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There is one big mistake that everyone makes at the start of the New Year –
(well there are two actually):

The first one is rushing into diets/detoxes during the coldest time of the year when there is less sunlight.  Spring is the best time in the northern hemisphere for doing this.  Sure, if you’ve overindulged during the Festive season, cut down on the sweet stuff and rubbish and reintroduce healthy eating and more exercise.   
(I could write a whole blog on the psychology of our fat cells, diets and nutrition, but will leave that for another time).

The second and most important one that I am expanding on today, is that most people charge headlong into the New Year, burning ahead with their new projects and goals – yet they have not even considered the energy of the year they are going into, nor the season they are in, nor have they understood the energy for their personal year that they are in.

I learned this the hard way and now share it with you.  I have spent many New Years being all fired up and raring to go, and then by the year’s end wondering why things didn’t pan out as well as I’d hoped.  It was because I had failed to take all of the above into account.

So why is this important?  
Well, it’s like someone firing an arrow into the sky and not noticing a net 100 feet up.
You are the arrow and you have fired yourself full of hope and positivity into your new year, yet you did not see something that could block or hinder your progress.  This is because on the mental and egoic level, all we can see is where we want to go, and usually that’s not a bad thing.  However, with a little insight you can navigate potential blocks and find an even better way to aim for your targets this year by understanding how to work with the energies.

As many of you know, my area of expertise is Energy Medicine, and I have been working for a long time with all types and levels of energy in all areas of life and dimensions.  I now combine over 35 years experience to bring you your Personal Year Profile.

I create a Sacred Space that is dedicated to you, and attune to you and your Higher Self.  I then combine ancient Eastern sciences and modern Western techniques to bring you a reading of the energies that you, personally, are being gifted with over the coming year as well as information about the energies for this year that you will be dealing with.  This is all combined in a detailed report prepared just for you, plus a product from our range that will help to support you on your journey of the year.


The first two people who order a Personal Year Profile
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So, if you want a heads-up about how best to fly into your year ahead, then you can order your Personal Year Profile here

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