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New Moon in Libra
Artist©Josephine Wall


We have a New Moon in Libra:
UK            13 October 01.06am BST
EU     -        13 October 02.06am EDT
USA   -        12 October 8.06pm EDT
AUS   -        13 October 11.06am AEST
NZ     -        13 October 2.06pm NZT

LIBRA – I Balance / I Give / I Receive
                  Artist©Josephine Wall
Lovely Libra.  Libra represents diplomacy (although sometimes they engage gob before brain and can wound with their thoughtless comments). Peace – they are the Peacemakers of the zodiac.  Lovely fair minded Libra who always champions the underdog and wants harmony and justice for all.  The Arts – many Librans become actors and enjoy performing as well as creating. Partnerships – Libra is the greatest teacher for us all regarding partnerships of all kinds.  Law and politics – they are highly intellectual.  Idealism – big dreams which they do have the power to manifest if they have the confidence to believe in themselves and their abilities.  Shadow side of this is spending too much time in La La Land and not getting on with things on the earthly level.  They are also great communicators (once they are confident in themselves) and make great counsellors and mediators. 
An Air sign, they are the thinkers of the zodiac and can come up with innovative solutions.  The shadow side of this is procrastination, Librans are the procrastinators of the zodiac, they’re always worried about making the wrong decision and end up with analysis paralysis!
Librans make loyal, loving friends and partners, however never tread on their dreams as they won’t forgive that.  They make great parents and are always fun to have around.  Librans can be too nice for their own good and need to ensure folks don’t take advantage of them. They need to keep an eye on setting limits and boundaries.  Generous and giving, they need to learn to receive and to ask for help when they need it.


Goodness everyone seems to have been quite knocked out by that last Full Moon/Eclipse!  So many folks have been feeling tired and out of sorts.  We are adjusting and being upgraded, yet again, and it takes a while for our physical being to catch up, integrate and cope with new influxes of energy.

The Eclipse has also thinned the veil much earlier this year.  The Ancestors (and relatives who have passed over), have been around us for a couple of weeks now and are staying close as we head towards Samhain/Hallowe’en.

I’ve also been reviewing the aspects of the Year of the Sheep, as we are nearly three quarters of the way through it.  Yes it has been a more sociable year for many of us, however what wasn’t predicted and I found unexpected, is how many Lightworkers have had accidents, become ill, etc over the past year.  Have you noticed this?


Mercury is now stationary direct so things should start flowing more smoothly now. (He will be in a shadow phase, so things won’t be tickety-boo until the end of the month/beginning of November.  Use the rest of His transit to finish those outstanding jobs and back-ups).

Pluto (the Shadow Warrior who represents death/rebirth) may present some challenges during this New Moon transit.  What was hidden may be brought into the light – this means the issue is ready to be healed and then it can disappear forever.  As it is a relationship New Moon, there may be a settling down (or struggle) of power within relationships, which could get emotional at times. You may have already experienced some folks projecting at you; this is because they don’t understand what is going on. Try not to react even though they are pressing your buttons. Rise above it. Remember to keep your protection in place every day (and night before sleeping).  We are all adjusting and it will be tricky to get the balance right. Focus on yourself, check that you are coming from Love and do your best to ride out any rough patches.  Remember you know what is going on, so bring your beautiful Inner Being and light into all that you say and do, and all will be well.

On the positive side of all things astrological, Mars (planet of energy and drive) is in a positive conjunction with Pluto this month. This enables us to take positive action in our lives and relationships, Mars brings us the energy we need to make the changes required.  Mid-month onwards is a good time to take action and get all those things done. Mars helps us to feel positive and as we take action, think about how our actions can help others.


This incredible New Moon with so many planets in Libra is kicking us all up the butt and telling us to wake up regarding our lives and relationships. 
This really is an opportunity for us to start afresh, to wipe the slate clean and start again.  Which means that you may need to forgive before you can proceed.  You may need to forget what has gone on in the past (forgive – heal – release) if you really want to walk your talk with this New Moon energy. 
It’s a time of forgiveness, of give and take and harnessing these Libran New Moon powers to enable us to find balance and harmony in all of our relationships. 

No more procrastinating Libra-stylee – it’s time to get your head out of the sand and see things (and people) for who and what they really are and to move on if necessary.

This New Moon really is a new start for all of us and is the perfect time for launching something new.  Got something you’ve been working on that you want to share with the world?  Then get it out there in the next few days.  This New Moon is good for mergers and commitments (business and romantic).

This is a powerful Moon for Librans as both the New Moon and the Sun are in Libra.  Perfect balance for the sign of the scales/balance - Yin/Yang, male/female, balance etc.
Grandmother Moon (female) and Grandfather Sun (male) urge us ALL to merge our inner way of being in relationship into our outer selves/our lives.  If you feel love for someone, show it.  What is on the inside must now be on the outside.  It is the Era of Truth, no hiding our emotions and feelings away anymore.  It’s about being totally transparent and acting, being and doing out of Love.

Juno is also in Libra, and Mercury is direct in Libra – wow Libra this is the green light y’all have been waiting for!  The brakes are off; Librans are on their way!  Libra you have a lot of planetary support, so make those dreams of yours a reality NOW!

This Libra New Moon encourages everyone of us to explore where we are out of balance in all areas regarding relationships, including the relationship with ourselves. We need to balance doing with being, and allow the healing rays of this partnership New Moon to heal what needs to be healed.

Don’t give up on yourself or others, take a look at where you have been out of balance – answer the questions below. (And see the Ritual further down which will help you with this).

Questions to ask yourself (regarding yourself and all the different areas of your life):

- How balanced am I?
- How loving am I?
- How loved am I?
- How giving am I?
- How receiving am I?
- How forgiving am I?
- How often am I truly myself?
- How loving am I to myself?
- Am I giving too much?
- Am I taking too much?
- Do I give to myself?
- Do I give to others?
- Am I avoiding making decisions?
- Are there choices I must make now?

As Yasmin Boland (www.Moonology.com) said:
“The New Moon in Libra happens once a year and brings with it a chance to wipe the relationship slate clean and start all over again – a chance to reset our most important relationships -  use it or lose it!”


Single? This Ritual will help you to attract the Love you desire.
Coupled? This Ritual will help to enhance deeper love in your relationship.
IMPORTANT: Please remember that you cannot influence the free will of another, be mindful that this Ritual is to deepen your ability to love and to enhance your relationships in a loving, unconditional way.
Also this is a powerful Ritual; ensure that you are sincere and committed to the outcome.

Prepare yourself
Ensure your energies are as clean as possible. Drink some water and ensure that you cannot be disturbed.

Prepare your Space
Cast your Circle of Protection and call in your Guides/Helpers/Protectors.  (Ensure the doors and windows are closed).
Clean cloth and smudge or wave incense over whole area.
Scatter some Rose petals over the cloth.
Crystals – Rose quartz for love and Amethyst for harmony in relationships (heart shaped ones are ideal, tumble stones will also work well).
Candles – pink x 2 for bringing more love into your relationship. Red x 2 if you want more passion in your relationship. If you want both love and passion, then 1 red and 1 pink candle.
Anoint the candles you have chosen with a drop of Rose essential oil (stroke it onto the candle sensuously).  Then apply a drop to your heart chakra (apply sensuously).
Photo/s – if you wish – of your loved one.
Anything else you would like to add that is relevant to your relationship.
When you are happy that the Altar is complete – then:

Light the candles and dedicate their Light to Love.
Sit comfortably and take some deep breaths, centreing and grounding yourself.
Attune to Grandmother Moon and call down Her Moon rays to help you.
Focus on your breathing and the loving light of the candles.
When you are ready, repeat this Spell three times:

Venus bless our/my love Divine
Heal these relationships of mine
In true love may we be entwined
For the perfect length of time

Love’s embrace holds me near
I send love to my Beloved here
Where there is Love there is no fear
Love is the greatest Seer.

Passion flames rising high
For a love that will not die
Union creates pleasure sighs
Love truly is the greatest high.

Love and Blessings one and all
Thank you for hearing my call.
May Love be the key that frees us All.
So Be It.

Sit and soak up all of these loving, magickal energies.

When you feel the Ritual energies are waning, blow out the candles (sending wishes of love up on the smoke), release your Guides etc, fold your chakras and seal your aura for protection, and unwind the Circle.

Blessed Be )O(

Ritual from the forthcoming book: ‘The Red Book’
Copyright ©Elly Yule 2015 worldwide rights reserved

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (www.ChaniNicolas.com):

ARIES / Aries rising
I’m particularly interested in what kind of relationship dynamic you would like to experience. Monday’s new moon has all kinds of kick ass in store for you and in order to get ahead of the game you’ll need to consider this question.  So if you are single and wanting to cultivate love relationship(s), clear out old clutter. Clear past relationship rubble. Delete the texts. Give away the shirt you still have of theirs. Let that shit go. If you are in a loving relationship use Monday’s new moon to have a heart to heart with your love about where you see the partnership going, what you are grateful for and what you both promise to work on.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Start it. Begin the new project. Initiate new work relationships. Send follow up emails to those in the know that can help you grow. Be on your game. Monday’s new moon occurs in the part of your chart that has been under construction lately. It’s also time to get your health regiment rocking. It’s time to set the record straight about your abilities to gather your talents and hurdle yourself towards utilizing them. I also want to add a word of caution when it comes to dealing with any confusion around lovers. Make sure that you are seeing others clearly. 

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Monday’s new moon wants you to refresh your relationship to your creativity. Use this new moon to re-affirm your way of being a work of art. Bedazzle your booty. Become your own Queen. Hail your inner Heroine. Gather the gifts of your inner generator and celebrate your situation.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Below is an example of an affirmation that you might want to use for Monday’s new moon. I suggest tailoring the affirmation to you. Get the gist and then make it yours. You can do what you like with it: recite is silently to yourself all day, make it into an interpretive dance, paint it, collage it, sing it, write it down in a journal a million times or more until you feel it has landed somewhere fertile and promising.
Write to clear. Write to cleanse. Write to right yourself where your thoughts have led you wrong. Everyday we are given another opportunity to do life, as we know we can. Every new moon we have the opportunity to set ourselves on a path that affirms our existence.

LEO / Leo rising
Monday’s new moon might have you thinking about new ways to express what has been on your mind. It might have you wondering how best to articulate yourself. It might have you considering new ways to get your message across. Welcome any restlessness. This week also brings with it opportunities for financial gains. Believing in your abilities to make gold out of your good efforts is important at the moment because there is still a ridiculous amount of energy brewing in this part of your chart.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Monday’s new moon occurs in your second house of money and how you make it. My suggestion for you is to make a game plan for what you would like to be doing in that area of your life. This is your time to plant seeds that will grow into something real. Do you respect what you have? Do you believe that you deserve what you receive? Do you use it to re-create your world, making it into something that you feel proud of, resonant with and healed by?

LIBRA / Libra rising
I encourage you to take Monday’s new moon in Libra, the only new moon in your sign this year, as an invitation to reignite your relationship to yourself. I suggest that you turn off your devices and get quiet. I suggest that from this quiet place that you create a self-portrait using any medium you prefer as long as in the end you have a vision of your self as only you know yourself to be. I suggest that you include your flaws, your fabulous, your hopes, your dreams and your desires for your coming year. I suggest that you allow your entire self to have space in this portrait. I suggest that you give your entire self space this year because by the looks of it, this new moon would like you to reinvent your relationship to you.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Use Monday’s new moon to stoke the embers of your secret fires. What would you most desire to create for your upcoming birthday year? Make a secret altar to it. This is not the stage of growth where you need input. This is not the time to shine too bright a light on this particular topic. This is a time of letting something silently unfold while encouraging its growth.  Right now you can use the energy of the new moon as the precursor to your next year. What can you clear out? What can you release? What can you unwind from? What should you be in the darkroom developing?

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Monday’s new moon is creating potential in the part of your chart that has to do with other people helping you, friends and finding peers to party with. But more than that, Monday’s new moon is occurring in a part of your chart that has to do with your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations for the future and the folks that will help get you there. Which is exactly why I urge you to take a moment out to begin this lunar cycle. In order to envision a utopia we must fist unplug from the dystopia. Free your imagination so that you can make powerful plans for a true democracy.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
This Monday’s new moon is occurring in your 10th house of career and it is packing powerful potential to shake up something in this part of your life. Go with it. Why stick to the known? Why do it as you always have? Why play it safe when you can play for something much cooler. Something like autonomy. Something like the freedom to do you. Something like having the chutzpah to do your career in the way that you know in your heart of hearts it wants, no, needs to be done.
You’ve got the ability to get it done, you just might need the reminder that you have the freedom to do it as you know it should be done.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
I suggest using Monday’s new moon to recommit to any spiritual practices that keep you connected to the truth that you are allowed to enjoy your life. I encourage you to make sure that you branch out and experience new lands, new ideas, new worlds, new philosophical understandings of what could be in store for you. This new moon wants to set you out on a journey, a pilgrimage, a quest. This new moon wants you to plant seeds that will eventually take you out into the world. Seeds that will spread your message far and wide. Seeds that can carry the energy needed to inspire ceaseless generations to do the same.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Monday’s new moon could be used as an epic purging ritual. Monday’s new moon could be used to do a ritual around the business partnerships you would like to create.
Monday’s new moon could be your opportunity to do some deeper psychological digging in regards to what you fear and why. If you come up against relationship dynamics that demand your attention make a list of all you fear about them. What do you stand to lose? To gain? What old wounds arise when you are confronted in this way?

To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

To help you with your relationships, why not try our amazing ‘True Partnership’ Essence?  Feedback from clients tells us that it really works.

Ceremonial Essence
(from our ‘WOMEN of the SACRED CIRCLE’ collection)

At this time on Earth, we are now in the Era of True Partnership. However, before you can truly understand and experience this, you have to clear and heal the wounds regarding partnership between male and female.  This includes our inner male and female.  Until we can achieve the inner Divine Union, the Divine Marriage within, then we cannot truly fulfill the prophecy of this new Era.  This essence helps you to do that.  This essence creates upliftment of the Heart.  It is as if the heart is being lifted on Eagle’s wings towards the Sun.   It raises the vibration of the Heart to a completely different level/place.  

This essence brings unification of the sexes, healing the ‘war’ between male and female 
on the outer and inner levels.  The Essence Deva said “The wars in your world cannot end 
until the Divine Male and Divine Female have merged in love and peaceful union.”

- This essence is for all issues of partnership including business/professional dealings.
- This essence heals the gulf between male and female, it brings respect for the other, communication, empathy, inspiration, direction, foresight, acknowledgement.
- This essence is a practical tool in the ‘battle of the sexes’.  It will lead and inspire, heal and repair fractured relationships/issues.

It will act as a guide navigating the course of relationships in all areas of life.  From the tricky to the maternal, from the lovers to the masses, this essence has the power to heal on a massive level. 

Use it well for all those in need of harmonious relationships. The sooner the damaged male and female are healed and united, the sooner the world will heal.

A detailed Essence Definition is provided with each 'True Partnership' Essence.
You can find the Essence here
(scroll down, page in alphabetical order):

New Moon Blessings to y’all!  Please don't waste this wonderfilled opportunity to step into a new chapter in your relationships. Open that door, much love and wonders await on the other side. And don't forget to write your New Moon Wish List! 

Elly x

Copyright E.Yule ©2015 Worldwide Rights Reserved

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