, housing, finance etc). Staying grounded will help you through this Eclipse season. According to the astrologers whatever was going on for you in 1993 will be the issues that will re-surface.  (This has already started for me.  I could not believe what happened and felt like I had been smacked in the face.  I thought I had dealt with this and was astounded at what happened.  Seems like we’ll never get through the layers of that infernal onion!).
And as there is a watery aspect to this transit (Neptune, planet of mystical awareness) with heightened emotions and sensitivity (this psychically aware Moon), add some essences to your bath and allow the healing power of the essences and water to soothe you on every level.  Allow your emotions to come up and release, cry a river if you need to as this healing then creates space for you to receive clarity about what you can expect next.
Don’t forget that we have essences to support you with whatever comes up for you, just contact me if you would like some help.

As this moon occurs in Gemini, you might like to include in your New Moon Wish List, help or healing for issues related to your relationships (particularly siblings), success with writing, success with speaking/getting your point of view across in the right way, understanding others’ points of view in a deeper way, access to information you need to progress your dreams and goals, crossing paths with the right teacher/mentor, help in meeting new people who can help you on the next stage of your journey (Gemini is the networker of the zodiac).

The astrology for the weeks ahead tells us that we are in an intense, transformative, emotional and exciting time (as if we needed to be told that loll!), more than any other period of time we have ever experienced before.  And not just for us as individuals, but collectively also.  This period of time is all about purifying the ego to make space for more of our Higher Soul energies.  This can be a painful process to go through, and it can be painful when others’ who are going through it, project at you in ways that can be very wounding.  (I have already been going through this process and it has been deep and extremely painful.  However, once you get through to the other side of it, you are more fully in your power and so clear about who and what you want in your life.  It is about creating space so that your Soul can be totally free to express itself fully – more than you ever felt it before).

All the astrologers are predicting that June is the big month (that’s when we have our Women’s Retreat and Celebration so we will be able to access all of these amazing energies).  Many have been feeling the build up to this and to the Summer Solstice already.  It started at the Spring Equinox and will build, like a giant wave, to a crescendo in June with the historic Transit of Venus, the effects of which will carry over into July, and no doubt for several months after that.  Will we “crash to shore” or will be feeling exhilarated as we are now so clear about where we are headed?

In fact they are saying that the next four months will shed light on how the next seven to eight years are likely to go.  Hmmmm that’s food for thought isn’t it?  Therefore your thoughts, words and actions between now and the end of September will determine the next 7-8 years of your life.  We need to really utilize these amazing planetary energies to start living the life we have always dreamed of and wanted, as we now think ahead to the next 7-8 years.  How do you want to be living your life in 8 years time?  In 8 years time when you look back on your life, what will you be happy about? 

So grab your Cosmic Surfboards and prepare for transformation and activation through destruction and initiation.  The changes may come quick so you need to be ready for them.  Prepare to shadow dance and your shadow will drag you down into depths you didn’t even know existed!  (If you need help with this, our ‘Shadow Catcher’ essence helps you to dance with your shadow by removing the fear, in a gentle, loving and safe way).  (Products in alphabetic order) Oh and be prepared for revelations of all kinds that may or may not shock you.  When you are dancing with your shadow, take time out to deal with it and do whatever spiritual practice helps you (meditation, letter burning exercise, pray, go for walks in Nature etc).  You will go through what feels like grief as you let go of the old, try not to get stuck in this and remember that you are preparing for rebirth, for the new yet to born within you and through you.


Well heck we knew it was going to be kinda rough this year, and as I have said before, 2012 really is the unknown.  No-one really knows what will happen so we just need to try and go with the flow as much as possible.  Which isn’t exactly easy when there is so much cr*p happening everywhere and on just about every level!  Uncertainty seems to be becoming a way of life for us and we are still resisting it, as it feels so uncomfortable.  Many are finding they can no longer make a decision about anything!

Older Souls are once more feeling very weary, they have worked so hard over recent decades to prepare themselves and the masses and assist our Planet for this very year and they are exhausted.  Many are feeling the death pull and want to jump ship; this is just a symptom it is not what is really going on.  What is really going on that your Higher Self, your Soul and all the Angels and Guides are ecstatic about what is happening, all is actually going according to the Divine Plan.  We just need to keep the faith and keep on keeping on.

Letting Go
Continues for all of us and the ante is really upped over the coming weeks.  Releasing the past is essential now as part of the deep healing we are all going through.  The hard part is when those around you, especially family members, don’t respect or know who you really are now.  They still have you in that box with that label on it and aren’t willing to take the time to find out why you are no longer willing to be in it.  This type of healing is always painful, because our blood ties are the strongest of all.  However this is the time of the Rainbow Warrior, and to be a Warrior sometimes you have to stand alone in your truth.  They know where you are if they need you, but perhaps for now you need to have some space and distance.   Deep down you know what (and who) you have to let go of, so do it.  Now is the time.  If you don’t do it, the Eclipses will do it for you and that could be a bit more brutal than you would have liked.  Don’t sweep it under the carpet any more; it’s time to let it all go now.

Shortness of patience/temper, a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on, a sense of unease, a sense of expecting something to happen but not knowing what.  Something bubbling away underneath like anger, which has erupted out of people for the slightest thing.  This simmering anger is a symptom of what is going on with the masses, they are afraid and do not know why, so act out and project.

Chaotic energy is continuing to cause all sorts of problems on all levels and is affecting electrical equipment, mobile phones, computers (and Mercury is no longer retrograde!).  At home, in the office, in the stores, it seems electrically things are not as smooth running as usual.  I believe this reflects the deeper anger issues that have been brewing for some time.  When they are not dealt with something always goes wrong electrically.  It’s like our nervous system needs to get our attention through our electrical systems externally, it is showing us the state of our internal electrical system. 
People who carry a lot of psychic
Breathe – meditate – bring yourself back to Peace and it will all calm down (and the telly will start working again!).

Elderly and Children
The requests recently for The Healing Prayers Circle have been for both ends of the life spectrum, the Elderly and the Children.  The Elderly having a hard time of it at the moment, many becoming ill or having accidents and many leaving, or preparing to leave, this dimension. 
Babies and young ones just starting their Earth Walk are also experiencing some difficult health issues.  And there have been more requests for our four legged friends. 
These three groups are the most vulnerable in our society, what message are they sending us?

Get your Dream journals ready, this month’s Moons are bound to being us some interesting messages in dreamtime.  And do share them; it will be interesting to see if we have similar messages.

May is here, the final Spring Moon that brings the promise of Summer.  Get out in Nature when you can to help ground all that is going on.  Take some time off, go out for the day with loved ones and enjoy everything on all levels.  As Grandmother Rayleene said, “tell the Earth Mother She is beautiful” and be thankful for all that we have.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference.  Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Ascension Depression
Now encompassing a wide range of feelings such as grief, anxiety, feeling lonely or isolated, sometimes feeling helpless when overwhelmed with all that is going on at the moment. 
Remember that depression is anger turned inwards, and with the planetary transits with this month’s Moons it is time to deal with it.  Ask your Higher Self to help you transmute all those old anger issues in a graceful way.  (Well I keep asking for that, but sometimes you just gotta let it out – especially old stuff that you have been biting your tongue about for a long time!)  When you allow your anger to surface, you are ready to heal it, don’t worry, you will be able to cope with what comes up.  Healing anger releases all that personal power that has been stuck, you will feel so much stronger inside afterwards.  (Our ‘Shadow Catcher’ essence can help greatly with this. Products in alphabetic order).

Healthwise this also ties in with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Spring is the time of the Liver and clearing liver issues such as anger (take care with eyes and ligaments at this time of year too).  Support the Liver with bitter herbs such as Dandelion tincture and/or Milk Thistle.

Continues to be a problem, especially when there is an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity.  You may get the blurry vision before the event, or during it.  The blurry eyesight also happens when we are adjusting to higher frequencies and we are being re-tuned, and there is a lot of that going on at the moment as we heal and clear more.

Oh man they are really getting whacked at the moment with everything that is going on.  Base and Sacral chakras especially.  Old stuff that you thought you had dealt with long ago could come up again and rattle your cage in any or all of your chakras over the coming weeks.  Give your chakras some healing every night before you drop off to sleep (helps you to sleep better too!)

Swirly energy which makes us a feel a bit off centre, all due to the earthquakes and volcano eruptions that are going on continually at the moment.

Aches and Pains
As one friend said today “oh man, everything hurts!”  This is because of so much energy and electrical activity that is going on.  We are also sensitive to what the Earth is experiencing and as Her symptoms increase, so do ours.

Suddenly your hearing becomes super sensitive, normal noises around you now seem incredibly loud and hurt your ears.  Some have also had itchy ears.  These are all earth changes symptoms.

As with hearing, for some their sense of smell has suddenly become increased.  If you have been clearing/healing/detoxing you will probably feel this even more.  Smells that you could tolerate before, you now can no longer bear to be around.  As you purify yourself more, you require purity and what is more natural to be around you.


Your mind
Your emotions
Those around you
So that you can cope
To boost your central core
For Peace within and without
To ground your energy
To stretch your body
To free your chakras
For help and guidance
For yourself
For All Our Relations

The key for the coming month is EXPRESSING.  It’s time to stop being afraid to express yourself.  Tune into yourself and see/feel what it is that needs to express itself. 

Is it your voice? Do you need to be heard? Do you need to tell people the truth about how you really feel? (Wear sky blue around or near throat area to help you with this).

Is it your body? Does it long to move expressively but you are afraid of looking like a twit?  Do it, put that music on and let rip!  It will help move stagnant energy and get your lymphatic system working well.
Or does your body want to dress differently now?  Do you want to wear more colours and be more expressive in the clothes that you wear?  Then do it.

Is it your creativity?  What has been longing to be expressed through you?  Why are you holding back?  There is never a right time, so now is just as good as any. (Wear orange around the sacral area to help with this).

Is it your emotions?  Do you need to have a good rant or punch a few pillows?  Do you need to have a good cry?  How about your joy?  Does it want to bubble up and out now? (Wear dark blue, sea greens to help with this aspect).

Is it your mind?  Does that wonderful intellect of yours have a project that it’s been nurturing that wants the world to know about it?

Is it your Spirit?  Does your Spirit want to be free to express itself in all ways through all areas of your life?

Whatever expression you need, do not let anyone or anything hold you back now. 
Explore – express – enjoy!

E cstatic
-ray vision
E ncourages

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful.  Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing.  If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner.  (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you).  If in doubt – check it out!

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