Tuesday, 29 November 2016

NEW MOON Blessings! November 2016


We have a New Moon in Sagittarius:

UK                 29 November 12.18pm
EU       -           29 November 13.18pm
USA     -           29 November 07.18am
AUS     -           29 November 11.18pm
NZ        -           30 November 01:18am


Sag, our free-spirited travel loving sign.  Sag – love me, love my hobbies/interests.  Sagittarians are fun, loving, yet always keep a percentage of themselves back for themselves.  This passionate fire sign is great fun to have around. Dreamers and motivators, Sag gets things done and enjoys the whole process.  Sagittarians are enthusiastic and enthuse and inspire others.  Sag represents exuberance, foreign affairs, travel, the outdoors, prophecy, higher mind, religion, adventure, clubs, philosophy, other cultures, sport (most Sag’s love sport/using the physical body and honing it to excellence), higher education and training, teaching, Law, publishing and religion.  Intelligent conversationalists, inspiring teachers, fun parents and friends, Sag’s get us all off our butts and doing something.  Sag shows us where we all get stuck in a rut as we enviously watch them set off on another great adventure. 


Dreamtime has been increasing again throughout the Dark Nights of the Moon.  Much has been revealed in our dreams and much sifting and sorting.

The light this Autumn has been spectacular on our side of the pond, a truly gorgeous Autumn season. We truly have much to be thankful for.

The recent super Full Moon really put a spanner or two in the works and the energies were very heavy to deal with.  Thankfully the energies have lightened up again, we feel that the light has increased and hope springs eternal once more. 

It was a testing time for many and really showed me how easy it is for the masses to get sucked into hate, bitterness and downright nastiness. It reminded me to always look up, to always keep my own standards high and to focus on being and doing from love.  It reminded me to choose light instead of choosing to have kneejerk reactions to jerks.  To choose to seek out the beauty in my life and our world instead of focusing on what’s wrong.  It wasn’t easy, but it was a very valuable lesson.

Now folks are entering a different kind of stress, the Festive Season.  And there has been a big shift, many are making gifts for family and friends as more and more of us choose to move away from gross materialism.  I still like to buy nice bits and pieces at this time of year (especially from small businesses, individual crafters etc). I still love the Festive atmosphere in some of the shops, yet I have never understood the rush to spend thousands that you cannot afford.  It’s time to bring back simple pleasures and treasures and to remember what this time of year is really about.

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This New Moon is in a t-square with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, which can cause tension and could shake things up, as our beliefs are challenged and tested (what you thought was true may not be and that could come as a shock). 

Call upon Dragonfly medicine; Dragonfly helps us to see through any illusions.  Owl medicine is also good for this, as Owl shows us who and what we have been ‘blind’ too.

It is time to use your noddle – your intelligence – to determine what is now the real truth for you.  As Albert Einstein once said
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning.” 

Keep your head and your temper as much as you can.  Carry yourself with dignity and treat yourself and others with respect and all will be well. 
If anyone knocks you off centre, stop and ask yourself “Is this about me, or is this more about them?” As you could experience projections from those others who don’t quite understand what is going on and don’t know how to handle the energies.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand you or the way you live your life.  That is your business.  Don’t try and convince them or convert them, that is not your job and is a total waste of your energy.


This New Moon reminds us that Sagittarius is the Warrior of the zodiac.  Sagittarius invites us all to follow the way of the peaceful warrior in everything that we do. 

Don’t overreact.
Use your inner strength to let folks know that they cannot cross your boundaries. 
Smile and be kind with your words. 
Speak and stand in truth and all will be well. 

There is a lot of illusory energy around this New Moon, don’t sign anything until this moon phase has well and truly passed.  What seems great may not be all it makes itself out to be.  And that goes for people too, don’t jump ship in a relationship for some attractive newcomer as, by the time the Full Moon comes around, you will see their true colours and motives. 

Humanity is undergoing a great awakening, at times it is hard and at other times it is so uplifting to see the great things that are happening.  Hard times bring us together as communities, just look at what is happening at Standing Rock; Maori Elders have travelled and done the Haka which was so powerful, Veterans from the forces have united and travelled to help our American Indian brothers and sisters as they put themselves on the line to protect Mother Earth’s waters.  (The fact that there has been a blatant media blackout about this tells us a lot).  These brave, peaceful protestors are the very embodiment of Sagittarius in action.

This New Moon is an opportunity to think about and do things differently.  To use our common sense and trust our gut reaction before taking action.  To speak up, speak our truth and encourage others to do the same. 

Sagittarius is also the traveller of the zodiac.  Even if we are not physically travelling we are invited to travel to our inner landscapes and beyond.  To use this opportunity to expand ourselves on every level, beyond the 3D farce, beyond any perceived limitations (imposed by self or others), and to be brave. 

This is an exciting and challenging time in our lives, we are breaking new ground, we are witnessing historic moments and there will be more of them, as more and more folks unite in the common goal of truth.

You will know, you will know inside when you cannot just stand by and do nothing or say nothing, you will feel that force so strongly in you, so act on it.

Be positive.
Be strong.
You have nothing to lose.

Deep down your Soul may be longing to stretch itself more, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself spontaneously going somewhere you’ve never been before.  Others will find that they want to start learning something new, meeting new people and joining new groups etc.

It is time to awaken The Adventurer within, you will feel your inner warrior deep within you and you will know that you can do this. 

As it is a New Moon, was there something new you have been waiting to do?  Something that feels a bit scary yet exciting?  Then this is the time to get your plan down on paper.  Whilst the energy of the year is starting to wane, this is the perfect time to plan in readiness for the Spring’s emerging energy in a few months time.

If you are not sure what to do, start by writing down exactly what you are dreaming/visualizing for yourself.  Do it in list form, then you can expand each heading and write specific clear details of exactly how it will look, feel, be, where and when etc. 
Then underneath that write down the steps you will take to make this happen. 
You have the whole of the Winter to research, plan and formulate ready for launch in the Spring.

This New Moon powerfully helps us to stop, breathe out, and reflect on all that we have let go of this year.
This New Moon helps us to move forward now.  The heavy stuff has gone – we just need to believe it has. 
Now we can enjoy the cosiness of the Winter moons to rest and prepare for a brilliant 2017. (And we can finally leave this difficult Year of the Monkey behind after the New Moon in February).

Nurture yourself; pamper yourself, after the year you’ve had – you so deserve it! 

Sagittarius holds his bow and arrow pointing upwards towards the sky.  Reminding us to keep our chins up, to always look above what is happening at earth level and to aim higher. 
The Supermoon dragged us all through some deep, dark energies, now it is time to go towards the light and bring as much light as possible into ourselves, our environments and to shine it so brightly that it encourages others to access their own light. 
‘Tis the season of sparkle, so be the biggest light of all and light the way.


I am the Light and the Light is within me
I speak my truth fearlessly
I move forward now fearlessly
I may not know where I am going but I am going!
I trust the warrior within me
I honour myself and others
I respect myself and others
I nurture myself and others
I look forward with excitement
I am powerful
I am Light

Shine on!

New Moon Blessings to y’all.

Elly x

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