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Today’s New Moon is in nurturing, family loving Cancer.  This New Moon encourages us to take time to nurture and heal ourselves.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are all in Cancer so we are being given this message big time!  Also Chiron (the Wounded Healer) is in Pisces, a water sign, giving us extra healing support. The time of the Wounded Healer is over; it is the time of the Healed Healer.  However, now we are getting down to the deeper layers of that infernal onion which as you know is a lifelong process. Unlike many astrologers, I prefer to call Chiron (The Healer), because that is exactly what ‘he’ is.  This period of time is like the tidying up part, the finishing off, the tying up of loose ends.

It is time to have compassion for ourselves and others, to be generous to ourselves and others, to take time for ourselves (especially time to explore our creativity and artistic pursuits).  It also encourages understanding, which has been a bit tricky lately for some folks because of Mercury being retrograde.  Don’t speak unless you have to, and don’t say anything unless you have got something worth saying.  That way you have less chance of being misinterpreted. 

With so many planets in water signs, the energy is like soft flowing water - easy, relaxing, healing.  Get to some water if you can, like the sea or a nearby lake and allow this New Moon element to soothe you and heal you.  Take some essences in water and connect to the healing within.  (Water signs will feel the energies of this New Moon more than most, so will need to make time for plenty of TLC and being on, in or near water. This New Moon is especially auspicious for water signs). 
And as you know, so much water will trigger our emotions in one way or another, emotions that will now come up for healing.  It may be old stuff you had completely forgotten about, it might be that you are now ready to forgive; it may be that you are ready to let go and move on.  Allow the emotions to come up, acknowledge them, honour them and by doing so you are healing them.  Whether it’s surges of anger (also caused by the planets encouraging us to reclaim more of our personal power and enabling us to speak our truth).  Or whether it’s needing to have a good cry because of poignant memories.  Whatever it is, don’t stop it, let it.  It’s about letting go of the past to prepare for the future.
Do be careful of the dreamy, drifty water energy that will make you feel like you just want to slob out and not do anything.  Remember we are still in a Snake year and we must pay attention to detail so that something unexpected doesn’t bite us.  And don’t get complacent when things start going well for you, be humble and grateful always.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this healing energy is the support we are being given to drop the old programming we picked up as children from the adults and others around us.  Memories of the past will drift up, some you may have thought you have already healed.  The reason they are showing up again is to ask you to take a look at what you absorbed when that was happening. 
- What negative reinforcements happened? 
- Whose beliefs did you take on board as a child and
Do you find yourself saying the same things (the same words they used) now as an adult?
-What part of you shut down in order to cope or because you were afraid of not being liked/loved by them anymore?
- What old tapes and sh*tty movies do you keep replaying in your head?

A perfect example - your partner says the reason s/he is not confident is because their father wasn’t and they are just like their father.  CRAP!  You are not your parent/s or anyone else, you are you.  Just because your parents/whoever are like that doesn’t mean that you have to be.  And just because they didn’t know enough to be able to change themselves, doesn’t mean that you can’t change.  Drop other people’s cr*p right now, today, with this New Moon.  Stop letting the past hold you back, stop hiding in the past and other people’s stuff and start finding out who you actually are and living and being that person.

Chiron is helping us to heal that inner child aspect of ourselves so that we can grow up and be the adult Lightworkers/Rainbow Warriors/Magnificent Creative Beings that we truly are!

* Do you not yet realise that you can be whoever you want to be now?
* Do you not yet realise that you can have whatever you want?
* Do you not yet realise that you are in charge of your life?
* Do you not yet realise what a Master Manifestor and Creator you are?
* Do you not yet realise that there are NO limits?

Our planet needs grown-ups and it needs them now, not in the future.  That is why it is the time of the Healed Healer.  So get over it and get on with it!

This New Moon encourages us to stay home and enjoy our homes; it’s not the time to be rushing about anywhere.  The hot weather here on our side of the pond, is encouraging us to slow down and stop for a while, and this is so important, for it is only when we stop that we make space for creative downloads and receive answers to our questions.

Drop the need to be right over the coming days, let go and choose to follow the Path of Peace instead.  Remember when someone presses your buttons and you instantly want to react, it is always (always, always) to do with something that happened to you in the past.
As one wonderful astrologer (Sarah Varcas) said “It’s time to grow up and move on!” and I couldn’t have put it better myself.  By the end of this month you will be different, you will be filled with grace and peace and speaking your truth in a very different and new way.  Use the Phoenix as a symbol for what is happening.  Gently allow yourself to be the new you, this is what all the struggle has been about in recent years.  Now you can quietly and peacefully Be who you really are.  And by the beginning of August you will be stepping forward into your new life, your new career, your new environment – knowing who you are and what you are doing and loving it.  So use the Mercury retrograde to redesign yourself and your life ready to go full steam ahead with it in August.  Enjoy remodelling your image (physically as well as professionally in how you present yourself to the world), remodelling your home and office environments, remodelling how you are going to work and be of service to this world and remodelling your habits, beliefs and the words you speak every day.

Use the energies of this New Moon to heal every aspect of yourself and your life.  And not half hearted, superficial, on the surface/cosmetic ones, they have to be genuine, real life changing ones.  And yes that will require a bit of self discipline at first (Saturn is prominent remember), to get out of the rut and really start to make the changes you need, so that the changes are lasting.  And yes what comes up may be difficult at first, just go with the flow and allow yourself to receive the cosmic healing energy now being poured upon us.  Focus on peace and harmony and all will be well.

If you are struggling ask your Guides/Guardians/Angels for help, and don’t forget Lord Ganesh who is the remover of obstacles.  Ask, ask and ask again! 

I believe in you.  I believe that you are capable of achieving whatever you want in your lifetime (and I have seen the transformation in so many of my lovely clients over the years as they manifest their dreams).  If you would like some 1-2-1 help, then do contact me as I have a couple of slots left for July.

Other Energies

This Snake year continues to be disruptive in many ways, so many freak accidents and weird things have been happening, which really test our ability to be proactive rather than reactive and how well we are able to go with the flow.

Energy surges
Feeling so high (without coffee or other stimulants) that you are buzzing and vibrating at a fast rate.  And being so in love with life and All Beings that you feel your heart will burst with happiness.
Or the complete opposite feeling like you have been tranquilized and your head is surrounded in cotton wool feeling really fuzzy (this clears and then you get into the energy surges).
These symptoms have partly been caused by recent solar flares and have been creating electrical havoc for us, not just with electrical equipment such as TV’s blowing up, irons conking out, computer and mobile ‘phones going haywire but also in our physical bodies.

More clearing and letting go, but not so much now as we have already done a lot of this, those who are becoming aware of what they want next for themselves have the urge to purge to clear space on the inner and outer levels for the futures they are now creating and manifesting.

Clarity is returning (woohoo!), the signposts have finally appeared and we know where we want to go next.  Many are finding the place where their bones are happy and making plans to move home and jobs.  Others are finding that relationships are ending that must end, to make space for you to move forward and into new relationships that are more nurturing and supportive for you.

Earth Sensitive Symptoms

Aches and pain in joints (exacerbated by damp and very hot weather) and muscles. All to do with the energies and the effects of the solar flares.  Keep drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and supple.

Stomach problems (including bowel problems) as more Base Chakra clearing goes on and you let go of more outdated fear-based thinking and beliefs.  Also ask yourself “who or what in my life can I no longer stomach?” What changes are needed?

Headaches for those who don’t normally get them – check your hydration, if that doesn’t fix it, then it may be that you have congestion in your Crown and/or Third Eye chakras, clear them.  If that doesn’t work check all the chakras below the Third Eye (your Central Channel may need clearing).  Don’t forget that if headaches persist it may be time to see your optician or visit the docs just to get checked out.

Feeling grumpy and out of sorts, or feeling wound up/anxious – these feelings will ease now through this healing New Moon, ground these types of energies by going for a walk.  Allow Mother Earth and Chiron to help you heal.

July is such an auspicious month, open up to the healing rays available to you now and don’t shy away from (or avoid) whatever comes up.  The sooner you heal and clear it, the sooner you will be able to move forward.  Trust yourself, you can do this, I know you can.

In love and gratitude on this blessed New Moon,

Elly x

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