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NEW MOON Solar Eclipse BLESSINGS! September 2016

NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in VIRGO

We have a New Moon in Virgo:

UK                 1 September 10.03am
EU       -           1 September 11.03am
USA     -           1 September 05.03am
AUS     -           1 September 19.03pm
NZ        -           1 September 21:03pm

VIRGO – I Be / I Analyse
         Artist: Josephine Wall
Earthy, grounded, intelligent, commonsense Virgo is a stickler for details. They will always read the small print before making a decision.  Ah decisions, Virgos want all the information available before even thinking about making a decision. Sometimes this gives them ‘analysis paralysis’, when their brain is so full of data that they are too ‘full’ or confused to make their decision.
Virgos are organized, practical and dependable. Work-wise Virgos like structured organizations such as the health service (they are also nurturers and empathic), the armed forces, universities etc., (where they can use their analytical skills in research, detailed design, computing etc). They love bureaucracy and excel at making sense of it.
Virgo is a loyal, reliable friend who is great in a crisis. They just need to ensure that they are not being used or treated like a doormat. Virgos are their own worst critics, they never feel they are good enough or have done things well enough. Well they are, and usually a lot better than they realise.  Take yourself off the hook Virgo; your hard work will pay off, so relax more y’hear?!


Earth Sensitives are still picking up earthquakes etc. Ensure that you are not becoming overly sensitive, ground yourself daily and protect yourself before going to sleep so that you get the rest you need.

Dreamtime has been spectacularly busy leading up to this New Moon (more like Full Moon dreaming).  Take note of your dreams as there are many messages being given right now. 

The Sun/Moon opposing Neptune made us feel very tired especially during the Dark Nights of the Moon.

Welcome to the first moon of Autumn! Weather-wise it hasn’t been the best Summer on this side of the pond, however we’ve made the most of the odd hot days we were given. 

It’s strange how the transition from Summer to Autumn can affect so many folks more than other seasonal transitions.  If you’ve had a bad summer, you may be feeling sad that the days are getting shorter, the light is changing and the freedom you felt during the Summer months is ending as Winter approaches.  In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) grief is the emotion associated with Autumn, so allow the sadness and bubbles of grief to rise up into the light so that they can be healed.  We have a wonderful GRIEF Essence that supports grief of all kinds; you can find it here:

Work with this wonderful New Moon to get you back on track, allow yourself plenty of time to transition from Summer to Autumn.  Don’t keep pushing yourself so hard or you could go down with a seasonal cold (transitions from one season to another cause a change in our immune systems leaving us more vulnerable to infection).  Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of leafy green veggies.  Don’t forget daily protein too to keep energy levels up and our brains healthy. And look after your gut health during these transitions, as you know, the gut is now recognized as the ‘second brain’, when that is healthy and happy then you are healthy and happy.

We have a particularly good Autumn essence that has been popular over the years in helping folks to transition from Summer to Autumn.  It helps us to clear what we may have unknowingly accumulated energetically during the Spring and Summer months.  This allows us to keep our energies balanced throughout Autumn as we begin to prepare for Winter. It is called RED LEAVES and you can find it here:
NOTE: SUBSCRIBERs CLUB – this Essence is included in the Autumn Goodies Box, details soon

September is the time the kids go back to school.  It’s new term time, and who better to help us all get back on schedule than Virgo?  Decide that this is a new term for you too and get planning and scheduling!


Mercury is still retrograde until the end of September.  Some have been feeling the urge to upgrade their image, nothing wrong in that however I would wait until after September before doing something drastic like cutting your long hair or having a complete colour change, as you may regret it.  Stop and think before taking action during Mercury retrograde.

In fact Mercury retrograde is perfect timing as Virgo encourages us to tidy things up and get organized, and Mercury slows things down giving us the time to do this.
What do you need to go back and take a look at that needs clearing/changing/releasing so that you can move forward now?  This can be possessions, people, places, your own thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviours. 
What needs completing?

Saturn kicks us into touch so that we can adopt some of Virgo’s planning skills and get our plans in place for the next six months of our lives.

Jupiter (planet of blessings and good fortune) will be moving from Virgo to Libra, which will bring improvement to relationships during the next 12 months. 

It might be worth checking which house in your chart Virgo falls in, as that is the area being highlighted right now.  For me personally, it’s about my image and how I present myself to the world, it’s also about ending my time as a hermit and re-emerging as the Healer that I am, as well as socializing more.  What does yours tell you?

September is going to be an awesome month with lots of planetary support, so make the most of it!


This is such a special New Moon Eclipse; it helps us to clear away who and what has been holding us back so that we can manifest our dreams.  The recent Dark Nights of the Moon were very productive for me, I did some deep clearing work and received some good insights that have helped me to clear the way to work with these lovely New Moon Eclipse energies.

If you still have your head in the sand about something, prepare to get your butt kicked with this eclipse.  It’s time to face what we have been most afraid/worried about and make some decisions so that everyone can move forward. 

There is no airy-fairyness around this month, it’s time to get grounded, roll up your sleeves and get on with it.

This Solar Eclipse is the opener and will be followed by a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces in two weeks time.  Interestingly Virgo and Pisces are opposite each other on the axis of the chart.  Take a look at where both of them fall in your chart, which house/s do they fall in?  Those are the areas where you will be most affected by these eclipses.  Virgo and Pisces are both healers, so a great deal of healing will be going on during September.

The New Moon in healing Virgo encourages us to “face our fears and do it anyway”.  Get that old copy of Louise Hay’s book out and re-read it.  Virgo is the Healer and rules health, Virgo encourages us to get healthy, it’s time to commit and stick to those health routines or start a new one.
And, as there is such wonderful supportive energy available, you know deep inside that you will stick to it this time because something has changed, something has shifted inside you, at last you realise how important you are, how important it is to put yourself first and really start looking after yourself.
With the world in mayhem, you need to be strong enough to ride the mercurial energies that abound and stay on track.  To do that requires really looking after yourself.  (How can you help others if you can’t even be bothered to help yourself?).

With Saturn kicking butt during this New Moon there are those who are going to be resistant to it, still resisting the change that has to happen.  Stay well away from them or they will drag you down.
There may be a lot of negativity around, don’t buy into it and walk away.
As Mercury is retrograde communications may be not be received in the way they were intended, as some folks are super-sensitive right now.  As I mentioned last time, think before hitting Send or picking up the ‘phone. 

There is a lot going on this month, Virgo reminds us to pay attention to the details – especially as Mercury is still retrograde – and read the fine print.  If you start feeling spacey, ground yourself and pay attention - as that is when things will go wrong.  Staying centred will keep trouble at bay.

It’s time to pull your big boy/girl pants up and get your act together.

I am so excited about this New Moon Eclipse! Oh my God/dess, if you are ready for a fresh start, a completely new life, then this is it folks!  It can happen now.  How exciting is that?

There couldn’t be a better time for writing your New Moon Manifestation List.  Write down everything you want, and go bigger too, don’t hold back.  This is your chance to write your best shopping list ever to the Universe.

Small steps lead to big success


I am committed to myself
I take time for myself
I believe in myself
I allow time for healing
I am healed
I am organized
I am a good planner
Support comes to me from so many sources
I am designing my new life and I love it!

Be careful what you wish for as it has every likelihood of coming true!

New Moon Eclipse Blessings to y’all.

Elly x

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