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Artist: Mickie Mueller
Winter Solstice – the Standing Still Sun
(lasts for 3-4 days)

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Winter Moons are inviting us to slow down and go inwards to reflect.  Trees and plants slow down and go inwards in order to conserve energy for new growth in the Spring, and we would do well to follow their example.

The Winter Moons invite us to reflect on all that has gone before over the past year and give us time to plan for the new year approaching.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn also pulls our energy inwards as we think about our relationships, how and whether we want them to last and putting structures into place to make that happen.  The Grand Cross presses upon us urging us to think about what we spend our love, energy and time on.  And, as mentioned in my previous post, keep your Inner Bullsh*t detector switched on at all times (this is not just regarding individuals in your personal circle but also on the world stage, don’t get sucked into media hype etc).

And now sacred Solstice is upon us, I absolutely love the way that mythic astrologer, Steve Nelson, describes it:

“All that’s new gets seeded true as the Sun comes to its magic zero point. The Druids call this day the Festival of Liberation and the Day Out of Time. It’s a time to celebrate and invoke the return of the Light, our Light, to recreate our world.”

The Winter Solstice is about stillness, (not easily available at this crazy time of year) and we need to make space for this stillness over the next 2-3 days. This allows us to receive the full energies available to us over Solstice and also recharges our spiritual batteries.  Allow yourself some stillness.

Here is a personal ritual that I have done for many years:


Create a Sacred Space where you won’t be disturbed.
You will need a candle, a pen and paper (or journal), some water and/or a glass of mead or wine.
Ensure that you are warm enough and sitting comfortably.
Light a candle and dedicate it to the Ancestors and Spirits of the Solstice.
Take some deep breaths to centre yourself whilst focusing on the candle flame.
Write your Gratitude List for all that occurred over the past year (the good and the bad). Take your time.
Then write another list asking yourself:
What did I achieve?
What did I really enjoy? 
What was new?
What was fun?
Take time to celebrate your achievements and all that you did accomplish.  Raise your glass of mead/wine in a toast to yourself and take a sip.
Do another toast giving thanks for all those who crossed your path and enabled you to enjoy all of this over the past year.

People never take time to celebrate and integrate; they are always rushing ahead to the next thing.  Stop, celebrate yourself and take time to integrate all that has occurred before taking any new steps forward.
Also take time to see how far you have come, by remembering who and where you were at the start of 2013 and who you have become and where you are by the start of 2014.

Raise your glass to toast yourself and the Solstice.
Remain as long as you want to.
When are you are ready to leave, before you blow the candle out, think of who or what/where you would like to send the light out to – then blow it out.

“She would rather light candles than curse the darkness
and her glow has warmed the world.”
~ Adlai E. Stevenson

Solstice is the time for bringing the Holly and Ivy into your home to ward off evil spirits that roam at this time of year. 
Sing, dance, ring all the bells you have in the house, and raise the vibration.
Light your candles and fill your home with light and your love. 
Celebrate with those you love and give thanks to Grandfather Sun for the return of his light.

Solstice invites us to reflect on any darkness that we may have experienced over the past year and to let it go, to not drag it into the New Year with us and instead to turn to the light, hold our faces up to the light, allow light to fill every part of us.
Welcome back Grandfather Sun!

Sacred Solstice Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

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