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NEW MOON/Samhain Moon in SCORPIO

We have a New Moon in Scorpio:
UK                 30 October 17.38pm
EU       -           30 October 18.38pm
USA     -           30 October 13.38pm
AUS     -           31 October 04.38am
NZ        -           31 October 06:38am

SCORPIO  – I Desire / I Protect

Scorpios are the great protectors of the zodiac. They are incredibly loyal and are powerful allies.  However, betray one at your peril, Scorpio will never, ever forget (higher level Scorps may forgive, but they will never forget). You cross their line one time too many and they will close the door on you for good. 
Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac that can travel safely to the underworld and return unscathed, which is why they make good shamans/medicine women as they can travel between the worlds without lasting effects.  They are born to make magick and are master manifestors (unfortunately they doubt their ability more often than not). They have a laser-like vision that sees straight through to the truth, so don’t bother trying to lie to a Scorpio – ever! They are passionate about those they love, their work, anything and anyone that they are committed to.  They are highly sensitive and have an old knowing, and often find themselves studying religion/spirituality which triggers remembrances. They are a fixed sign so can be stubborn, to their own detriment! They like to be in charge and can come across as aloof or bossy sometimes, yet their heart is always in the right place.  
They are great teachers and leaders yet often prefer to be behind the scenes.  It’s time to come out of hiding Scorpio, this New Moon is giving you a big shot of energy so trust in your abilities.  Trust the Alchemist/Magician that you are to change your life to the one you want.  This will involve a lot of letting go; you have done this many times and know by now that it always leads to better things.

Wow fellow Scorps! This is an awesome New Moon for us.  If you need a new start or a new beginning then this is it.  This New Moon feel your power, really feel it and don’t be afraid to start using it in the world.  Let people know who you are and what you can offer. Write your New Moon Manifestation List and include it in your Samhain/Hallowe’en celebrations/rituals/ceremonies.  This New Moon is full of magick, and so are you.  Use it for your benefit and enjoy it.

Earth Sensitives have been picking up recent earthquakes; please send light to all areas in need. Those who are Sensitives may have found themselves reacting to stimulus such as loud noises, bright lights, sensitivity to smells, not able to eat certain foods (as they have suddenly become sensitive to them), touch also affected for some. 
If this has happened to you, take a break from all unnecessary activity, just rest and let yourself Be.  You are being upgraded and refined and that heightens your sensitivities until things settle down. The approach to Samhain is making many Sensitives sensitive to everything at the moment.  This should ease off by the time Samhain comes around.  If it doesn’t, just take it easy.  This phase doesn’t last long.

The veil thinned early this year and trickster energy abounded trying to thwart plans in the lead up to Samhain.  Also lots of stuff going on in dreamtime (you are keeping a note of your dreams aren’t you?) 
You may have found it hard to concentrate over the past few days as you are linking in to the other dimensions, which are blurring with our timelines. 
Have things been moved in your home?  All part of the trickster/seasonal energies. 

The greater your light, the more the dark will try and corrupt it at this time of year.  If you are grounded and protected nothing will happen.  (The dark I am referring to here is not the same as the darkness we are all diving into with Scorpio, I am referring to those ‘other’ energies that prefer mayhem and negativity).  Well as we have proven over and over, light always overcomes dark.  Dive in deep, but be protected before you do so.  If you need some help, call on Cerridwen, Mistress of the Underworld, She is a great ally (especially to Scorpios); She can protect you and guide you back to a safe path.


Towards the end of the week and just before Samhain, fiery Mars and shaker-upper Uranus tangle in a square, what this means for us is that there could be power struggles especially when egos are involved.  Think before you speak towards the end of this week (especially at work, as it could come back to haunt you). Don’t waste your words, save your breath and energy for better things.  This New Moon invites you to focus on yourself and pay no heed to others not on the same wavelength who do not understand or support you.  Trust your gut/trust the alarm bells that go off in your head. This is a great teaching from Scorpio, all Scorpios have a reliable inner bullsh*t detector.  Always pay attention to it.

Scorpio teaches us to shine a light where it is most needed.  So however tough things get, bring light to the situation and yourself as soon as you can.  And forewarned is forearmed, so keep your plans and dreams to yourself for now until the Samhain season has passed.  Others might have the urge to blurt, but hold back, don’t join in.

The New Moon also trines Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces.  That’s a lot of water, so folks (especially us Scorps) could be feeling a bit emotional around this New Moon.  There will also be an increase in heightened sensitivity and psychic happenings (it’s great energy for Mediums and those who channel).  Watch out for synchronicities and other messages that may be presented to you in animal or symbol form, via a page in a book, a song on the radio etc.

NEW MOON - Black Moon – Samhain Moon in Scorpio

This Samhain New Moon is in deep, mysterious Scorpio and is perfect for this time of year.  Scorpio is the sign of magick, mystery, birth, death and rebirth. This New Moon is a strong signal that we are being given the chance to rebirth our lives, and ourselves a chance to start again.  By diving deep into the fears and scary stuff we will be reborn into the light transformed.  We will have transmuted that which is profane so that only our power and light remains.

A second New Moon in the same month is known as a Black Moon - especially to Witches.  And wow, it is perfect timing on the eve of Samhain/Hallowe’en.  (See my previous Blog post about Black Moons). The first Black Moon we had this month was about breaking up, dismantling, destroying, endings, changing things.  This second Black Moon is about stepping into your power and owning it.  In Scorpio it’s about diving deeper than you ever have before in order to come to the surface as a more centred, grounded and powerful Being.  Deep down you know what you want, deep down you know what you need to do, deep down you know that there is nothing and no-one to hold you back.  Dive deep and enjoy the velvety blackness, for there are treasures down there for you to find and bring back with you. 

This is a great time to meditate and go deep.  So keep your energies clean and clear until it is actually Samhain.  The clearer you are the clearer the insights and communications you will receive.

Think if it as launching yourself into the world on black moonbeams, filled with mysterious power and magick.  You will emerge from this Samhain period stronger and more powerful than you were before.  The difference this time is that you are no longer afraid of your power; you know how to use it respectfully and when is the right time to use it.  This wonderful deep knowing will not leave you; it will always be there for you to connect to whenever you need it.

All of this is especially applicable to Scorpios and those with a lot of Scorpio in their chart.

Preparing for Samhain

Eat well and healthily, drink plenty of water, and abstain from drugs and alcohol until Samhain night.

Keep your Dream Journal and a pen by your bedside for insights.

Bathe - washing away the old energies in cleansing rituals.

Altar – changing your altar to honour Samhain and preparing your Ancestors Altar.

Clothes – think about what you want to wear on Samhain.  You are reflecting the new you (you are birthing your new self, what does that look like?

Broom (besom) – Sweep out the old outgoing energies in ritual fashion then cleanse your broom afterwards so it is ready for Samhain celebrations/ceremonies.

Home – decorate to celebrate the season and this festival. Use twigs, ivy, leaves, candles, ornaments, incense, whatever you want.

Ceremonies/Rituals – start to think about the type of ceremony/ritual you want to do. If using crystals do they need cleansing and moon/sun charging beforehand?  Start gathering your tools and preparing them.


There are many ways to celebrate this, and they can be as simple or as complicated as you like.  Google Hallowe’en/Samhain and see what appeals to you. 

If you look at my personal Facebook page you will see what I have been making food-wise for Samhain, and I have shared some of the recipes.

As it falls on Monday here, and that’s a workday, I’m starting our celebrations early on Friday and having our Samhain Supper on Saturday.  That leaves me free on Sunday to write my New Moon Manifestation list, as a Scorpio this is the start of my personal new year and I want to make the most of the energies by taking time to do this. 

The foods I make always include Rosemary (for remembrance for the Ancestors) and sometimes I put a sprig of Rosemary in whatever sacred brew we will be drinking.  Rosemary is Remembrance, and this is the time of year that we remember those we have lost who are on the other side. We find photos of them and arrange them on an altar (mine is a corner of our bookcase), I add a small glass and a bowl for their food and drink; I then add flowers and plants from my garden and candles.  You can do yours whatever way feels right for you.  I toast them with sacred brew, remember them, talk to them and love them.

It’s also a great time for Spell Casting.  What do you most desire/want/need?  Then prepare to do some spell work around that.  With no planets retrograde we have the green light once more to go forward now, so make the most of this magickal energy.

Call in your Ancestors; it’s a wonderful time to reconnect with them especially with all this Scorpio energy around on Samhain.  Ask them to help you break the spell of family miasms that has bound you and held you back in this lifetime.  It’s a time to forgive them and forgive the past.

It’s time for you to fly Witches!  You have done enough of the inner work and the outer work.  You have had enough of the heavy, dark times.  Now it is your time.  Your time to take flight and show the world your light.  So Mote It Be!


Just a reminder that all the Witchy products featured on the Hallowe’en page of our website are available all year around (although some are limited edition).  We will be adding more of this year’s Herbs to our Witches Tree page soon, so check the website regularly for updates.


I am the hallow-tide of all souls passing,
I am the bright releaser of all pain,
I am the quickener of the fallen seed-case,
I am the glance of snow, the strike of rain,
I am the hollow of the winter twilight,
I am the hearth-fire and the welcome bread,
I am the curtained awning of the pillow,
I am the unending wisdom's golden thread.

‘Song of Samhain’ from Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings by Caitlin Matthews

I honour the Witch that I am
I honour my Ancestors in whose footsteps I now follow
I release the past, setting them and me free
I fly into my perfect now and fabulous future
I embrace my personal power and strength
I leave good footsteps for others to follow
I commit to being of service to humanity
I commit to loving and caring for Mother Earth

See you in the skies!
 It’s going to be quite a ride during this Samhain moon cycle!

New Moon and Samhain Blessings to y’all.

Blessed Be! )O(

Elly x

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