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New Moon in Leo


We have a New Moon in Leo:
UK            14 August 15.53pm BST
EU     -        14 August 16.53pm EDT
USA   -        14 August 10.54am EDT
AUS   -        15 August 12.53am AEST
NZ     -        15 August 02.53am NZT

LEO – ‘I Will / I Love’

Leos are romantic, popular, sensitive, generous, flamboyant, sociable and clever.  They are a fixed sign, which means that they can also be stubborn.  Their element is Fire, they can be slow to burn but when they are on fire – they are really on fire!  Slow to temper but can really lose it in a big way when they do watch out for that roar!  Leo represents pride (shadow of this is arrogance and inflated ego), expression - many excel as artists and in the performing arts, romance – incredibly romantic, they fall deep and hard but can fall out of love just as quickly. They suffer deeply if someone breaks their heart. Nobility – they have inherent regalness and a strong sense of themselves, Leos expect to be treated very well.  Leadership – they make popular and powerful leaders.  Gambling – ahem and Speculation.  Games – the Peter Pan element of them loves to play and they are fantastic at inventing new games.  Entertainment – Leos are born to entertain and many make a successful career out of this.  The Arts and theatre.  Education – they have the ability to get on with people of all ages and make great teachers. Leos believe they are destined for fame and many succeed.

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Energy Update

As usual, the Dark Nights of the Moon made us feel a bit more tired and drained than usual in the lead up to the New Moon.  The Dark Nights of the Moon invite us to slow down and go down.  To go down within ourselves and have a think about things, and to use the time for healing shadow stuff. 

And there has been a lot of shadow stuff flying about lately.  It seems that as others are increasing their light, those on the other side of the coin are choosing to increase their dark side.  Whilst I know that the Light will always prevail, it can be a tad annoying to have to deal with other people’s projections and cr*p.  When we are tired or not feeling too well, we become more vulnerable to stuff like this as our guard lowers.  And even if you are feeling on top form, every now and then a shadow curveball can knock you for six.  All are tests.  If your Light is increasing, then the tests to ensure it stays strong will increase also. They don’t last long, they are pesky but necessary. 

If you have been challenged a lot lately, realise that you are moving up a level and there may be those around you who want you to stay exactly where you or others who may be jealous of you.  This stuff happens from time to time.  Ensure that you keep your protection up, particularly during the Dark Nights of the Moon and all will be well.  (If you need help with any of this, let me know).

Growing Pains
As mentioned above, as we increase our capacity for Light, so our physical body has to make adjustments for this increase also.  We literally can experience growing pains until our physical being settles down and can cope with the increase.  Drink plenty of water and take some Flower and Vibrational Essences in water to support you during this process.  We have some Essences that can help with exactly this, they are;

‘Ascension Support’ - Alleviates your fears. Supports you during the ups and downs. Balancing, grounding, centreing.
‘Interior Alignment’
Feng Shui for your inner Being. Brings you back into alignment so that you can carry on.
‘Planetary Heart’
For those super-sensitive to what is going on in the world.  Helps you to cope by balancing and grounding your sensitivity.  Helps you to reconnect to the great Cosmic Heart and be filled with love again.

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(Page in alphabetical order)


New Moons are all about new beginnings, about starting again.  We get the chance to start afresh and do things differently this month.

Taskmaster Saturn, who continues to pressure us into making the right decisions and choices now, squares this New Moon.  The pressure is on because we don’t have forever, we have today, so what are we going to do about it?  Saturn also reminds us of the consequences of our actions.

We have support from Uranus, which helps us to discard that which no longer serves us.  Uranus is the planet of invention, innovation and creativity, and offers us the right support so that we can let go of what and who we no longer need, and make creative decisions about what we are going to do next.

Venus is still retrograde so relationships may still be tricky along the way.  Be patient with each other, everyone is going through this.  Are you still holding onto the hurt from an old past relationship?  You need to let go of that now and deal with it as it has been affecting all of your relationships ever since. 
Remember this Venus retrograde invites us to look at what we have been sweeping under the carpet regarding our relationships.  To clear out the dust bunnies and take a good look at what we are not happy about and do something about it. 

If we are evolving on other levels then our relationships have to evolve with us.  I am continually astounded at how the planets support us in our evolutionary and spiritual growth. 


Playful Leo invites us to get over it and get on with it.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.  Lovely Leo brings us sunny energy to enable us to be happier, live more joyfully bringing the sun into every aspect of our lives and to have the confidence to totally be ourselves.  Leos are wonderful show-offs, and we are encouraged to not be afraid to show ourselves off too.  You know you are really quite wonderful, so why not let the world know it too?

This Leo New Moon brings us a new burst of self-confidence to help us achieve what we have been believing in all this time.  It’s time to go from visualising to actualising. 

Leo brings strong leadership energy.  It is time for us to step up as leaders in our own lives.  Enough of others interfering or trying to control us, enough of letting life run over us, it’s time for us to take charge.  This is your life, no-one else’s, therefore nothing and no-one else has the right to control it.  Be strong, see yourself as a leader and take charge of your life.  This New Moon will bring you the confidence to make the right decisions so that this can happen. 
Leo helps us to stand up for ourselves and speak our truth.  We might need to roar now and then so that people realise we are being serious.  No more squeaking like a little mouse and playing yourself down, stand strong and tall, throw your head back proudly and let out that roar.  If you’ve got something to say, say it!  
This frees up a lot of personal power that has been squashed away.  
(On my Gorgeous Goddess course I actively encouraged the participants to let out their roar, it feels great!).

Creatively, fiery Leo gets our creative fires stoked up again and our creativity start to flow once more.  This feels great.  It is like a dam has been removed and the ideas can flow.  Go with each idea and see where it takes you.  There’s no need for it to be perfect, just try it and see.  The direction you start in may lead to another much better direction, and this unknown journey is all part of the fun.  And there is nothing that Leo likes better than a bit of fun! So get your Creative Muse on and get creating.

And there’s no need to push, going with the flow is key during this transit.

To know how it may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
This new moon begs you to act from the most honest place you can. It asks you to see any discord in love as a doorway to self-awareness. It asks you to put to use the sometimes chaotic, erotic energy you are channeling so that what you create ignites more of what you wish to be bringing into your year and into this world.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Friday’s new moon emphasizes the need to mark your own territory, claim your space and begin the home improvement projects that you have been dying to do. Include all things that help you feel grounded, solid, sorted out and in deep, connected partnership with your essential needs and core issues.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Friday’s new moon is the perfect time for you to meditate on what you most want to begin in terms of communications of all kinds. It is the perfect time to set your intention for the month. This includes signing contracts and making verbal commitments. There may be a new beginning for you here in regards to a written project or some other content that you need to come up with.  On a psychological level this new moon carries with it relationship situations where you may need to express yourself. Be honest. Beware of wanting to be too nice. This week may push you to the point of being unable to lie any longer. A good thing, no doubt.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Friday’s new moon encourages you to review the ways in which you are building your business and to make sure that it is in line with what the rest of you can handle. Your body needs to hold up to your high hopes. Your mind needs to be able to run at the speed of your dreams. Whatever you seed now in terms of your business and your money making modalities, make sure that it makes your heart hum a tune of gratitude. No need to start things you don’t intend to finish.

LEO / Leo rising
I encourage you, with this Friday’s new moon in your sign and Venus’s conjunction to the sun on Saturday, to let the gripping constraints of having a public image loosen. We all know that we are more than we appear to others, more even than we appear to ourselves, but we also constantly forget that fact.  You may have recently been stripped of something or some things. Perhaps a relationship, your status or a structure that you used to cling to. Whatever has been removed or whatever situation has occurred that has left you a little less armored, a little less protected or in a less than dominant position is exactly what you need at the moment.
VIRGO / Virgo rising
Friday’s new moon falls in your twelfth house of hidden affairs. This can bode well for beginning the part of your projects that need to remain secret for now. But the twelfth house also speaks of sorrows, afflictions and all things that impede our growth. I have been advocating the healing and releasing of such things in your life over the last couple of weeks and this week is no different.  But, Jupiter.  The cool thing with having a benefactor on our side is that we are better able to give up what no longer helps us. Jupiter is yours and it begs the question: If you had the love, the money, the fame, the fortune, the family, and the foundations of your dreams, what would you easily walk away from? Knowing that, is it worth holding onto the things that hold you back?
LIBRA / Libra rising
Friday’s new moon emphasizes your tendencies to get out of whack due to the needs of others but it also presents you with solutions to the problem. Getting to the heart of what you fear and why is the most powerful thing that you could start this month. What is the worst thing that could happen if you upset some one or some group by saying yes, no or stating your truth? Does their opinion of you mean more than your own? Do you downplay your needs in order to be accepted by the group?

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Friday brings us all our annual new moon in Leo. It just so happens to grace your tenth house of career, notoriety and, one might even say, life purpose. This is the time to be thinking about what new aspects of your career you wish to be starting and which you wish to restart, especially as it relates to your identity in this arena.  You are not who you were 2 years ago or even 2 months ago. Hitting the refresh button and allowing ourselves to grow beyond what we have been known for up until now is a healthy practice. Consider this your official invitation to do so
SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Friday’s new moon brings you into the heart of a philosophical question and begs you to begin projects that connect you to a broad spectrum of folks that share a similar worldview as you. This alignment is important as it reminds you that you are not alone in your cause but rather you are supported by others who share your ideals. Those that challenge you or create conflicts can tease out your truth and so they should be treated with as much respect as successful partnerships.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
A possible new moon affirmation for you: Let love heal my mind and any mental afflictions that I suffer from. I ask for this not as a way of escaping reality, but as a way of raising my consciousness. Let my mind be elevated by remembering that love is the answer to its confusion.  Let me remember that my relationships are the vehicles for this healing and give me the wisdom to choose being open to the truth that they reveal over being defensive in the face of my wounds. 

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
This Friday’s new moon is asking you to get to the heart of this or some other relationship dynamic. The new moon occurs in your seventh house of intimate partnerships and is technically the time to seek out and develop the ones that have a chance of being long-lasting. This is still true for you but because Venus’s retrograde is mixed into this particular new moon’s affairs it looks like you need to be extra aware of all of the agreements you are making with others and if they are as good for you as they are for them. There has been a tremendous opening, many affirmations of success and quite a few tests in this area of your life over the past year. This week asks you to take all that you have learned about being open with others and build on those lessons in the most honest way possible.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Friday’s new moon is a powerful one for your business, work and employment opportunities. Getting down to the bottom of your relationship issues as they pertain to this part of your life will be an important aspect of making this new moon into a successful new start. Who you want to partner with in love and in business should never be done out of desperation, a sense of lack or a feeling of being less than. You need to see yourself as equal to your partners before you take action with them, or pause until you do.

To read your sign in full visit Chani’s website.

QUOTE / Affirmation

New Moon Blessings to y'all.
Fill yourself with Leo’s gorgeous golden, sunny energy and shine like the Sun! 

Elly x

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