Friday, 2 October 2009


Mercury Retrograde saw many Lightworkers, Therapists and Healers getting ill. It seems the Universe wanted us all to stop for a while until the energies settle. It is important that we allow ourselves to stop during these times and allow ourselves to heal properly so that all our batteries are fully charged ready for when we are needed again. I know y’all hate to be slowed down, but the Universe knows when it is time to take stock and review the way we are working, where we are doing it, and who we are doing it for. Many Lightworkers/Therapists/Healers have been having a serious think about how they have been doing things this year, how they need to change things and how they are going to do things in the future. (Some of us are still not entirely sure, so must wait a bit longer for clarity and guidance).

9-9-9 was a transformation through fire for many and was part of our Ascension Process. As what you no longer needed was burned up through the internal fire that swept up your central core and all through the body especially the upper body. It was very similar to menopausal hot flashes except that men also experienced this. This internal fire cleansed and reactivated the Kundalini, clearing the central channel so that you can better receive spiritual energy. (Those of you who are healers may have felt it surge up through your central channel, into your heart chakra and down the inside of your arms and out through your hands – clearing The Healer’s Channel). Old fears were brought to the surface to be cleared, healed and burned away for ever (this process continues for some). Our slate really has been wiped clean through the sacred power of fire. The water element brought the necessary cooling to this fire through the sweating and the tears that many experienced. Some may be experiencing depression and down days as they adjust to who they now are. Some of you may have experienced resistance during this process and not been able to pinpoint exactly why. If you are still feeling like this, go down through the chakras and check where there may be a blockage, where your energy may be stuck as part of this process. Then get some healing help to clear the chakras concerned and get your energy flowing again.

One of the most frequent expressions I heard from many people over the past month was “but they’re supposed to be spiritual!” Yes, we came across more of the Talk the Talk Brigade and less of those who truly Walk the Talk. The LaLa Bunnies continued to get drunk on L&L and are so far out of it that they are of no use to anyone let alone themselves (and they then wonder why they have accidents and things keep happening to them!).

Interestingly, the most abused phrase in the English language currently is “Love and Light”, which is a shame as it is a lovely expression and its original intention was pure. Whilst some use it with the deepest respect, unfortunately it has been adopted by the flakey brigade (of which there are many) and the LaLa Bunnies, who use it indiscriminately without even thinking about what it means. They use it almost as an excuse to get away with not having to deal with their stuff and even bad behaviour.

Some of us received more clarity about the type of people we surround ourselves with. Do they really know you? Do they really support your dreams? Do they make you feel positive each time you speak to them or when you are with them? If not, cut them loose, they are not on the same page as you although they might talk the talk and give you the impression that they are. Many of you have been wising up to this and Mercury retrograde gave us several weeks to sort the wheat from the chaff, to let go of the past, to review our present and decide who and what we want in our futures.

There was some more deep (and sometimes painful) letting go’s for many of us leading to bouts of weeping as we let the emotions go and our eyes provided the outlet for our Healing Rain. You have moved on, they will know this too, you may see it in their eyes when they realise that they no longer have a hold on you, that they no longer can control you, that they have lost you. And yes this is sad, but it is necessary, for both of you. No longer do we rush in to help them, or bail them out, or put up with their bad behaviour, it’s their turn to learn to rely on their inner selves and the guidance of Spirit. If you are asked to help, then do so, but only if you are truly happy to. We will always be here for those in need, but they have got to ask for our help and not presume or assume as they have done in the past. I recently sent a friend a little card that said “Earth Angel” on it and as some of you know, for many years I have said that there are Angels on this Earth walking about disguised in human clothing. Well that’s who we are now. We are the guides that others can come to when they need help. We have spent the past few years learning to bring Heaven to Earth (and yes I know we are still learning), we have embodied so much Spirit and expanded our Lightbodies it is a wonder that we haven’t actually sprouted wings by now! So see yourself as an Angel or Guide and wait to be asked to help, and then help with all the skills you have. When you are not needed, take that time to have fun, to be with those you love, to rest and nurture yourself. Now doesn’t that take the pressure off? 

Watch your backs over the next few weeks – some people from your past may be trying to get in touch with you again. They are curious about what you are up to and may also want to steal your energy. (This is because they haven’t moved on and are still operating from ego). They are most active on the astral level during dreamtime, so do ensure that you have your protection in place before you go to sleep, protect your psychic gateway at the back of your neck, and your Solar Plexus (at the back especially). Also during the day watch out for people you connect with/work with, the weaker ones may be trying to cause you trouble. They are threatened by your Light, which has increased, so bless them to help dissolve their fear. Fill yourself with Light, fill your aura with Light, fill your home and environment with Light (especially at night) and all will be well. They will not want to get too close to the Light because they are afraid of what it might reveal in them.

On the positive side there has been a lot of Soul Retrieval going on for many over the past few weeks. Mercury retrograde gave us the chance to retrieve and restore parts of ourselves that we thought had gone forever. It is a great feeling and makes you feel better than you have done in ages. This has released more energy and you feel happier and more motivated. You are finding it easier to communicate how you feel and are re-inspired to find new ways of expressing your creativity in the world. Some of you may also be feeling like you have fallen in love again, in love with yourself, the world, your partner, your children. Enjoy it!

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Should be getting better now that Mercury is back to normal and communications and energy now flow better. The season changing can also affect you, so take time to adjust to the new season, get out in Nature so that you get some air every day and are aware of the changes around you, this enables you to receive daylight too which all Lightworkers need – it’s a bit like a cosmic battery top up!

Cosmic Jet Lag
Symptoms include nausea, dizziness and vertigo. Cosmic Jet Lag can also feel as if you are leaving your body in a spiralling kind of way. This is part of our adjustment to the extra light we have taken on and the changes in our DNA structure. It can feel quite debilitating. (I’m a grounded person but this past couple of weeks I have found myself getting spacey and spiralling out and haven’t really wanted to pull myself back in). When you are ‘out’ it can make you feel very tired, so please be careful when you are going through this phase.
What next? This phase can also leave you feeling a little lost, suspended, not knowing what you are meant to be doing. What you used to feel passionate about doing no longer has the same appeal, you feel ready for a change and have a feeling you are meant to be doing something else only you are not yet sure what that will be. For me it has been like sitting on a trapeze, very high up above everything, there is silence all around me and a sort of numbness/deafness as if I am in some kind of a cocoon.
Open yourself to the guides, the Lightbeings and Angels who are beside you ready to help. Ask them to help you find your way in this new territory. Part of you may have shut down (especially the heart chakra) whilst you were going through these symptoms, it is safe for you to open your heart again, allow the Light to enter your heart and third eye so that you can be guided.

Aches and pains
I know that many Earth Sensitives have been aching from head to foot because of all the earthquakes and tsunamis that you have been picking up. (The various parts of the body relate to various areas of the world and Earth Sensitives will feel pain and discomfort in the areas that are next to experience earth changes).

Our Crown chakras continue to be tweaked now and then as we adjust to the continual influx of Light. Do remember to check your crown chakra several times during the day and fold it for protection (especially at night). This will help to stop your energy going upwards as you integrate the energies.

Jaw and teeth
I heard about so many Lightworkers making visits to the dentist, including me! What’s going on folks? For me, one of my fillings broke, it was the same tooth that broke the day after my father’s funeral nearly 20 yrs ago, and correlated with all the inner child work I have been doing over the past couple of weeks. Some are still finding their jaws achey, check you are not grinding your teeth or clamping your mouth shut. As you step into your power now it is okay for you to say what needs to be said. There is no need to clamp down and lock it all away – it’s better out than in!

Neck and spine
Particularly in the psychic gateway at the back of the neck, also in different areas of the back depending on the countries affected by Earth Changes. Resistance to your process can cause pain and discomfort in the neck area including headaches, also not doing anything about those around you who are being right pains in the neck!

Hands and Feet
Feet – sometimes very painful, making it difficult to walk barefoot.
Hands still painful for some with strange pains and aches sometimes running down the hands and fingers.

Sleep Patterns
Some have been experiencing insomnia/disturbed sleep and also prophetic dreams. Take your ‘Sleep Easy’ essence if you wake in the early hours even if you took some before bed, sometimes we need an extra dose to settle things down enough to allow you to go back to sleep. Make a note of your dreams in your dream journal.

Hands, feet, crown, solar plexus, heart issues for some.

Weight gain
Many have been feeling bloated or swollen, like they have put on a few pounds. This happens from time to time and there as several reasons. One is the psycho-emotional aspect; when we are in a process that requires clearing emotions connected to our past we can sometimes hold onto these emotions (which then manifest as excess weight) until we are ready to release them. Secondly; from a shamanic perspective, sometimes it is necessary to gain weight in order to be able to handle the amount of energy you are receiving and giving - especially if you are a therapist/healer/shamanic practitioner - dealing with others as it helps your body to be able to withstand whatever is thrown at it. Once the emotions have been released (and/or once you have completed what needs doing shamanically) you will find that your body goes back to your pre-swollen state and settles down. This phase only lasts a couple of days (depending on how quickly the emotions are cleared).

Computer mayhem
Why do computer companies, ISP’s etc, always choose Merc retrograde to try and roll out new systems? It causes chaos. Facebook flipped out, my ISP went down and came back then went down then came back again (thanks goodness we did back ups on the separate hard drive). The Digital switchover happened with the telly (that seems to have been fairly smooth though) and everyone I know was saying Aaarghhh about their computers! All should start smoothing out now for us, now that Mercury is back in his usual place.


On the In Breath visualise these words:
“I breathe in my perfection”
On the Out Breath visualise the words:
“I breathe out what no longer serves me”
Do this several times a day.
I am an Earth Angel (or Earth Guide).
And no thinking.
Your environment.
- the next step.
- and writing your Wish List.
- how to achieve this.

The key for the coming month is GRACE. Carry yourself gracefully as if you were an Angel with enormous wings. Bestow Grace upon all sentient Beings. Dispense Grace through your eyes, your aura, your thoughts, your words and your actions. Remember that Grace is a state of Being. Grace brings peace and freedom. Grace is Love in action.
Grace = God’s Recruits are ACE!

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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