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A Yuletide story for you ..... about the Christmas Witch

A Yuletide story for you ……..
The Christmas Witch

Yes there is a Christmas Witch
and she is very old.
Thousands of years old.
She spends her days sweeping and baking
and listening to the whispers of the wind.

She loves to travel on her broomstick to see different parts of the world, as part of her Festive journey. 

Her greatest joy is bringing surprise gifts to all children.  For she truly loves children, (including those who consider themselves grown ups).

  The hem of her dress and her boots are often grubby from chimney soot, as sometimes she flies a bit too low over the dwellings.  She is well acquainted with all the Guardians of the Directions, who welcome her as a long lost friend and give her permission to fly through their territories. 

She knows who has been good and who hasn’t - thanks to the messages from the Wind - and this determines the type of gifts she will put in your stocking.  If you have been good, there will be gifts and sweets (candy).  However if you have been bad, you may find lumps of coal, garlic and onions instead.

She always puts an orange in the bottom of each stocking to remind you of the sweetness of her Mediterranean home, and to bring you the goodness of the Sun’s energy and vitamins.  She also puts nuts in the bottom of your stocking to ensure that you have food for the cold Winter moons.  

She always sweeps the home she is visiting before she leaves, as a blessing.  She likes to sweep out any negativity remaining from the old year so that good new energy can come in for you and your family for the coming year.

Leave something out for her when she visits your house, to sustain her on her journeys.  Some toasted seeds and nuts with raisins, and to wash them down her preferred drink is a tiny glass of orange liqueur.

Her name is La Befana, and traditionally she visits on the eve of the Ephiphany (January 5th) bringing New Year gifts.  She is from Italy and is well-loved there.

Here is the chant she gave me, which you can use to call her:

“Viva, viva La Befana!
La Befana come visit this night
Please bring us your sweet delights.
Your magick broom sweeps us clean
So that our New Year can begin.
Viva, viva La Befana!”

To welcome La Befana, and to bring her energy into your home, why not use our special ‘La Befana’ spray mist?  Filled with her magickal Mediterranean energy and fragrances from her homeland, it will cleanse and refresh your home. Each magickal drop contains La Befana’s magick spell of sweetness and abundance.  Use her chant as you spray to enhance the power even more. 

It contains a blend of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences and Essential Oils (chosen by La Befana herself) :
Bay - for abundance and healing
Frankincense - for success, longevity and rejuvenation
and Orange - for sweet blessings and surprises

It can also be used as an aura spray, which is like receiving a personal blessing from La Befana.

You can get it here:

Order now so that you have it in plenty of time for the New Year !
(our office will be closed 25 December – 5 January)

‘La Befana - The Christmas Witch’ by Elly Yule

Copyright Elly Yule ©2015

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