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STARGATE Blessings!


Today only, and for the first time in over 70 years, we have a Grand Sextile Stargate.  This is a six pointed star formed by seven planets that form trines and sextiles (harmonious angles) with each other.  Interestingly they all carry the energy of the Feminine (being in water and earth signs).
Times: The Star Of David configuration will be in effect approximately while the Moon is between 6º – 9º Taurus and will last from 6pm –12pm BST, 10am – 4pm PDT, 1pm – 7pm EDT on July 29th 2013. From 3am – 9am AEST July 30th 2013. (My thanks to Dark Moon Astrology for this info).
This Stargate is another sign that we are now in the Age of Aquarius and it is time to lighten up and love up a whole lot more.  This Stargate will trigger another round of mass awakening and also more clearing and healing.  Some astrologers have named this Stargate, “the saving grace” and hopefully it will be the saving grace that finally wakes everyone up to what is happening on our beautiful planet.

The shadow side of this is that in past history, it has also triggered wars and no doubt something will kick off somewhere this week.  (It’s already started judging by the amount of military aircraft action over us these past two weeks).  Remember, don’t get sucked into what the news media spews out, it is designed to de-stabilise you, stay on track and stick to your path.

If you look at a six-pointed star, you know that the upper half of the Star holds the higher frequencies whilst there are always lower frequencies because we live in a world of polarity.  Just focus on your higher energies, feeling them, breathing them, being them, acting them, and speaking them.

I just hung the washing out, and unusually for this late in the day, Grandmother Moon is still in the sky.  I tuned into Her and asked what message She had for us today.  She said “just shine your light.”  And that’s all we need to do.  Remember we came from the Stars and to the Stars we will return, so focus on Star energy today and for the rest of this week.

However other aspects this week could create disharmony, ignore any potential conflicts and those trying to cause them and focus on love and being at peace within yourself.  Let them get on with trying to wreak havoc, it won’t work, we have come too far now.  Use diplomacy to diffuse potential situations and bring humour into the mix, if people are smiling they can’t be nasty at the same time.  And if they just won’t play nice?  Walk away and leave them to it, you don’t need to be around anyone like that.

BTW it’s all very well feeling loved up with the world, but do be careful about revealing too much about yourself.  When happiness bubbles up within us sometimes we just want to gush and share.  Not a good move this week; ensure that what you share is on a need-to-know basis, in a nice way.  There is still some trickster energy around and what you gush about could be misinterpreted or used against you further down the line.

This wonderful Stargate continues the manifestation and creativity energy that has been available to us over recent weeks.  Have you made your new Vision Board yet?  Have you written your Desires List out yet?  Then today is a good day to do it.  Visualise each point of the Star as being an area in your life that you want something new to manifest in.  Then write a detailed list of exactly what that looks like and feels like and how it will change your life from where you are now.  I guarantee you will feel so excited about your dreams after doing this exercise!


The current Merkabah energy has caused many folks to experience disrupted sleep patterns, tiredness and exhaustion which has the knock-on effect of making you feel down and then that negative hamster in your head starts all over again.  Get some rest when you can, drink plenty of water to flush out negativity (and take some essences in them to raise your vibration). Work with your Affirmations to get that mind on track again.  And do find time when you can to meditate as that will help with all of those symptoms.  And if you have low energy some days, just take it easy, you will feel different the next day.

Jupiter continues to help us in getting rid of old baggage on every level, so the emotional healing continues.  Try not to resist what is coming up, it needs to be cleared so that you have the space to receive what you need to make your dreams become manifest.  And the manifestation will happen so much more quickly for you if you dive deep into the healing (plus you will get through the healing so much quicker also).

More losses and letting go, over the weekend more loved ones left the planet, some unexpectedly and shockingly.  They were using the energy of this Stargate to help them journey back home, as on a Soul level, they decided that they had done what they need to do here and it is time for them to move on.  This has been very hard on their family and friends who have been left behind, please send healing and love out to all those grieving at this time. 
And if you have any of our ‘Grief’ essence (you can find it here:, please use it for etheric transmission during your meditations, group work, etc.

We are being pushed to grow and change (and you may already be aware of so many thing changing in your life now) and this can make us feel a little insecure.  When this happens just tune into your Guides and ask for their help and reassurance.  

c. Artist unknown
(if you do know who did this fab painting, please let me know)

Have you noticed how many Butterflies are around this Summer?  This is another sign that we are all undergoing massive transformation.  It’s time for you to show off your colours (creativity) to the world, it’s time for you to spread those beautiful wings and fly!


We are heading towards August’s annual Liongate on 8th of August.  This is always a powerful time and it brings very powerful energies.  More on this next week.

Shine Your Light
Dive deep into the Healing Pool
Remember that you are a Star
Be excited about your Dreams and goals
Know that you are a Master Manifestor
Stay positive
Choose love not fear
Believe in your own power and inner strength

I came across the following quotes which I found so helpful for the energies that we are now dealing with :

"What must I give more death to today, in order to generate more life?
What do I know should die, but am hesitant to allow to do so?
What must die in me in order for me to love?
What not-beauty do I fear?
Of what use is the power of the not-beautiful to me today?
What should die today?
What should live?
What life am I afraid to give birth to?
If not now, when?"
-          Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes


“It’s not about staying between the lines.
It’s about aiming for the rainbow
No matter what lies beyond the mountain ahead.”
 – Christoper Witecki

Star Blessings!
Elly x

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