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FULL MOON total Lunar Eclipse BLESSINGS! Sept 2015

FULL MOON / Total Lunar Eclipse BLESSINGS!
Full Moon in Aries

Breakthroughs - Action – Heroes

We have a Full Moon in Aries:
UK            28 September 03.50am BST
EU     -        28 September 04.50am EDT
USA   -        27 September 10.50pm EDT
AUS   -        28 September 12.50pm AEST
NZ     -        28 September 15.50pm NZT


Fiery, energetic Aries represents enthusiasm, initiative, impulse, action (the most action-oriented sun sign of the zodiac), independence, aggression – usually due to being frustrated with other folks not being able to keep up with them - a shadow trait they need to modify as they mature.  Pioneers – never afraid to walk a different path or try something new.  Goals-oriented – sometimes work dominates everything and excludes those who love them – life balance needed. Arts, beginnings, war – worthy opponent, the armed forces, physical strength, the ‘Hero’, creative pursuits. The Adventurer, the Dare Devil – expect the unexpected and expect to be dragged into it!

Aries are like Everready batteries, they never seem to run out of energy. But when they do, they do so badly. In their drive to achieve they can push themselves to their limits too often, that’s fine when you are younger and can bounce back quickly, but once you pass 40 you need to start looking after yourself better. No point in being too ill to enjoy the success you have worked so hard for! Health is wealth.  Many Aries folk feel constantly driven to achieve and can ride roughshod over others in their pursuit of this. Fiercely intelligent, short on patience yet incredibly inspiring, take your vitamins if you want to keep up with an Aries!


MERCURY – Mercury retrograde is in full swing and will go on until mid October 2015.

Pluto and Jupiter trine coming up mid October
This will be so beneficial, it will bring us new energy to increase areas of our lives such as health, wealth, self-confidence, and personal power.  October asks us to get off our butts and take action.  Change is never easy, and we will still be dealing with the changes the recent Eclipses have started.  It’s out with the old and in with the new, try not to resist (although that is hard at times) because the new is exactly what you need and will be so much better than the old.

ECLIPSE SEASON closes with today’s powerful Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse in Aries. This is also a SuperMoon (it follows on from the one that we had in August) and is also the Harvest Red Moon – you may notice a halo of red around the moon or the moon may seem a blood red colour – depending on where you are in the world.

Where in your chart is Aries? That is the area that needs a bit of energy, where you need to take action, this Eclipse will create shifts in that very area to nudge you. 

Eclipses affect us all in different ways.  The changes can start in the lead-up to the opening Eclipse for some folks.  For others it happens in the Eclipse window and for some they experience post-Eclipse fall-out (when they thought it was all over and got away unscathed, then it all starts to happen).  Whenever and whatever happens, the effect of these Eclipses will be felt in our lives for the next six months.


This Full Moon is incredibly powerful.  Full Moons increase everything – people get louder and noisier, the tides/waters are higher (your body may feel a bit more bloated), sap on plants in the garden and heavy dew, emotions are close to the surface etc.  This is a great Moon to charge your crystals under.

The fiery Aries red moon energy may also bring to the surface anger issues that need clearing.  Be aware that those who do not understand what is going on may explode in anger and if you feel anger rising, unless it is something that needs to be aired, do your best to not just explode at others unnecessarily.  We may have our buttons pressed and want to react/retaliate so -
- Breathe first
- Think – are they worth my energy? Is this really going to be
  important in a week’s time?
- Walk away
(On some of the Witch forums I belong to, I have seen an increase in requests for Spells for revenge etc over the past few days.  Those who are uninformed are being caught out by the darker energies and lowering themselves rather than rising above it all and trusting in the Higher Powers/Karma to sort things out). 

The key to coping with all this powerful energy is to drink plenty of water to flush out any stress that may be building.  Eat grounding foods and go for walks in Nature to walk out frustrations and ground your energy.  Stay centred, stay away from those who may be going from one extreme to another and find your centre.  Focus on yourself.  Balance is the key.

This Full Moon is all about you.  Take time to do the inner work, have a chat with yourself, find out what is and isn’t working, and have a think about what you want to do about that. 

Relationships are also highlighted under this Full Moon; some issues will be brought into the light to be dealt with.  This includes the relationship we have with ourselves;

- How well are you looking after you? 
- Are you giving as much to yourself as you do to others?
- Are you happy?
- Do you need to set new limits and boundaries? Who keeps crossing
  your boundaries?
- What needs to change so that you get what you need? 

Do everything you can to bring light into your life. 
Fill yourself with sunlight (especially your Crown and Third Eye chakras – recharge those glands!) 
Go outside tonight and draw down the Full Moon energy into your third eye – keep your Dream Journal by your beside, as this Eclipse brings powerful dreams/premonitions/visions. 

Write a Gratitude List (Full Moons are completion of the past month’s events) giving thanks for all that has happened over the past four weeks, and all that you are thankful for in the coming four weeks. 

When you feel fear, go into it and find out what it is really all about.  Keep asking this question to yourself lovingly, ‘what are you so afraid of?’ and the answers will gently rise up.  Then do all you can to feel love again, speak to a kind friend or wise elder, spend time with animals and/or children, and get lots of cuddles.

Aries brings us the energy to get with the programme, to grab our life with both hands and live it fully, to totally be ourselves living in truth and having fun along the way. 

Be like Aries - be dynamic, be positive, be proactive, believe in yourself and your abilities and go for it. 

Adopt the Hero aspect of Aries, and be your own Hero, mount your horse (life) and ride into the future that you want – created entirely by you. 
You truly are a Hero, you have lived through so much and still found time to think of others, and you have inspired more people than you are aware of.  The Hero energy of Aries encourages us to stand up for ourselves, to speak our truth and live our truth and stuff what anyone else thinks.  So -

Be bold, be daring, go for it!

To support you, try our wonderful ‘SOUL FIRE’ Spray Mist

Reactivate your Soul Fire - get excited about your life
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 This spray mist ignites your Soul Fire from within

It helps you to transmute this through all of your subtle bodies and physical Being.  It will help you to remain grounded during a time that can initially make you feel very spacey due to the cosmic electricity that will be vibrating through you.

Your Soul Fire is re-activated when you are excited about your life and goals once more.  We are being invited to fully embody our Soul Fire energy and share it with the world.  The time for hiding away is over. 
If you have been feeling stuck, this spray mist will help you to get going again. 
If you are a water sign and you have been feeling washed out for ages, things will now start to change for you.  This spray mist will help water signs especially to cope with the fire energy.  (This also applies to those who have water anywhere in their chart).

Use at home too
It is also recommended that you use this spray mist in your home environment, it will help everyone else living there – including your pets – to cope with the strange new energies that have arrived.  If you live on your own, use it to keep your entire personal space grounded and attuned to the Soul Fire energies.

To know how this Eclipse may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
Devotion. Focus. Investment. Courage. Ingenuity. Creativity. With a lunar eclipse in your sign this Sunday these topics can quickly become major themes of great importance.
What are you devoted to right now? Is it time to pull focus and channel your energy into a certain aspect of your development? Are you investing in yourself? Do you see yourself as a wealth of raw energy that you are shaping into something? Are you dedicated to following what emerges out of your life? Are you consciously cultivating the courage to be able to do so?

TAURUS / Taurus rising
This week may pull up some of your less known psychological material, especially as it pertains to possessiveness, FOMO and feeling unsure of how to match, combine and share your energy with another. This week might test your ability to work our issues around asserting yourself responsibly with those you work with. This week might have you yearning for some alone time.
Take it.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
This Sunday’s eclipse is occurring in your 11th house of friends, groups and how you collaborate and work with the crowd. It’s a wild week, full of topsy-turvy twists and turns and that’s all besides the eclipse. My suggestion for you is to spend it doing something with friends or community that focuses your energies towards a common good. This could be ritual. This could be organizing. This could be protesting. This could be dancing. It matters only that the event or activity is in line with your vision for what can be, what the potential of the group could be and what the possibility of people harnessing their power and investing in each other is to be.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Sunday’s lunar eclipse in Aries is full power pedal to the metal magic. It might be a bit much to digest all in one go, so chew slow. It might pull up every childhood issue that has ever impeded you from being able to believe in your dreams, so be prepared. It’s possibly destabilizing your deal and making you feel less than secure at the moment, so pack an extra blankie. It might also be teaching you how to focus your energy so that you get a tremendous amount of breakthroughs broken down. Wear your helmet and your knee pads.

LEO / Leo rising
This Sunday’s eclipse is highlighting what you believe in, what you are devoted to and how you might go about seeking the truth. Do so courageously and don’t let anyone else’s ignorance dissuade you from knowing the real real of your own resourcefulness.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Have an exorcism.
You don’t need to hold onto to anything that isn’t yours and you have every right to go in the direction of your heart. Responsibly, that is. Especially as it pertains to your finances and those resources that you share with significant others. Sunday’s eclipse demands the truth about how you feel about who you are sharing resources with. The deals, if not fair, won’t last or help to bring about your best. Make sure that you are focusing on what is mutually beneficial.

LIBRA / Libra rising
This Sunday’s lunar eclipse isn’t slow. It isn’t meek, weak or feeble. It rushes in like a ram and refuses to stop. It might break things, shake things or take folks out of the running completely. It might test the fabric of your relationships (both personal and business) and it might reveal what a given relationship is and is not capable of. Your job is to believe the information that you receive. Your job is to believe people when they tell you who they are. Your job is to take the information and honestly ask yourself if this is a match made with your needs in mind as well as theirs.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
There is also an issue with your health that you might need to focus on. Sunday’s lunar eclipse lands in your 6th house of any issues that might pertain to your body, issues that might impede you from participating fully, issues that might be asking for your attention because they’ve got something to tell you.  Don’t let the messages fall flat. Listen up.
Devote some time this weekend to giving yourself what you need. Put some of your hard earned cash into treating your body to the things it deserves. Go to the temple and get your healing on.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
This Sunday’s eclipse highlights your impressive creativity, your stunning ingenuity and your formidable ways of finding solutions to even the gnarliest of conflicts, so don’t fear the fight. You’ve got too much swagger on your side to lose this tryst.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Be open to understanding who you perceive as your enemies, not by putting yourself in harms way, but by being investigative and interested in what you fear and why. Sunday’s eclipse is happening in your 4th house of foundations, your history, your parents, your home, and your inner life. This eclipse calls for courage, but also for inventive strategies that will help you outsmart your most ancient, imbedded and clever opponents.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
When we challenge any structure of power, internally or externally, when we challenge any institution, pedagogy or propaganda, we dismantle it a little at a time. I highly suggest dipping into some divination this week. Read tea leaves, tarot cards, cloud formations and animal footprints. Take in what you are being given. Read your world. There are signs there. Signs of life. Signs of possibility. Signs that are important to take note of.
This week wants to give you a psychic chisel to help you chip away at the tapes that no longer need playing. Stop letting them play you.

PISCES / Pisces rising
The Aries eclipse is challenging you to take what you are passionate about and make courageous strides towards it. It’s also supporting you to break out of old paradigms and believe that you can support yourself with it.
You’ve got to pay the bills. You’ve got to find a bank balance. You’ve got to get your finances in a feel-good kind of place but you’ve also got to put your passion out there. You can’t keep it a secret, not if you’d like to add it to the ways in which you support yourself. It’s time to put yourself out there and deal with any conflict that might come when others see the growth that you have undergone.

To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

This fiery blood red Full Moon is burning away the old so that you can be free to enjoy the new.  Allow it to do its job.  You will arise like the Phoenix from the ashes of the old and be reborn in splendor anew. 


Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
Sing and dance together and be joyous but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.
~ Kahlil Gibran

I dare!
I believe!
I speak my truth
I live my truth
I am my truth
I Am

Full Moon Blessings to all you awesome Heroes!

Elly x

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