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Gosh where has the time gone?  There are only a few days before the Summer Solstice arrives, the halfway point of the year, when we are given the longest hours of daylight to enjoy and play in to our delight. 

As usual, with the quarter festivals of the year, the energies intensify as we get nearer to it.  There is a lot of ethereal, dreamy energy around at the moment, and you may be finding it hard to concentrate, wanting instead to lie down and watch the clouds go by – and why not?!  Sometimes just sitting and being, and watching the messages in the Cloud People, is exactly what we need.  When the energies are like this, do drink plenty of water, eat properly to stay grounded and rest as much as you can.  Allow yourself to receive the downloads that are trying to filter through to you.  This window of dreaming/opportunity is only around for a short while, so carry your notebook or journal with you at all times.


Earth Sensitives will have been feeling very achey, especially in their joints over the past couple of weeks. Have plenty of real butter and olive oil in your food to help lubricate them as they deal with the energies.  Also move; walk, dance or exercise to release the energies that may be stuck in your joints, massage also helps.

Your hearing and sense of smell may also have become super sensitive, as will your emotions which may seem very close to the surface at the moment.  As you know, these symptoms only last a few days (maximum) before easing off, so be patient with them and yourself and remove yourself from draining/negative people and environments whilst you are going through this.

Dreamtime has become very busy as we head toward Solstice and the Full Moon Supermoon.  Keep a note of all your dreams (waking and sleeping) as the veil between the worlds is thin at the moment, and Galactic downloads are available to those open to receiving.


The thinning of the veils between the worlds is also enabling us to see through illusion a lot more.  It’s as if we have received x-ray vision and can see straight through the untruths and illusions that others (including politicians) are still trying to fool us with.  I said a long time ago, that this is the Era of Truth and it certainly is.  If it isn’t true, if it isn’t authentic, if it doesn’t have heart, then it doesn’t belong.  This is where the Light really does gain power, amongst the masses who are now waking up to themselves, their lives and their environments.  

Now, more than ever, it is so important that who and what you surround yourself with is a vibrational match with who you now are.  You have moved beyond being pulled down or pulled back into other people’s dramas, you have moved on from all of that now, you are operating at a much higher level.  Therefore surround yourself with beauty and all that makes you feel good and disregard all that does not.

This thinning of the veils has also enabled many to finally receive the clarity they have needed about the next steps to take in their lives, work, relationships and where they now need to live.  The Eclipses shook things up, but as we are now starting to see, it was to make space for so much better to come into our lives.

In this Snake year, many of us have had to let go of a lot; we truly have been shedding our old skins (and people, places, jobs and everything else associated with the old in our lives). This leaves us feeling sad, lonely and vulnerable, as we are not sure for a while what new skin we are stepping into.  Practice loving self care and protection whilst you are in this stage, and remove yourself from anything that is not a vibrational match for who you are now.  Clarity will come soon enough along with the confidence to step boldly into your new ‘skin’ and identity.  Then the new people/places/events will be ready to come in and support the new you.

Great bursts of joy and happiness are followed by scary fears and worries, as deeper layers of the infernal onion come up to be cleared.  When you find yourself worrying again, it is an ULP (Upper Limit Problem), which you have created to sabotage your happiness and new state of being.  As soon as you realise that you are thinking sadly/negatively/angrily etc, realise that this is always to do with something in your past.  The past doesn’t exist anymore, so why keep “replaying shitty movies in your head” as Tony Robbins would say.  Realise that this is self-sabotage and switch straight back into the happy, peaceful way you were before those thoughts started to arise.  You will find that this gets easier and easier to do, as long as you keep your vibration high and you stay in control of your thoughts.  Because as we all know, our thoughts create our reality.  Use one of our spray mists, like ‘The Cleanser’ to clear your aura and restore its high vibration.  Then take some Essences in water (such as ‘Fear Buster’ or ‘Abundance Flow’) to raise your vibration from the inside out.  


Astrologically, as one astrologer said, we have begun “The Summer of Abundance” (woohoo!!) with a two month long Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.  “Law of Attraction work is powerfully supported!” (woohoo!!). 

On June 23rd we have the Full Moon in practical, grounding Capricorn – this is also a Supermoon (the next in this year’s series of them) – and oh boy, the energies have been so intense leading up to this.  This Full Moon is about being balanced in all of our relationships in a grounded way.  Finding balance between our inner male and inner female is essential.  We spend so much time being busy and doing, that very often our inner male is exhausted and our inner female totally neglected.  It is about grounding what we have learnt so far this year and plan how we are going to use it.  Use this Full Moon to honour yourself with self care, ritual, nourishing foods and celebrate yourself fully.
We will be away celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary (on the Summer Solstice) and this year I kept feeling like we were going on honeymoon again, and no wonder with this planetary line up, which is encouraging our inner marriage to find balance.  (You may find our ceremonial essence ‘True Partnership’ helpful that this type of work).
It is well supported to do healing, ceremony and/or ritual on this Full Moon.  Make time for your creativity to express itself, make time for downloading lunar messages and visions, there is strong intuitive energy available which will assist us all.

On June 25th Jupiter (the planet of luck and good fortune) moves into Cancer for almost a year (woohoo!!).  Check your personal chart to see which house Jupiter is in, as that is the area of your life that will receive the most blessings during this transit.

Heads Up! – Mercury retrograde June 10th – August 3rd (this is the whole transit)
You know what to do –
-  Back up your computers and other electronic gadgets.
-  Get the car serviced and check the oil and tyres before long journeys.
- Check travel arrangements – double and triple check them they may be subject to last minute changes. 
-  Fix what is broken or leaking, don’t leave it. 
- Don’t sign contracts until after 3rd August.  (If you do have to, double and triple check the details and be prepared that things might change, it may not be straightforward.  The advantage of this is that Merc retrograde gives you extra time to think before committing, especially if problems get thrown up).
- Communication snafus – people might think you are talking an alien language at times, also what you think is funny may not be received as funny during this transit, so think before you speak and speak clearly!
- Returns from the past (old flames, old issues you thought you had dealt with) can come up and Chiron – the planet of Healing – is helping us to go back and heal old family/relationship stuff. Going over old ground and healing it, frees us up for our future.
- Also relax, rejuvenate, restore, renew, re-work (projects/dreams/goals), plan, pay attention.
Don’t make any major decisions until after the transit or you could be going from the frying pan into the fire!

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There are a lot of planets in water this month, which will stir up our emotions and invite us to heal them.  Emotions may feel close to the surface and rise up easily, allow them, listen to them, dive into them, that way you will heal them.  The water planets also stir up our creative juices, so be open to new ideas waiting to come in and be birthed by you.  And whilst Jupiter gives us hope and adds to the fun element of the month, Saturn reminds us that we have to work to make things happen and act on the divine downloads that we receive, so that they can be manifested in our world.  Let the fire in your belly be your guide.  If it gets you excited, follow it through (however crazy it may seem to others), and just do it! 

All of the above is freeing up your energy and personal power, as well as re-stoking that fire in your belly.  It is so liberating once you move through the healing part and realise that you are free of your past and can now be whoever you want to be.  Let that get your belly all fired up, and get out there and flaunt your creative fabulousness for the whole world to see and share!

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 Photo copyright Sinead Leahy ©2013

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Elizabeth Sadhu said...

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!!! I don't feel so alone......xoxoxoxoxoxo

Elly Yule said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Glad it was of help, thank you for taking the trouble to write.
Solstice Blessings!