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FULL MOON (Supermoon) in TAURUS

We have a Full Moon in Taurus:
UK       –          14 November 13.52pm
EU       -           14 November 14.52pm
USA     -           14 November 08.52am
AUS     -           14 November 11.52pm
NZ       -           15 November 14.52pm

TAURUS – I Have / I Manifest
Taurus is the master manifestor of the zodiac, they have the ability to get whatever they want and we can learn from their example.
Hardworking, loving, funny, with an earthy sense of humour, they make great parents and wonderful friends.  They are stable, solid and make everyone feel secure. They are sensual, intelligent and usually good at whatever they turn their hand to.  They are renowned gardeners, cooks, crafters, artists, musicians, architects etc.  They live life to the full.
Lovely, down to earth Taureans enjoy indulging their senses, they love good food (and wine!), they love good quality and expect it (they love Egyptian cotton sheets, silk, leather, anything that is well made and good quality).  They expect good service.
The only thing they need to watch out for is that they get bored very quickly and want to cut and run and try something new/go somewhere new. However, this can cause them a lot of problems. They need to be patient with themselves and not cut and run, but to wait and see how things develop further down the line. That’s Taurean bullishness at its worst; stubborn as heck but eventually they get it.


Many Lightworkers have allowed themselves to be completely knocked off kilter by recent political events.  They are actually experiencing trauma from the outcome.  First of all, take responsibility, you guys voted for this and those of you who feel that they didn’t, need to think about why you casted your vote the way you did.  There were other contenders in this race, had they received the support they deserved you wouldn’t have ended up with the two ‘evils’ to decide between.

And it’s not easy, as we are now in what TCM describes as the season of metal whose emotion is grief.  In order to heal grief you need to forgive, let go and move on.  
(If you need help with that why not use our popular ‘Grief’ Essence?  You can find it here:

Be kind to yourself and others, everyone will be going through this process in one way or another.  Eat well – warming, nourishing foods. Bathing rituals – add warming and/or uplifting essential oils to your bath.  To clear feelings of shock, have a salt bath.  Use good quality rock salt and dissolve in a deep bath of warm/hot water.  Immerse yourself, lean back and get most of your head – but not your eyes – under the water and gently wipe your hands over the face.  Salt baths are extremely cleansing and clear trauma from your aura and physical cells, allowing you to start anew.  Have your favourite body oil or body lotion on hand when you get out, as the salt may dry your skin out.

So whilst the world deals with the shockwaves from this, don’t allow yourself to become ungrounded or waste energy in negative ways.  Go within.  What is most needed right now?  LIGHT!!!  Lots of it.  So focus on bringing down the light, really feel it inside you – this will help to stabilize you – then radiate it outwards.  
Groups – you can do this and focus the direction of the light to the politicians to bring about positive change during this new administration.  Be the solution not the problem.  
The whole point of us being here at this remarkable time on our planet is to deal with issues like this in a higher way.  Only then can the change take place.  However, if you are stuck in fear, grief, loathing, anger etc then you are inviting more of that to take place in your world and our world.  Choose peace.  Choose light.  Be a Lighthouse for others and shine the way forward.

ESSENCES that can help 
feelings of grief, anger, shock

GRIEF combination Essence

This essence is calming and reassuring and adapts to the needs of the person taking it.  Loss of any kind creates grief, and grief is a cycle that is different for each person going through it.  A few drops in water will help to calm your emotions and allow you to deal with your process in a grounded, balanced way. You can find it here:

The CLEANSER Spray Mist – our best seller

Use this lovely Spray Mist to clear your aura and environment of energy projections, attachments, emotional and etheric residue.  Lightens your energy and your personal space and brings stability to your aura. You can find it here: 


Mars has entered Aquarius for the first time in two years, inviting us to join as united communities for the good of all our relations.  Mars gives us the action energy and Aquarius gives us the intelligence to find workable solutions and the way forward.  (Aries and Scorpio folks will feel this influence the most).  The Mars/Aquarius energy invites us to rise above whatever is happening and the find the outcome that is for the highest good of all concerned.


This Full Moon affects Taureans, Leos, Scorpios and Aquarians (and for others, check your chart to see if and where you have these planets, which house/s are affected?).  

This earthy Taurus Full Moon invites us to ground ourselves through feasting, mating and debating, to celebrate ourselves and the past month.  Spending time in Nature is ideal during this transit; it will ground you and satisfy the earthy Taurean energy. 

It is being described as a Supermoon, as in astronomical terms (rather than astrological), it means that the Moon seems closer to the Earth and therefore bigger and brighter, and is the closest it has been for over 70 years (it’s the largest Full Supermoon since 1948).  So wait for the Moon to rise, and stroke Grandmother’s loving face, give Her a kiss and thank Her for all the help She brings us especially in our dreamtime.

Scorpios this is a wonderful Moon to celebrate yourselves, a sense of completion before you embark on your new year ahead.  For everyone else, this lovely Taurus Moon helps us to ground any recent drama/s. And whilst as usual, Full Moons can make us feel a bit emotional and weepy; there is a stabilizing and grounding energy with it too, which will help. 

Turn your attention to some gentle indulgences, cook something lovely, put on your best perfume, light some candles, play your favourite music, open a bottle of good wine (or whatever is your favourite tipple), and spend time with those you love in a relaxed way.  Let all the recent stresses and dramas just fall away, so that you can come back to yourself.

Taureans have a classy side to themselves. They remind us to keep our standards high, to keep our self-esteem and self worth high, and to fly our own flag proudly.  To remember that we deserve the best and to be treated well and that we will do the same for others.  Taurus reminds us of the Navajo/Dine life skill, to follow The Beauty Way. 

Full Moon Message

Beauty to the left of me
Beauty to the right of me
Beauty above me
Beauty below me
Beauty in front of me
Beauty behind me
Beauty all around me
May I always walk in Beauty

-- Navajo/Dine saying

Say the above prayer out loud
Feel yourself transmitting Beauty energy to each direction as you say it
(Lovely to do in a group circle with others)

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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