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NEW MOON BLESSINGS! - December 2015

New Moon in Sagittarius


We have a New Moon in Scorpio:
UK                 11 December 10.29am GMT
EU       -           11 December 11.29am CET
USA     -           11 December 05.29am EST
AUS     -           11 December 21.29pm AEDT
NZ        -           11 December 11.30pm NZST

Sag, our free-spirited travel loving sign.  Sag – love me, love my hobbies/interests.  Sagittarians are fun, loving, yet always keep a percentage of themselves back for themselves.  This passionate fire sign is great fun to have around. Dreamers and motivators, Sag gets things done and enjoys the whole process.  Sagittarians are enthusiastic and enthuse and inspire others.  Sag represents exuberance, foreign affairs, travel, the outdoors, prophecy, higher mind, religion, adventure, clubs, philosophy, other cultures, sport (most Sag’s love sport/using the physical body and honing it to excellence), higher education and training, teaching, Law, publishing and religion.  Intelligent conversationalists, inspiring teachers, fun parents and friends, Sag’s get us all off our butts and doing something.  Sag shows us where we all get stuck in a rut as we enviously watch them set off on another great adventure. 

 Other Energies

Well it has been pretty hard going for lots of folks in recent weeks, with many strange things happening to knock us off centre.  And just about everybody I spoke to is feeling absolutely knackered! World events make us feel unsettled, plus the stress of the festive preparations and strange weather patterns, can all have a knock-on effect on our health.  Thankfully this New Moon brings us some fire energy to keep us going.

Ensure that you remember to drink water regularly each day (even on cold days – have it hot or warm instead) to keep yourself hydrated.  Centrally heated homes, overheated cars and stores, and being super busy, all dehydrate us more than we realise at this time of year.  A few sips of water every hour will help you to remain flexible in mind and body, prevent your emotions from swamping you, will help you to sleep and is so good for your skin.

Keep your protection up, there are some strange energies flying around stirred up by the hate campaigns around the world.  Don’t buy into it.  Keep your vibration high by taking Essences, chanting and singing, listening to lovely music, watching funny/uplifting films and being with people who lift you up rather than drag you down. 

This New Moon encourages releasing stuff, so you may find anger issues coming up coupled with grief and depression (depression is anger turned inwards that has not been dealt with). 
Be gentle with yourself, eat carefully and watch what you drink especially alcohol intake, as these types of emotions are liver related.  (Only today I dowsed and needed to take our ‘Grief’ essence to help me work through my own stuff.  You can find it here:  page in alphabetical order) and tonight I will take some Milk Thistle tincture to support my liver. 
And don’t be afraid to express these emotions, not projecting at others, but taking some time out for you and doing a Letter Burning exercise.  Scribble it all out on paper then burn every last scrap and word of it.  You will feel liberated and lighter and you will have dispelled all that karma.

Uranus can bring unexpected (but beneficial) changes.  New opportunities may appear from unexpected sources.  Be open to whatever is thrown at you as it is all in your favour for a change.  The more flexible and open you are to whatever comes up, the more abundant and successful the outcome will be for you.

And as we head towards Solstice, many are choosing to leave the Earthplane. Over the years I have noticed that the Winter Solstice sees a higher percentage crossing over, more than other times (and it’s nothing to do with the weather). Please light a candle for these Souls to find their way back to the light.

Other Astrology

There are a few tough aspects around which encourage us to let go of the outdated beliefs and patterns that are holding us back.  This is a powerful moon to do this with, it invites us to wipe the slate clean and start anew.  Gratitude is the way forward; it opens the doorway to more abundance of every type coming our way.  And this can be a very abundant month if we release old fears and thoughtforms that block our flow of abundance. (If you need help with this, why not get our ‘Abundance Flow Kit’? it really helps.  
You can find it here 

NEW MOON in Sagittarius
Artist: Mickie Mueller

This is a positive and optimistic New Moon.  Sagittarius’s element gives us a bit of fire in our bellies to get on with things now helping to activate our Soul Fire.  Sagittarius is the Adventurer of the zodiac, and we are encouraged to be brave, to do something completely different, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back, it’s time to expand ourselves in new ways, take a chance, carve out a new pathway/trail for yourself.  

The key to getting the most out of the wonderful energies available with this New Moon, is Belief.  The more you believe in yourself, and the stronger your belief that your dreams/goals/projects will manifest, the more likely you are to succeed.  There is terrific astrological and cosmic support with both the New Moon and Full Moon this month.  It’s as if the heavens know how hard it has been in recent months and is helping us by sending blessings to finish off our year positively.

If you don’t want your butt to get burned then use this Sag fire energy positively and to your advantage.  This fire energy also activates our sacral and base chakras, so things could get hot in the romance areas of your life!  Ooh la la, bring it on!

This Sagittarius New Moon invites us ignite our Soul Fire; to be fearless, to step upon the road less travelled and even carve out a brand new one.  When we are fearless our light burns brightly for others to follow, and right now people need us to be strong and fearless.  When you Walk your Talk fearlessly from your heart, your truth is as straight as an arrow and it propels you into the future you want.  This is so inspirational for others to see.  Be a leader. Be an Inspirer. Prove that dreams do come true.

And if you need some help with that, why not try our fabulous SOUL FIRE Spray Mist which has become a firm favourite with many of our customers?

Organic Flower & Vibrational Essences with Rose Otto and Tagetes Essential Oils

'SOUL FIRE' Spray Mist helps you to get fired up about life and its opportunities. You emit a powerful, positive energy that can only attract powerful and positive things to you in return. This spray mist will help you to move into this wonderful new phase by igniting your Soul Fire from within.

Your Soul Fire is re-activated when you are excited about your life and goals once more.  The planets are bringing you plenty of energy to move forward boldly and confidently now.  We are being invited to fully embody our Soul Fire energy and share it with the world.  The time for hiding away is over.  If you have been feeling stuck, this Spray Mist will help you to get going again.  If you are a water sign and you have been feeling washed out for ages, things will now start to change for you.  This spray mist will help water signs especially to cope with fire energy and to boost their own fire. 

You can also use this Spray Mist in your home environment, it will help everyone else living there – including your pets – to cope with the new energies that have arrived. 
This Essence combination also contains our ‘Fire Moon’ environmental essence and ‘Fulgurite’ gem essence.

You can find it here: (page in alphabetical order).

Don’t forget to write your New Moon Wish List (especially all you Sagittarians!).  Always ask as if it has already arrived, i.e.
“Thank you Universe for xxxxxxxxx.”   Have fun with it.

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
Friday’s new moon might make you want to do some serious wandering and wondering. Friday’s new moon would like you to commit to scaling a summit, to a course of study or to spiritual discipline. The new moon is neutral and has no preference as long as you embark on a serious mission, a passionate pilgrimage. However. This week is also bound to get little bumpy. Take good care of yourself if something triggers your fight or flight response. Come back to the negotiation table when you have found your ground again.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Friday’s new moon is asking you to look for possible commitments that have you making more of what you naturally have by merging it with the resources of another. That or it’s time to make a serious commitment to healing your old fears. That or it’s time to drain the collection of emotions that your psychic tank has been holding. That or it’s time to make a resolution to allow your self to shed old skin. You might want to make changes to your routine; ones that you know will liberate your energy. Don’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to where you get your workout on or where you get your work done.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Friday’s new moon wants you to ponder just whom you are willing to commit to and partner with. This could be about love. This could be about shared creative projects. This could be about taking an adventure with another. Committing to a course of action with anyone, for whatever reason, means that you take the good with the bad, make sure you are down for the entire deal, fine print and all. You see, love interests might throw you a curve ball this week. If you have wee-ones they might also give you a run for your money. Much will be revealed in the coming days about which partnerships have what it takes to make certain strides forward. Your job is to watch when you’re eager to fix, fight or make assumptions about a problem before you’ve given the conflict or disruption time to reveal the true nature of its lesson.

CANCER / Cancer rising
You are experiencing a revolution at the core of your life. It might not feel easy. You might not feel so pretty. You might not know exactly where to hang your hat. Sometimes we have to take a deeper look at the floorboards of our life. Foundations shift. Friday’s new moon is encouraging you to commit to seeing a work project through. It’s encouraging you to have a long-range (and yet pragmatic) vision for your current life’s work. It’s encouraging you to be your authentically original self. Think of the quality of the seeds you are planting. Do they have the potential to give others permission to become? Do they have within them the potential to open up spaces so that there are more diverse stories being told? Do your projects have within them a generosity of heart that can inspire the same in others?

LEO / Leo rising
Friday’s new moon is conjuring up something exciting, something daring and something concrete for you to help create. Friday’s new moon is encouraging you to be a little more serious about beginning the things you want to see grow in your life. Friday’s new moon is encouraging you to take a step forward, a step towards it and a to step up for it.
Dedicate your energy to it. Declare your intentions. Declare your desires. Declare your devotion. Don’t be afraid of wanting it. Don’t be afraid of looking like a fool when you go for it. Don’t be afraid of where it might take you to or what it might take you away from. Just focus on developing your ability to show up for it. Show up for what you love. Just be completely honest and willing to stand by every word and sentiment you dish out.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Friday’s new moon happens at the base of your chart: the foundations that you have and will have built your life upon. This is the place that holds all your memories. This is the place that holds all your possibilities. Friday’s new moon is an invitation for you to recommit yourself to your inner life. What does your home need? What innovations can you make in your relationships to your family, housemates or inner space that feel timely and important in this moment? What do you need courage to face, recreate or evaluate when it comes to this aspect of your life? Make sure to clear up any money issues that you have the ability to, especially if it involves family members. This week might bring you an opportunity to find a new way of being financially independent but it might require you to separate from an old way of being with your work, money or family. See what you are ready to let go of, what is being forced from your life or work and try to remember that you don’t need to and can’t always know why something is happening or the eventual good it might bring.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Breathe. Friday’s new moon occurs in your 3rd house of communication. It’s inviting you to take your thoughts seriously. It’s encouraging you not to take what you are learning for granted. It’s encouraging you to start your book, website, blog, vlog, newsletter or campaign of any kind. It’s encouraging you to take your thoughts on the issues that matter most to you seriously.  You have something to say. You have thoughts to contribute. You see the world in a way that no one else can. We need your voice. We need everyone’s voice. We need the diverse experiences of each one of us on the table so we can stop thinking in terms of separation and start thinking in terms of possibilities.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Friday’s new moon wants you to commit to a course of financial action. If I were you I wouldn’t waste time on things that you don’t have to. It’s a privilege to follow your gut and go for what lights you up. If you have it, take it. Take it for yourself and take it to open up opportunities for others down the road. If you have the privilege of doing so, dedicate yourself to a course of action that will help money flow into your life in a way that aligns with your integrity. If you have the honor of developing your skills, do so in a way that also helps others to meet their own potential. Think about what you are making, selling, getting paid to/wanting to get paid for. Does it support your diverse experience? Does it tap into the wealth that lies at the intersection of all of your identities? Does it move you to be more understanding of how your work impacts the world in all its diversity?

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
You’re in a pressurized process. You’re most likely hyper aware of yourself right now. You’re maturing at rapid rates (or paying the price) and in an intense individuation process. All of these feelings and all of these experiences are helping you to develop your sense of self. Friday’s new moon is in Sagittarius. It’s your new moon. It’s your invitation to commit to developing yourself. It’s your invitation to stand up for yourself. It’s your invitation to define yourself by committing acts of great kindness and compassion towards yourself. Friday’s new moon wants to give you the permission that you have been waiting for. No more waiting. You have the permission to be yourself. You have the permission to be a loving, proud parent to your flawed, fabulous, not yet fully formed, always evolving, learning and growing self.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Capricorns are born with the ability to navigate through the tough terrain of winter. The apparent dormancy of this season only appears to be a lack of movement. That’s what happens when we focus on the surface of things. In the dark a deepening of one’s experience is actually occurring. Because life never stops moving, if it isn’t going outward it must go inward. You’re in that process, in that stage of the year and in that stage of your life cycle. Friday’s new moon is an invitation to hit the psychic reset button. It’s an invitation to re-establish your relationship to your internal landscape. It’s an invitation to appreciate the transitions that you are currently in. It’s an opportunity for you to commit to the practices that keep your mind open and able to stay in the moment. Practices that are big enough to hold the problems that cannot be solved and instead need to be held.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
This Friday’s new moon opens up your 11th house of communities, hopes, dreams and visions for the future. Allow your visions to be inclusive, inviting all parts of you to proceed forward. Allow your imagination to roam into realities not yet conceived of. Allow yourself to enter into the mind of a science fiction writer for a moment. Ask the spirit of someone like Octavia Butler to show you the way. If you could dream up a world, a beautiful, just, loving world, what would it look like? A world where people didn’t get left behind. A world where nature was seen as an intelligent being. A world that made room for a new future fantastic. Now consider that you are a part of this and that this new moon is your wake up call to put these hopes and dreams into action. Consider that this new moon is your invitation to take definitive steps towards creating the future you want, here and now.

PISCES / Pisces rising
You owe it to yourself to make up your own rules. You owe it to your professional life. You owe it to your happiness, your soul and your talents. You owe it to future generations. We are not living for our lives only. Make up new rules that help you make the most of what you have to offer. Make up new rules that give your gifts a lift. Make up new rules that enhance your right to be an individual. Make up new rules that keep you accountable. Make up new rules that give you the right to exist. That give you the right to bring your humanity into the world. That give you the right to bring your story, your experiences and your heart into the center of why you do what you do. Break the ones that don’t. You’ve got a gift. We need you to share it. We need you to give freely of it. We need you to open the way to a more generous, compassionate and creatively enriching way of life on the planet. Friday’s new moon opens up all of these possibilities and then some. Friday’s new moon stimulates the growth of your 10th house of career. Make the most of it. Live for a big purpose. Work at something that can exceed you. Work in a way that you can be proud of.

To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.


1.  Write a new, New Moon Wish List – get really clear on what you want.

2.  Use the following affirmations
(I use this one a lot, I was inspired by the wonderful Florence Scovell-Shin)

“I call upon the grace of my Higher Self to help me release
all that no longer serves me, effortlessly and easily, without harm to myself or others.  I give thanks. So Be It.”


“I believe in my own ability to manifest my dreams.
I am strong, fearless and so excited!
I do this with love and live my truth.”


"I welcome new adventures and opportunities,
I turn fear into excitement
I know that anything is possible!"

3. Follow the advice of Captain Kirk:

As Captain Kirk says: It’s time to “…boldly go where no man has gone before.” And it’s no coincidence that his ship was called The Starship Enterprise, we came from the stars and will return to the stars, so harness some of that star magick and sprinkle it over your enterprises. Captain Kirk must have been a Sagittarius! And if anyone tries to put you off your stride, do this:

New Moon Blessings y’all!

Elly x

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