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FULL MOON Blessings! November 2013


Healing – Manifestation - Abundance

Sunday, November 17th we have a Full Moon in grounding, earthy, sensual Taurus.  We have completed a Moon journey that we started in May, and it has been a heck of an intense journey through the recent moon cycles!  Whatever you put effort into back in May, you should now reap the rewards.  The good news is that things will finally start moving forward again (now that Mercury is back where he should be).

We have been influenced by a deluge of watery influences with the recent Moons (and that has been reflected in Mother Earth’s recent high tides etc).  This played havoc with our emotions and some of us feel like we have been pushed through an emotional wringer this past month or so.  Now thankfully, things start to settle down and we are able to ground all that has been happening.

Full Moons are culminations of all that occurred during the past month.  This Moon invites us to seek clarity and cleansing and try not to over-indulge (very Taurean!), as we are entering a period of “cutting out what is unnecessary.”  How is your lifeforce energy?  Taurus invites us to start looking after ourselves better and our planet.

Taurus – “I Have / I Manifest”.  Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that represents peace and plenty, stability, realism, security, stagnation, sensuality, economics, arts, architecture, nature, food including catering, crafts especially pottery, music, gardening and money including banking.

It is a relief to have the grounding energy of this Moon after the past few tumultuous Moons.  There is strong abundance energy around this Moon too.  Financial foundations will hold now, new opportunities for abundance will appear, and you will be rewarded for the efforts you have been putting into your life over the past few months.

Taureans are classy, yet down to earth people who like the nicer things in life.  Taurus also likes to indulge itself with good food and good experiences such as body treatments, nice linen in the bedroom, a beautiful home etc.  This Full Moon invites you to take yourself off the hook and allow yourself some sensual indulgence over the next 2-3 days.  Book a massage (or get someone else to do it for you), have a mani/pedi, prepare a delicious meal and share it with the one you love.  It is okay to do this, whatever has been going on, it is okay to create beauty and pleasure in your life.

Taurus invites us to take a good look at our “worldly resources, self-esteem and sensual experiences”.  So how have you been doing financially?  If you have been struggling and trying over and over to improve your situation, then breathe out, because at last there will be some respite as opportunities appear now.  If your self-esteem has been a bit low, then amp yourself up again, the more positive you are the more likely you will be to attract what you want now.  Taurus loves people and this Full Moon also shines some beautiful light on our relationships.  Taurus likes to fill its life – and self - with pleasurable experiences and is not afraid to work hard for it.

What matters to you?
How fulfilled (“full-filled”) are you?
What do you really love to do more than anything?
Who do you really love more than anything?
How do you feel about yourself?
How do you feel about your body?
How do you feel about your career?
How do you feel about your finances?
How do you feel about your relationships?
How secure and safe do you feel?
Do you feel sensual?  How often?
How secure do you feel?  About yourself? Your life?
What decisions do you need to make?

Taurus is practical, so wants us to be sensible and grown-up about money and relationships; practical creativity is also well supported now.

This Full Moon make up your mind that you will no longer procrastinate or stall your success. Decide that you are excited about everything moving forward for you now, that you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed in all levels of your life.

Be warned that whatever you have been avoiding over the past few months will give you a few reality checks to shock you out of your complacency and deal with them/it like a grown-up.  What desires have been suppressed that are now “screaming for attention?What/who have you been tolerating that can no longer be tolerated? You actually do know who/what you have to deal with and what you have to do.  Bring it all up into the Light.  Forgive yourself, forgive them, put a new plan in place and get on with it – NOW!

Taurus helps you to put new boundaries in place (and some of you really need to do this to stop yourselves getting drained by others).  It helps you to put new financial plans in place; new creativity plans in place and new relationships ideas in place.  It invites you to think about yourself as a sensual, spiritual Being and to feel like that 100% of the time.  It invites you to take a good look at your environment; does it reflect beauty and sensuality?  Does the way you dress, the way you carry yourself and the way you speak reflect beauty and sensuality?  Go deep and discover this divine part of yourself and express it on all levels.

This is the Era of Truth, and we are all supposed to be living our truth to the max right now.  What are you waiting for?  If you don’t like the way your life is, then change it!  You have the power now.  If money and time were no object how would you be living your truth right now?

Jupiter is turning retrograde, from now until early March 2014 we get an opportunity to “do a thorough clean up and clean out of our inner worth, value, respect, power and recognition.”  As mentioned above, if you make the effort to use your FULL creativity and talents in all areas of your life, then you will reap abundance in all of those areas.  It requires effort (I know, I know, y’all are feeling knackered from the cosmic battering recently) so find some energy from somewhere and get started.  No holding yourself back anymore.  Clean up your diet so that you do have more energy, drink more water, do more exercise, look after yourself. This will be slow and steady on a day-by-day basis through to March next year.  And that is in perfect keeping with the energy of the Winter Moons, which slow everything down and invite us to go inwards.

 A note about the Philippines

Over the past few months (and years in fact) we have all been receiving wake-up calls.  This is the loudest one yet.  Such a massive loss of life.  Fracking, chemtrails and other rapings of Mother Earth have caused havoc with our weather patterns, which seems to be getting worse and worse each year.  What happened in the Philippines has shocked us all to the core; it has brought up a lot of fear.  Sensitives have been picking up the fear of the masses and you may not realise this.  Check if you are holding stress anywhere in your body and do this several times a day.  Check your breathing.  Fear holds everything tight, it reduces our intake of air and we breathe in the upper chest only.  Drop your breath down to your belly; take a few breaths like this until you feel grounded again.

Try not to watch the news too much, use the Reverse Technique I told you about before (rewinding what is happening to restore infrastructure so that they can find the bodies, seeing the roads drying out and becoming solid once more so that help can get through). 
Even if we can’t be there to help we can do so from here and not just through donations (though please keep donating as they need every penny).  You can use visualization techniques as I have just mentioned. 
Also, you can use a powerful shamanic technique to help those who are without food and water.  (We do this for those going up on the hill for Vision Quest and for Sundancers).  When you eat a meal or have a drink, consciously intend/visualize that a portion of it goes to someone in need of it.  Do not offer all of it, as your physical body needs the nutrition also and you must remain healthy so that you can be of service in this way.  Your entire family can get involved in this. 
Those who work with Essences, Herbs etc, can also transmit them etherically to those in need. 
Those who do EFT can do distance tapping (or tap on photos in newspapers) to help them.  Think about your skills and how you could transmit them etherically/astrally etc to those in need. 
And don’t forget to fold your chakras down for protection before sleep, or you will wake up exhausted.  (I have been forgetting to do that over the past two weeks, all Lightworkers were already doing work in dreamtime before the disaster happened and waking up feeling so tired). 
Be proactive not reactive and spread the word. 
Also, Chiron, planet of the Wounded Healer is assisting us right now and as we clear our stuff, we help others.  Utilize the increased influx of comic healing energy to transmit healing to help all those in need.


 I am willing to change
I am taking good care of myself
I believe in myself (I am my No.1 fan!)
I am secure in myself
I am a powerful Creator and Manifestor
I raise myself in Light and radiate this to others
I follow my heart
I love my Body and it loves me
I let go of fear because I am grounded in Love

Let Love be your Guide.  Always focus on the Light.  Bring out what is on the inside.  Be strong, be powerful, be Yourself.

Have a Blessed Full Moon y’all!

Elly x

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