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FULL MOON Blessings! October 2016

The Unexpected – COURAGE – POWER

We have a Full Moon in Aries:
UK       –          16 October 05.23am
EU        -          16 October 06.23am
USA     -           16 October 12.23am (EDT)
AUS     -           16 October 15.23pm
NZ       -            16 October 17.23pm

          Artist: Josephine Wall
Fiery, energetic Aries represents enthusiasm, initiative, impulse, action (the most action-oriented sun sign of the zodiac), independence, aggression – usually due to being frustrated with other folks not being able to keep up with them - a shadow trait they need to modify as they mature.  Pioneers – never afraid to walk a different path or try something new.  Goal-oriented – sometimes work dominates everything and excludes those who love them – life balance needed. Arts, beginnings, war – worthy opponent, the armed forces, physical strength, the ‘Hero’, creative pursuits. The Adventurer, the Dare Devil – expect the unexpected and expect to be dragged into it!

Aries are like Eveready batteries, they never seem to run out of energy. But when they do, they do so badly. In their drive to achieve they can push themselves to their limits too often, that’s fine when you are younger and can bounce back quickly, but once you pass 40 you need to start looking after yourself better. No point in being too ill to enjoy the success you have worked so hard for! Health is wealth.  Many Aries folk feel constantly driven to achieve and can ride roughshod over others in their pursuit of this. Fiercely intelligent, short on patience yet incredibly inspiring, take your vitamins if you want to keep up with an Aries!


The Autumn season here has started with mild, warm weather and many plants continue to flourish when they should be dying back.  My garden still has lots of nettles, plantain, valerian and mint.  Other plants/trees seem to have gone over quickly.  How has it been where you are?  One thing I love most about this time of year is the gorgeous gold/red sunsets we are blessed with.

With the fluctuating weather temperatures and light, comes fluctuating energies and no day seems the same at the moment.  Calm days, can’t put my finger on it days, everything going wrong days, downright horrible days, glorious days.  We’ve had a real mixed bag, and I feel that this will continue for a while due to the political unrest being felt around the world and in our own country.

Lightworkers have been feeling tired, with so many being killed around the world (Haiti, Syria etc), the Lightworkers have been busy on the other levels and in dreamtime helping these souls to cross over.  (Although I feel more will remain earthbound than we would like, due to the trauma they have experienced).  I am astounded at the wimpy attitude of the United Nations who deduced they couldn’t find a solution to the Syrian crisis.  What the heck are they there for?  This is genocide, an entire country is being destroyed and for what?  Let’s up the light, up the prayers, up the energy and ask the Higher Powers to please help.

As is usual with Full Moons, emotions increase, tempers may flare due to folks feeling frustrated, crazy things happen and people get louder.  Remember to breathe and step away until things calm down again.


Jolly JUPITER in Libra encourages balance, harmony and beauty in all we do and in our relationships.

Unexpected URANUS may shock us into using the available Aries energy to get motivated, be more assertive and stand up for ourselves.


This Full Moon expect the unexpected, Uranus the Awakener, is playing a part and we never know what that might be.  Uranus can create chaos, curveballs, disruption and add to the already building tension.  Uranus likes to tip us out of our complacency and ruts.  We must be open to the revelations that can occur under the light of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon encourages feasting, mating and debating.  And under the current astrology this would be a good night to have ‘the talk’.  Set the scene by cooking some delicious food and doing it in a relaxed, harmonious way.  Tensions may rise but try and avoid kneejerk responses and listen.  This is a great opportunity to have ‘that talk’ you’ve been meaning to have.  It’s an opportunity for you to speak up for yourself and say what you have wanted to say for a very long time. 

This Full Moon you may need to stand firm and strong in your own personal truth.  Let others spout off and get all fired up, don’t get sucked in, you know what feels right for you.  If it all gets too much, walk away with your head held high.

I always see Aries as the Warrior, and feel that with this Full Moon, Aries is encouraging us to access our inner Warrior/ess and not be afraid to let him/her be seen on the outside.

Aries is an action sign. 
- What have you been procrastinating about? 
- Have you been holding back in any way? 
- Have you stalled before taking the next step or taking action? 
Well now is the time to boldly make that decision, take that next step and start taking action.

Aries gives us the courage we need to move forward 100% in our truth.  The time for blame and recriminations is over.  This is a time for leaving the past behind and stepping bravely and confidently into our future.  The past is behind you, so leave it there, don’t keep dragging old painful memories (and/or people) into your future.  Leave it all behind and only take what you feel matches where you are going, and who you are becoming.

Spray Mist
With all the strange things that have been going on lately, coupled with the fluctuating energies, many are feeling the need for extra strength and protection.

There are times when we need the presence of a Warrior/ess to give us strength and to offer us sacred protection. 

This Spray Mist contains a powerful blend of organic Flower and Vibrational Essences (from our own range), sacred Herbs and Essential Oils especially chosen for their protective, strengthening qualities. 

Use in your aura and environment and feel the strength of this powerful plant medicine as it wraps a veil of strength and protection around you. 

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It’s a tricky thing owning and showing your personal power.  One of the early stages is owning your anger and how you deal with your temper.  This Full Moon could test us all on that.  In fact, some folks may have been experiencing this already in the lead-up to the Full Moon. 
There is nothing wrong with Anger; it’s a sign that somewhere along the way you stuffed away something you needed to say/express.  Now it’s time to acknowledge and deal with it.  If you need to tell someone that they hurt you/whatever, then do so.  However, have a think first about how beneficial dredging up the past will be to either of you in the present time.

On a global level this Aries Full Moon stirs up the collective towards revolution.  Folks around the world have had enough.  The build up has started for a revolution and it won’t be long before it happens.

Power is very much the key word around this Full Moon.  There may be some power struggles, there may be an inner power struggle, and there may be a global power struggle.  Yet through it all will come a better sense of personal power and freedom.

So power up Warrior/ess – you’re on!

Full Moon Message

By the light of this Moon
My power will be
A true reflection of Me.

My Sword of Light
I hold on high
As to the past
I say, ‘goodbye’.

Filled with Love
And support from above
I move forward today
Nothing is in my way.

By the light of this Moon
I set myself free
Committed to my life
And all humanity.

- Elly Yule © 2016

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

Copyright E.Yule ©2016 Worldwide Rights Reserved

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