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NEW MOON and New Year BLESSINGS! January 2016

NEW MOON in Capricorn
Artist: Tamara Phillips

Backtracking – Planning – Persevering - Manifesting

We have a New Moon in Capricorn:
UK                 10 January 01.31am
EU       -           10 January 2.31pm
USA     -           9 January 8.31pm
AUS     -           10 January 12.31pm
NZ        -           10 January 2.31pm

             Artist: Josephine Wall

Lovely, practical, earthy Capricorn is usually blessed with a great sense of humour as well.  Capricorn represents ambition, government, authority, tradition, pragmatism, conservatism (although some Caps I’ve known have been downright out there wacky!), endurance, business management, integrity, economics, and practical expertise.  Capricorns work well where their intellect and analytical qualities can be used, which is why they are so good at business in areas some would find stuffy and boring, they thrive in these environments. They also make great engineers and inventors and can be very creative.  They can be as stubborn as hell and their own worst enemies at times, which is why they needs friends who can soothe their ruffled fur. High in integrity, they are loyal, supportive friends and defender of the underdog.

 Other Energies and influences

We are now in what I call the New Year Window.  This is the month between Jan 1st and the start of Chinese New Year.  I have noticed over the decades that it always takes about a month for the new year energies to settle fully.  And this year has been no exception; in fact there has been a chaotic energy around since January 1st.  World wide politicians continue to make incredibly stupid decisions confirming to me yet again, that we are merely dispensable fodder, so do not be fooled by anyone running for office, they are only interested in their own agenda and the continued desecration of this planet. 
Nearer to home strange things have been happening with folks being very clutzy and accident-prone, dropping things etc.  Items have been disappearing sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for days and then re-appearing etc.

This New Year Window is the ideal time to clear clutter, as the new cannot come into your life unless you make space for it.  Check the back of food cupboards and chuck out all the old stuff.  Clean the fridge.  How long is it since you cleared the attic/basement/garage/yard? It’s time for all the old clutter to go.  There are a lot of good things waiting to come in for you, so make plenty of space for them.

Many like to detox/diet in January. On this side of the pond, this is probably the most dangerous time of year to do it.  Whilst it has been milder than usual for the season, there are so many viruses around that it is not worth it.  (Detoxes and sudden diets lower your immune system initially, which leaves you vulnerable to infection).  By all means dump the junk and clean up your diet but don’t go over the top.  The Spring is a much safer time to detox.

The changes that were rumbling around you last year have to happen now.  You cannot put off those decisions any longer.  The changes you have been thinking about must now happen.  You cannot proceed positively or prosper unless you make these changes.  And this applies to all of us.  Change is scary, it makes you feel tired and makes you want to procrastinate, it makes you feel vulnerable.  If only we could remember that by having the courage to make these changes it makes us so much stronger.  Procrastination and fear weaken us and make us miserable, positive change strengthens us.  Be honest with yourself.  Decide what you want for yourself this year.  Do you want more fear and misery? Well then, make the changes you need to make.

2016 carries the vibration of 9 (2+0+1+6=9). 9 is the number of endings, new beginnings and transformation, which ties in perfectly with the astrology we have been given. 
Interestingly, countries associated with 9 are Syria, Ireland and Iraq.  Let’s include our entire world in our prayers, healings and blessings so that peace may be possible. 
9 is all about wholeness, acting as a Light bearer and mentor for others yet still being student as well as teacher.  It is the number of humanity, compassion, selflessness, being philanthropic, being a material manifestor. 
We need to remember the bigger picture, and do more for humanity this year whilst we pursue our own dreams we need to help all Beings achieve theirs.  Be compassionate and generous this year, whatever is going on, as everyone is dealing with their own demons and battles.

Other Astrology

Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month, so put off making important decisions until the beginning of next month; use this month to think and plan and get all the information you need.  Mercury retrograde gives you time to catch up with outstanding tasks like servicing the car (especially before long journeys), backing up your computer and other devices, fixing that leaking tap and getting rid of what is broken and beyond repair, paperwork – get rid of as much of it as you can.

There is an upcoming lovely alignment between Uranus and Venus who bring us abundance in love and finances. Uranus is the awakener, therefore expect the unexpected, Venus softens any curve balls.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde so the unexpected may just be that.

Also this New Moon forms part of an “unusually potent Grand Cross”.  Grand Crosses can be intense at times especially for the signs they fall in. It is just more layers of the infernal onion, and this time around we are better equipped to deal with whatever old stuff may come up.  We will be able to recognize it for what it is, deal with it, heal it and then it’s gone.

NEW MOON in Capricorn

This is a very positive and potent New Moon.  Practical Cappy gives us the energy to lay the foundations for our plans/dreams/goals for the year ahead. This New Moon is ideal for formulating our new plans and intentions including a new, New Moon Wish List (see below).  This New Moon is also linked to the planet of good luck and opportunities – Jupiter – bringing many blessings our way. So this is a great New Moon to do a New Moon ritual for yourself, all by yourself, as you can create much magick with this special new moon.

Family dynamics will be brought into the new light as old stuff comes up to be healed.  Don’t instantly fall into victim mode like you always have in the past when they press your buttons.  This time stop and think, ‘what is this showing me?’, ‘is this about me or them?’, ‘do I really need to put up with this anymore?’.  Stand strong in who you are; these old dysfunctional patterns are just another layer of what I call the infernal onion, to be healed and then forgotten about.  Family members may be a bit put out when you stand up for yourself – tough - they will just have to get used to it.  You have changed so much over the past year and you are no longer willing to play the roles you have been typecast in.  This year you are writing a new, improved script for yourself, in which you are victor not victim.  So what if you rock the boat?  All of our boats are being rocked right now.  This is the year of being confident in yourself so go for it.

With several planets going retrograde, we are all going back before we can move forwards.  Try not to resist this; it is necessary to do this work to clear your path for the way ahead.  You don’t want to take the same old same old into your bright new future do you?  Take time regularly to go within and listen to the messages being given to you.


Don’t forget to write your New Moon Wish List (especially all you Capricorns!). 
Take plenty of time over this, Mercury is retrograde, He invites you to go back and have a good think about what you really want.

As this is the first New Moon of the year, think carefully about what you wish for/desire to manifest this year. 

Find a quiet space where you cannot be disturbed.
Light a candle and perhaps light some incense.
Choose a beautiful piece of paper and a lovely pen to write with.
Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to centre you and ground you.
In your mind’s eye see all the things that you want, really look at them see the colours, feel the sensations and sounds.
Then when you are ready, start writing.

Make it a big list, a long list if you want, put everything in it that you want to happen/experience/have this year.  Think big, there are no restrictions (only the ones you impose yourself), so go for it!

Always ask as if it has already arrived, i.e.
“Thank you Universe for xxxxxxxxx.”

Most of all feel excited about it, and have fun with it.

At least once a week, sit and visualise the items on your list, really feel/see/hear/sense as you did when you wrote the above list. 
Remember that your thoughts create your reality and visualization is the magnet for materialization. 
Be confident about who you are and what you want, confidence is also very magnetic and has the attraction factor!

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
Saturday’s new moon sets your career house humming along some pretty intense tracks. Looks like you are itching to take a bite out of what you are beginning. Looks like you are wanting to make moves that are undeniably deliberate advancements towards inhabiting more of your power in your professional life.  Mercury retrograde messes with some of your more direct plans. There are some things that will have to wait, but that isn’t a bad thing. Take your drive seriously. Take your ambitions into account. Take others up on the help they’d like to hand you and take the next three weeks to revise, rework and strategically lay down the law for future feats to be accomplished.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Saturday’s new moon has the power to set you on track for a spiritual renewal. One that wants to suss out those that would sell you fake potions, fear-based oracles and doctrines of deceit. Saturday’s new moon has the power to shake up what you consider holy and wholly important. Saturday’s new moon might kick your ass into gear around going for what is truly meaningful to you and letting all other distractions get crossed off your list. Smash the tropes that keep you from knowing yourself.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Saturday’s new moon and the rest of Mercury’s retrograde madness all happen in a part of your chart that delves into the deep waters of shame, regret, debt and the destructive patterns we all house in our psyches. The human condition demands that we confront our fears or get eaten alive by them. Loss is inevitable. But so is renewal of the spirit if we take up the intense task of rescuing ourselves.  I’m going to suggest that you do so by letting others help you. I’m going to suggest that you compost your shame around what you’ve been given to carry, what you have inherited and what you owe so that you can strategize for regrowth. I’m going to suggest that you look at your debt and make strategic measures to do what you can to manage it. Meanwhile see about making some psychological room around feelings that you have about it so that you don’t discredit yourself in the face of an unfair system. Make it possible to allow others to help you. Don’t be too proud to be receptive towards what wants to support you and your growth.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Saturday’s new moon wants to break down old defenses that make it hard for love to get through to you. Saturday’s new moon wants you to remember that each creative act you commit to is also a relationship that can sustain you with a deep satisfaction. Saturday’s new moon wants to next level your commitment to deconstructing all the walls that keep out what you so desperately deserve: a truly loving embrace that lasts.

LEO / Leo rising
Saturday’s new moon spurs sentiments at work or in regards to the projects that you are hard at work on (workout regimes included). A desire to strive for more might be sneaking up on you. A surge in your appetite for bargaining power, a need to transform and renew your dedication to the job or a realization that you have outgrown your surroundings and are simply craving more might be dawning on you. You’ve got to give yourself room to expand, room to review and room for more of you in all that you do at work and beyond.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Saturday’s new moon begins a new phase of your romantic journey, your creative path and/or any newfound modes of self-expression you’ve stumbled upon. You have a deep well to draw from right now. You’ve got creative callings. You’ve got epic amounts of love to share with others. You’ve got more than one old romantic situation to salvage, seal up or set right. You’ve got a lot of review to do in terms of the kiddos in your life and how you find your way of working through issues with them.  If you can carve out some new moon intention setting time make it rich with incantations for healing your heart and helping you find a way to play everyday.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Give yourself the love you seek.  Notice what happens to you when you try to acquire outside validation. Notice what happens to your energy when you need another or many others to tell you that you are enough. Notice how much self worth can be derived from doing the best job possible right now. That’s where your power is this week and for the next few. Use it.  Saturday’s new moon occurs in your 4th house of home, family and foundation. It’s an invitation to root down. It’s an invitation to uproot the weeds that strangle diversity. It’s an invitation to revitalize the soil that you build your life upon. Compost your stories of not belonging, of not having a home, and of not knowing where to be. Dig down until you find warmth. Re-plant yourself, re-parent yourself, and re-name yourself found.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Saturday’s new moon is an invitation to purge your daily duties of all that doesn’t count for much. The time consuming little escapades might need to get cut from the calendar so that more important matters can be front and center. Get to your big tasks, your big ideas and the big conversations that you need to have. With Mercury mostly retrograde through this part of your chart it’s not that all your conversations and ideas will be made immediately manifest; it’s just that clearing room for them will help you review, rework and edit them into perfection and a final product that you are proud of come the end of January.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Saturday’s new moon is an invitation to renew your self-respect. Saturday’s new moon is an invitation to mine your resources for the gold that lies there. Saturday’s new moon may just reveal a plan for financial windfalls that occur as a byproduct of believing in yourself. If the money doesn’t come that easy it doesn’t mean you haven’t done it right or that you have done anything wrong. That’s just new age, aggressively positive, capitalist propaganda. Since Mercury is retrograde (mostly) through your 2nd house of finances, some of the cash flow could go a little astray, but it’s only momentary. Keep your eye on the work that you can do around self-value and self-appreciation through cultivating all your skills and reviewing your business strategies.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Saturday’s new moon in Capricorn asks you to excavate your powers of self-perception. See yourself. Strip down. Sit still. Settle in. Let renewal be your religion. Give yourself the freedom that you haven’t felt worthy of having. Give yourself the gift of a complete makeover. Give yourself some room to move because it looks like you could be shifting your home base, allowing your internal one to reinvent itself or being charged with the task of trying to ground while it’s shifting beneath your feet. The good news there is that it hopefully keeps you feeling stimulated and excited on a fundamental level.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Sometimes little scuffles are just our invitation inward. Sometimes minor irritations just get us to pause long enough to root around for the pebble in our shoe. This more aptly describes the majority of Mercury’s retrograde for you, though by the end of the month you may have located something more like a boulder to dislodge from an inconvenient location. Saturday’s new moon is an opening that may help you to make the most of this inward gazing. Make a ritual out of napping. Make a ritual out of refreshing yourself and resetting your body, mind and spirit. Make a ritual out of taking the day off to let yourself decompress and, if in the process you come up against memories, feelings and facts long repressed, remember that it’s part of the process and not part of the problem.

PISCES / Pisces rising
With Mercury beginning its retrograde in a part of your chart that deals with aspects of our selves that tend towards self-destruction, Tuesday may evoke a knee-jerk response in you that reveals such tendencies. It’s a quick transit so downplay any internal drama by listening to and loving yourself through it.  The rest of the retrograde is spent retracing your steps through your 11th house in an attempt to understand your relationships with friends, allies and your place in the group on a deeper level. This is also the place that Saturday’s new moon initiates and renews. You may be reorganizing how you handle your social life. With a major career commitment up this week, there could be a couple of reasons why you need to pay deeper attention to who is really down for you and who might be draining your resources.

Chani has written a lot more for each sign regarding this important New Moon, to read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website (

The past few years have knocked the stuffing out of some folks.  Now it is time to rebuild yourself and your life.  It’s time to stop beating yourself up, stop trying so hard, stop worrying so much – especially about others.  It’s time to focus on you. 

- What do you need to do in order to manifest your new Wish List/dreams/goals?
- What do you need to let go of in order to achieve this?
- What do you need to learn in order to manifest them?
- Who do you need to meet/connect with or collaborate with?

- What do you need to do to feel well, confident and happy?
- What must change in order for you to feel well, confident and happy?

- What needs to change regarding the way you work and are of service in our world?
- What now feels outdated and is not a match for you any more?
- What makes you feel heavy rather than excited about your working day?

Trust your gut when making decisions about anything or anyone this year.  The body never lies, so trust that inner guru and don’t override any contractions or twinges you feel in your Solar Plexus, or warning bells, they are there for a reason.  Also check how your energy feels in relation to the situation, does it make your energy drop or do you feel excited and positive? 

Artist: Briar

Remember that Capricorn is the goat/ram, and as Isha Lerner described it, 
“Capricorn connects us to the mountaintop of our dreams, yet at the same time asks us to build a constitution of perseverance.”  
So persevere this year and be confident like the sure-footed goat and climb that mountaintop to your dream. 

Our Wood SHEEP spray mist can help you, as it contains the energies of the Goat/Ram as well as the wood Sheep which all help to move us forward. 

Sheep cannot go backwards or sideways, they can only go forwards. This Spray Mist brings us slow and steady progress with fun along the way. New friendships and collaborations come together now and existing ones deepen.  The Goat aspect reminds us that goats are incredibly agile in difficult circumstances. Goat brings us the ability to remain agile in whatever situation we find ourselves. Goats are determined critters and help us to keep going whatever the odds.  The Ram aspect reminds us not to butt heads, or to bang our heads against a brick wall.  Ram reminds us that sometimes it is better to walk away with our dignity intact.  Ram also comes to us as a guardian totem and will offer his power as and when you need it.  (Sometimes it takes a battering ram to break through someone or something tough). 
This Spray Mist prepares you for the coming Chinese New Year and provides solid support when the going gets tough over the months ahead.  This spray mist helps you to build a strong physical and spiritual foundation for the year ahead.

~You can find it here:
(Page in alphabetical order)

I am confident
I am sure footed in everything I do
I am heading for the top!
The best of everything is on its way to me right now
I confidently make the changes I need
I will persevere whatever comes my way
I am focused and determined
I welcome change
I am open to all the good the Universe has for me
This year is all about Me!
I am my own best friend this year
I am powerful
I am ME!

New Moon Blessings y’all!
And may your New Moon wishes materialize effortlessly and easily for you.

Elly x

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