Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I am just loving the gentle budding and greening of our area of the world, as the Spring Maiden awakens all the sleeping green and growing and helps them to push upwards towards the warmth of Grandfather Sun. We have been blessed with a few wonderfully bright sunny days and although it has turned very cold again, I am very grateful that is still dry. I even hung my washing out yesterday for the first time this year!

A great deal of fear is around because of the recent earthquakes. We cannot know what will happen to us next or what is around the corner. I have made my mind up to live my life in the way that gives me pleasure and happiness, making the most of my loved ones and continuing to manifest my desires. I am doing this so that I stay positive; I intend to make the most of my life every single, precious day. I am no longer waiting for the right time for anything, that time is now. So what if I still haven’t got the house organised the way I want or as clean as I want? So what if the filing is still outstanding? I am not going to wait until all of that has been done before ploughing on with what fills me with delight. All of these things get done eventually, my message is don’t let anything put you off proceeding and moving ahead now. My hubby recently on the spur of the moment decided to take a week off, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time, as I was still trying to rebuild the computer and catch up with the hundreds of emails we had received during our time offline. But I went with it, and we had some wonderful days out together, the break did me good too. It put us behind house and business-wise but so what, we were together and loving it!

So stop worrying and start living!

Remember you are focusing on and living in the type of world you want (not what is being presented in 3-D land). This is a much higher vibration. An Elder recently reminded us all to once again see the Earth as healed and whole, don’t see her as sick or dying or you will create that reality. This beautiful, softly spoken Elder said; “See Her as well, despite what is going on, please see Her as well, happy and whole”. She got very emotional as she said this. She said this is so important.

As the Spring Equinox approaches, the next round of Souls ready to leave the planet has already started. Some of our nearest and dearest have become ill and are getting ready to leave. Pets and beloved animal companions are also leaving. They have done enough this time around and need a rest, so they are choosing to leave the Earthplane for higher pastures.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Sweeping bouts of tiredness and exhaustion hit us due to the massive earthquakes and large influx of light. Rest when you need to.

Cosmic Slug Syndrome
Has popped up again as some of us felt the need to sleep more and eat more and didn’t feel like doing much at all. Just be careful that this isn’t comfort eating, as emotional shifts may make you feel like you need to feed your emotions rather than resolving them. (FFI - read the sections on Cosmic Slug Syndrome in your “Ascension Tips – How to Survive the Ascension Process” book).

(See Aches and Pains section below)

Ascension Depression – bouts of this happened again for some of us, luckily it didn’t last long just a couple of days as we worked through the process that was coming up. By now you should know to go with it and ride it out rather than resist it. (Refer to your ‘Ascension Tips – How to Survive the Ascension Process’ book for more info and tips).

Oh boy have they been weird lately especially around the recent Full Moon (how gorgeous was Grandmother Moon again? Her moonbeams were silky soft, mmmmm). Lots of you have been having premonitions of earth changes as well as prems about individuals in your lives. Many of you have been waking up feeling tired still as you have been busy in dreamtime helping Souls caught up in the recent earth changes to cross over into the Light, many of them were so traumatised that they got stuck between the worlds and needed your help to guide them home safely.

Aches and pains
Earth Sensitives experienced a great deal of physical pain, headaches, nausea and dizziness as they picked up the massive earthquakes before they happened. Since the turn of the year there hasn’t been much of a respite during the moon cycles, the earthquake activity has been constant, as well as flooding and tsunamis which some of you also pick up. You will need to sleep and nap more when dealing with such huge shifts and changes.

Not surprisingly our Heart chakras have been feeling very tender with all that has been going on.
Crown chakras have also been affected.
Some have experienced pain in their hand chakras (send some distant healing to relieve the pressure in your hands).
Some have experienced discomfort in their foot chakras; ensure that you are grounded at all times, as there is too much unstable energy around which could knock you off centre very easily. If the sole of your foot it itchy, it means you are about to walk on strange ground i.e. you will be going somewhere new.
Regularly check and clear your chakras, chakra blocks are frequent happenings at the moment and will cause headaches in the crown and third eye areas.

Feeling as if you are floating, you feel deeply calm inside and have total acceptance of the experience. This can bring relief from Ascension symptoms even for a few seconds at a time.

Another layer has been stripped away and truth revealed to you. Because you so much stronger inside now, you are not afraid to take the action you need. You are strong enough to realise that you are no longer willing to waste your time with individuals or groups who are petty, and acting out of selfishness rather than for the highest good of all. It is quite liberating walking away from them!
If you are still awaiting clarity, do the ‘Door Visualisation’.
When meditating or having your quiet time, ask your guides to help you find the next door that you need to walk through so that you know what it is you need to do next, or where you need to go next. After you have asked the question, stay quiet and wait for a door to present itself to you. Take a good look at it, what is it made of? How big is it? What shape is it? What colour is it? Does it have anything on it? What is around it? And finally, can you open it? Repeat this every day until you receive the answer you seek.

For some it is like the green light has finally come on, the shackles have been taken off and you are flying high on your creativity. Whatever you decide to do happens easily and effortlessly now. Isn’t it fantastic that it doesn’t have to be so hard any more? If you have an idea that makes your heart sing, don’t delay, get it out there right now – you have so much support! After years of slogging away trying to make things work, or gain a level of success, you are finally getting everything that you have worked so hard for. Nothing and no-one can hold you back now. When you are in the flow and following your heart, nothing can go wrong. The only way is up, up, up – so go for it and enjoy it!

Many of us are now being guided to others we can work with in a collaborative and mutually supportive way. At first you may be resistant to this, after all you have spent years working hard at creating all these wonderful projects/ideas that you have put so much love and time into, and you might not want anyone else getting involved. When you collaborate with other, it will be less stress on you and enables your dream and work visions to become fully manifest in the full, glorious way that they need to be. It is less stress, as there are two or more of you sharing the work. There is mutual support and mutual bouncing ideas off each other. Together you create a higher level of energy that all can benefit from. Yes of course, do check it all out first. Check them out, check out what they are offering/wanting/proposing but don’t let fear or doubt hold you back.
Let us know what you are up to so that we can share your joy with everyone here and hey, you can inspire us all too!

Spiritual Detox
There has been lots of clearing going on (as mentioned above) but also on the physical level. The Spring energies are encouraging us to clear clutter on all levels.

I have been working with absorbing more light, so that I can become a clearer channel and be of better service. But oh boy I had no idea that it would cause such deep detoxing. I was in agony for nearly two weeks as stuck energy was cleared (I wasn’t aware that I still had so much!), it was as if every cell were being purged by the Light; the headaches were so bad I had to take tablets one day. Lots of old memories came to light as I realised what I had been holding on to and what a relief to just let it all go. Coming out the other side of this Light Absorption/Spiritual Detox exercise I feel stronger, more centred and very much aware that my connection with the higher realm has been greatly heightened. For a few days I had trouble staying grounded as I adjusted to myself (or as my Self adjusted me :-) ). Now I feel as if an ancient deep part of me has been fully integrated and it is wonderful to be able to click into that in seconds, it brings such peace.

With all the huge shifts and changes there is great instability being felt on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Therefore it is essential that you protect yourself every day, it is no surprise that I have received repeat orders for ‘The Protector’ spray mist more than any other repeat order this month. Use it every day before you leave your front door. (Don’t forget that professional healers/therapists receive a 5% discount on this product for repeat orders).

Things are definitely moving for us now, and in a good way. Be positive, be strong, and be encouraged, there is much good on the way.

The spiritual part of you may feel that it is wrong to pursue material pleasures/success when parts of the world are literally falling apart. You don’t have to choose between the material and the spiritual as it is possible to have both. You can help those in need through your healing, prayers and donations. Meanwhile you can carry on manifesting your dreams and hearts’ desires which will keep you positive and encourage others. It is important now more than ever to keep our vibrations raised so that we are of better service to those who need us. When we are happy and fulfilled we can give more. Simples!


To connect to Spirit
For ourselves
For All Our Relations
Daily quiet time
Building inner peace
And inner strength
That All Is Well
That we are on the right track
That we are being looked after
About a radiant Mother Earth
And sharing your joy
At everyone
At everything

The key for the coming month is EXCITEMENT.
Be excited about all that you are. Be excited about everything and everyone you already have in your life. Be excited about all that is about to come into your life. Be excited by your own fabulousness! Be excited that things are finally starting to get good for you. Be excited about the new opportunities and experiences that are coming your way. Get other people feeling excited. Spread the magic.


E cstatic
X celling
I ntuiting
T rusting
E mpathic
M astering
E nchanting
N atural
T hanking

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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