Tuesday, 17 December 2013

FULL MOON Blessings - December 2013

Artist: Ron Byrum

Changes – Shifts – Healing – Celebrating

Phew it’s been a bit intense leading up to this Full Moon and it’s always intense leading up to Winter Solstice, which is just around the corner.  However, Full Moons are about feasting, mating and debating.  So take some time out to celebrate the past month and give yourself a pat on the back, some nice food and raise a toast to yourself. Celebrate yourself!

Mars remains in Libra until July, so those of us itching to get on with our projects, dreams and goals may find ourselves getting frustrated when things proceed slower than we would like.  This is a lesson to teach us that we are not meant to do it all alone, that collaboration will be the key to success.  (Mars can be an aggressive go-getter trampling others in his path and leaving loved ones behind in the pursuit of success and gets angry when s/he can’t have his own way).  We are reminded that our goals have more chance of success when we include others – including our loved ones – in our plans and welcome their input and support. (Mars is so arrogant s/he thinks s/he knows it all and no-one can do it any better!)  It is about powering ahead together with the wider global community in mind.  Thinking about how we can serve others together.  So if your plans get delayed, instead of getting cross about it, stop and think about what this is trying to teach you.  Questions to ask yourself when frustration hits:
What am I missing here?
What is this trying to show me? 
Is this delay for a reason? 
Who do I need to help me? 
Have I been riding roughshod over anyone?
Can this delay bring enlightenment about a better way to do it?

Feng Shui tip for December

Keep the centre area of your home (on all levels) clear, clean and well lit to support wealth and fame. The energy of what is happening there or placed there will affect every member of the home and will affect your fortunes.

FULL MOON in Gemini

Gemini – “I think”

Quick thinking Gemini is the networker of the zodiac, well liked and sociable, Gemini is a popular friend. As an air sign, these people are intellectual and process life through the mind/mental level.  Gemini represents intellect, ingenuity (inventors/pioneers), novelty, progress, writing, youth, travel (they love to travel!), networking, vehicles (check yours before setting out on long trips during the holidays), speech – although some Gems are the more quiet intellectual types, get them talking about their favourite subject and it’s difficult to get them to stop!  Academia, mental pursuits (quiz games, books, libraries) and all social pursuits.  Party animal ;-)

The bright light of this Full Moon may illuminate some shadow stuff that needs to be healed and cleared before Solstice.  The build up to this Full Moon was already quite emotional and now those emotions are ready to be healed and released once and for all.  This is especially true regarding “limitations”, I think it was the author Richard Bach who said, “argue for your limitations and they will surely be yours”.  In other words, are the words that you are using daily, limiting you/your talents/abilities/health/abundance/etc?  It’s time to drop the same old stuff that you keep coming out with (we all do it, I do it, it’s a habit that we all need to break now).  I would rather argue for love, peace, prosperity and success on every level – do my words reflect that?  What am I saying in conversations with friends/relatives etc?

Also be prepared for the unexpected, we are still in a Snake year and something shocking/out of the blue may occur that you are not prepared for (and Pluto/Uranus are part of this too). 
Also, do not attempt to control others or situations, you won’t be able to.  Surrender and acceptance are the keys to surviving the astrology this Festive season.  Just remind yourself, it’s only a few days and then the energies will change again.

This is not the best time to try and get someone to commit, and be careful of getting tied into commitments that you may want to get out of later on.

Try not to jump to conclusions without checking all the facts out first.  Don’t read a book by its cover.  And be careful of knee-jerk responses without checking everything out first.  In other words, think before you speak during this Full Moon, which won’t be easy as full moons can make everyone more verbose and some folks get really LOUD! Stay away from extremists as they will drag you down with them, drain your energy and lower your vibration.

Beware of being blabby.  When you are very busy, tired or not feeling 100%, you become a bit distracted and then your guard gets lowered without you even realising it.  This is when you may, inadvertently, reveal too much about yourself or your plans (gob engaged before brain because you are on autopilot).  Be especially careful regarding personal/family/security information.  Don’t override your inner BS detector warning bell.  Stop before speaking or acting, literally put whatever you are doing down so that you can give your full attention to replying.  That way you will avoid leaving yourself too vulnerable.

Don’t get drawn into others’ dramas or pity parties.  Focus on yourself and let them all get on with it; you are not responsible for them or their futures.  Stay true to yourself, maintain personal integrity, maintain poise and grace and remember that you are Spiritual royalty. You have the power to rise above anything that occurs with grace and dignity.

Be yourself and keep yourself on track with your dreams/goals/desires – whatever anyone else says and whatever happens – do not give up!

The key is to find balance and stay in the present moment as much as possible.  Again, this is not easy at the moment, with all that we need to do before the holidays.  Take a deep breath, go for a quick walk and get some fresh air, step away from the computer and take a proper tea break, eat well and drink plenty of room temperature water.

We’re still on a bit of an astrological rollercoaster this month – as if the stress of the holidays wasn’t enough!  Be patient and loving with yourself and others as everyone is feeling it.


Think before you speak
Stay fully present and in the moment
Breathe and ground yourself
Smile and have fun!
Prepare for the coming dark nights of the Moon and rest!
New directions beckon – but not just yet.

Have a Blessed Full Moon y’all!

Elly xx

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