Saturday, 4 April 2009

APRIL Updates

The Geostorm just before the Spring Equinox seemed to knock many to their knees. The energies seemed to be incredibly dark one minute and then dazzlingly brilliant and full of extraordinary Light the next. This dance between the shadows and light continues.

There has been a marked increase in Animal medicine signs over the past few weeks. I have experienced this both at home (the most gorgeous big fat fluffy Queen Bees have been blessing our garden, as have many birds including our resident Raven) and when out in my local area (I was gifted with two beautiful Owl feathers that I came across just lying on the grass near one of our local roads yesterday). Emails containing inspiring stories regarding animals have been coming through steadily. It seems the Animal Kingdom is trying to get our attention. Have you been paying attention? What messages are being revealed to you? (They might be right in front of you!)

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference.

Tiredness continues for some as the energies continue to fluctuate and the battle between the Light and the dark side increases. Rest when you need to. Withdraw when you need to. Give yourselves permission to replenish and recharge yourself on every level.

Such strange dreams I have been having lately, all types of dreams. This is quite a year for dreaming. Write down the ones that stay with you for several hours after waking. (Sometimes going back into your bedroom the next night can trigger remembrances of dreams from the night before).

Quiet Times
If you are a healer/therapist, you might be worried that the recession has seen a drop in clients and you may be wondering what to do next. As mentioned in Feng Shui Diaries below, this is a year of sorting and consolidating ready for what will happen next year. Use the quiet times to get the house sorted, get yourself sorted, get business matters sorted, plan what work you want to do next and write ideas down. As you occupy yourself with doing these things, you will free up the energy for what (and who) needs to come to you. Every time it goes really quiet, it is an opportunity to stop trying so hard because somehow we have either blocked the flow or the Universe knows that we need a rest. Make the most of these quiet times because next year could be really busy for you. (It may happen sooner than that; this is just a general heads up to what is happening). You are creating a solid foundation for your future. When things do start moving for you again, don’t waste time analysing them too much or you could blow the opportunity. There’s no such thing as the wrong decision.
A word about Meditation
You may be finding it harder and harder to meditate in the way you used to. If it’s not working, leave it, don’t push it, and go for a walk in Nature instead (a walking meditation in its own right). Many of you have been aware for some time now of having a foot in both worlds, of occasions when you have lost time so to speak when you have drifted off and come back to 3-D land. This is what it is like as a LightBeing, you are connected to other realities all the time, you are totally connected to the flow, as you allow energy to travel through you not resisting it or blocking it, just allowing it. There is less need to analyse as you enjoy Being more. As I have mentioned before, the Dreaming becomes 24/7. That doesn’t mean that we are ungrounded or in La La Land, quite the opposite, it means being more grounded than you have felt for a long time and enjoying life a lot more than you have for some time – despite everything else that may be going on.

Aches and pains
Sharp pains in strange places occurring again, like the tip of your finger, centre of your hand or foot, or near the joints. (My hands became incredibly painful, particularly in the evenings, with sharp shooting pains travelling down the bones into the fingers).

Neck pain – more adjustments to the psychic gateway at the back of the neck, also adjustments on the personality level as we learn to adapt to the changes that are occurring. Do also check whether anyone or anything in your life is literally a pain in the neck, as it could be an attention call to help you recognise and get rid of whatever might be causing it.
Back pain - check whether you are feeling unsupported; Upper back – lack of emotional support or holding back love, Middle back – old stuff from the past stuck there, guilt. Lower back – feeling unsupported financially, fear of money. (Or it could just be that you are growing new Angel wings :-) ).

Cracking joints – for some their bones will have been sounding like a bowl of Rice Krispies (snap, crackle, pop) as more trapped energy is released. It is almost as if something is morphing within us and it is trying to get used to being human size. We are becoming more of our Lightbodies and this can be a little painful at times.

Space Cadet
Now I know this is not just because of my hormones, but there have been days when I feel like a complete space cadet. I realise that I have been staring out of the window for ages and have gone somewhere only I’m not sure where. Sometimes I am aware of being inside a fuzzy energy that is quite comforting. It has no concept of time and suddenly a couple of hours or the day will have gone by so quickly and I do not feel I have achieved much. Well I have on the higher levels. I believe that we are spending time in other realms when we do this. The Dreaming is starting to happen 24/7 not just at night. As you become more of your Lightbody, your attachment to 3-D time starts to melt away and different realities begin to blur into one. This is all part of preparing us to live in the new reality of the higher energies, the new ‘world’ so to speak. Just make sure you’re not driving, using machinery or anything sharp when going through this phase! J

Chakra issues
The Crown chakra is still taking quite a blasting from the higher energies that have been pouring into us since the Spring Equinox. Your fontanel may feel a little tender. Do remember to fold your chakra for protection regularly through the day and especially before you go to sleep. If you have been doing anything spiritual (including long conversations with like-minded Spiritual friends), reading spiritual books, or meditating, it will open up again. So remember to check how its doing (gently touching the top of your head will soon give you an indication of how open you are).

Protection (Aura and Chakras)
Some folks have been experiencing hard tests around protection issues lately. Some are going through their dark night of the soul, some are going through initiations, and many feel like they are being blasted or attacked from every side. It is absolutely essential that you have your protection in place before you leave your house. If you can, do it as soon as you get up. The masses are in a place of great fear and that fear is making them project at others – particularly those that carry a lot of Light. This will wreck your solar plexus and may create tears in your aura causing leaks which you need to fix. We are in the stage of evolution that is the darkest before the dawn. It’s not an easy place to be, but at least we are in it together. For the next few weeks remember, remember, remember your protection.


Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love. Do this several times a day.
If you feel afraid, simply repeat to yourself “I choose Love”.
Time to start cleansing on all levels. Gentle physical detoxing will help.
Use sacred herbs to detox your body, aura and environment.
Drink plenty of good quality water.
It’s time to start shining again – despite whatever is going on. Polish up that beautiful aura of yours and let it shine out. Be confident in everything that you do and All Will Be Well.
That it is all going to work out. That all WILL be well. That what you have been wishing for will come your way. That the Universe is doing all it can to make things happen for you. Go about your day with a warm feeling of trust inside, knowing that it is all going according to Divine Plan.

The key for the coming month is the BEST. Expecting the best, looking your best, doing your best.
A few weeks ago Spirit dropped the thought “Don’t lower your standards just because everyone else is”. They kept repeating this over and over to me and I thought how apt for the times that we live in. Just because we are being bombarded with doom and gloom doesn’t mean that we have to look miserable or ‘poor’ in anyway. I kept this to myself and then two weeks later my husband was chatting about his office and said how sloppy everyone was dressing these days for work, that the men hardly ever wore a tie and the women looked a real mess, he said it’s as if the sloppiness in their work is now being reflected in how they dress. What a great example of what Spirit was saying. One of the best ways of summing this up is from one of my favourite authors, the wonderful Stuart Wilde; “Do not give yourself anything less than the best at all times. Always go for the best/highest. Put yourself first:- best quality, best care, best attention, best presentation”. My husband isn’t happy with his job in fact it makes him downright depressed at times, but he still presents himself the best he can and gives the best ‘service’ when he is there. I know that this will draw to him something even better, so I encourage him to keep up his personal standards despite whatever anyone else there may be doing, until it is time for him to change jobs.
So this month, stop and think ‘Am I giving myself the best here?’

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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