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FULL MOON Eclipse BLESSINGS! September 2016

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in PISCES

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces:
UK                 16 September 20.05pm
EU        -          16 September 21.05pm
USA     -           16 September 15.05pm
AUS     -           17 September 07.05am
NZ       -            17 September 07.05am

PISCES – ‘I believe’
          Artist: Josephine Wall
Dreamy, watery, powerful Pisces represents compassion, imagination, faith, mysticism, intuition (one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac), escapism (addiction patterns can be strong with Pisces), dissolution, chaos, deception, delusion, spirituality, sacrifice (they give so much and do so much for those they love, often to their own detriment), martyrdom (when they don’t get back what they give out they can go into martyr mode), religion, caring professions, creativity, art, poetry, acting, anything connected to water especially the sea (swimmers, sailors etc). 
I would add Drama to this mix, not only do they make good actors they can also be drama queens in their own lives, a tendency they need to watch out for as this can be very wearing on those who live with them and love them. Take time before reacting. Take time to work out which pull is the strongest (the dual fishes going in opposite directions) and check in with your inner guidance if that is the best way to go.

Good heavens Pisces another Eclipse in your sign! (the last one was back in March). If you haven’t made the changes prompting you in March, then you will have to make them now.


The change of seasons has been a bit tough on some folks, with some really weird energies around and weird things happening.  The weather has been weird too.  In fact the world seems to have entered Weirdsville!

When all around you is getting too weird, don’t forget to breathe.  You’d be amazed at how quickly we tense our bodies even when we don’t realise it.  Women especially tend to hold tension in their upper chest. 

Drop the breath to the belly, take three deep breaths in and out of the belly = instant grounding. 
We need to be grounded to cope with all the twists and turns that we are all currently living through.  We have a great Spray Mist (which is also very popular with clients who are Therapists and Healers) called GROUND CONTROL.


Vibrational Essences Spray Mist

This powerful Spray Mist has been created for those who need instant grounding.  Powerful and grounding, it pulls you straight down into your sacral and base chakra.  It gives instant vertical alignment.

There are times when life, people and events can knock us off balance causing us to feel ungrounded.  This spray mist will sort you out instantly and ensure that you are safely grounded again

This spray mist is useful to therapists and healers for those times when they may need instant grounding.  (Sometimes when working with clients you may not be aware that you are being knocked off centre energetically by the session/projections/off loading from the client).  It is also useful to use with your clients on a one-to-one basis or if you are doing group work. 

This spray mist helps you to keep your feet on the ground. You need to be grounded in order to manifest your dreams.  It puts you back into your boots and stops you going 'off', playing space cadet or being 'away with the fairies'!

You can find it here:

When things get weird, do whatever it takes to keep your vibration raised.  Do not allow yourself to be dragged down by lower energies.  Take Essences, use Essence Mists – they will keep your aura and home in a beautiful vibration, play lovely music, have healthy green plants and flowers in your home.  Get out in Nature when you can, allow the Autumn winds to blow away the cobwebs and prepare you for the season.  Spend time with positive, uplifting people.

And if the past few weeks have left you feeling worn out, (and it has been a pretty tiring Eclipse season this time around), listen to your body and rest.  Take time out to recharge body, mind, and emotions and do something that satisfies and soothes your Soul.


JUPITER planet of good fortune, opportunities and blessings has now moved into Libra and will be there until 11 October next year.  Jupiter in Libra will bring opportunities in relationships.  It will bring balance to relationships.  It will encourage us to bring kindness and beauty to our relationships.  On a wider scale it will bring equality and justice to all kinds of relationships.  OR it will bring up situations to test how well we are doing with all of the above.  On the whole, relationships should lighten up over the coming twelve months, and we should all feel more hopeful about life.  Librans in particular will receive more good fortune and blessings than they have had for a while.

SATURN and MARS move further away from each other, easing the tenseness we have all been feeling.

Mercury retrograde is halfway through.  Keep your cool – you know what to do.

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in PISCES
Artist : Molly Harrison
This Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces is all about Healing; Chiron (planet of the Wounded Healer) is in tight conjunction with the Moon.  And with the Full Moon being in Pisces this could be an emotional time for all of us. 
We are being asked to dig deep and bring to the surface what needs healing right now.  This is old stuff that will be coming up. 

So don’t worry if you are having a huge wobble over the next few days, it means that you are right on track.  Instead of stuffing away or trying to override these feelings, dive into them deeply and see what gifts they are trying to show you.  

Artist: Victor Nizovtsev
All of us need this healing to clear us and make space for better to come in.  It’s rather like clearing your gutters and drainpipes at this time of year.  The more we clear, the more good energy will flow for us and the better our own energy can flow. 
Send white light through your central channel, visualise yourself - as beloved Elder, Frank Fools Crow used to say - “as a hollow bone” through which Spirit can flow.

With this emphasis on healing, are there any health niggles that you have been ignoring?  Don’t ignore them any longer, go and see someone and sort them out.  They’re not as bad as you think.  This demonstrates to the Universe that we love and respect ourselves, that we value ourselves.  In return the Universe sends us people and events that love and value us.

And take care of your Inner Child; s/he may be feeling a bit scared and vulnerable during this Full Moon Eclipse.  Take time to listen to him/her, what is s/he worried about?  Reassure him/her, but most of all listen.

And do take a note of your dreams, Pisces is extremely psychic and there has been a lot of interesting dreams and information being given to us during dreamtime during this transit.  Be open to insights and revelations during this Full Moon phase.

And whatever you do – don’t panic!  You may feel panicky at times, you may feel overwhelmed, you may feel it’s all too hard and you just want to run and keep running.  Don’t.  This is a wonderful opportunity to clear and heal and be free of old crap that has been holding you back.

When you feel panicky, massage the following points – it’s calming and helps to keep your lymphatic moving :

Find the crease where your arm attaches to your shoulder.  It’s like a straight line that runs down from the top of your should to your armpit.  (If you had to sew your arm back on that is the place). Use all four fingertips together, dig in and firmly massage from top to bottom and back up again, repeat 3 more times then do it on the other side. 
It’s quick and easy to do, and a useful thing to do when feeling stressed.

Full Moon Eclipse Message

Mermaid Blessings
Dive deep like the Mermaid/Merman that you are
Dive deeper than you ever have before
Let go of emotions and let them flow
This restores your inner glow
Come up for air
And rest awhile there
Do your best
And trust the rest
All is well

- E. Yule 2016

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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