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FULL MOON Blessings! August 2015

Full Moon in Pisces
Art copyright ©Josephine Wall

Not according to the Farmer’s Almanac:

“Many astronomers are referring to the August 29th full Moon as a “supermoon.” But here at the Farmers’ Almanac, we understand that a full Moon has to meet certain criteria to truly be considered a supermoon.
A supermoon is when a full or new Moon phase coincides with the Moon’s perigee, its closest point in its orbit to the Earth…. as you can see, the September full Moon is the one that would be best qualified as a “supermoon.”

The urge to purge has been strong with many folks, influenced by the change in season and current planetary energies; many are clearing clutter on all levels and taking it to a new level.  The urge to be free of what weighs us down is powerful.  We are stronger now and able to let go of who and what no longer serves us.  We have moved on and need to be able to spread our wings and have the freedom to be the beautiful, creative Souls that we are in this world.

Have you noticed how more people are awake now?  More are recognizing the need to become more self sufficient and returning to the land and the Plant Kingdom.  Over the past ten years there has been a steady growth in light and awareness and people power.  And this will continue. 
However as light grows so the darkness becomes more threatened.  And over the past few weeks you may have borne the brunt of some ego projection from those operating out of lower energies.  In fact some egos were absolutely rampant and out of control.  I personally came under criticism publicly in a group I belong to, when someone took umbrage to a comment I made (which was factual and concerned with people using plants safely).  This person was so incensed by my innocuous comment that they felt the need to write an entire blog post about it and try and put me into a box with a label on it.  Whilst I have always honoured the opinions of others, I have to say, this was so blatant it made me laugh out loud!

Laughter is the way out of any tough times, keep smiling and keep your vibration high. 

Art copyright ©Amanda Durick 

Despite all that might be going on there is a lot of love energy available to us all right now – in fact it is always available to us.  Focus on your heart, breathe through your heart centre and fill yourself with the divine love that is all around you.  Love is always reflected back.  So whatever mud may be thrown at you, it won’t stick; love provides a Teflon-like shield around you.

Dreamtime has been busy again leading up to this Full Moon.  Do write them down, you will be amazed when you look back at the symbols/information given to you and how relevant it is/will be. 

We have a Full Moon in Pisces:

UK            29 August 19.35pm BST

PISCES – 'I Believe'
Dreamy, watery, powerful Pisces represents compassion, imagination, faith, mysticism, intuition (one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac), escapism (addiction patterns can be strong with Pisces), dissolution, chaos, deception, delusion, spirituality, sacrifice (they give so much and do so much for those they love, often to their own detriment), martyrdom (when they don’t get back what they give out they can go into martyr mode), religion, caring professions, creativity, art, poetry, acting, anything connected to water especially the sea (swimmers, sailors etc). 
I would add Drama to this mix, not only do they make good actors they can also be drama queens in their own lives, a tendency they need to watch out for as this can be very wearing on those who live with them and love them. Take time before reacting. Take time to work out which pull is the strongest (the dual fishes going in opposite directions) and check in with your inner guidance if that is the best way to go.
This is a time of great change for most Pisceans. It is a time of out with the old and in with the new.  It is challenging, exciting and liberating.  It is a time of surrender (never easy for control-freak Pisces!).  You are re-birthing yourself. Go for it Pisces!


Venus moves direct on 6th September. Relationships will have benefitted from the healing you have done on them these past few weeks.  All of your relationships have now moved to a different level. 

Saturn certainly had us all sifting and sorting over the past few weeks, now we should reap the rewards of that.

Mercury retrograde 1st Sept – 23rd October
Mercury retrogrades September 17th; He enters the shadow zone Sept 1st.  Mercury stations direct October 9th but doesn’t clear the shadow zone until October 23rd.
Communication snafus - think before speaking.
Re-read and re-read again before sending or signing.
Repair what needs repairing (don’t forget garden/yard).
Get the car serviced, the computer backed up and that outstanding filing sorted out. 
Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to go back and take a look at things, to rework, rewrite, revise etc.  It is a welcome pause from all the busyness, definitely not a time to be pushing and promoting.  This is the rest before the busy Festive season kicks in, so make the most of it.


This Pisces Full Moon is the culmination of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces we had back in March this year, it is harvest time on all levels.  This Full Moon encourages us to believe in our dreams, as they have a very good chance of manifesting now.  Be open, surrender control and trust.  If an invitation to try something new comes along, go for it, don’t dismiss it, it could be life changing. 

Full Moon is an increasing energy, full moon high tides, more moisture in the garden etc.  This means that emotions will be closer to the surface in watery Pisces.  To protect yourself, there will be a tendency to strike back, try not to.  Think before you speak or act.  Is this issue/person worth all that energy?  In ten years time will this matter?  Contain your energy for yourself; don’t waste it on the petty or irrelevant.  This is a power time for you, don’t dissipate it.

Sensitives could feel a bit overwhelmed during this transit.  Stay away from energy vampires and places/people that drain you.  Stay grounded. Drink plenty of water. Ensure that you are protected every day and all will be well. 
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And hold on to your common sense.  All this dreamy, emotional, Pisces Full Moon energy could cause illusion - not really the time to let your heart rule your head.  Trust your gut reaction and don’t override it, that goes for your warning bells/flags and inner bullsh*t detector, ensure you pay attention. Because of all this lovely dreamy energy you may not want to have to deal with any cr*p, however this is not the time to ‘sweep it under the carpet’. Denial will be to your detriment.  Stand tall in your truth, firm up your limits and boundaries, deal with what comes up, then forget about it and focus on what makes you feel light, beautiful, loved, happy. Surround yourself with beauty and creativity, those who love and support you, and focus on the light.

You may feel a surge in creativity during this Full Moon transit, go with it, let your Soul flow in whatever creative way it needs.  Ignore any whispers of doubt.  You can do it, you are just as good as anyone else.  Remember Pisces is the sign that says, “I believe!”.  If it gives you butterflies in your stomach, makes you feel nervous and excited at the same time, then definitely do it!

Art copyright ©Amanda Clark 

This Full Moon is a magickal moon and a great time to do ritual/ceremony. Go outside and bathe in this magickal Full Moon energy. Open to receiving magickal downloads from Grandmother Moon.  This Full Moon really recharges your magickal power batteries! 
Blessed Be )O(

To know how it may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
This Saturday’s full moon is inviting you to partake is some form of napping. Whether that be of the sleeping kind, the space out kind or the “taking a nap from life” kind, the full moon is encouraging you to let go and let your dreams guide you. Take a break.  To recap: Pay attention to the details. Expand your organizational expertise at work. Hire people that help you stay exuberantly focused. Be the kind of worker/employee/boss that goes the extra mile, shares their lunch and looks out for the little person. Be the nice one. Be the great worker. Be organized and efficient. Then go take a nap of epic proportions. All weekend long if you like. Report back next Monday.
TAURUS / Taurus rising
Your full moon ritual is as follows:

1) Make a list of your friends

2) Circle the ones who would be down for anything

3) Make a new list consisting of only them (this could be a list of one which will make the next step easier)

4) Pick 1-20 of them that you would like to make mischief with

5) Make a plan to see them on Saturday for a night of Full Moon Magic

6) Get together for a ritual of epic proportions

7) Make potions 8) Drink elixirs (Elly has some fabulous Essences & potions!) 9) Draw pictures of your wildest hopes and make collages of your biggest dreams 10) Create an alternate world together 11) Map out a landscape of justice and the steps you’ll need to take towards creating it 12) Tell stories to each other about your future successes 13) Celebrate the victories that have yet to come 14) Write sonnets to your current or future lovers 15) Write a short play about one of your dreams.
GEMINI / Gemini rising
Saturday’s full moon lights up your tenth house of career and social standing. It speaks of big dreams here. It holds the energy of a hundred years of healing. It has the ability to give you the lighting usually reserved for an ingénue’s close up. Allow yourself to show up in the most public of ways and be seen for all the efforts that you have made in your career and your life’s work. But, remember, the good feelings can crash in from the outside world, but they’ll only make a home when there is space for them to settle in and stay.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Saturday’s full moon wants to remind you of your ability to heal the fractures in your mind through dreamtime, through astral travel tours and through connecting with the elders in your life that have outgrown their need for greed. Go towards what inspires the greatest faith and what reminds you of your connection to the ultimate source of unlimited energy.

LEO / Leo rising
Saturday’s full moon highlights the dreams that you share with others and the need to pick your partners wisely and with eyes wide open. When we do, most things are possible and so much is in your realm of possibility now.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
This Saturday’s full moon lights up your seventh house of intimate relationships. It brings some opportunity to you through another person, a partnership, or through the vehicle of relating. Intimacy is a sometimes hard won experience to sustain. We must go through all of the trials and tribulations of keeping connection along the bumpy road of life. Some relationships are worth the effort, especially if there is a mutual dream we can work towards.  Dreams are the fuel that gets us through the mundane. They must be both full of inspiration and attainable. Your homework this week, and this year, is to navigate where you need to stretch your idea of what is possible and where you over estimate what would actually make you happy.

LIBRA / Libra rising
This Saturday’s full moon occurs in your sixth house of work. It may bring about the fruition of a dream job or employment opportunity or employee. It may resolve a health concern using healing methods that are outside of the healthcare industrial complex. It might bring to light a certain idealistic situation that helps you see the potential of the projects you have been working on (especially over the last 6 months).  Mercury is planning its next retrograde and it’s all in your sign. Lucky, lucky. It will be asking a lot from you. Mainly in the area of staying true to yourself and truer still to your growth. To thine own self be true.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Go have fun. Saturday’s full moon demands it. Feed your need for pleasure and for feeling pleased. Let yourself unwind and find out who you are apart from the demands and beyond all the details.  It is easy to forget how to unwind. It is easy to forget how to let go. It is easy to forget that while the world values our ability to produce over our ability to be kind, creative or happy, we need to take time out of that cycle of ceaselessness in order to remember the value of play.  Dream. Imagine. Create. Entertain what takes your fancy. Dedicate the weekend to it. Decide that this is what is most valuable, spiritual even. Remember to recline like a queen and dance like a diva and don’t for one moment discount the value of a laugh with a good friend.
SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Saturday’s full moon will occur in your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Something that you started six months ago is now settling in and you are now able to see if the root system is established and if you can keep growing your base from this place.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
This Saturday’s full moon would like you to spend some time imagining, dreaming, scheming and planning all your adventures. Don’t hesitate or hold back on your bucket list. Make it your biggest accomplishment this year, both making one and checking things off of it.  But also make this full moon count by communicating your dreams, your visions and your ideals. Make this full moon count by using your words and communications for your healing. Make this full moon count by becoming a source of healing for others.
AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Saturday’s full moon lights up your second house of finances and property. You might be buying a home. You might be fantasizing about doing so. You might be seeing the financial fruits of your labor of the last six months (at least). All I want you to do is to keep seeing how you are in the perfect position to create more of whatever you want through picking the perfect partner to grow with.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Saturday’s full moon highlights the personal projects that you have worked on. It displays the growth that you have made. It heightens the feels, distorts some facts and can quench your creative soul with a powerful and intoxicating elixir.  You may feel more sensitive. You may ask if that is possible. You may feel more inspired. You may feel more creative. You may feel more in your element.  Swim with it. It’s not your job to take care of anyone else. It is all of our jobs to find others to build a better future with. Keep your ears open for plans that pique your interest. Keep your eye on those going your way. Stay aware of which connections bring a sense of healing and mending and stop you from pretending that things are OK when they aren’t.
To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

I Believe!
I am manifesting my dreams!
I surrender
I go with the flow
I am surrounded by Love
I know anything is possible
I am possible
I am Magickal!

Magickal Full Moon Blessings to y’all!
Elly xx

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