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There is a bumper load of astrology happening right now, the Royal baby is being born under an extremely auspicious Full Moon and astrological sky.

Today’s Full Moon (the final Supermoon in the recent series of three Supermoons) is also known as the Thunder Moon, because this is the month when the Thunder Beings make their appearance around the world bringing us spectacular light shows with their storms.  The Thunder Beings ease that pressure cooker tension that builds in the weather (especially hot weather) by breaking it with their lightning arrows and bringing cleansing rains that refresh us and the Earth.  And believe me, we are gonna feel that tension with this Full Moon!

Today’s Full Moon is in Aquarius, the water bearer (the emotional stuff is still going on for many especially water signs as we have a Grand Water Trine in the sky, which will also bring us peace and help us to ease those emotions).  And this is the Age of Aquarius, a time of revolution and evolution.  Aquarius encourages community actions; togetherness creates more lasting change than anything else especially when we are united to help humanity.  Get inspired together and really make a difference.
Aquarius rules technology so if you’ve got something ready to launch on the Internet, the next two weeks is the time to do it, so get that website/blog/online shop ready!

This Full Moon is linked to next month’s Full Moon, when we will have a second Full Moon in Aquarius (it will therefore be a Blue Moon in August, more on that next month). This month and next month are so auspicious for you if you are Aquarius, Gemini or Libra.

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The coming month’s energy is that of Leo the Lion, the dramatic one, the theatrical one, the show off, the passionate one, the great romantic, the great self publicist, the great narcissist. Leo loves applause, but also needs to deliver the goods if s/he wants the public to come back for more.  Leo brings fire energy and like the fires caused by the heat wave, the fires you create over the coming month could really scorch others, you may need to have some control so that your fire is more welcoming and inviting rather than scorching.  Leo encourages us to show ourselves off, stop hiding away, get out your colourful, sparkly clothes and show yourself off to the world. Aquarius also encourages us to “dare to be different”.

With all this fire energy around, ensure that you don’t get depleted (either through burning out your own energy or being around others who wear you out) and look after yourself.  Eat healthily, do build in some time for just being, increase the juicing and smoothies and eating lots of veggies, do some yoga and/or meditation.

Today’s Full Moon carries on last month’s theme of creative energy, receiving illuminated downloads and clarity for the way forward.  Those of you who are Visionaries will be receiving some amazing ideas that you can use in your work.  Those of you who are Dreamers will be having amazing dreams with multiple messages and advice.  On 23 July the Moon will be in the 7th house and Jupiter will be aligned with Mars – sounds like the song, do you remember? “When the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the Planets and love will steer the stars” this isn’t just the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – it is the Age of Aquarius!  So what are you going to differently from today? 

The Age of Aquarius starts a thousand year period of peace and prosperity on Earth.

Full Moons are all about the culmination of the past month, and then when the Moon is on the wane we are meant to allow our energies to wane also, to prepare for the coming month.  This fortunate Full Moon is so powerful and auspicious, that I feel it is also a good time to do a new Vision Board for yourself and be unlimited in what you put on it.  This is the Age of Aquarius, time to be different, step out of the box, reveal more of yourself and reach for those big dreams you have almost been afraid to even speak about.  Do that Vision Board and allow the Aquarian energies to help you manifest them as your future.

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For many years I have been saying that we are in the Era of True Partnership (not the time of the Divine Feminine, we went through that in 1999 when Mary Magdalene opened the divine feminine portal to help us re-member.  We also had a matriarchal era before the patriarchal era that is now ending).  This is now confirmed in the skies, the wonderful astrologer Steve Nelson puts it perfectly “Now the more refined dimensions of the newly emerging masculine consciousness are revealed and the New Man begins to take his place with the New Woman to bring divine order to the world.” Woohoo!  This is what I’ve been trying to tell y’all for the past few years.  And for those of you who have been working really hard on relationship stuff (inner and outer) well done! You are the reason this shift has happened, you are the reason that this Era is now here on the Earth, because of all that you have been through in your relationships over the past few years.  I want to hug each and every one of you for making this come true.  Through the grief, pain and loss you birthed the template for the Era of True Partnership, the new reality in relationships.  Now this world has a chance, and it is all thanks to you.  Heck I want to hug each and every one of you!  (And if you need some help with that, our special ‘True Partnership’ ceremonial essence can help you – LINK)

Soooooo, Divine New Woman, start seeing yourself as a Great Goddess/High Priestess and act like one.  And you, Divine New Man, start seeing yourself as the Great God/Master Magician and start acting like one.  Together you are unstoppable!

Added to the Astro Pot this month is Uranus the Awakener, (he usually shakes us up with a few surprises we weren’t expecting, and teaches us flexibility and how to cope with unpredictability and uncertainty).  He begins a five month retrograde allowing us to “break free of restraints”, combined with all this Aquarian energy, it’s time to let that divine, flowing, spiritual, creative God/dess emerge in full technicolour! 
Uranus doesn’t conform, so some of you might find yourself rebelling against what has been the norm for quite some time in your life.  This will upset and worry those around you; however, you must not inhibit yourself in any way.  You are the beautiful Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis you have been stuck in, it is your turn to emerge and show off your colourful beauty in the world.  Reassure those around you that you still love them and invite them on your new journey, let them feel included and share your joy and excitement with them.  Who knows, this could be just what y’all need! 
(And if they don’t want to come, then you may have to let them go, either way you must do what you need to do for yourself).

So use the next five months (July to end Nov/early Dec) to change things, you have full planetary support to do so.  Experiment and enjoy experimenting.  Astrologer Elizabeth S Peru said, “The other great news is that just as Uranus turns retrograde, there is a very auspicious trine of Jupiter and Saturn, meaning Abundance and Responsibility are holding hands and dancing!” Yippee!  However it does mean that you need to be more responsible for your money - how you earn it, how you spend it, what you spend it on (ethical purchases) etc.  Oooh all of this is so uplifting!

You have been through so much in recent years and now we are in the phase of embedding and embodying the Aquarian Age, you helped with the template now help with the full embodiment of it.  Take charge people; demand the truth of governments and other authority figures (and don’t be fobbed off), demand culpability from major corporations for the damage they have wreaked on Mother Earth (and boycott their products), don’t give your power away to anyone. 

When you start anything new, there are bound to be a few teething problems, so it won’t all be plain sailing, there will be a few curve balls and surprises that we may not like, however all of these are to ensure that we are going in the right direction.  So deal with them like a grown up and recognise the gift hidden within them.  Resist this at your peril.  The Shift of Ages is here and you are an essential part of it and as I have said before a few years ago, this cosmic surfboard ride with its ups and downs will continue through to the end of 2015.


This lovely spray mist has been designed for when it’s time to hang on to your Cosmic Surfboard!  It will enable you to ride the changes and extremes of energy, whilst carrying on your day-to- day life.

The all-natural ingredients bring you stabilization, grounding, fluidity, and bring you back into alignment by adapting to your personal energy field. Find it here:

The healing from last month continues, as Uranus helps us to poke around deeper in stuff we may prefer not to look at, but we need to. This month the healing is about remembering how to handle our awesome power.  (Atlanteans take note; you may be tested on this to see if you have learnt from the past). We got the message last month that we needed to grow up and that still stands true for this month and for the rest of our lives.  No more being a victim of anything or anyone, just get on with it, you have the power to turn your entire life around and quicker than you think. 
This fiery Leo energy may make you want to just let rip (and believe me Uranus energy through others will have them pushing you to your limit), but that could be damaging and not the best use of your awesome power.  Think before you speak!  And I would like to remind you that you are free of your past, so no need to keep going back there.  Try and feel that, you are actually free it’s just your mind that keeps you there, no-one and nothing else is.

There’s no rush, although all that Leo fire energy will make you feel like you have to rush to get on with it all.  Take your time and be patient if things don’t go the way you want them to at first.  There is plenty of time – I repeat – there is plenty of time!  Take your time, plan, work out your plan and then implement it.  Don’t rush in without having done your homework first or it will fizzle out (it might start spectacularly like a firework, but will burn out just as quickly).  Enjoy being impulsive but you also need to accept responsibility for your impulses.  Balance is the key to coping with all this exciting, dynamic, fire energy.

As I said last month, be prepared for the unexpected (good as well as what you perceive as bad).  Our lives are changing now, they have to, and if you are a fixed sign like me you are not that keen on change!  Yet after all these years I know that the Universe/Spirit only wants what is best for us and will ensure that we are steered to stay on path.

I am seeing an oyster shell with a beautiful pearl inside it.  That is what is going on at the moment. We will have irritations along the way to becoming that beautiful pearl.  No wonder pearls represent wisdom; the wisdom comes through the journey, the experiences including all the annoyances and irritations.

Channel excess energy into personal and group creativity. Release it through song, dance, mantra, chanting, expressive movement.  Get it out on paper (writing, drawing, painting). Get into pottery and mould something new with your hands.  Shout, scream, do whatever you need to in order to get it out in a way that is creatively fulfilling (rather than projecting it at anyone else).

We are grown-up spiritual Beings now.  This month we are learning to feel our way forward with our remembered and increased power (personal energy management is essential – if you need any help with this, do contact me).  Nothing is too big for you to handle, and remember that you are not alone; this is the time to call in others for help if you need to, remember community actions create better results in this Aquarian age. The Age of Aquarius is all about dreams coming true so whatever happens - don’t lose sight of yours.

So who or what is inside you that has been longing to express itself?
How would you really like to dress? Wear your hair?
What creative dream have you had stuffed away for years that wants to come out now?
Where have you been limiting yourself?
What needs to happen for you to live and Be the free spirit that you truly are?
What part of you has had to conform?
What (or who) have you had to tolerate for far too long?
Where do you need to be brave and/or bold?
What needs to happen for you to feel free?

It’s time to stop conforming, it’s time to stop being inhibited, it’s time to stop worrying about what anyone else thinks or might say, it’s time to allow your creativity to express itself once and for all, it’s time to dress how you want, to speak how you want, to work how you want, to love how you want, to live how you want to. And sod what anyone else thinks!  We have waited a long time for the Age of Aquarius, and now it is here, and by God/dess we are gonna go out there and live it!

And no - you don’t have to dress like a hippy in the Aquarian Age! 
Find your own original way of expressing yourself, your own originality and creativity.


Aches and pains

These continue as we adjust to the powerful energies being rained down upon the planet and in our bodies as part of our current expansion process.  (And yes you might find that you have some weight gain until your body has been able to integrate these energies fully).

Being a Clutz

The recent energies have made it difficult to concentrate and pay attention, coupled on this side of the pond with the hottest summer we have had in years, this can make us a bit clumsy and accident-prone.  When the weather is very hot your mind is not as clear as usual, you need to pay heed and not rush around, this is when accidents happen and particularly when bones get broken. Take care out there!


Has been awesome over the past month and is likely to continue this month and next.  Many messages are being given to us during dreamtime, also deep healings occurring, especially with those from your past.

Seeing things?

You may have been seeing things out of the corner of your eye.  Ever feel that you are not alone? Sometimes whilst you go about your day, especially at home, you may think you see something out of the corner of your eye.  You are.  Spirit is very close at the this time, also Beings from other planets sometimes visit and that is why you cannot name exactly what you see at times.  It can spook you a bit as you never know when it will happen, know that benevolent forces always surround you; it is a compliment to you that they allow you to see them.


Have increased slightly over the past few weeks, so you may have been experiencing more tinnitus-like tones in your ears.  (Please note these tones are different from other energy frequencies such as Lemuria).

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Water Signs (and those with lots of water in their sign)
You have really been feeling it these past couple of weeks, with so many planets in water you have been feeling really emotional, fragile, lacking in confidence, wobbly and sometimes downright soppy.  You may have been snapping at your nearest and dearest and not really knowing why.  It has been a wobbly time as the depths of your emotions have been disturbed so that more of the ‘mud’ can be healed and cleared allowing you to radiate your beautiful, Lotus-like self.  Hang on in there; this month’s energies are more supportive for the emotions.

Inner Child

There has been a lot of clearing and healing going on for all of us regarding our inner child and our past.  This will continue over the coming weeks as Uranus stirs up a lot of old stuff we have forgotten about.


The energies (combined with the heat over here) have knocked many of us out and you may have felt as if you wanted to sleep all the time.  Even if you had a reasonable night’s sleep, you are surprised when you just want to go back to bed halfway through your day.  Have naps when you can, you will be amazed at how quickly you will get your energy back if you allow yourself to stretch out for 10-20 minutes.  (Any longer than that and you will disturb your body clock and ruin your coming night’s sleep).  This is also an Ascension symptom as described in my book.

Out of Balance

Some have been feeling out of balance, especially physically/structurally.  This has caused some of you to keep bumping into things and bouncing off things (like door frames).  This is due to the energies as your physical body tries to adjust to them.  It can actually knock something out of alignment, so I recommend you see a practitioner (i.e. Bowen, reflexologist etc) who can help realign and bring you back into balance.  You will know if it’s time for a session when your spray mists (such as Integration, Ground Control etc) are not working!


It may have become blurry and you may have found it difficult to focus at times.  This is an energy adjustment, however, it could also be because something is out of alignment, so do have a session with a body practitioner.  Also if it persists, do go to your opticians and just get it checked out.

Crossing Over

So many older relatives have become ill and/or passed over, and many are getting ready to cross.  I have been surprised at how many I have heard about.  This can be destabilizing for you and your family.  It is a reflection of the time that we are in, where we are being pushed into independence rather than co-dependence on every level.  It’s hard as the child in you panics and thinks, “Who will look after me? Who can I ask for advice?”  It’s not an easy lesson, but it is a necessary one, as we will realise further into our futures.


Be like a Butterfly displaying its magnificent uniqueness to the entire world.
Be like the Sun, shine your light and exude warmth to all whom cross your path.
Be a rebel, be a visionary, be a creative, be yourself – finally.


Elly x

P.S. If you would like help in removing any blocks that may be impeding your progress, do contact me for a 1-2-1 session.

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Denise DeSousa said...

yes, I remember the song as a teenager and loved it! I can't believe the connectedness to this time and their names were The Fifth Dimension! Been going way far back in my childhood to release the anxiety I carry yet with me and I am glad to read your post to clarify what's been happening and what possibilities there are for us right now. And this whole year, I have been seeing lightbeings and darkbeings and hearing stuff too. However, my journey right now is to be open to receive what the universe may be sending me. I love reading your work.
denise of Turtle Moon Garden

Denise DeSousa said...

enjoyed reading this post immensely as I have been going through occurrences in my childhood that I may still be holding onto that hold my belief system with old baggage. as for the Age of Aquarius, being an Aquarian I loved that song by the Fifth Dimension and yes, I knew as a teenager it was going to be this way for us. and have been seeing light beings and dark beings more and more this whole year. I open to receive what the universe as for me from a grateful open heart!
denise of Turtle Moon Garden