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Artist: ©Ron Byrum
Full Moon/Supermoon in Taurus

Celebration - Remembrance – Magick!

We have a Full Moon in Taurus:
UK            27 October 12.05am GMT
EU     -        27 October 01.05am CET
USA   -        27 October 8.05am EDT
AUS   -        27 October 11.05pm AEDT
NZ     -        28 October 1.05am NZST

TAURUS – I Have / I Manifest
Taurus is the master manifestor of the zodiac, they have the ability to get whatever they want and we can learn from their example.
Hardworking, loving, funny, with an earthy sense of humour, they make great parents and wonderful friends.  They are stable, solid and make everyone feel secure. They are sensual, intelligent and usually good at whatever they turn their hand to.  They are renowned gardeners, cooks, crafters, artists, musicians, architects etc.  They live life to the full.
Lovely, down to earth Taureans enjoy indulging their senses, they love good food (and wine!), they love good quality and expect it (they love Egyptian cotton sheets, silk, leather, anything that is well made and good quality).  They expect good service.
The only thing they need to watch out for is that they get bored very quickly and want to cut and run and try something new/go somewhere new. However, this can cause them a lot of problems. They need to be patient with themselves and not cut and run, but to wait and see how things develop further down the line. That’s Taurean bullishness at its worst; stubborn as heck but eventually they get it.

Check which house Taurus is in on your Natal chart, as this is the house most impacted by this Full Moon – what completion/s have you accomplished that are related to this house?


These certainly are interesting times.  With the veil so thin between the worlds, much is being revealed to us now.  What was hidden is being shown. 

This can be painful at times for it can show us the hidden agendas of others.  Those we thought were friends do not in fact understand us at all and we need to let go of them.  This can be painful and make you feel lonely.  Please remember that you are never alone, you are surrounded by Spirit and your Guides, who love you and always have your best interests at heart.  They no longer want you wasting your energy on those who are not truly worthy of it.  Conserve your energy for yourself, and give yourself time to grieve another ending. Give yourself time to heal and integrate and then your pathway will be clear for those who do understand you to come in. 

This is typical Samhain energy.  As the Earth cools and Nature sheds and decomposes, we too shed and allow decomposition of what has outlived its usefulness.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotion for Autumn is Grief, so it is natural to feel sad from time to time during the Autumn Moons.*

This Samhain/Hallowe’en Full Moon is ideal for allowing this type of healing process, and by the time the New Moon comes around in a couple of weeks, you will be in a better place - especially emotionally - to create your New Moon (and New Year for Witches) Wish List.

*Flower and Vibrational Essences are fantastic for supporting you during these times. 

Our ‘Grief’ essence is for times of loss, sadness and grief.  It supports you emotionally without interfering in your process.  It is a wonderful ally and is very popular with our clients for when they go through these times. You can find it here:

Now it is the Samhain Full Moon and a time for magick and celebration.  And it is in glorious Taurus, if anyone knows how to celebrate it is Taurus!  So you may be drawn to doing some kitchen witchen’ and cooking up some delicious delights to share with those you love for Hallowe’en.  Plus it’s gonna be a sexy Samhain, Full Moons are always about completion, feasting, debating and mating, this one in Taurus brings us earthy, sexy energy for us to enjoy.

Preparing for Samhain / Hallowe’en

More than just an excuse for a party, this ancient festival signals the final of the three Autumn festivals. Samhain is a Gaelic word meaning Summer’s end. The harvesting is complete; it is time for thanksgiving and remembrance. 

Foods to include in your celebration at this time:
Apples, spiced cider, pumpkin and other root vegetables, Barmbrack (traditional for Samhain), Nuts, Seeds.

Herbs – the most important one is Rosemary to honour the Ancestors.  Add it to the foods you are cooking and burn it as incense. (Cleansing, space clearing, honouring). Cinnamon, Cloves, Sage, Mugwort.

And have you put away all of your summer clothes and summer things? This is important to do before going into Samhain/Hallowe’en, particularly this year with the powerful Full Moon. 
In the build up to this Full Moon, many folks were busy doing just that, as well as clearing out stuff from the attics, garages, sheds, cupboards, wardrobes etc.  Really getting to the back of cupboards and sorting old boxes of stuff. Wonderful! Definitely making way for the new to come in.  Samhain is also the Witches/Pagan New Year.

©Elly Yule 2015

- Use your besom (Witches’ Broom) to sweep out the old.

- Use incense at your front door and back door to welcome in your Ancestors to feast and celebrate with you.

- Look up at the night sky and include Grandmother Moon in your celebrations, She has been working hard to bring you insights and answers in your dreamtime.

- As well as decorating the house, create an Ancestors Altar. Pictures of your loved ones who have passed over, candles, a small glass or two, seasonal flowers/leaves with a sprig of Rosemary, a small plate.  It doesn’t have to be big; I use tiny glasses and plates.  On Samhain light their candle, fill their glasses and place some food on their plate. Look at the pictures and talk to them, remember them. They are very close to us at this time, because the veil between the worlds is so thin. It’s okay to cry, they understand. Remember that they still love you, they are still looking out for you and they will support you in whatever way they can from wherever they are.

- Share your harvest, your food and drinks made with love, with those you love. Immerse yourself in the abundance and magickal energies of this time.

- Feast well – love deeply – dream powerfully.

A Witch is for life not just Hallowe’en

And there are times when everyday Witches need some support in their every day lives.  That’s when they can rely on The Witches’ Friend!

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A friend of all ‘Witches’, Those that may feel drawn to you will only be able to go so far before they feel the forcefield of witches’ protection that is around you.  Then they will realise that you need to be approached with respect.  

The Spray Mist provides a veil of witch’s protection around you.

The Essence enhances your ability to become a receiver/high frequency channeller and transmitter/broadcaster.  It enables you to experience messages from all the kingdoms around you and beyond.  These transmissions are received way out in the cosmos by other planets.

The Flying Ointment is a protective talisman, and helps you to 'fly' at night. 

This formula brings balance and strength and reminds you of the great inner power that you have.  It helps you to achieve balance regarding attracting/repelling so that you are protected in all your manifestations.

Full information and instructions provided with each Kit.

You can find it here:

Hallowe’en FULL MOON/Samhain Supermoon in TAURUS
Artist: ©Ron Byrum

This Full Moon is right bang smack in our face telling us that yes, you CAN have it all!  The time for doubt is over; the time for making it happen is now.  The time for allowing it to happen is now.  How allowing are you?

This is the last Supermoon of the year, it has been a year of strong Supermoons, and this is the final push, the final nudge to get us on track and where we need to be.  The recent Eclipse season certainly pulled the wool from our eyes and we are clearer about who we are and what we want for ourselves, than we ever have been before.

Earthy Taurus is using its horns to push us into making what has felt intangible – tangible. Giving us grounding energy to help us make things happen for ourselves.   Ideas have to come out of the ethers, to be embodied and grounded in this dimension in order for them to manifest. 
I am a typical eclectic creative, a thousand ideas a day float through my mind, it takes discipline to pull them down to this dimension and make them happen.  And that is what is being asked of us by this Full Moon. 
This Moon is supercharged, we are being given a turbo blast of positive energy to ground our ideas and send them out into the world. 
Another problem with creatives, is that they get so involved in the creation process that they sometimes find it hard to let go of, and birth their ‘babies’ into the world. Practical Taurus butts us and says, “get over yourself and get on with it, someone else needs that more than you.”
Taurus energy is grounding, it makes us feel more secure and safe, a solid foundation to take off from.  If recent energies made you feel spacey, Taurus helps you to regain focus and once more steer yourself in the right direction. 

Taureans are usually great gardeners, so let go of the old dreams/projects that have had their day and bury them deep in the earth, use the compost from them to provide the energy for the dreams and projects that will work, that have GO! written all over them. Allow yourself to trust in steady, calm Taurus to guide you over the coming Winter moons, to lay matters to rest, to compost outmoded thinking including old resentments and feelings of failure, bury them deep in the Earth Mother.  Together with Autumn Woman She will turn the them into something beautiful and useful, ready for the Spring Moons when the energy is right for you to move forward with your dreams, projects and goals. There is always a season for flowering, there is always a season for letting go, and there is always a season for rest before we can start again.

On an inner level, we can use these gardening analogies to reshape our internal landscape as well as our external landscape.

- What do you need to let go of now?
- How do you want to change?
- What nudges/signals have you been getting towards this

It’s a time to listen and to move slowly and carefully as we bring about internal change. And ensuring that we look after ourselves as well as a Taurean mother/sister/aunt/friend would look after us.  Allow your Soul to be your guide.

Taurus rules the base chakra – our material needs – what we need, want, desire. The Sun is in Scorpio, Scorpio brings up our fears around money and our material needs – what we are convinced we can’t have, might never have.  This creates an inner conflict where our higher mind knows we are perfectly capable of having exactly what we want, but our lower ego mind is convinced otherwise.
Astrologer, Jessica Shepherd, summed this conflict up perfectly:
“This is exactly how the two work together -- when we are flooded by the terrors of being in this world, Taurus says, "Hey, you're still alive. You're in a body and safe. So what's for dinner?"

Taurus tells us to relax, chill out, it will all sort itself out, so in the meantime you may as well look after yourself with some yummy food and curl up in front of the fire.

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (www.ChaniNicolas.com):

ARIES / Aries rising
Tuesday’s full moon makes use of your recent efforts to stabilize any issues that you have around self worth, self-esteem and valuing your own efforts.  It’s also got some money-magnet-magic, in preparation for it you might want to make a donation. And then ritually allow more in. Open the doors, open the windows, open your awareness to your experience, your thoughts and what you have been fed about having enough. You are enough. Period. 

TAURUS / Taurus rising
You are unfolding, exhaling and unwinding from a time that asked too much of you in some ways. From a time that might have pushed at you with too sharp a poker and too stern a consequence. From that time to this one. From there to here. You can relax a moment. You can celebrate the skin that you are in. Tuesday’s full moon finds comfort in your sign. This full moon might highlight your efforts, it might shine its silvery light on your achievements and it might reveal your visions as real plans in the making instead of far off flights of fancy. Whatever the case allow your self to be seen, allow your efforts to get noticed, allow your generosity to overflow so that others might benefit too.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
There is no better way to celebrate Tuesday’s full moon than to take off and try to take it all down a notch. Get low. Get lost. Get off the grid. Let yourself decompress and say yes to a Netflix marathon, a napping triathlon or a trip to the spa. Use Tuesday’s full moon to remind yourself of the simple and sublime truth that doing is done better when we first allow ourselves to be for a moment. 

CANCER / Cancer rising
Tuesday’s full moon highlights your connections with friends and allies of all kinds. It might be that a part of your work gets a boost through those that support it. It might be a reunion of sorts with the friends that help you feel like you are lucky just because they are around. It might be that a little parcel of helpful hope leaps onto your lap and you have no choice but to listen to its wisdom. Tuesday’s full moon reminds you that what is truly luxurious is to have comrades and to remember to take the time to connect to them. 

LEO / Leo rising
Tuesday’s full moon shines a magnificent spotlight on your recent career efforts. Tuesday’s full moon shines like a disco ball on the dance floor of your determination. Tuesday’s full moon is like a cosmic congratulations on the work that you have done. Slice up the cake and share it. This full moon wants to get you noticed. This full moon wants to bring fulfillment. This full moon wants you to feel the weight of your accomplishments and how that reflects the sturdiness of your career strides or the ways in which you have started to recently move through the world. Remember where you came from. Remember where you started from. Remind yourself of all you’ve come through. Remember all it takes to do what you do. It’s not nothing. It’s not at all nothing. It’s actually quite something.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Tuesday’s full moon wants to inspire all kinds of insights. You might astral travel like there is no tomorrow. You might boogie-woogie till dawn with all kinds of sprites, spirits and specters. You might be moved to get out and wander past your bedtime and past your usual boundary. You might be inspired to build out some part of your belief system that you know helps to ground you. Make what you believe in real. This is a grand moment for you, astrologically speaking. Tuesday’s full moon is here to remind you that you are more spacious, more vast and more capable of following your inner compass than you might currently believe yourself to be.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Tuesday’s full moon celebrates the successes of certain collaborations. It isn’t easy to join forces with others. Success means that we are able to steady ourselves as issues arise. This full moon brings you evidence of your success but also the need to remember your intention for coming together with others.  Make your intention the foundation, the center, the altar you worship at. If you realize that you are intention-less at this point, use this new moon to meditate on what the most important foundation for you to have could be. Then claim it as your own.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Tuesday’s full moon highlights the importance of approaching the experience of loving another with your own anchor intact. It might highlight how far you’ve come in this area. How many potholes and pathways you have trotted down in search of something sustainable. Tuesday’s full moon helps you to see the successes, the triumphs and the totality of what it takes for you to love somebody, the way only you can love them. Tuesday’s full moon wants you to be seen and to see that you are. See your reflection in the eyes of those you get to gaze upon. Tuesday’s full moon might bring connections into your life that feel solid and sturdy. Tuesday’s full moon might give you the opportunity to show up for another as a well-built base camp for them to land.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Tuesday’s full moon highlights the needs of your physical well-being and being in touch with your body, its beauty and its temperament. Put yourself to bed early. Go out for a run. Eat until you are full. Pay attention to what it is telling you. This moon can get you back in touch with how to prioritize your physical needs. Tuesday’s full moon also brings light to your professional progress. Something might occur this week that will help your efforts go the extra mile. Some connections might coalesce that can help give your work a boost and your profile a promotion. Some experience might unfold that brings clarity to the kind of effort you put into your work, effort that you might take for granted.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Tuesday’s full moon highlights your love life or your love of life. Tuesday’s full moon is full on romantic. Tuesday’s full moon might be tugging at your heart strings, serenading you and casting you in the most adoring light. Take. It. In. Seriously. Let yourself be loved. Say thank you to everyone around you. Refuse no compliment. Consider each one. Give thanks for the slightest sweetness. Offer it in return, but mean it. Think on it. Slow down enough to feel how it feels to give of your good energy and receive it. Give of your good energy and receive it.
You owe yourself this much. You owe yourself every ounce of patience and persistence you can muster. You owe yourself the willingness to love and be loved in return.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Your roots are showing. Your baseline. Your bottom line. Your foundation and your family issues too. Your needs are showing, and so is your capacity to show up for them. Tuesday’s full moon makes this clear. All of the work that you have done. All of the ways in which you have been able to take care of your needs, all of the ways in which you have been able to address your fears, all of the ways in which you have been able to help yourself settle and all of the ways in which you have been able to choose yourself first are being made explicitly clear now. Buy the cashmere throw, some good linens, a plush towel or a single rose to place in your space as a reminder of how sacred it is and how well you have learned to love your it as a reflection of yourself.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Tuesday’s full moon brings to light conversations that help to ground you. Tuesday’s full moon is urging you to have those conversations with yourself. Tuesday’s full moon is tempting you to plan next spring’s community garden, block party or holiday gift exchange. Tuesday’s full moon might be calling for the calming effects of healing a long-standing issue with a friend, partner, sibling or a neighbor. Bring your patience to the table if you are sitting down to sort it out. Bring the wisdom of the seasons with you. See that every relationship has its own rhythm, its own flow, its own way it needs to go.

To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

Samhain/Hallowe’en Blessings to y’all! 
Artist: ©Ron Byrum

Use the magick of this time for yourself and those you love. 
Blessed Be your casting.

See you in the skies tonight! )O(

Elly x

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