Friday, 13 July 2007

Are you going to 'Fire The Grid?'

July 17th is Fire The Grid day, at 11:11am GMT. (Go to to find out more and to find out the correct time for your part of the world). We are being asked to join in prayer/meditation for one hour.

Millions of people around the world have already agreed to take part, all of whom respect the original idea but who are also choosing to use this group energy/power time to send love, healing and light to wherever and whoever needs it.

There have been a few dodgy emails going around with negative undertones about this event. This has caused confusion for some. All I would say is that as long as everyone is focusing on love, light and healing what can go wrong? When that many people are united with common intention the effect is going to be very powerful, it cannot fail to cause a shift in the right direction. Whatever you may have read, when that much love and light gets together nothing else can get in and nothing else can use it.

Stay in your heart, join with your Light Family and set aside one hour on that day to send out and radiate love, light and healing. It is our chance to give something back to our planet, to the cosmos, to the Creator and All Our Relations.

Whatever the weather, I'm going to be be doing it - are you?


Kay Leverton said...

Hi Elly
Yes, my friend Wendy and I will be doing it in the Kiva. The last ceremony of this incarnation before it is burnt and then rises again in new form like the Phoenix.It has done well for 10 years but is now suffering from the weather and so will arise as will I reborn after the Fire.

You can't have too much love and healing in the world and I think we know whose side the scare mongers are on.

Recently Dek did a theatre piece including the Phoenix and on dress rehersal night which was a disaster came home over the mountain and killed a sheep and our car. He was unhurt but deeply shocked and sad.
The show went on, was fantastic and with the kindness of a friend we are now driving a purple car.

I made the dying Phoenix mask and have had to rebirth myself too.

Phoenix is powerful medecine indeed.

andrew said...

great stuff

Keep it up!