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Independent craftspeople like myself do not have Black Fridays because each year, throughout the year, we offer our unique, beautiful, handmade products at reasonable prices.  This year many of our suppliers have increased their costs, which I have absorbed and not passed on to my customers, as I realise that we are all doing our best in what has been a hard year at this stage in the recession.   

I must admit, there have been times in the past year or so, when I have wondered whether I should just give up.  My products are a labour of love and the return does not begin to match the hours of work involved.  However, I have had a lot of feedback from customers about how much my products have helped them, and I am inspired to keep going.

To help me keep going, I now humbly share with you, my Festive Offerings and hope that you will find something to delight you amongst them.

(UK folks can order direct from me and save money on shipping, contact me to find out more.)

The Apothecary Garden

Stocking Fillers and Gifts (including Festive Survival Kit!)

I hope that y’all enjoy the range of products we are offering this year.  You can be assured that they are made and packaged with a great deal of love especially for you.

You can view photos of the products on the Festive Gifts page of our website (more will be added in the next few days).

Please support Crafts people like myself who handmake original products with much love and thought, so that you may enjoy them.

Thank you

Elly xx


Delightful, handmade wax candle with pressed flowers (designs vary)
(ideal for making your New Year wishes with!)

Herbalicious BATH BALL
Full of gorgeous organic ingredients to help cleanse, relax and rejuvenate you.
For when you need a bit of ‘Me’ time, it will unwind the kinks, soothe away any
negativity and restore you to the calm, beautiful Goddess that you are!
Contains: Organic Flower & Vibrational essences, Essential Oils, Sel de Mer, Herbs (blend including
Avena sativa, Rose etc) in cotton muslin. Whole product is biodegradable/compostable

FESTIVE HARMONY Spray Mist  our Festive best seller!
This Spray Mist restores lightness to any Festive occasion.
The specially selected seasonal essential oils enhance the essences making it smell wonderful!
It invokes joy, fun and celebration.  It brings the energy of the magical child so that the grown-ups can have fun as well as the kids!  It reminds us to be full of wonder and awe at this sparkling time of year.

The house is clean, decorated and looks wonderfully festive.  Everyone is dressed in their finery, the feast is organised and underway and you are just waiting for your guests to arrive.  By this time, the parents are exhausted and overstretched; the kids are over excited and over the top, and everyone is getting wound up!  Sometimes the Holiday Season can be spoiled at just the point when everyone should be relaxing and enjoying themselves.

That is the time to get out this Spray Mist – a single spray in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.

“I love this spray mist and would not be without it at this time of year – it works every time!” – Mrs. K. Leahy, London, England

“The pure natural ingredients are wonderful for my family as several of us suffer from asthma and can’t use synthetic sprays.”  - S. Salzman, NY, USA.

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences with our special Festive blend of Essential Oils.

ANGELS of JOY festive edition Spray Mist

Use to bring joy into a room, to cheer yourself or others up.  The Angels of Christmas have joined our Angels of Joy bringing their energy to create a spray mist that will uplift you and your environment.  The subtle sacredness of the scent is uplifting yet grounding and gently Festive.

Inspired by a group of beautiful tropical orchids, the Angels of Joy flowers look like tiny little angels in yellow dresses, a whole host of them sliding joyfully down their slender green vines towards us.  They have been joined by the Angels of Christmas to bring Blessings and joy to your home and to you all.

Using this spray mist will invoke the energy of these tiny joyful Angels.  The atmosphere will lighten and everyone involved will feel lighter, happier and the mood becomes infectious. 


Something special for the Woman who gets stressed to the max by the Festive Season.  Smells gorgeous and is full of fabulous natural plant ingredients that are designed to help you feel like a Goddess once more (plus it helps melt away all that stress). Simply roll on pulse points and anywhere else that needs it and let the fragrant vibrational magic get to work!

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences, Plant/herbal extractions and pure essential oils in an Almond oil base.

Now also available as a Spray Mist!

GIFT VOUCHERS                                                                             
These can be used as payment / part-payment for any of our products or services. (In multiples of £5 upwards)


Cotton BAG

Eco-friendly ‘The Apothecary Garden’ natural carrier bag, with Lotus flower design

Roomy (34x34cm/13x13inches) ideal for carrying your ‘Xmas pressies the Earth friendly way!


Gorgeous Goddess T-SHIRT

100% soft cotton

With dancing Goddess logo
says “I’m a Gorgeous Goddess, are you?”

Two sizes available L and XL. 

Flaunt your fabulousness Gorgeous Goddess!

The ALCHEMIST - The Formula for Turning Your Life into Gold -  Boxed set

Beautifully illustrated, simply roll the dice and flip over the card that matches the number for
each element.  You receive an accurate, powerful, four card reading. You can then
stand it on a table (or altar) to be reminded every time you pass it during the day.
Contains: A-stand of full colour, illustrated, information cards (Fire – Air – Water – Earth) Instruction Book and dice
(x 4 – one for each element).
(We only have three left in stock, we are now offering them at a special Festive price)

FESTIVE SURVIVAL KIT (limited edition)
This has everything you need to keep everyone in the Festive mood.  It helps calm down over-excited behaviour, helps prevent arguments building and helps you all to enjoy the Festive Season.
Festive Harmony Spray Mist (our ‘Xmas best seller). A single spray burst in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.
Festive Goddess Rollette. Something special for those who get stressed to the max by the Festive Season (usually women!).  Smells gorgeous and is full of fabulous natural plant ingredients that are designed to help you feel like a Goddess once more (plus it helps melt away all that stress).
Festive Season Survival CD. The technology on this CD is both original and unique.  This CD contains subliminal Affirmations that have been specially selected to help you to chill out and cope during the Festive Season.  The Festive music (traditional carols and festive tunes) is uplifting and energising and gets everyone in a Festive mood.
Play it whilst writing Christmas cards or wrapping presents and involve the whole family so that everyone can benefit.
Full details and information provided with each Kit.


Do you have difficulty sleeping?  Does anyone else you know?  If so, everything you need for a good night’s sleep is contained in this Kit.  Our ‘Sleep Easy’ products have been best sellers for 15 years with thousands of satisfied customers. They are 100% natural, chemical/drug free, non-addictive and compatible with allopathic medications.
SLEEP EASY Essence (15ml). This is the essence for those nights when you are tossing and turning and can’t seem to get off to sleep.  For when you are feeling exhausted but sleep eludes you as problems, worries, etc start to go around and around in your head. A few drops in water before turning out the light is all it takes.
SLEEP EASY Spray Mist (30ml).  Gently fragrant, can be used as a room/pillow spray to create the right ambience for sleep.
SLEEP EASY CD. Gentle, relaxing music that you can play to further enhance the right ambience for sleep.
SLEEP EASY Mini-Book. Full of tips and further advice about how to have a good night’s sleep naturally.
The Essence and Spray Mist contain organic flower & vibrational essences, herbal infusions and essential oils.
Full instructions and information included with each Kit.

 NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 2014 - Report and product   -  Special Festive price (offer ends 31 January 2014)

Find out what the year ahead has in store for you, with this detailed REPORT which is valid from your birthday this year right through to next year. Includes a PRODUCT from our range to help support your new journey throughout the coming year.
A Sacred Space is set up and dedicated just for you. It then takes several hours to work out and collate the information (using a variety of ancient arts like numerology, cartomancy etc), which is then typed up and presented in an illustrated, printed report. Time is then spent attuning to you for the selection of the product that will best support you for the year ahead.
(offer available until end of January 2014)

With love and thanks
Elly xx

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