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Full Moon in Cancer


We have a Full Moon in Cancer:
UK            25 December 11.11am GMT
EU     -        25 December 12.11pm CET
USA   -        25 December 06.11am EST
AUS   -        26 December 10.11pm AEDT
NZ     -        26 December 12.11pm NZST

CANCER – ‘I feel’
Cancerians are water signs who love their home. Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, they feel deeply.  Cancer represents feelings, nurturing, home, defense, patriotism, conservation, family, sensitivity, moodiness (when they are lovely they are lovely, when they are horrid they can be truly horrible!), introversion (when they feel attacked or upset they retreat into their shell and stay there until they are ready to come out), mothering, caring for others (many are healers/therapists), catering, property and home interiors. They love hobbies involving fantasy and imagination, as they are highly creative and very individual.  Cancerians are Moon Children (usually very psychic) and love to live near the sea, they are very sensitive to Moon cycles and tides especially Full Moon high tides.  They are fantastic company, usually very intelligent, they make great parents and are fun friends to have around.  They need freedom to express who they are and they like to do things their way.


Winter Soulstice – yes, soulstice as it’s time to go within, embrace the darkness and commune/communicate with your Soul to reconnect with your light.  
A time to give thanks for the safety and warmth of our homes and being with those we love.  
It’s a time for quiet activity (yes really), reflection and preparation for the coming Spring moons. 

The light and energies of the Earth have waned encouraging rest and renewal, and we should do the same.  It goes against the natural energy of the Season for us to be doing so much at this time of year.  So when the festivities are over, please make time for yourself to have a rest and a think about the past year, and allow ideas to ruminate about what you want for your year ahead.  Curl up with a book and let your imagination run free.  Wrap up and go for walks in Nature, observe how the plants and trees ‘slumber’ gathering their energies for the growing season ahead.  Notice how decay is an essential part of the season - what needs to die away now to be born again in yourself/your life?  We are preparing for rebirth, so take the time out that you need to work with these energies and preparing yourself.

The build-up to Solstice, as I have mentioned in a previous Blog post, can be intense with many Souls choosing to use the energies to leave the Earthplane. 

It has been a hard year for many and it has been tough keeping our light shining with all that has been going on.  So please give yourself a hug for doing so well.  You are still here, you made it through another year and that needs to be celebrated.  You deserve to be celebrated.  With all that has been going on I think you’ve forgotten just how amazing and utterly magnificent you really are! 

In 2016 we need to be proactive rather than reactive.  There has been much to press our buttons and make us angry this past year, with what has been happening in our world and this will continue.  We are living the tipping point.

We need to make a stand for peace by not being sucked into war games. We all know this is not about terrorism, this is about money, power and greed by the few which affects the many - us.  It is about creating a problem that was never there in order to hoodwink the people into thinking their government is protecting them, they are not, they are protecting their own pockets and they do this by creating unnecessary wars with other countries. It’s time for our government to get out of everyone else’s business and start looking after its own, in its own country, for its own people!

We need to make a stand for abundance for all by not putting up with cr*p from banks or other institutions that our money pays for.  No more bailing banks and other countries out, time to look after our own money as a nation and individuals. It’s time to take these institutions to task for the squeeze they have put on many folks unfairly through unnecessarily high interest rates.

We need to make a stand for health (another service that only exists because of the money we pay into it), by not allowing our rights as patients to be eroded. It is bordering on horrific what has been happening to patients, especially the elderly, in this country.  It’s as if we don’t matter anymore.  Aneurin Bevan must be spinning in his grave!

We need to make a stand for happiness, for thriving not just surviving, by taking back our power and living our lives the way want to, the way our Souls are urging us to, this is our birthright and we have divine support for this.  Do not let what occurs in the outside world dim your happiness; you have a right to be happy whatever else might be going on.  Help where you can and do your bit, but whatever you do, be happy.

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, how can we make a difference or change things?  Never, ever, forget just how powerful you are.  You can make a difference.  Every time you say no and stand up for yourself you make a difference, not just for yourself and your life but also for others as you give them the courage to do the same.  Together we are unbeatable.  So forget about the petty squabbles, we have all got far bigger things to be focusing on in the coming year, and together we can make a difference.

Other Astrology

Mercury is slowing down in readiness for its retrograde in January.  What a relief, we can all slow down a bit now until the end of January and catch up with things. 

If you are travelling this Christmas (especially on public transport) double and triple check timetables and that you have definitely got reserved seats/tickets.  Also this energy can affect cars, so ensure that you have checked the tyres, oil and water on your car before setting off on long journeys – and bring plenty of water to drink on the journey, hydration prevents sleepiness when travelling. 

Avoid deep conversations until after the festivities, there are some intense (and potentially fiery) energies around highlighted by this emotional Full Moon.


For the first time since 1977 we have a Full Moon on Christmas Day - and at 11:11am! How significant, we are being given a doorway to walk through regarding our relationships, especially with family.

What were you doing at this time of year in 1977?  Interestingly 1977 was the year ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ was released, no coincidence then that they chose this year and this month to launch ‘The Force Awakens’. I wonder if the franchise will do this again in 38 years time?

Full Moons are completion, the culmination of the past four weeks, it’s a time for feasting, mating and debating – what could be more perfect for Christmas Day?

Full Moons can make us emotional even more so when it falls in a water sign such as Cancer (water represents emotions).  This time of year is emotional for many, reuniting with family you haven’t seen for a while, missing terribly those no longer with us, inner child buttons being triggered, tired and stressed out adults projecting. 
STOP – and Breathe! Breathe in slowly and out slowly, and do this three times.  That will ground you and you will start to feel balanced again. 

And be mindful that everyone will be feeling the same, so try and remember to think before you speak, as many might be feeling a bit raw emotionally over the holidays.

Cancer is the family-oriented sign and this really is quite an auspicious moon to have on Christmas Day.  Remember the 11:11 is inviting you to step into a different level of relationship with your relations.

This Full Moon invites us to celebrate with love, lots and lots of love to all whom we meet (including family members who might bug you), the gift everyone most needs this Christmas is love, acknowledgement and understanding.  You can do that - right?

Also this Full Moon reminds us about life balance, about balancing our careers with our family.  It also reminds us to express ourselves emotionally as well as creatively in the world (and if you’re not sure how to do that, all will be made clear over the coming two weeks, as long as you allow yourself some quiet time on your own for reflection).

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (www.ChaniNicolas.com):

ARIES / Aries rising
This Friday’s full moon calls you home. Go. Wherever home happens to be right now. Wherever you go make sure you take yourself with you. It’s easy to leave ourselves behind sometimes. It’s easy to forget what we need when set up by the things that pull us to and fro.  This full moon might bring you closer to understanding something about the nature of your relationship to the ones that brought you here. Parents. Family. Whether we are tethered to them or not, whether we are in communication or not, whether we know them or not, we are in relationship with them. The ghost of them. The reality of them. What they were. What they were not. What they wanted to be. What they want you to be. What you need to be for yourself. What you want to be for them. Friday’s full moon wants to remind you that it’s OK to revise, review and reclaim your way of being in relationship to all of that. There is healing here. There are things you need to know, to remember, to remind yourself of. Mainly that you are not alone, not because anyone else is with you, but because you are with you.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Friday’s full moon wants to sit you down and have a talk. Heart to heart. Human to cosmos. Words to silence. Ugly cries might be a part of the conversation. Let them happen. They can lead the way to beauty. Sentiments that build familial feelings will most likely be part of the discussion. It’s a great time to interview relatives, gather family stories, think on the ones that you have yet to question and debunk the myths that you’ve lived by that do not support your growth.
Listen to what is being said around the dinner table, who is saying it and what their intention is. Notice when you don’t like the way something lands and see if you tend to say the same things in other ways. Notice what is said that builds trust. Notice the silences that strengthen emotional bonds. Notice what you say to yourself internally that helps you ease the emotional ebbs and flows of the holiday season.  There is a helpful combination that occurs this week that leads me to think there is some unfolding of your heart, some sweetness exchanged with others. It looks like there is an unfolding of another’s heart towards you too. There is an opening here. Whether it’s a new relationship, one you’ve been in for years or the ongoing development of your relationship with all of life, this week wants to gift you with the experience of being seen, witnessed and remembered through those you are closest to (and getting closer to).

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Friday’s full moon highlights how you really feel about your talents, your gifts and your resources. There may be some kind of recognition rolling your way. There might be a fat check in a holiday card en route to your abode. There might be a gift of inspiration that will come to you to help future funds come in.
This week brings you some very practical magic. It involves your ability to envision your way to your version of success. It involves reading who will actually work with you in equal capacity and who you’ll have to carry across the finish line. It involves believing in your Big Dreams while stepping towards them with the most logical road map possible.  Go with what makes you feel the most at home. Go with what might allow you to work from home. Go with what encourages your talents and upholds your aptitudes. This could be a great week for your financial situation. Watch for conversations that encourage better business transactions.

CANCER / Cancer rising
This Friday’s full moon is all you. This full moon in Cancer bodes well for the stories that you wish to tell. It bodes well for being recognized for your efforts. It bodes well for the creative concoctions that only you can mix. It bodes well for you being seen.
Be as authentic as you can bear to be. It’s much more satisfying to be seen for who we really are than to being recognized for jumping through the hoops of expectation. The world needs your authenticity. The future needs it. Your relationships need it. You need it to thrive.  You’re in a process that is leading you towards relating in the realest ways possible. What have you not been able to hold your tongue about? What is still in discussion? What are you learning to communicate differently? What can you say to yourself and to others that’s the most truthful and the most forgiving? False sentiments can, for a time, buffer us against the brutality of life, but they can only serve us for so long. Your current astrological situation is asking you to be transparent, to be willing to be disliked and to be willing to like yourself a little more for your efforts of being honest.

LEO / Leo rising
This Friday’s full moon makes one thing apparent: it’s time to let loose a little or a lot. There might be a deepening desire to have cozy cuddles with the members of your clan that can cuddle you back. There might be a deep need to pull inward. There might be nothing more to do than to let yourself linger like the long shadows of winter.  There might also be a very real call to come at an old problem with a new frame of mind.
If you are getting out of town, just the moving itself can help to shake up old residue. If you are going on a trip, focus on the fun of airing yourself out. If you are staying put, take a day to visit an art gallery, museum or any other place that can transport you to other realms.  There is going to be plenty to work and rework in your business and with your projects in the coming weeks. Take this full moon as an invitation to release whatever you have been holding in 2015, even if it’s just about setting it down for a moment. Take Friday’s full moon to exit the everydayness, the mundaneness and the constants that don’t quit.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
This Friday’s full moon could have you sitting pretty with friends that feel like family or finding a way to become better friends with your actual family.  This full moon feels. It feels the need to connect. It feels the need to emote. If feels the need to tell its loved ones that it loves them. This full moon is in Cancer. In your chart, anything that moves through Cancer helps you to envision what a future utopia might be. In your chart, anything that moves through Cancer asks you who might have the same vision as you. In your chart, this full moon wants to show you all the right ways you have been building community and show you the potential for connections with friends that want to foster the kind of closeness you do.
None of us can do this life alone. Few of us can do the holidays on our own. Make plans to see the folks that nourish you most. Make an effort to tell your bffs how you feel about them. Make an effort to reach out to your community to celebrate them and all they have done this year. Make it a point to make the effort with all those that make your life the mostest. You’re on a steady diet of astro-miracle-gro that has the effect of making more of all the projects that you have on the go. Come January they’ll need a review or two, but for now think of how all you wish to accomplish couldn’t be done without the support of those that surround you as well as thinking of ways to make the most of collective efforts in the new year.

LIBRA / Libra rising
This Friday’s full moon pulls you out of the comforts of your internal life and has you somewhere more center stage. You might be asked to become a source of comfort and nourishment for others. You might be needed when it comes to helping folks feel comfortable. You might want to think of the ways in which you can feed the people that are around you.
This week might also be a moment of public recognition for you. There may be a way in which you are able to see the reflection of all you have worked so hard to accomplish. There may be a gift of appreciation that comes to you. There may be something that you are able to see for yourself about the work that you do in the world, how it helps, how it resists, how it persists through trying circumstances and sometimes-obscene obstacles.  There may also be something that you are working on behind the scenes that gets a financial boost. Keep it in your back pocket. Much will start to rock and roll back and forth come the New Year. We’ll all need as many plan Bs as possible.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Friday’s full moon helps you to see your current situation in a new light. It wants to highlight beliefs that have been passed to you through generations of your families’ experiences. It might encourage you to appreciate the culture you come from while being able to look at it objectively. It aims to broaden your view. It wants you to move out into the world either by taking a trip or via a type of spiritual experience.
I suggest that you make it your business to ensure that you have rituals for this time of year that help you to feel connected to the context of the season. Winter pulls us in, but it does so to illuminate what we are and what we are capable of creating, healing and growing into. Introspection can be a protection against the nonsense we can so easily get lost in outside ourselves.
You have good reason to spend some of this week allowing yourself to go at your own pace, sorting yourself out as you need to. Seek friends out who feel the same as you. Seek friends out who can help you to remember your spiritual connection. Seek friends out that can act as a reminder of what is worth working for. Seek friends out who know down to their bones that the journey itself is the goal.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Friday’s full moon highlights how you feel about the ways in which you are investing your emotional energy and resources with others. What are you building in partnership? Is it paying off? Is what you get out of it equal to what you put in?
It looks like it. It looks like Friday’s full moon signals a time of feeling supported by others. Friday’s full moon and the astrology that surrounds it helps you witness the unfolding of your life and the partnerships that help it along. Friday’s full moon can help you to distinguish which partnerships are nourishing and which are a little off. Psychic sell-by-dates need to be acknowledged and honored. This full moon can also help you untie a psychic knot or two when it comes to family inheritances. Don’t keep what’s gone bad.
The more that you trust this process that you are in, the more opportunities will open up for you.  The more you keep at what you are building, the more likely money is to flow your way this week.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Happy Birthday Capricorn! This Friday’s full moon has you like, “Look I know it’s the holidays but that is no reason to forget to celebrate me!”  I agree.
Friday’s full moon pulls focus on your intimate relationships. Friday’s full moon brings your feelings about said relationships to the surface. Friday’s full moon feels all these feelings. And then some.
It’s pretty freakin’ cute to tell you the truth. It could have you (definitely wants you) experiencing the kind of emotional bonds that bring about a sense of rebirth. It has the power to help you experience the kind of romance that relaxes the mind and makes the body soften. It has the kind of sweetness that can make you supple, receptive and open to whomever you stand by, for and with in the world. It also has the power to parse those people out for you.  Relationships that have potential will definitely seem to shine brighter, helping any feelings of isolation be replaced with the possibility for a sincere reflection.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Friday’s full moon can help you feel accomplished at a job well done. Something that you have been working on is culminating this week, coming to a close, or getting the recognition that it deserves. Notice how that feels. Notice what it’s like to have your work received well. Notice what it’s like to have your efforts acknowledged.
The career boost doesn’t stop there however, there are other forces at work this week (even if most of us are not) that want to help you be seen or, at the very least, assisted. This assistance might come from an unknown source or might come from a source that you would least expect. Therefore remember to be open to all types of help and be willing at least to listen with curiosity to different forms of possible collaborations.
And if after everything is said and done you feel like you need to recede into the background for a moment please do so.

PISCES / Pisces rising
With Friday’s full moon in your 5th house of love and letting the good times roll and Jupiter conjoin the north node in your 7th house of intimate partnerships, your chart is lit up like a Yule tree looking for love.
What kind of connections are you hungry for?
With an emphasis on the plurality of the experience of connecting (Jupiter and the north node together can act like an appetite increaser), it might not feel all together good to be too limited to one type of relationship. While partnership agreements need to be made and honored without exception, there are as many kinds of ways to love and be loved in return as there are human beings.
Find love everywhere you go.
Find a way to love something about everyone you have the honor of being with this week. You might have to focus on the smallest detail about them, but you’ll notice that it widens your capacity to enjoy yourself no matter were you end up.
To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

PS Keep an eye out for Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, as it will be visible. 
In the UK it will be travelling West to Southeast approximately at around 5.19-5.26pm.

Yule Moon and Solstice Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

Thank you for taking the time to read my scribblings over the past year.  And thank you to those who left feedback; it is always so lovely to hear from you.

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EFTSpain said...

Thank you Elly for such insightful blogs which as always are ´spot on´.
You share so much and I always look forward to reading each inpirational blog.
Many blessings to you and your family-and keep on doing what you are doing. xx

Elly Yule said...

Muchas gracias Marie. Feliz Navidad!