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We have a New Moon in Libra:

UK                 1 October 01.11am
EU       -           1 October 02.11am
USA     -           30 September 20.11pm
AUS     -           1 October 10.11am
NZ        -           1 October 13:11pm

LIBRA – I Balance / I give / I receive

Lovely Libra.  Libra represents diplomacy (although sometimes they engage gob before brain and can wound with their thoughtless comments). Peace – they are the Peacemakers of the zodiac.  Lovely fair minded Libra always champions the underdog and wants harmony and justice for all.  The Arts – many Librans become actors and enjoy performing as well as creating. Partnerships – Libra is the greatest teacher for us all regarding partnerships of all kinds.  Law and politics – they are highly intellectual.  Idealism – big dreams which they do have the power to manifest if they have the confidence to believe in themselves and their abilities.  Shadow side of this is spending too much time in La La Land and not getting on with things on the earthly level.  They are also great communicators (once they are confident in themselves) and make great counsellors and mediators. 
An Air sign, they are the thinkers of the zodiac and can come up with innovative solutions.  The shadow side of this is procrastination, Librans are the procrastinators of the zodiac, they’re always worried about making the wrong decision and end up with analysis paralysis!
Librans make loyal, loving friends and partners, however never tread on their dreams, as they won’t forgive that.  They make great parents and are always fun to have around.  Librans can be too nice for their own good and need to ensure folks don’t take advantage of them. They need to keep an eye on setting limits and boundaries.  Generous and giving, they need to learn to receive and to ask for help when they need it.


Dreamtime has been incredible over the past couple of weeks!

Earth Sensitives have been hearing an increase in frequencies, as it’s that time of year for hurricanes and floods, and earthquakes, which are happening with more regularity.  (Why can’t governments see that fracking and other greedy actions are causing much of this?)

The lead up to this New Moon and all it represents, may have caused a few physical issues especially in the chakras that most need clearing i.e. Headaches, achy throat, upset tummy, loose bowels, lower backache etc.  We are going through a massive upgrade, which has been a step-by-step process throughout this year. 
Look after yourselves, drink plenty of water to flush out toxins, eat plenty of plant based food and good quality protein.  (This phase passes in a couple of days, if symptoms persist it might be worth seeing a doctor and getting it checked out). 
Also be careful of your lower back and don’t overdo it during the next few days.  Rest and peace to focus on magick is what you need more than anything else.

Ensure that you focus on yourself more than others during this transit.  This is a very personal New Moon.

NEW MOON - Black Moon

A second New Moon in the same month is known as a Black Moon (especially to Witches).

The Black Moon is different from the Dark Nights of the Moon energy.  It is an emerging energy.  The Black Moon is associated with the Black Goddess, as the black moon has a strong feminine energy being the colour of the void from which all things are created and birthed. 

Being in Libra it is giving us the opportunity to birth something new regarding relationships.  That may be the relationship with ourselves, those we are already in relationship with and the birthing of new relationships of all kinds. 

Because this is a different kind of New Moon energy you will need to give yourself time to go within and allow the New Moon to guide you.

Make note of dreams at this time also, many clues are being given in dreamtime at the moment.

- What seeds are you ready to plant in your relationships? 
- What kind of relationships do you want to see blossom in your life? 
- What are you ready to grow relationship-wise?
- Are you willing to release conflict from your relationship/s?
- Are you willing to allow peace and tranquility into your relationships?
- Are you ready to allow more love into your relationships?

Although powerful, there is a wonderfully peaceful and grounded energy with this Black Moon.  Allow the black rays to infiltrate your aura and consciousness and be open to the teachings and downloads that will be given. 

Although mainly positive, there is a sense of endings occurring also, so you may need time to grieve for all that you are letting of right now. 

The dynamics of all our relationships are changing, the Eclipses set this off and this Moon takes us forward with it all.  What is transpiring and will transpire is most definitely positive and for your highest good.  You will look back and be so glad that it all occurred. 

Rest, be kind to yourself and give yourself time during the next couple of days. Be gentle with others, for we are all going through the same thing.  Once the Libran New Moon energy comes through we will all start to feel our energy return and feel rejuvenated.

We have a fabulous Essence that helps with rejuvenation (and is so useful to have in your ‘toolkit’).

Flower Essence

Are you feeling burned out?

Fireweed is a plant which regenerates and restores you.  It helps you to survive the aftermath of all you have been going through.  It helps you to renew and start again.  It heals the heart as it transitions from whatever has caused the upset or trauma. 

Sometimes we have so many people making demands on us that we do not even realise how drained we are becoming and how close to snapping we really are.  This wonderful Essence helps us to realign ourselves before that happens. 

This Essence also brings comfort to those who find themselves in hostile environments or surrounded by hostile people.

This is an Essence that helps with progress.  Sometimes we have to start at the bottom and work our way up (in many areas of our lives).  If you are feeling stuck in some area of your life, this Essence will help you to get moving again, it offers a Ladder of Progression.  It reminds you that your strength comes from inside.

Fireweed flower Essence helps the cells to regenerate in a new, harmonious way using the energy of love.  Its floral healing helps you to reach for the sky, to reach for heaven, which is now within your grasp. 

You can find it here:
(Outside UK? Please contact us first before ordering)

 In Witch terms, this Black Moon is ideal for :

- Enhancing your personal feminine power.
- Doing ceremonies to help all folks to access their pure feminine power.
- Rituals for females in need of help (including Mother Earth).

Rituals and ceremonies need to be thoughtful and gentle, and focused on peace, in order to stay in alignment with the energy of the Black Moon.  Black candles are ideal and black goblets to share Witches Brew.

This is a magickal and mystical New Moon.  Some will feel their spiritual antennae reaching further than it has done for some time. The connections will be wonderful. The magick offers a sense of great expansion and connection with the Divine. The power of prophecy is strong with this Moon and prophecies will also be given during dreamtime for some.

UK peeps – don’t worry that this occurs on October 1st for us (at 01:11am) the energy is still strong for us to work with it.


Mercury has finally settled (would someone please tell my computer that!)

Jupiter is still in Libra until October 11th bringing lots of jolly, beneficial energy to our relationships (and luck to lucky Librans!) Just ensure that you are not exaggerating anything, stick to the facts and the truth and all will be well.

Mars has moved into practical Capricorn. Great for helping us to stick to our goals, make an effort with our plans and get on with it.


This special, peaceful and relaxing New Moon in harmony loving, balanced Libra encourages us to be more loving to ourselves and those in our lives.  It is a chance to commit or re-commit.  It’s a time to sort the wheat from the chaff in your relationships;

- Who are you willing to spend more time with/on?
- Who do you need to cut ties with now?
- Which relationships drain your energy? 

Team Libra helps us to establish our own personal team to help us achieve our dreams.  Those people who love you and believe in you.  Those who have never let you down.

All relationships have tricky patches, now you get to decide whether they are worth it.  With Jupiter in Libra we are getting extra help to make things work.  However we will also be able to see clearly now where we are ‘flogging a dead horse’.  It’s time to get the right balance. 

- Are you ready to allow more love into your life?
- Are you willing to love yourself more?
- Are you willing to let yourself be loved more?
- Are you willing to commit to love?
- Are you ready to receive?
- Are you ready to say Yes to life?
- Are you ready to say Yes to love?
- Are you ready to say Yes to abundance?
- Are you ready to have fun?

And yes you might be challenged, and yes some cr*p may come up unexpectedly, the trick this time is to pause not react, to find a loving response rather than a knee-jerk one, and to stand in your power peacefully.

After all the recent eclipses and retrogrades which held us back, our energy returns and we are moving forward once more.  We have been held back in order to make the changes necessary to smooth our pathway to achieving our dreams and goals.

Libra is all about balance and fairness.  Are you being fair to yourself? Are you being fair to others?

Take a look at yourself, your life and your home, to see where you can bring more beauty, peace and harmony into your life.  This is what Libra loves more than anything. 

And of course, this is a wonderful time to write a new New Moon Manifestation list. Think big – go bigger!

Look to the sky with your feet firmly planted
Know many Blessings are now on their way to you


I am committed to Peace
I commit to being more loving
I honour my spiritual side
I am open to receiving an upgrade
I know the Universe has my back
I know I am well supported on every level
I am a Peacemaker
I am a Lover
I create more harmony in my life
I create more beauty in my life
I know good things are on the way for me
I move forward now confidently and with strength

This is a New Moon for peacemakers and mystics – enjoy!

New Moon Blessings to y’all.

Elly x

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