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FULL MOON Blessings! August 2016

FULL MOON Penumbral Eclipse in AQUARIUS
Artist - Josephine Wall

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius:
UK                 18 August 10.27am
EU        -          18 August 11.27am
USA     -           18 August 05.27am
AUS     -           18 August 19.27pm
NZ       -           18 August 21.27pm

AQUARIUS - I Know / I belong
Aquarius represents truth, science, altruism, hope, ideals, inspiration, new ideas, associations, friendships/community, inventions, eccentricity, electronic media, computing, Astrology, anything unusual, New Age interests and Humanitarian pursuits.  The sign of the Visionary and Seer, Aquarius sees the bigger picture and takes action.  Freedom is important to Aquarius.  Aquarius rules the ankles, lower legs, circulatory system, veins, arteries (esp. hardening of), spasms and cramps.


The intensity has lessened and most of us are making the most of the good weather days here.  We are in the last moon of Summer; so get out when you can and make the most of it.

Earth Sensitives will know that there has been an increase in earthquakes etc recently and this will continue.  Let’s include Mother Earth in our daily prayers and send Light to Her as She deals with all that is happening upon Her.  (Some Earth Sensitives hear high-pitched frequencies, some get itches/pains in the same part of the body). 

We have an Essence that is very popular with Earth Sensitives, it’s called
‘Planetary Heart’ and helps Earth Sensitives to cope with what they sense and feel.  You can find it here: 

Most folks are having the sense to withdraw from the political circuses that are going on and are focusing on more positive aspects like watching the Olympics.  The athletes don’t allow themselves to be distracted by anything, they are focused on their goal and they get there.  A great lesson for all of us.

Dreamtime has been interesting for many in the build-up to this Full Moon. Don’t forget to make a note of your dreams, as many will receive the answers/clarification they have been looking for.

Elly Rant – The Great Sugar Con

Currently in the UK there is a huge campaign by the Government to ban sugar.  In fact they want to capitalise on what they call the Sugar Tax and use that money elsewhere.  They want to increase the price of items containing sugar so that they can make money from it.  This is supposed to be for our benefit and for the benefit of our health. 

The Spin on this campaign is to reduce obesity especially in children.  OK.  So if you are gonna take the sugar out of everything what are you going to sweeten it with?  Artificial sweeteners of course!  And we all know how good those are for you – NOT!  (Google the effects artificial sweeteners have).  Don’t fall for this con.  Sugar free is not necessarily healthier.  As a professional I have seen the effects that artificial sweeteners have on clients, I once was part of a team that ran a regular ME clinic.  Once I got the clients off anything with artificial sweeteners, their health improved and they lost weight.  In my own family, my lovely step-dad thought he was being healthier by using artificial sweetener instead of sugar in his coffee, and then he had several blackouts.  Once he stopped using it he never had black outs again.

Don’t get sucked into this con.  Do your own research.  Then make your own choices regarding this.

BTW – alternative natural sweeteners like honey, xylitol, stevia and maple syrup, whilst they may be more ‘natural’ they are still high in natural sugar, therefore less is more.

The only answer to this is to stop buying stuff laden with sugar and/or artificial sweeteners.  Eat more natural foods and eat anything that is naturally sweet (like those mentioned above, as well as fresh fruit and dried fruit) in moderation.
Obesity in children can be reduced if parents cook fresh food, eat less crap, and get their kids outside running about and exercising in the fresh air. 
In the end, the answer to the obesity crisis is - common sense. 


Saturn has left intense Scorpio and moved in Sagittarius.  Whilst in Scorpio, the Task Master of the Cosmos required us to go deep into ourselves and our lives.  The past couple of years therefore, may have been intense especially emotionally and included many tears for some.  Now we can breathe out as a new chapter with the Teacher of the Cosmos begins. 

In Sagittarius Saturn will help us to get things settled and sorted.  What is not true or absolute truth will be revealed under this two-year transit, so the flakes and fakes will be flushed out and revealed for who they really are. 

Signs most affected by Saturn in Sag are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.  Any decisions you have been dithering about will now need to be made and the changes they bring accepted and implemented.  The good thing is, Saturn always rewards those who learn the lessons and put the effort in.  So face your fears and do it!

Mercury retrograde starts August 30th; however don’t forget that the effects can be felt at least two weeks before.  Get the car serviced, back up the computer, fix what’s broken, complete outstanding jobs.  Mercury slows things down giving us a change to catch up.  And yes, there will be the usual travel and communication glitches, so think before you speak and/or hit Send!

FULL MOON Penumbral Eclipse in AQUARIUS

A penumbral eclipse is not a full Lunar Eclipse nor is it a partial eclipse; it is more subtle and hard to see.  Which means that the effects will also be subtle although they can be the start of unexpected changes also.  This gentle eclipse is preparing us for the Eclipses in September so take heed.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is all about Freedom.  It reminds us that the only limitations we have are the ones we think we have or the ones we think others impose upon us.  Rubbish.  We can change our minds in an instant and cut any chains we feel have been imposed upon us.  With all that is going on in the world and to people we know, life is so effing short that we absolutely have to start living it the way we want to. 

Full Moon in Aquarius means it’s time to liberate yourself and others.

Think about that wonderful song ‘Aquarius’ from the musical HAIR, all those gorgeous hippies singing about love and peace, dressing the way they want to, doing what they want, doing it from their hearts and with the right intention.  There is a huge movement for Peace again, it’s almost as if the 60s are being revisited.  Folks have had enough of what is going on financially and politically and are not afraid to let the authorities know. 
They are also walking their talk by living in a peaceful way in harmony with the Earth and each other.  And this is possible for all of us.  Yes, there will always be the shadow side and I haven’t forgotten that we are living the tipping point of this time on Earth.  However, I am aware of a big movement towards people choosing to focus on what they want and the type of world they want, and that should inspire all of us.

Questions to ask yourself:

- What restrictions are there in my life?
- Where do I feel restricted?
- Who do I feel restricts me?
- What/who stops me feeling free?
- What can I do to become free?


By the light of the Full Moon, write detailed answers to the above questions.  Formulate a step-by-step plan that will lead you to freedom. Date it and sign it.

Allow the Full Moon rays and Aquarius’ cosmic waters to cleanse you.  If it is a clear night, go outside and Moon Bathe.  Grandmother Moon’s rays will cleanse your Aura and recharge you.  (You may feel a tingle in your Third Eye as you look up at Her and attune to this).

Fill your home with flowers; wear flowers in your hair and link into the hippy side of Aquarius.  Get your hippy gear on, put some good ol’ hippy tunes on and dance in this new chapter of your life.  Why not invite some friends around and have fun invoking Freedom together? 

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ESSENCES that can help you to attain Freedom

Taking flight. Manifestation. Into your truth. Freedom to live and Be the Dream.

Step through the Gateway into the potential of who you really are.  A powerful essence.

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On this Full Moon, open yourself to receiving Freedom.
Visualize the chains that hold you back being broken.
Visualise the doors that seem shut to you being opened. 
You hold the magic golden key within you – so use it!  

It’s time for us all to step through the door of Freedom.

Full Moon Message

It’s time to allow yourself to be Free

Fabulous Full Moon Freedom Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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